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==== ==== What business doesn't need a higher star rating by Google, Yelp or the other rating sites? Now you will improve your rating significantly or your money back. ==== ====

One of the top review sites in the internet is Yelp, and business owners who have listings in this site can see a boost in their sales receipts. Customers, who want to know customer reviews about your business, the customer services you offer clients, or product reviews, can go to Yelp's website. Users doing a search for reviews on certain products can see Yelp's website on the top positions, when they surf the net looking for reviews on this particular product. And businesses posting lots of information about their products can see better rankings through the SEO methods exerted on site and products. The SEO objective of this site is to help consumers make buying decisions about your products through the reviews that are posted. Giving people a lot of information about your products (through the reviews) can influence them to make this buying decision. And what this site can offer you for SEO is that it can unlock your business and open it to more business success. This can be done with the use of the SEO keywords in the business information page when an account is created. When a business site provides much information about their business to Yelp then they can have more potential of getting good customer reviews. And if you are doing this method, like providing a list of special promotional offers and discounts, you can get your site indexed well on the search engines. Public messages to customers who post a review about your business will be done by this site which can be a way of giving recognition. This is also a fun way of giving rewards to customers who make product reviews. But while Yelp is the most comprehensive source of customer reviews on the web, there are also local businesses that are doubtful on getting customer reviews from the customers themselves. This can be because of biases displayed or the possibility of getting rewards for good product reviews. Yelp has planted a deep relation with customers that they are more willing to share reviews on a clients' products and services. The site has instituted a rewards system for customers in the locality who make unique and funny reviews to the most interesting and most detailed review. While there are people who don't believe on star ratings of certain places, whose ratings are taken from non scientific ways, there are people who simply believe this. Going to a certain public place

where clients' ratings are coming from a cross section of the community can be good enough for these people. There are people who are just simple and can enjoy the creative ways of sharing people's reviews and recommendations. And these things they find to be credible.

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==== ==== What business doesn't need a higher star rating by Google, Yelp or the other rating sites? Now you will improve your rating significantly or your money back. ==== ====

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