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Portable washers and dryers are becoming very popular nowadays especially with those that are struggling for space. These are very popular with people who live in apartments or mobile houses. These machines are generally considerably lighter than traditional washer dryers which lend a hand to their portability. In this article I will include a couple of tips that you should look for if you are contemplating buying one of these useful appliances. Capacity is a big factor when choosing which one to buy, obviously the bigger the washer dryer is the less portable it is going to be so there has to be a trade off when size and portability are bought into account. Also the bigger the capacity is the more clothes you can do in a washing load, the smaller the capacity the fewer clothes you can fit in. Cost is another factor, because the portable units tend to be smaller in size they will use less water and there by become more cost efficient especially if you have to pay for your water use. Energy rating stars should be present on you washer dryer telling you how energy efficient it is and obviously you want to get one which has the highest amount of stars without being  too expensive. Dryers tend not to have an energy rating as they are all pretty similar in their output but if they do then, again you want to get one with as many stars as possible as again this will mean that they are far cheaper to run.

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Save Big on LG Wahers and Dryers! ==== ====

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