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One of the best ways to get printing done for your business or personal needs is to use one of the many online printing companies that offer their services on the Internet. They offer customers the convenience of ordering from home, flexible design options and speedy delivery. The whole process can basically be completed without leaving your home or office. Due to the economies of scale that come into play they are usually able to offer the market much cheaper prices than you would get from a local printer. If you are looking at getting some printing work done online you will first need to decide on which company you want to use. As there are so many out there this can be a tough. One important part of the selection process is to look for some feedback from a company's previous customers. If you can find some printing company reviews and ratings and find out what kind of experience other people have had with them then you will feel more confident about placing an order. There is nothing like getting some 'social proof' when it comes to making a buying decision. So how can you get some ratings and reviews for printing companies? Below we have set out a few ideas that you may consider. Friends - Your Most Trusted Source for Reviews Firstly, you should ask around and see if any of your friends and colleagues have used an online printing service recently. They will most likely be a source that you can trust and may be able to give you a recommendation or warn you about a company that gave them poor treatment, slow delivery or bad quality. On-site Reviews and Testimonials Secondly, you can look on a printing companies website and see what kind of customer reviews and testimonials they have set out. This method is subject to some bias though as these companies will obviously only display positive reviews and feedback and will hold back on publishing any negative comments. Check and see if they have any testimonials from well-known clients as this will be a good sign. Ratings and Reviews on the Internet Ideally, you will want to look around online for some independent reviews. You are essentially looking for positive comments about an online printer. A lack of negative comments and complaints is also a good thing of course.

Bear in mind that what you read online should not be taken to be 100% reliable. While it is completely unethical, it is not inconceivable that a printing firm would write fake posts or reviews to raise their reputation. Likewise a jealous competitor may consider writing a fake review to hurt their competitors. While this does go on in some industries to some degree it is mostly likely that what you read will be genuine and help you to get an overall impression of a printers reputation and track record. Do a search for 'online printing company reviews' or 'online printing company complaints' and you should find what you are looking for. There are many sites like where people can write reviews on businesses that they have had dealings with. There are also numerous consumer complaint portals like where customers can write about their grievances and negative experiences for others to read. You should also find other forms of feedback online. On blogs and forums you may find people discussing and comparing online printing services. Other websites set out to give printing companies ratings and make recommendations based on many factors. One great place to look is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. They give many different businesses a rating that is based on many criteria. Much of a printing company's rating or score essentially comes from their record of dealing with customer complaints. The BBB keeps records of how many complaints each company has had and how well these complaints have been dealt with.

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==== ==== What business doesn't need a higher star rating by Google, Yelp or the other rating sites? Now you will improve your rating significantly or your money back.

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