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Along with spring flowers, the month of May brings Mother's Day. This also brings a barrage of media advertising with gifts ideas for your mom. Many of the ads feature a stereotype model of an attractive older woman in her 50s or 60s doing some mundane task with a big smile on her face. Most mothers don't fit that category. Even the ones in their 50s or 60s. Women of today are much more young-hearted and youthful than their counterparts of the past. How many stories do you read about the 70-year-old grandmother who just finished a marathon or a group of 50-something women biking through Napa Valley? Not that uncommon. I can't see these women being overjoyed to receive a potted plant, fruit basket or fancy candle for Mothers Day. A little bit of imagination and a good look at your mom and what she does will help you come up with some great ideas that she will love and you might enjoy too. Does your mom like music? Do you know what she listens to in the car when she is by herself? With youth claiming the music from the past as their own, you may be surprised to find out that the older generation likes some of the young trendy bands such as Green Day, Coldplay, or even Lady Gaga. What about giving mom an IPOD shuffle loaded with some cool music she can listen to while jogging or gardening. Maybe an iTunes gift card that lets her download her favorite music to her computer or cell phone. You can help her do this giving you a great opportunity for mom bonding. While the golden-year's generation is prone to complain about the high cost of designer coffee, I bet your mom would love a gift card from the local Starbucks or coffee shop. Let her enjoy a few guilt-free mochas on you. Even better, she can treat her friends and make it a social occasion. Of course, putting that gift card in a special mug will ensure she has a lasting memory of those coffees. Families and food are as entwined as sunshine and flowers. Most family occasions involve eating of some sort and mom is usually the powerhouse supplier of those meals. Does she enjoy cooking? Does she collect cookbooks? A basket of gourmet condiments might be the perfect gift. There are a variety of flavoured olive oils and balsamic vinegars to choose from. Salt isn't just white sea grains anymore, try truffle or cajun infused salts. Williams Sonoma has a wide selection of interesting gadgets that can make your basket unique. Add a special bottle of wine, and you just might be the perfect child!

While the tastes of mom vary as much as the size and age of moms, the one common thing that all moms cherish is time spent with their families. In our busy lives, time is a precious commodity. While you might think you are being generous taking mom out for brunch or dinner to a crowded, poorly serviced restaurant on Mother's Day, it doesn't really lend itself to good quality family time. Why don't you create fun family time by organizing your whole family to participate in a local charity walk. There are lots of fundraising runs that include a walk. This way everyone can join in, including strollers and pets. At the finish, find a good ice cream store and everyone will be happy. And of course, you will be the star for having such a great idea and perhaps starting a new family tradition.

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==== ==== Win a $250 Starbucks Card by just entering!! ==== ====

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