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An IRA LLC, or Individual Retirement Account Limited Liability Company, is a special kind of company that is also known as an ICO. It is typically done without your custodian's consent, since the majority of them don't really allow direct real estate ownership or other non-traditional assets. After all, they want to control risk for themselves as well. However, IRA LLC is basically a work-around in this case. Keep in mind, that since you are acting as your own agent-per say-that you must choose your real estate and other non-traditional investments wisely. That's all that will be said about that-just don't let sometimes enticing properties and liens cloud your judgment. The advantages and your long-term financial security With an IRA LLC, you have the privilege of avoiding 1031 exchanges and the undue stress they can cause. You also have complete control over your ICO checkbook and do not have to worry about sometimes worrisome IRA custodians. So you have complete freedom to invest in nontraditionals, real estate and securities. Another thing to be recognizant of is that the custodian of your IRA account is still "in the loop" somewhat. Usually, you can get-by with an annual fee of under $200-since you control all of the ICO transactions. This is also, usually, a separate account from your other self directed IRA's you might have-and it's greatly advantageous that way. Think of it this way: if you have been around the real estate investing block a time or two, then you definitely know that estate litigation threats are there. Henceforth, you've got your ICO (IRA LLC) completely isolated from your other IRA fund(s) and portfolios. Does the argument "don't put all your eggs in the same basket" ring a bell?? Additionally, you know those capital gains taxes? Well, you get to defer them through your self directed account and the 1031 regulations-while sometimes very profitable-won't interfere with your operation. Sounds great, right? All this comes with the fabulous idea of checkbook control. Traditionally, every transaction you want to partake in requires your custodian's approval-and they sometimes disallow certain investments (real estate!) even though it's perfectly in line with IRS code. With IRA LLC checkbook control, you have control-almost absolute control-of your investments. You tell your custodian to make the investment, and as long as your annual fees are paid, he/she cannot have any say in it; they're required to push it straight through just like you requested. This can be extremely beneficial-given that you usually have to frequently move fast on real estate

before it is lost to another speculator. Hot Prospects for investments with an IRA LLC: Rental properties, this one can be a virtual gold-mine! Given that you can afford the properties (they're usually quiet cheap, and can be had for as little as 20% of a down payment if you play your cards right), the rent paid on the property, minus taxes, you receive goes right back into your IRA! Reselling real estate. It's an enormous opportunity; you just have to find the right properties, spruce 'em up a little bit, and turn that profit baby-right back into your account. Invest in homeowners' liens. Think of the proceeds that you can make with interest payments!

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==== ==== Hello check this out it's the cheapest IRA gold available. ==== ====

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