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A San Francisco date gives you a wonderful experience. It is the best city in the world for anyone to visit. The restaurants, museums and parks are generally world class. The climate is superb for dating and very pleasurable for touring all year round. The golden gate bridge and Alcatraz island tour is not worth missing. For instance, you can enjoy riding a cable car around the afternoon in the wonderful alleys of China town in Francisco. Spend a perfect evening in the North beach in the Italian district. This will be a perfect San Francisco date in both China town and the Italian district. The city has top attraction sites are good venues for romantic dates be it a first date or an ordinary one. If you are thinking of a San Francisco date, it is good to review the favorite sites in order to make the best choices before planning the date. San Francisco is nicknamed as city by the bay due to its location. It is home to Museums, Art scenarios and science. Actually, this city has something for everyone. You can as well get out of the city and tour around the wine country for a great date. The attractions are so many and you need a few weeks before you go through all of them. San Francisco is the fourth city in California in terms of population. If there is, something the local enjoy is the liberation in the area of dating. The confluence of service men, which were coming back, massive immigration cases and liberalization attitudes, gave birth to the famous summer of love. The gay rights movement organization cements the city that knows how liberal bastion in the United States of America. You can enjoy San Francisco date whether you are gay, lesbian, or a bisexual without raising any eyebrow. The sexual orientations are accepted and you feel accepted and happy in the city. Public criticism concerning the sexual orientation is not a thing to worry. It is a real free world where every one does what pleases them. It is a famous international destination for tourists. This is due to its striking landmarks among them Alcatraz island, Golden gate bridge, cable cars, steep rolling hills and the fantastic mix of modern and Victoria architecture. The establishment of the Port of San Francisco led to the development of the city as a center of trade. With hordes of people seeking for fortunes in the city, breaking the law is common. It is easy to be conned by criminals, prostitutes, and gamblers who target visitors who are enjoying a San Francisco date. Lovers fall prey to the naughty people since they are vulnerable in the new city by the bay. The Gold rush has attracted thousands of treasure seekers some of who want to use the get-rich-quick means. There is no romance without finance and the city has grown economically with the discoveries of silver and gold.  

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