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A Facebook fan page serves the purpose of being your online representative or a single page website. It is one of the most affordable measures to promote your brand and connect with your fans. You can even have a customized page on Facebook that utilizes photos, videos and applications. This makes it more entertaining and lively. However, increasing your fan base on Facebook is not a one-day task. You need to actively promote your page through efforts sustained over a period of time. Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page Success mantra on Facebook includes the following elements: Networking with Other Platforms: Building your Facebook fan page will not win you the battle. You cannot expect users to visit your page and become your fans unless you are a celebrity or a popular company. Small and medium scale businesses need to build their network on other platforms as well. Create a Resource: The purpose of many fan pages on Facebook is to build network, while other pages aim at offering information useful for their fans. This information could be about the updates on latest products or deals. This helps them add value to their page while enabling fans to build a connection with them. Start Contests To Encourage Participation: If you are a recognized brand, there is nothing wrong in expecting fans to join you in demonstrating their loyalty. However, for others to add value to your page, you need to create contests and offer coupons to fans. This is likely to attract more consumers to your page. Sears, an American chain of department stores, offered a $10 coupon to its fans, which they can use in the stores. This has encouraged masses to join Sears' Facebook fan page. Empowering Preexisting Pages: Many a times, fans create separate pages for your brand. You can leverage this recognition mark by appreciating the effort of your fans through gifts. By making this known to Facebook users, you not only empower preexisting pages but also entice more users. Utilize SMSing Feature: You can build your Facebook fan base in a short period of time by using the "Get More Fans with SMS" feature. This feature lets you send a text message to people to let them know about your page. It must be noted that using this feature requires you to have your own custom user name.

Another way to attract fans to your Facebook fan page is to include interesting features and offerings on you page. For instance, you can offer them product samples or let their friends know about their loyalty.

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==== ==== will get you the Facebooks Likes you need to grow your business, guaranteed! ==== ====

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