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So you've created your website and written a few posts. It looks great, and the content is perfect. So why aren't people visiting? One word: Google. People aren't coming to your website because they're using Google to search for things, and your site isn't being found because it isn't indexed. Google may eventually find your site, but you can learn how to get your website indexed by Google; it's really pretty easy. First, go to and register, if you don't have a Google account. Then click the "Add Site" button. You'll be asked to verify the site, either by adding a meta tag from your site's home page, uploading an HTML file to your server, or linking to your Google Analytics account. That's it. Now you have to boost your site's rankings in Google. This is done through a special formula called Page Rank, or PR for short. How do you increase your Page Rank? First, it's all about links. Each link to your site from other websites increases the reputation of your site. The bigger and more popular the site is, the better, and the higher the PR will be. Make friends with bloggers in your area of interest. Comment on their posts, offer to write posts for them or ask them to write one for you. Create links to their sites, and they may reciprocate, increasing your PR. Second, make sure you use keywords on your website that people will be searching for. Use keyword tools that tell you the popularity of search terms (Wordtracker or Market Samurai for example). Use them in your headlines, the title and/or the body of your content. Finally, keep writing good content! The more content and keywords you have, the more pages that Google will index. Now you know how to get your website indexed by Google. With a little bit of work and some patience, your site will start to show up in search results - and you'll get traffic.

Lisa Oliver is a successful internet marketer and business mum having moved into this area following two children and a successful 14+ years in sales and marketing. She now coaches and

mentors others in her online business to help them build a sustainable online business. For more information on this home-business opportunity [] visit Lisa's website at [] where you can receive a free set of video marketing tips which will show you the exact way that Lisa earns online.

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==== ==== will get you to the first page of Google in as soon as 24 hours, guaranteed! They can also acheive this with your Facebook Fan page. ==== ====

How to get your website on Google  

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