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You come across offers online which give away free mobile phone, LCD and plasma TVs, laptops, home theatre systems, etc. Did you know that there are offers to give away free money? Sometimes, when a person dies without disclosing all their financial details to their near and dear ones, the money is claimed by the government and advertised through a system where the family find all the information and there is a procedure to file a claim for the money that should have been rightfully theirs. However, free money is constituted by more than just unclaimed inheritances, it also includes fees paid for something but the services were never availed or unclaimed refunds, excess income tax paid and the refunds are unclaimed, etc. Even forgotten bank accounts and unknown ancestral property is registered on this system. The government of the United States has set up a database which records every last unclaimed money and property that has been located in the country. A person who wishes to claim any of the free money listed on the site, or database, can run a simple search on the site including their first and last name, and the city the money was last observed to be in. If the person does happen to find any money that is rightfully theirs, they can immediately contact the State Treasurer's office, which lists the unclaimed properties, and make a claim. The formalities required to make the claim are many. The person must supply the office with their give the state property ID number, the last four digits of their social security number, full name, address, etc. If the person's name, social security number and the address matched with the details attached to the free-money, further information is relayed from the State Treasurer's office to the rightful owner. Listings in the database is classified and listed in terms of the first name, last name, the state the money or property was found in, the last known address of the person and the amount of money that is held. The main types of unclaimed free money includes Stock, bonds, Insurance policies, Utility Deposits, escrow accounts, safe deposit box contents, mutual funds, uncashed dividends, etc.. The rightful owners of the unclaimed funds get free money for bills when they claim their ancestral money and property. Legally, the government can only safeguard the unclaimed free money until it is claimed, and cannot utilize the funds for any reason. The exception is only with the safety deposit box contents, which can be auctioned after a span of five years.

About this Author The unclaimed Free Money service is a free service that the Government provides for the residents. This service is very helpful for the people who cannot make ends meet, as they can use their rightful free money for bills and manage to get by. Free Money For Bills.

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