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One of the keys things on how to do seo is your keyword research. That is really what drives the search engine. What does a Google screen look like? It's got the search box and it's got 'Go'. That's all it has on the website. Why does Google do that? Google does that because it has no idea what it is that you are looking for. When you go to other search engines like Yahoo, they'll have advertising and news and then they'll have the search box. Google took a different approach. They said, we know you're going to be looking for something, we don't know what you'll be looking for, so why should I clutter everything up when I don't even know what you are looking for yet. Google was much smarter and now you just enter what you are looking for and it will return relevant information. It won't give you the other things that you may not be looking for. As far as selecting the keyword is concerned, when you type in a keyword, Google has its own index. The way search engines work, they have search engine spiders. They will crawl different websites to get a picture, a map of the way the website works. Consider a website with its home page and internal pages and various links to other websites. The spider jumps on the links and follows the links around to try and discover what is going on with the web. It will jump from these links from website to website and adds that into the Google catalogue or index. The index lists every page on the internet. The spider has to be able to find it obviously. So that is another important thing to remember. Google won't be able to find that page unless you've got some way for it to find that page. If I just create a page and load it up onto the internet and there are no links to it, it is a page all on its own, and I don't put a link from my blog, or from other websites, Google won't find that page. The way the search engine works it has its spider and it must follow the links to find the page. Spiders will go through and create a catalogue of all the different pages on the internet and then it will apply its algorithm to that index to determine what it should serve up depending on what someone types in. Let's say someone types in soccer drills because they want to improve their soccer drills and they want to see what comes up in their search. They type it in, Google will do an analysis and go through its entire index to serve up what it considers the most relevant pages for the keyword soccer drills. Let us go back to how it will determine what is most important. How does it determine which page should be served up? We talked a little bit about how popular a website is based on how many people are linking to it. That is known as off page optimization. When we talk about off page and on page, if we look at our website, everything we do on our page, be it our meta descriptions, be it writing our title tags, our keywords, that is called on page optimization. We do all that optimizing on

the page itself. On page optimization is crucial in how to do seo.

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==== ==== will get you to the first page of Google in as soon as 24 hours, guaranteed! They can also acheive this with your Facebook Fan page. ==== ====

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