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Google is known as being the most popular and most important search engine on the internet today. Webmasters are constantly looking for ways to improve their search engine rankings on Google. So how does Google rank your site? Google ranking report is as below: Google uses basically two main factors in determining your web site's rank on their search engine. These are On-page ranking, and Page Rank. These two main factors will be explained in the below paragraphs to help you understand the actual Google ranking phenomenon: On-page Ranking These are things that are controlled by you, the webmaster, things like the title tag, heading tags, link text, body content, alt tags and more. Optimizing these parts of your web site and more means that Google can crawl through your content and pick out exactly what you want it to. The trick is about knowing how to optimize your pages. Page Rank Page Rank is Google's method of measuring a page's "importance." When the On-page factors such as Title tag etc are taken into account, Google uses Page Rank to adjust results so that sites that are deemed more "important" will move up in the results page of a user's search accordingly. Sites gain more Page Rank by having quality links to them. Quality links are links from other related sites whose Page rank is good. The Google theory goes that if Page A links to Page B, then Page A is saying that Page B is an important page. Page Rank also factors in the importance of the links pointing to a page. If a page has important links pointing to it, then its links to other pages also become important. Google Ranking summary 1.Find all pages matching the keywords of the search. 2.Rank accordingly using "On-page factors" such as title and page content. 3.Calculate in the inbound link anchor text. 4.Adjust the results by Page Rank scores. Tips for getting top Google rankings1. Add new content in your site in a regular way that is at least once a week. 2. Try to write long in-depth content instead of short pages. 3. Don't over-optimize. Think about making your navigation readable, your text readable and

include more keywords only if you think it is appropriate to your users. Write naturally and include related terms, synonyms etc. 4. Don't be over-aggressive with link building. 5. Link out to other good sites/pages in your articles. 6. Cross-reference your content by putting links within your content to other pages on your site. 7. Use long descriptive anchor text. 8. Always publish unique content 9. Have some patience and let your site age and don't stop working on any factor (content, links). 10. It is better to lay off link building than adding fresh unique high-quality content. 11. Content is very important. Link popularity is still important, but we don't know what modified version of calculating Page Rank Google uses.

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==== ==== Get 1st page ranking on Google in as quickly as 24 hours!! ==== ====

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