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If you are thinking about purchasing the UK version of the Kindle 3G from Amazon, then you would probably like to read a Kindle 3G review UK. For a while the 3G feature was not available to UK residents, but that has all changed now. It is now possible to access all the books that you want using the super-fast 3G network. What's even better is that Amazon offers unlimited 3G service for absolutely free. Most people cannot fully comprehend this when they first hear it, since they are so used to paying for 3G access on a monthly basis. Let's take a closer look at the Kindle 3G review UK so that you can fully understand how it works. When you get your Kindle 3G, you will notice that there are multiple ways to add books to your device. One method is to simply download the books to your computer and then to transfer those books over to your Kindle 3G using a USB cable. While this is an effective way of getting books onto your Kindle, it certainly isn't necessary. In fact, you don't even need a computer to use a Kindle 3G - you can connect to the Internet directly with the Kindle 3G itself and download books directly onto the device. This ease of use is definitely a positive point in this Kindle 3 review UK. There are two methods to connect to the Internet with the Kindle 3G. The first method is via WiFi. Anytime you are in a WiFi hotspot, you can quickly connect your Kindle to the Internet. This can be advantageous because even though 3G wireless is pretty zippy, WiFi is usually even faster. If you have WiFi in your home, then you might want to program your Kindle to automatically connect to your home network any time that you are within range. The other option for connecting to the Internet is via the 3G network. It may sound amazing, but once you purchase your Kindle 3G, you will never need to pay for this service. Amazon has worked out special arrangements with the cellular service providers to offer wireless broadband service to every Kindle user for the life of the device. This is one reason that nearly every Kindle 3G review UK has been positive. When you want to download a new book, you can simply choose which method that you would like to use to connect to the Internet. You can either select a WiFi network that is in range, or you can connect to the Amazon 3G service. Then you can enter the Kindle Store, where you can browse through hundreds of thousands of books. When you find one to download, it will be ready to read in less than 60 seconds.

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==== ==== You'll find the best price on any Kindle here! ==== ====

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