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Do you have those "just in case" presents stored in a closet somewhere? You know the ones I'm talking about: a bath set, picture frame, or candleholder. These are the gifts we keep on hand just in case we get a gift from someone we hadn't counted on our list. No group of people is more likely to surprise you with an unexpected gift than your coworkers. Just before the holidays, you're making your list and thinking to yourself: "Were we drawing names this year? White elephant gift swap? Secret Santa? Just exchanging cards? Or are we doing the Christmas party and nothing else?" Giving gifts to co-workers is something that requires a little finesse. Sometimes we consider these people almost a separate "family" and we want them to know we care with a little token at Christmas. Still, there are so many people we work with! If we got a gift for every one of them, we'd be bankrupt. Naturally, you want to give to those you are close to at work. You also want to give something to your boss (or bosses.) There's always the option of baking or creating some little package of Christmas candies tied with red and green ribbon. It's festive, but it takes tons of time and by the time you've purchased all the supplies, you've spent just about the same as if you bought everyone a little something. (Yet your craft project might not look like it...) So what is the solution? Well, each holiday season roughly 91% of the population finds the secret: gift cards. You know enough about each of your coworkers to know if they'd rather have a little Starbucks or a DVD from Blockbuster. This way, however, you don't have to be responsible for picking out the flavor of coffee, or movie, for them. They get to choose it themselves! It's a win-win situation. There are also websites out there that will point you in the right direction to find gift cards that others are not using. These discounted gift cards are worth more in value at the stores they're from than the amount you'll pay for them. What a deal! Try [] to get you started. Then you get to head back to work after the holidays and let everyone tell you how they used your gift for something they really wanted. Who's popular at the water cooler now?

There's no need to stress over gift giving when the ideal gift is so readily available? Give those

special people on your list exactly what they want! Choose from a huge selection of gift cards at discount prices less than their face value at Nothing But Gift Cards []! Save money on the perfect gift every time and never worry again about the wrong size, style or color.

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==== ==== Win a $250 Starbucks Card by just entering!! ==== ====

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