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Did that title get your attention? Many businesses have found that offering a free incentive such as a free promotional Parker Pen has an amazing way of attracting new customers. Just the other day I opened my daily newspaper to see a full page advert for insurance. The ad promised a free Parker Pen just for requesting further information. Now you may think that's crazy but the promise of a free pen obviously works. The well know company has used the same strategy for years. Think of promotional gifts as a carrot that entices people to do what you want them to do. That could be something as simple as subscribing to your daily blog or registering on your company website. You could also think of other executive gifts that could catch your target customers' attention. One of my customers does this in a very big way and has done so for the past three years. They offer each and every visitor to their website a free promotional Parker Pen just for registering on their site. By doing so they are building a valuable customer database. They ask for their customers' address, telephone number and email address which they check before sending the gift pen. Their target customers also fill out a small questionnaire about what products they are interested in receiving more information about. This has made it possible for my customer to properly target people and keep them informed about new products and services of interest to them though their monthly newsletter. My customer does not stop there. Their website is full of offers that make their clients want to take the next step and make a purchase. Some examples include a free winter fleece for purchases over £250.00 and an engraved crystal decanter set for purchases over £500.00. Is that not what business is all about? At the end of the day we want to show our customers how our service and/or products is better than the competition. Offering an incentive to get those target customers to click through for more information is key to business success. If your target customers are not taking that next step either online or in the offline world than they will not be learning what sets you apart from the rest. You could be missing an excellent opportunity to show them why they should be doing business with you.

Would you like to try promotional Parker Pens as incentives? Why not give it a try and see how this tried and tested strategy works for you?

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==== ==== This is your chance to get involved in a pre launch for free! That's no money from you ever and it pays you for life!! ==== ====

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