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Individuals who are responsible for free online advertising and website content are often faced with the question "What shall I do this time?" When the usual time to dedicate to this exercise is taken up by other urgent endeavours it can become an even greater hurdle to overcome. Free online advertising or website content does not have to be limited to articles. It can be extended to videos, audio, or something else that catches the attention. The main purpose of advertising is to promote something. At times, product creation takes priority. Although this may keep one occupied with various unrelated activities, they often form part of the same project. When faced with this process it is challenging to divert one's thoughts from what they are focussed on. Deviating from one main thought can be distracting and sometimes counterproductive. Many activities share common features, such as planning, drafting, proofing, testing, etc. Often it is also necessary to learn not one, but several new skills before the end result can be achieved. Learning itself can take up a lot of precious time. Turning our attention to basics, article writing often leads to a fair amount of research. This is especially true if we lack the knowledge to write extensively about a certain subject, or wish to go into greater detail about the subject. Proof reading an article several times, preferably over a few days, is a necessary part of writing. The alterations to the original written piece can make the final article seem completely different from what one started with. Initially a draft is created of immediate thoughts and ideas, later to be moulded and polished into a well written and worthwhile piece. This takes time and effort. This principle applies to many, if not most work related activities and activities in general. Internet marketing is a realm where many beginners can get thoroughly lost. It involves so many, what may initially appear, unrelated activities. One day may be taken up with writing and related activities to it, the next making a video, the third working on business strategies, etc. Reflecting on recent activities that have been on the agenda and have been worked on, could be turned into an idea for content, e.g. an article, or a video. Giving one's imagination a good workout is usually productive. Working on one thing at a time is effort most sensibly invested, especially when it comes to being creative. Creative thought requires focus. To mould ideas into shape involves a reasonable amount of time. An idea can evolve into an article, video, product idea, or other.

When a certain goal has been established as being realistic, perseverance, focus, and belief will guide you until it has been achieved. Answers will come in various forms provided one is receptive to them. The same applies to free online advertising and website content. Leaving anything of importance to the last minute is far from sensible. Free online advertising and website content both reflect on the business being promoted, and the value put on it.

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==== ==== Join the webinar introducing the revolutionary QR Code. Advertising QR Codes online has never been easier. ==== ====

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