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Free advertising is not as hard as it seems. For free advertising to work you must have time and patience. Profits from your business endeavor will not happen over night with using only this method, so it is always best to incorporate this with some type of paid advertisements (that's another article waiting to be written). Why does free advertising take so long and why does it work? When you are using free advertising you are asking people who look at these sites to go to your website and purchase. The only problem is there are so many other people out there who are doing the same thing, that the chances of your advertisement getting notice is pretty slim. You have to make your advertisement unique and on top of the pile. By keeping your ad on top of the advertising site, your ad will get more notice. It is a case of repetition...someone comes by weekly or daily and continues to see the same ad, they are going to become curious. That is human nature, no great secret. So one of the first things you need to do is check those ads daily. Make sure they stay on or near the top of the pile. If you don't see your ad, then place another one and keep up this process. This is why it takes time. One way that has worked for me is writing all my ads and keeping them in a folder on my desktop, each with its own label. When it comes time to place the ads on various sites, open the folder and use the copy and paste method of advertising. Another useful method is to copy and paste the free advertising sites web addresses and keep them in the same folder. When it comes time to advertise, click on the site, click on the ad, copy and paste and you are done. Now that I have given some hints as to how to make it work better for you, why are you doing this if no one is clicking on your ads? One of the reasons you advertise is for what is commonly known as "Page Rank." If you have done anything online you have heard of page ranking and how important it is to get indexed on any of the major search engines. One way to raise your page rank is with backlinks. By creating advertisements on various ad sites you are creating backlinks to your website, thereby raising your page rank. As your page rank increases so do the number of hits you will receive to your website, thus increasing your sales. This is one of the main reasons why it takes so long to see any real profit from free advertising. Also why so many people say free advertising doesn't work, when in fact it does. Whether you are doing your advertising on forums, article writing, or free ad sites you are creating

a backlink to your website. All of these methods of free advertising contribute to your page ranking, at the same time you are exposing the readers to your website, hopefully some of these same individuals will make a purchase.

Nancy Kraska has been involved with internet marketing since September, 2004. For more information visit her directory of Work At Home Ideas and Opportunities at Home Work For You

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==== ==== Join the webinar introducing the revolutionary QR Code. Advertising QR Codes online has never been easier. ==== ====

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