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Mark Zuckerberg and fellow college mates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes of Harvard University together as a team founded the Facebook revolution in February 2004. Initially it was limited only to the students of Harvard but this was then extended and the end of 2004 saw more than a million registered customers of Facebook. Because this is the website that permits youth who are aged 13 years and above to get registered it has grown very rapidly with billions of registered customers experiencing its benefits. The purpose of utilizing Facebook is manifold because end users can chat with friends on-line, share views, images, videos, emotions, and links and also meet pals who have been lost in life's busy schedules. Buddies can upload a limitless quantity of images and watch their friends' images, make comments and furthermore, Facebook is also a platform for a performing company, like selling websites. Hence it is the best social network service. If you have a legitimate e mail address you can register and become a member with out paying a cent for registration. It has powerful protection ranges that prevents strangers from viewing your private details and photographs and videos. The three most intriguing representations on Facebook are 'Facebook Profile' which is greatest for interactions with friends, 'Facebook Page' used to market brands and products and it is also known as 'Fan Page' where every member can publish comments and read other's comments as well. The final one is 'Facebook Group' wherein a group of people can produce their individual community having the right to reject requests that do not come under the group's criteria. Targeting students in the beginning Facebook has today exploded with a complete 500 million members because December 2010 and nonetheless registering more and much more new members. Games and Facebook credits are the chief sights aside from education, business and other entertainments that have turn out to be popular on the Facebook platform. Posting of ads and doing enterprise has become extremely simple for online job seekers and social networking practices. The launch of Facebook in 2004 has introduced the world together on a single platform where people can relax and get pleasure from viewing videos, enjoy listening to songs, viewing pictures and sharing comments. At the very same time it also serves as a haven for business entrepreneurs to post advertisements and keep these advertisements updated from time to time. You can even see a good deal of Facebook contests taking place. This is the best location for youthful children and grown ups if you know how to play safe with offering your individual data here.

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==== ==== Win a $250 Starbucks Card by just entering!! ==== ====

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