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When you create facebook fan page likes on your facebook you may be an organization that maintains like pages as a method of advertising. Since facebook is a social networking site it is a site that is meant for people to get to know each other online. It allows the user to create a profile, whether personal or a company and it allows that user to list lots of personal interests. It also allows users to communicate with each other. It allows users to create groups which other users can join. So in itself facebook creates facebook fan page likes because it encourages users to display and talk about their likes. Users on facebook can communicate in private, in public messages and chat forums with instant messages. So if you advertise on facebook you can get instant feedback from your advertising. And access to facebook is in many places such as through some smart phones. If an advertiser has a link to the facebook like button then if they have some traffic that traffic can generate more traffic when an online user click the like button which then lists that like on the users facebook profile page. And that user is also listed on the advertiser's page. An advertiser can encourage users to create a group and then the person who created the group invites three other users to join that group is rewarded with a free treat at whatever the website is selling. This is successful. But for a company to advertise on facebook it should not look t using it for a long-term advertising campaign. It is more effective for a short period of time. Then that ad becomes stale and a new one has to be created. So when you create facebook fan page likes keep it fresh.

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==== ==== will get you the Facebooks Likes you need to grow your business, guaranteed! ==== ====

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