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Christmas is right around the corner and if you have not thought about what you are buying, or making, for your loved ones you better start thinking soon! In my family, we are big on gift-giving. We love to make and buy things for each other as it is our favorite holiday of the year. Some of us are harder to shop for than others, but here are a few ideas on what I'm getting for the loved ones in my life. For my husband, I plan on getting him an iPad this year. Yes, it is a big purchase but he is my beloved husband after all. This year we are fortunate and able to buy nice things, but in the past we have not be so fortunate. I also like to buy him fun tee-shirts and nice sweaters from Express. My husband actually likes to receive clothes as he will never shop for himself. He also likes to play games and watch DVD's so I will often buy a new and fun board game, or a favorite show via a boxed set. For my sister, I plan on getting her a few different things. She loves a nice smelling home so I'm thinking either Scentsy or Yankee Candles. I also plan to make her something homemade, perhaps a pretty mosaic or crochet a creepy little doll. My family and myself are into creepy-cute gifts. For my niece, who is 11 years old, I am purchasing her some clothes. She loves Aeropostale and that is where I will be shopping this year for her cozy sweatshirts and sweaters. I also plan to get her an iTunes gift card for $10. This way she can purchase some fun apps for her iPhone or a download a new CD for her iPod. This girl has it all and is way too spoiled! For my boss and coworkers, I'm thinking coffee-related gifts. I plan to either give them gift cards to Starbuck's or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or perhaps a pound of some gourmet coffee beans. I know I love to drink coffee as I am not a morning person, and it helps me to wake up! I was thinking of also getting some fresh-baked muffins, biscotti, or a dozen donuts and bringing those on giftexchange day as well. Whatever gifts you decide upon, remember the real reason for the season! I believe it is all about the love of family and friends, not just the pretty gifts.

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==== ==== Win a $250 Starbucks Card by just entering!! ==== ====

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