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A very basic concern of a website owner is to reach out its websites content to every nook and corner of the relevant domain. 'Searches' are the most exciting part of today's web world which gives rise to the need of keeping eyes on how well is our website being recognized, how well it does in terms of content and searches as compared to its competitors. Therefore, it is very necessary to hone your skills to upgrade the ranking of your website on various search engines. Now and then the question that comes into our minds is that what does our website lack? Why our website is not ranked higher in spite of quality? Why is everyone rushing towards getting the first place in the searches of a search engine and Upgrade Website Ranking? What should I do so as to get higher ranking and build better web traffic? Steps taken to Upgrade Website Ranking, often involve making small alterations to parts of your website. These modifications might seem like incremental enhancements, but when combined with additional optimizations, they have a clear impact on your target clients experience and make it easier for Search engines to crawl and index. A few guidelines listed below can help you achieving that:

Powerful Keywords lie in the heart of the whole process of making a website more reachable by the masses. Primary keywords should be present in page titles, headers, first in content (basically the Meta Tags). Make sure all page META descriptions are enticing, fresh and unique. As the saying goes, "Keep it simple", your website design and navigation must be uncomplicated. Sitemaps must be present for having search engines crawl and index your website faster. Always submit your important pages to popular search engines, website directories, social bookmarks etc. Link building also helps a lot. Link your website to a number of others and also reciprocate links. A handbook of additional considerations for Website designers include:

Always place critical keywords in the Title. Avoid using of Flash and JavaScript in navigation URLs. Avoid implementing a Frame based website. Do not use Hyperlinks with general information such as click here. Provide some specific information for hyperlinks. Please do not always trust the services which perform automated submission of website URLs.

Tips related to monitoring the website so as to Upgrade Website Ranking include:

Go through the content of your website. It should be fresh, relevant and should contain an appropriate number of usages of the target keywords. When finished with the content writing, always perform a spell checking activity. Analyze how many times the keyword occurs in the site content. It should also not be overused. This can be done with the help of tools available. Keep cautious eyes on your web traffic, current web search ranking. This analysis will help to correct those web pages that did not make much contribution so as to Upgrade Website Ranking. Search engines like those sites which are not some changes, some upgrades. So make some small changes so as to be in good will of the Search engines! If you are a good and alert website owner, you will definitely ask your web designer the following set of questions so as to ensure good ranking for your website:

Q. What is the significance of Meta Tags and how to use them optimally? Q. Why is linking important and how to make good use of navigational flows? Q. What are the top search engines where our site should be submitted? Q. How to coin the best title for a page? Q. What is ranking on popularity? All of us agree to the above points so as to Upgrade Website Ranking, but there are some reasons why the web designers do not follow them.

Most web designers are not aware of the importance of ranking of a website. Most of them do not pay heed to these aspects. Most of them only look from UI perspective and thus build a chunk of software good for nothing.

This article is written by Saurabh Dutta from Techchai. He is a seasoned programmer and technology evangelist. He writes on useful technology tips, articles and interesting technology updates essential for all netizens on his blog TechChai.

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==== ==== will get you to the first page of Google in as soon as 24 hours, guaranteed! They can also acheive this with your Facebook Fan page. ==== ====

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