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BIO 100 UOP Course Complete Class All Weeks Assignments ,Checkpoints and DQs

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Week 1 Assignment Biology Lab Assignment The Scientific Method CheckPoint Living Organisms CheckPoint Theories of Biology

Week 2 Assignment Pearson Lab Scavenger Hunt (Appendix E) CheckPoint Plants vs. Animals week 2 DQ 1 week 2 DQ 2

Week 3 Assignment LeafLab Assignment Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration CheckPoint Mitosis and Meiosis Exercise UNESCO Research

Week 4 Assignment FlyLab CheckPoint Mendel on Patterns of Inheritance

week 4 DQ 1 week 4 DQ 2

Week 5 Assignment CardioLab Assignment Human System Presentation CheckPoint Basic Processes

Week 6 Assignment EvolutionLab CheckPoint Patterns of Evolution week 6 DQ 1 week 6 DQ 2

Week 7 Assignment PopEcoLab Assignment Scientific Taxonomy and Earth Biodiversity Paper CheckPoint Origin of Life CheckPoint UNESCO Research Outline

Week 8 Assignment DemographyLab CheckPoint Ecology and Population Growth week 8 DQ 1 week 8 DQ 2

Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint Final Project UNESCO Paper

Bio 100 uop course homework aid