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It was time for the Passover festival. Many people were going to the city of Jerusalem.

“He might even make himself king. He’s going to make everything in the world better.”

They wanted to join in the celebrations at the Temple there. Jesus came along, riding on a donkey. The crowds cheered noisily to welcome him. They cut palm branches and waved them to and fro. “Jesus is going to do something big!” they said to each other. 2


Things needed to be made better. In the Temple, there was a festival market, and the people selling things were being selfish. They were making people pay high prices.

“The Temple is meant to be a place where people pray,” said Jesus. “Not a place where they are cheated.”

Jesus began upsetting their tables.

The people in charge of the Temple were angry. “We must get rid of Jesus,” they whispered. They began to make a plan. 5

The Easter Story  

Extract from The Easter Story by Lois Rock and Alex Ayliffe, published by Lion Children's Books, available in a pack of 12 copies 978 0 7459...

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