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where young people from across the valley can gather for worship and Bible study under the same roof as their parents. Imagine a place where young mothers can enjoy a cup of coffee and fellowship while watching their children play together indoors. Imagine a place where adults can make a personal connection with a new friend, enjoy a light lunch, or simply relax while checking their email. Imagine a central meeting place on Sundays where members and guests can gather before heading home. Imagine a place where college students and young adults can meet for a dynamic worship experience in connecting with our growing downtown community. Imagine a place where a dinner theatre to raise money for missions can be held, a place where youth concerts and discipleship weekends can meet, and where men’s and women’s ministries can sponsor events open to the entire Roanoke community. This is the vision for the future ministry and mission usefulness for our church’s downtown campus.

THE PRESENT TO THE FUTURE Six years ago, First Baptist Roanoke undertook a study to address the need for providing facilities for our Student Ministry. The plan was to build a separate facility adjacent to the covered drivethrough on the west side of our Worship Center. When we began this faith journey, we did so following the Lord in a program with two goals, first to pay off the indebtedness on our Worship Center and, second, to provide a building to meet the needs of our Student Ministry. The resulting capital campaign became known as Future Generations Now, and we successfully retired the debt on the Worship Center in June 2011. The goal of the new facility was to provide a multigenerational-friendly building that provided space for our Student Ministry to grow, a café to support weekday programming, and the opportunity to expand our influence in the Roanoke Valley. However, the timing for beginning construction on the new student building was delayed. It was during this time that the idea of a new Infill Addition became a viable alternative and a new feasibility study was authorized. The idea to relocate the building to the interior of our church campus was decided by a unanimous vote of our church at a Sunday evening business meeting held on January 29, 2012. “Based upon the findings of the feasibility study, the Student Building Committee unanimously recommends the infill addition as the location for the student ministry/ multipurpose facility as presented in this report.” God’s timing is always perfect. As construction was delayed and new ideas were brought forward, the benefits of the new plan have become increasingly apparent. What started six years ago as a youth building program has developed into what will undoubtedly be a key addition to our entire church campus and help us have the facilities necessary to disciple, teach, and train others to impact the world for Jesus Christ. The ministry opportunities provided by the new facility are greater than we can even imagine. “The members of First Baptist Church of Roanoke, VA this 24th day of February 2013, hereby authorize the Building Committee through its Chairman, Gene Cress, and when required by the Board of the Directors of the church corporation, to enter into all the necessary contracts and agreements for the Design and Development phase and the planned construction for the Infill Addition.”

Will you join us on this faith journey?

FROM PASTOR BRYAN I’m so very excited to be presenting this brochure to you explaining the plans, purpose, and vision for a truly unique facility. Our purpose as a Church is clear - to connect our witness for Christ with a world He died to save so that we might make disciples for Him. That is why we build new buildings… to impact our community and influence our world for Christ. In the pages that follow, you will see how our new addition will serve as a launching pad to the Roanoke Valley in helping us to connect with others for Jesus Christ throughout the week. Our present facilities serve us well on Sundays, but our new addition will serve us even better the rest of the week. We want our community to understand that at First Baptist Roanoke, it’s not just church, but life everyday of the week. The vision for a new facility began with our wanting to include in our overall campus a separate building that would help us to reach teenagers for Christ as the second step of faith after we paid off the indebtedness of our Worship Center. Now that our first commitment has been reached, we are poised to move forward in faith with a building program that not only addresses the needs of teenagers, but helps us to do so much more. I hope that, as you look through the informational pages of this brochure, you will be inspired in your prayer life as you seek God’s will for you in this plan.



What many of us have referred to for over a year as the Infill Addition will be located in the very center of our campus, replacing the Atrium and connecting all four major facilities of our church under one roof. Some of the benefits include: • Saving more than 40 parking spaces. • Providing much needed ministry space for our youth. • Security in connecting our church campus together. • Direct elevator access to Faith Chapel and the TreeHouse. • An indoor play-land for children. • An indoor connection between the Children’s Building and Worship Center. • A multi-generational events center. However, the greatest advantages and opportunities of the new facility are found in the many different ways that we will have to connect with young adults of the millennial generation throughout the week. Every time a person steps onto our campus during the week should make it easier for

them to join us for worship on Sunday morning. Having come together as a church family for a single blended worship service on Sunday mornings, our mission strategy must now include providing others with as many opportunities to make a connection with First Roanoke throughout the week. I pray that the information in this brochure will excit you as it has us. As we’ve done throughout our church’s existence, we are stepping out in faith for our children, our youth, our neighbors, our co-workers and friends that we haven’t even met yet. Our faith and sacrifice today is for the multitudes we seek to reach tomorrow. If you participated in our previous Future Generations Now campaign, let me say, “thank you” and praise the Lord for your faithfulness. We need your continued support in helping us to underwrite as much of the cost of this exciting new building as possible with gifts that are over and above your regular tithe. If you have not yet had the opportunity to give to the Lord in a building campaign in the past for our church, please join us now. Let’s all of us begin praying now about how God will use us to share in the joy of giving to be a part of His plan. What we do over the next days, months, and years will have an eternal impact for many lives in our community, city, state, and world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to allow God to work through you. Mary and I are filled with gratitude for the privilege of being a part of our Roanoke church family. Your continued faithfulness as a fellowship is a constant source of joy to me as your pastor. You are a loving and generous people and I’m so honored to walk through this journey of faith together with you for such a time as this. It’s a wonderful privilege to be a part of a church where God is at work through the lives of His people. May it be said of us as it was of the Israelites of old, “The people are bringing more than enough for doing the work the LORD commanded to be done” (Exodus 36:5). By His Grace and for His Glory! Forever In Him! Pastor Bryan


We are first “Connecting” our Church Family through Facilities and Fellowship. The construction of the Infill Addition provides a facility to assist us in accomplishing one of the five Biblical functions: fellowship. The church must be fervent in developing and protecting the unity of fellowship we share, ever increasing the knowledge and love for one another (Hebrews 10:25).


Second, we are “Connecting” the Church to Community through Ministry and Service. Ministry is another of our God-given functions as a body. We have many opportunities to minister to and reach the millennial generation moving Downtown in multitudes. This new millennial facility will allow us to connect like never before, giving us opportunity to reach people.


Finally, we are “Connecting” our Church to the World through Missions and Evangelism. Indeed, our most vital function as a church is evangelism and reaching the generations in which God has placed us with the gospel message of Christ (Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:8). This facility will assist in hosting mission events whereby we emphasize, train, and support our evangelistic mission in the world.

UNDERSTANDING THE NEED The city of Roanoke is the ‘center’ of the Roanoke Valley. Over the past 30 years, Downtown Roanoke has worked hard to transform itself from a business district into a mixed-use district, blending businesses with residences and visitor destinations. Approximately 1,300 people currently live in Downtown Roanoke, many of them young adults – the Millennial Generation. These people do life here. Just as Downtown Roanoke has sought revitalization to reach millennials, so should we. Millennials are seeking authentic experiences and opportunities to grow and find their place in the world. The Infill Addition seeks to create a church campus with opportunities outside our traditional Sunday and Wednesday programs .


What started six years ago as a youth building program has developed into what will undoubtedly be a key addition to our entire church campus and help us have the facilities necessary to disciple, teach, and train others to impact the world for Jesus Christ.






Our new facility will connect the Worship Center, Family Life Center, Faith Chapel, and Children’s Building under one roof. It will also provide direct elevator access to The Treehouse and Faith Chapel. A new main entrance will provide easy access while welcoming members and guests alike to the church campus on weekdays. The ground floor will include a spacious open area including nearly two-story high ceilings, a welcome center, lobby seating, a coffee shop and café, a glass-enclosed children’s indoor play area, and a bookstore.







The second floor is designed to support our church’s youth ministry while also supporting other multi-generational ministry programming at various times during the year. Included in this area will be a game room, refreshment counter with assorted snacks, casual seating, a meeting-conference room, and a new media room. The upstairs will effectively serve as our church’s new youth center while also supporting other multi-generational ministry programming at various times during the church year.



$5,500,000 HOW MUCH WILL THE BUILDING PROJECT COST? Building Costs Estimated Soft Costs

(28,673 square feet)

$5,767,800 $708,600



$6,476,000 -$970,000


*(Building Costs include 5% contingency)

HOW WILL WE PAY FOR IT? We wholeheartedly believe that God has given us a vision to reach all generations in the Roanoke Valley for Him. The Connecting Capital Campaign is our effort to raise the capital for the construction of this new millennial facility over a 36-month period. As of March 1, 2013, we had $970,000 on hand from the Future Generations Now Capital Campaign to put toward the costs of this project. The capital raised in the campaign will go along with these funds in order to pay for the facility. Reaching this goal would enable us to provide the facility and in effect be debt-free at the conclusion of the campaign.

WHAT IF WE DO NOT RAISE THE FULL AMOUNT NEEDED? We will incur additional debt only if we do not reach our goal of $5.5 million. The amount of debt we would incur will be the difference between the goal and the total of gifts received over the three-year period.

WHEN WILL WE BEGIN CONSTRUCTION? The bidding process for construction will be complete in late September or early October. Construction could begin in early November and is expected to take 12-16 months. *A Note about Construction Estimates The estimates for construction are based on our architect’s best estimates in consultation with commercial construction experts a few months ago. Cost estimates are often inexact because they are fixed in time, and thus cannot account for the ever-changing market pressures. As cost estimates fluctuate, our Building Committee will continue to adjust the scope of this project to keep us in a financially healthy place.


Connecting is more than a fundraising campaign. It is about shaping our hearts to be the generous faith-filled people God desires us to be. Pray through the daily prayer guide. Allow God to speak to your heart and challenge you. Ask Him what He is calling you to do in this area of your life during this season. Seek His direction, and ask Him for the faith to follow that direction.


With God’s leadership, make a commitment. Don’t just commit to an amount. Commit to participate in the events of the Connecting campaign and learn as much as you can about the campaign and the vision it will help us realize. What sacrifice is God asking of you during this campaign? How will God have to provide in your life for that to be real? Make a commitment to take that step in faith.


Giving is what takes our commitment and our faith and makes it real. Generosity is one of the fundamental keys to a Christ-centered life. It requires faith, sacrifice, and vision. View each gift you have pledged as a step on that faith journey. Begin by making the first step. Maybe God is leading you to make that first step a leap by giving something abundant. Let God direct that step and give the way He leads you. What a privilege we have to be a part of growing His Kingdom in these days!


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On Sunday, October 6, we will have a special worship celebration to culminate Connecting. We are asking every person at First Roanoke to go through this process and allow God to shape his or her commitment and gifts. On October 6, we will make these commitments together to the Lord using a card similar to the one you see here on this page. This commitment has three parts.


The success of Connecting won’t be because the wealthiest gave or because the ones who always give gave more. Connecting will be successful only if every one of use take a sacrificial, generous step of faith. How is God leading you to move forward in your commitment?


You will receive a worksheet with your commitment card. Use the worksheet to figure out how your giving for the next three years can have a multiplied effect. You may be amazed at what you can do by simply giving to God in a greater way over time. Will you commit to this level of generosity for three years? Ask God to help you make a commitment that stretches your faith.


Whether you are a tithing giver wanting to give a generous and sacrificial gift or a first-time giver who wants to start giving back to God, you can make a one-time gift outside your regular giving. This could be a gift of some stock or property, the proceeds from a garage sale, or the fruit of some single sacrifice in your life. Imagine the power of giving if over 1,000 families made some sort of sacrificial gift.


Connecting pledges are faith commitments we make together as a church toward the purpose of God. Personal commitments are not legally binding and can be changed or canceled if needed, based on your family circumstances. Your individual commitment is confidential and will not be published or shared in any way.

FAQ What if I made a commitment to the Future Generations Now Capital Campaign, but, due to unforeseen circumstances, have not been able to fulfill my previous commitment? First, you are not alone in this. Consider the Future Generations Now Capital Campaign complete. You no longer need to worry about your previous pledge. Simply pray about what the Lord wants you to do moving forward. He will guide you in this campaign just as He did in the last one. He best understands your circumstances and your heart. We will happily move forward together. How can I be sure all gifts I give toward the campaign go toward the project? Every designated gift given to the church is required by law to be spent exactly as the gift was intended. But even more so, there is a spiritual obligation not to misuse designated gifts. All gifts given to Connecting Capital Campaign will go toward the cost of the new facility. How much was raised for Future Generations Now and how was the money spent? As of September 1, 2013, we have received a total of $4,327,163.56 designated for the Future Generations Now Capital Campaign. After retiring the remaining debt on the Worship Center, and as we began our design and development phase for the infill addition, we had $970,000 remaining from the proceeds of FGN to go toward the new project. All of the remaining funds are going toward the total cost for the new facility. Why did the plans change for the original building for Youth Ministry? There are multiple reasons for changing from the original plan of a separate building to the infill addition. Primarily, the new infill addition accomplishes all of our original goals while providing many additional benefits to the church family of all ages. Other benefits include improved utility cost management, security improvements, mobility access to more of our facility for all, and the ability to more easily use the facility all week instead of just Sundays and Wednesdays. In addition, we will not lose 40+ parking spaces on the west side of the Worship Center, a strategic financial and functional savings to the church family How will this facility help us reach new members of all ages? This facility will provide multi-functionality for prospects of all ages. It allows space for our Student Ministry on Sunday morning in LIFE Groups and Wednesday nights as planned, but also provides enhanced space for other adult functions in the first floor space for any and all age groups. It provides our people and guests a place to come sit, read, remain connected through wireless service, and fellowship together, which is a major function of the New Testament Church. Just as our Family Life Center was designed to be used as people needed in the 1970’s, and as our Worship Center met specific needs of use in the 1990’s, so too will this new millennial building be used as people use facilities in the 2010’s. With the facility already large, will this addition make us more impersonal? The size of any facility has little to do with the nature of the congregation. There are many small- and mediumsize churches that are known to be cold and impersonal. This is more of a people question than a facility issue. What dictates our being a personal church is to place in our DNA as a congregation that we are determined to be outward-focused, making sure that everyone who comes to First Baptist is warmly received and included in the family of the church. As they “Connect” with others through small groups and ministry opportunities, they easily feel embraced into the church as well. Truly, the only way we will be impersonal is if we choose to be that way. Is there a real need for a new building for our youth? Don’t we already have space for them in Straight Street? We are very grateful for our ministry partner, Straight Street, for availing their building to us so that our youth ministry has an adequate place to meet. However, Straight Street has always been intended to be a temporary solution to a long-standing issue. It was never intended to be a permanent fix. That ministry continues to add programs to meet their needs and likewise we need to be free to do the same for the needs of our programming, including youth. Our existing facility has no single room to use that would allow the youth ministry to grow beyond half its current size. To neglect this issue would be to place immediate and hard limits on the ability of this ministry and our church to grow. It should also be noted that this new facility (and the second floor which will house the youth programming) is designed to be much more than a “Youth Building.” As designed and presented to the church, the building will meet the growing needs of every ministry in multiple ways and for every age in our church.



Everything you wanted to know about the Connecting Capital Campaign.