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4-Count Combos 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 1-2 3 4 5-6 7-8

Sunrise L hand Sunrise R hand Maia L Roll up L hand 2nd; R hand chest (turku) L hand chest; R hand 2nd R hand chest Maia R Roll up

---1-2 3 4 5-6 7 8

Shuffle-step dragging feet L - L Shift weight R Shift weight L Shuffle-step dragging feet R - R Shift weight L Shift weight R use “L” arms alternating directions

---1-2 “L” arms- L arm 2nd; R arm overhead 3 1/4 turn R; L arm overhead, R arm front 4 bring L arm front with R arm 5-8 lean back w L arm overhead 1 hands together stand up straight 2 1/4 turn R (face back); circle arm underhand; arms end up in 2nd 3-4 1/4 turn R; circle arm overhead; arms end up in front 5-7 lean back w R arm draping overhead then stand up straight 8 1/4 turn R (front); sweeping down to bring R arm to 2nd -------1-4 Maias with bending knees & snake arms 5-8 Maias with straightening knees & snake arms ----all with Kaslimar feet (start w R foot) 1-4 flame hands overhead 3-4 flame hands 2nd 5-6 flame hands at sides 7-8 2 shoulder rolls ---all with Kaslimar feet (start w R foot) 1-4 L arm at chest, R in 2nd when stepping forward, switch arms when stepping back 5-8 2nd Kaslimar set, hands overhead sway L to R 1-4 repeat 1st set 5-8 backward figure 8

---1-4 5-8 1-4 5-8

chest circle arms in tribal 2nd diagonal paint/snake arms snake arms lean a bit each way bring arms back to tribal, roll down

----1 2 3-4 5 6 7-8

hip slide R rib slide R roll down hip slide L rib slide L roll down

-----1/2 backward figure 8 1 little R hip 1 big R hip 1 little L hip 1 big L hip -----arms in tribal 1 cross L foot over R 2 3/4 turn to end facing L 3 L arm in air 4 look at audience 5 undulation 6-8 cross R foot over L; 3/4 turn back to front; arms in tribal -------1-4 5-6 7-8 1-2 3-4 7-8

roll up; bring arms to tribal rib circle roll down hip circle roll up roll down; bring arms to side


---- 1-2 Shuffle-step dragging feet L - L 3 Shift weight R 4 Shift weight L 5-6 Shuffle-step dragging feet R - R 7 Shift weight L 8 Shift we...

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