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TAPAS PARTIES The Spanish word Tapa means “lid” and Spain’s national obsession with these flavorsome tidbits began hundreds of years ago when tavern keepers would place a slice of bread on top of a glass of wine to keep dust and flies out. The patrons eventually started requesting a slice of ham to go with that bread and from this humble origin, a piece of bread placed on a wine glass, Tapas have grown into rich and diverse varieties ranging from cold (frias) to hot (calientes); from something as simple as almond, olives or cheese to complex dishes with a wide range of ingredients. At Bohemian Tango, we want to give your Tapas party the feel and diversity of the Tapas bars (called Tascas) of Spain. Tapas bars have always had a convivial atmosphere with a background buzz of friends and neighbors meeting greeting and chatting. We encourage you and your guest to move around and socialize. A Tapas party should not be a sit down dining experience - it should be a chance for good food, good drink and good conversation to go hand in hand. Tapas tend to be no more than a few bites. Tapas are traditionally not intended to be an appetizer to a main meal, they can of course fill that role wonderfully, but Tapas are all about variety and diversity - small bites of tasty morsels that delight the senses. The Chef at Bohemian Tango has offered a wide selection of inspired and traditional Tapas from both Spain and Latin America to choose from. You will be given the opportunity to choose which Tapas you wish or you can meet with the Chef and discuss you and your guests’ preferences and have a “Chef Tapas Tasting” created exclusively for your party. Contact us for a free consultation for your party: Phone: 234-678-7695 Find us on Facebook:

Tapas A Selection of Spanish and Latin American Tapas.

Cold Tapas - “Tapas Frias” Vegetables, Nuts & Olives - “Verduras , Frutos Secos y Aceitunas” • • • • • • • • •

Salted Almonds - “Las Almendras Saladas” Chile Mushrooms - “Hongos Chile” Citrus & Herb Mushrooms - “Cítricos y Setas Hierbas” Spicy Cracked Marinated Olives - “Picante Agrietados Aceitunas Marinadas” Olives with Orange & Lemon - “Aceitunas con Naranja y Limón” Leek & Asparagus Salad - “Ensalada de Puerros y Espárragos” Zucchini Salad with Cilantro Dressing - “Ensalada de Calabacín con Aderezo de Cilantro” Pickled Stuffed Sweet Peppers - “Escabeche Pimientos Rellenos de Dulce” Roasted Bell Pepper Salad - “Ensalada de Pimientos Asados Bell”

Meat & Poultry - “Carnes y Aves” • • •

Catalan Toast - “Brindis Catalán Chorizo & Dates - “Chorizo y Fechas" Imported Serrano Ham – “Jamón Serrano” (call for pricing and availability – special order only)

Seafood - “Mariscos” • •

Tuna Stuffed Bell Peppers - “Atún Relleno Pimiento” Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Crab - “Pimientos Rellenos de Cangrejo”

Eggs & Cheese - “Huevos y Queso” • • • •

A Selection of Spanish Cheeses - “Selección de Quesos Españoles” Oven-Baked Tortilla with Sofrito - “al Horno Tortilla con Sofrito” Spinach & Mushroom Tortilla - “Tortilla de espinacas y setas” Chorizo & Iberico Cheese Stuffed Eggs - “Queso y Chorizo Ibérico de Huevos Rellenos”

Latin American - “América Latina” (In Latin America Tapas are often called Bocas)

• •

Sea Scallop Ceviche - “Mar Ceviche de Vieiras” Shrimp Ceviche with Mango - “Ceviche de Camarones con Mango”

Hot Tapas - “Tapas Calientes ” Vegetables, Nuts & Olives - “Verduras , Frutos Secos y Aceitunas” • • •

Green Beans with Pine Nuts - “Judias Verdes con Piñones” Marinated Eggplant - “Berenjenas Marinadas” Wild Potatoes - “Patatas Bravas”

Meat & Poultry - “Carnes y Aves”

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Lamb Meatballs with Spicy Sofrito - “Cordero Albóndigas con Salsa de Sofrito” Lamb Skewers with Lemon - “Brochetas de Cordero con Limón" Beef Skewers with Orange & Garlic - “Brochetas de Carne de Vacuno con Naranja y el Ajo” Spare Ribs Coated in Paprika Sauce - “Costillas de Cerdo Cubierto con Salsa de Pimentón" Miniature Pork Brochettes - “Brochetas de Carne de Cerdo en Miniatura” Ham Wrapped Roasted Asparagus - “Jamón Asado Espárragos Envueltos " Fried Chorizo with Herbs - “Chorizo Frito con Hierbas” Sautéed Chicken with Crispy Garlic Slices - “Pollo Salteado con Crujientes Rebanadas de Ajo " Moroccan Chicken Kabobs - “Brochetas de Pollo Marroquí” Chicken Rolls with Olives - “Rollos de Pollo con Aceitunas " Bacon Wrapped Dates with Murcia Al Vino - “Tocino Envuelto con las Fechas de Murcia al Vino” Chicken Breast with Pepper Sauce - “Pechuga de Pollo con Salsa Pimenton"

Seafood - “Mariscos” • • • •

Sardines with Romesco Sauce - “Sardinas con Salsa Romesco” Tossed Shrimp with Bell Peppers - “Camarones Mezclados con Pimientos” Sizzling Chile Shrimp - “Chile Camarones Salteados” Shrimp & Chorizo Skewers - “Camarón y Pinchos de Chorizo”

Eggs & Cheese - “Huevos y Queso” • •

Asparagus Scrambled Eggs - “Espárragos Revueltos” Cheese and Chorizo Tortilla - “Queso y Tortilla de Chorizo”

Latin American - “América Latina” (In Latin America Tapas are often called Bocas)

• • • • • • • •

Fried Black Bean and Seven Chile Empanadas - “Fritos de Frijol Negro y Siete Empanadas Chile” Beef with Peaches and Pear Empanadas - “Carne de Vacuno con Durazno y Pera Empanadas” Cheese & Chile Empanadas - “Empanadas de Queso y Chile” Sweet Potato & Cheese Empanadas - “Camote y Empanadas de Queso” Beef & Red Peppers Salsa - “Carne de Vaca y Salsa Pimienton” Grilled Mango - “Mango a la Parrilla” Heart of Palm Fries with Spicy Aioli – “Corazón de Palma con Papas Alioli Picante” Stuffed Provoleta - “Provoleta Relleno”

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