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Amaryllis Bulb Care Guide Sam ant ha Gre e n

Wednesday, June 0 8 , 20 11

Nothing says “Spring” like a blooming Bulb garden! ProPlants has numerous bulb plants to select f rom and they’re shipped during early phases of budding, meaning the little green tips will have just started to be visible above the moss. ProPlants ships Bulbs in this stage so customers enjoy the Bulbs’ entire cycle of blooming, which is beautif ul. T he term "bulb" is used by most people in ref erence to plants that have underground, f leshy storage structures, however; a “bulb” is actually is any plant that stores its complete lif e cycle underground. ProPlants’ mixed Bulb gardens f eature varieties that may bloom at dif f erent times, both Spring and Summer varieties, which makes f or great f un, as Bulbs are continuously changing. In some zones, Bulbs are grown and planted outside and may re-bloom the f ollowing year (see below). Hippeastrum is f rom South Af rica, grown in the USA

Best Indoors

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Shop ProPlants Christ mas St ar and Trumpet Garden $ 39 .9 8

Paperwhit e Bulb Garden

$ 29 .9 9

Candy Cane Amaryllis Bulb Garden

Light: Bright warm location. 65-70 degrees Temperature: Moderate (normal home temperatures)

$ 29 .9 9

Water: Keep the soil moist caref ul not to over water or water inside the neck of the bulb.

Fertilizer: Liquid Feed once a month.

Gourmet Herb Garden

Growth: 10" or taller Blooming: Blooms in 6 to 8 weeks.. Re-potting: N/A Planting Outside: Af ter the plant has f lowered and when the f oliage has yellowed cut it of f just above the top of the bulb. Leave the pot dry f or about 3 months then begin watering again. USDA Gardening Z ones: Not hardy in the U.S. so grown indoors or treated as annuals outdoors

$ 39 .9 9

Merry & Bright Garden

Perennial or treat like a houseplant $ 39 .9 9

Perf ect ly Pink Garden

$ 4 9 .9 9

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