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Mother’s Day Activities by Mom Type Sam ant ha Gre e n

Thursday, April 19 , 20 12

In need of meaningf ul and unique Mothers Day activities that f ill the entire day? You’ll f ind lots of creative ideas f or mom here. Each has three, interrelated steps based on your brand of mom. Keep in mind: research has shown that what mom wants most on her special day is to be with f amily! Don’t just arrange an activity and take of f . Instead: 1. Arrange the activity ahead of time. 2. Enlist your siblings. 3. Plan to spend the day with mom. T hese ideas f or Mother’s Day are not only creative, they’re specif ic to mom’s hobbies and style, and you all will end the day f eeling satisf ied, energized and wellloved.

Mothers Day Activities f or The Career Mom 1. Take a work-related lesson with your hard working mom or teach mom a computer or internet skill you know but she doesn’t. Worth magazine lists 10 of the Best Private Lessons. While you may not choose to put a deposit down on these pricey classes, they can inspire you. For local versions, check your area’s Learning Annex, community college, adult school or university extension programs. 2. Make reservations f or lunch at a restaurant well known in your area f or business networking. Do a little research on what deals were made there and which big shot local executives typically dine there. Tell these stories at lunch to entertain your working mom. 3. Shop at Ann Taylor, Talbots or any career-oriented store f or women. Even second hand stores have designer clothes that may suit her.

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Mothers Day Activities f or The Fit Mom 1. Sign up f or a personal trainer session or a marathon, race or f itness walk to engage in alongside mom. You can f ind Mother’s Day races and marathons in nearly every large city. Find lots of Mothers Day Half Marathons here. 2. Af ter your workout, treat mom to lunch at an organic, f arm-to-table or vegan restaurant. 3. Schedule a post-workout Jacuzzi or massage f or you, mom and siblings.

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Mothers Day Activities f or The Single or Divorced Mom Who’s Looking f or Love . . . 1. Of all the Mother’s Day Activities writing an online dating prof ile may not have gotten to the top of your list. Hint: getting a draf t written up f irst and having her edit it with you may get the job done more ef f iciently. Otherwise, she may stall and eventually get out of it. 2. Go with mom to an over-50 or over-60 Mixer. Check out to f ind singles groups that f ocus on mom’s hobby in her city. T here are 132 singles groups in Minneapolis, Minnesota alone! Volunteers, nerds, cocktail lovers, golf ers and many more all have groups in Minneapolis to f ind other like-minded unmarried “f riends.” 3. Buy mom the beautif ul f lowers she deserves.

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Mothers Day Activities f or The Single or Divorced Mom Who’s Loving the Single Lif e! 1. Call this “T he Mother’s Day of Total Self -Actualization.” T he single-and-loving-it mom is f ree to do whatever crazy thing she wants to do whenever she wants to do it: adventure trips like river-raf ting, sky-diving or rock climbing f ill the bill. Too ambitious? How about backstage with the playwright, a lesson with a f avorite local chef or an adventure on horseback? If you don’t want to participate, at least chauf f er her to and f rom her X-games-like event. Even the f ree-wheeling single-mom will want you with her. 2. Introduce her to a genealogy website or research f amily history yourself a present her with a graphic f amily tree. She’ll love to know where she f its into the larger f amily picture. 3. Gif ts f or Mother’s Day f or a single mom could be a digital photo f rame with photos of many f amily members, extended and close: grandparents, cousins, uncles as well as children and grandchildren.

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T his will help mom realize she’s surrounded by people. Also, the 2012 book Going Solo: the Extraordinary Rise and Suprising Appeal of Living Alone by NYU sociology prof essor Eric Klinenberg of f ers a well-researched and positive take on the single lif e.

Mothers Day Activities f or the Fashionista Mom 1. Arrange with a local department store f or a “personal shopper,” a clerk who will spend time with mom picking out clothes and alternatives. Stores currently of f ering this service f ree include: Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fif th Avenue. T here are also independent shoppers who patronize lower priced stores, but they are not af f iliated with the stores themselves. Find these Super Shoppers through the Association of Image Consultants International. It’s probably smart to ask each one you call about their pref erred store to see whether you mom appreciates those vendors as well. 2. Help mom go through her closet, tossing those outf its that are outdated and helping her coordinate new outf its. 3. Buy mom a season of Tim Gunn’s Bravo show Guide to Style or f ormer model Heidi Klum’s Project Runway. Watch a f ew episodes with her while chowing down on slimming, high-f iber popcorn!

Pricey Plants They’ve filled palaces and mansions throughout the world, and in some cases their beauty was considered more valuable than gold. The Tournament of Roses parade Flower History More than just accessories flowers have been used as medicine, to decorate palaces, and have even played a part in a battle or two.

Mothers Day Activities f or The Reading Mom 1. Find the biggest bookstore in your town or leave town to f ind the bookstore of her dreams down the f reeway and browse the aisles with her. Spend two hours if you have to. Keep some of these titles in mind while you’re there; they’ll make a nice gif t at the end of the day. Best Mothers Day books ever: Lef t Neglected by Lisa Genova; Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts, Heartwood: A Novel by Belva Plain, Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler. But don’t f orget: f ascinating books about the worst mothers ever are f un too! Try T he Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls and T he Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus and make sure to tell mom that you recognize how wonderf ul she is in comparison to these maniacs. 2. Read together on the porch or lobby of a beautif ul hotel that you crash. Dress up a bit and you’ll f it right in. People watch and laugh when they look at you when conf used. 3. Find a book reading by a local author at a bookstore or library f or that evening. If nothing is available on Mother’s Day, organize your own book reading by having siblings and dad choose selections f rom mom’s f avorite books to read aloud to her bef ore/af ter lunch, brunch or dinner.

Mothers Day Activities f or The Foodie Mom 1. Depend on science to conf irm mom’s opinion that she has a sophisticated palette! In other words, measure the number of “papillae” or taste buds on mom’s tongue. To do this, you’ll need a white, donut-shaped, hole-punch protector, a magnif ying glass and green f ood coloring. Have mom put a dot of saf e green f ood coloring on her tongue. Have her place the hole punch protector on the green area. Using the magnif ying glass, count how many taste buds lie within the center of the hole punch protector. Under 15 taste buds and mom doesn’t have a “discerning palette.” 15 -30 taste buds ref lects that she’s an average taster. Over 30 taste buds and sure enough, mom has a “discerning palette,” qualif ying as a Super Taster! 2. Af ter the educational (and possibly comical adventure above), go with mom and other siblings to either a Farmer’s market to pick up the most f resh and best tasting local produce (possibly organic or at least pesticide f ree) or to a Farm-to-Table event, where a local restaurant prepares special dishes with ingredients f rom local f arms. To f ind one of these, simply perf orm a web search of “f armers markets” or “f arm to table” and your city. 3. Foodie presents f or Mother’s Day: herb garden kits f or her kitchen; premium salts, peppers and other spices. Exotic cheeses and unique kitchen implements.

Mothers Day Activities f or The Activist Mom 1. What’s her cause? Most likely, you already know. Go online and create a list of all of the organizations that support that cause. Type these up and present the list to her so she can get resources or join the conversation should the spirit so move her. 2. Arrange a membership in the local chapter of Amnesty International, the Sierra Club, People f or the Ethical Treatment of Animals or any other group. Determine where the interest group meets and of f er to attend the f irst f ew meetings with her. T his time commitment ref lects not only that you respect her passions, but how much her happiness means to you. 3. Go to Caf é Press to f ind stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, buttons mugs and more carrying the slogans of every activist group out there. If “Hug a Vegetarian” t-shirt isn’t her style, how about a “Free Tibet” phone case?

Mother’s Day Activities f or The Cooking Mom 1. As this mom likes, even LOVES to cook (and f eed), taking her out to lunch or brunch doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Perhaps better is to take her to a cooking lesson where she gets to work alongside an accomplished local chef , learning his or her secrets as dishes get prepared. High end

cooking supply stores, local libraries, hotels and restaurants of ten of f er culinary classes. Interested in going all out this year? Check out T he Culinary Institute of America or the Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts f or longer programs and even “chef ” certif ication. 2. Film mom making her f avorite recipes. Edit videos and create a YouTube video channel just f or her. Her recipes are recorded f or all time, all f amily members and maybe even some f ans! 3. Take mom to a f ood store that’s exotic. T here are still butcher shops and bakeries around. You can also try an Asian f ish market, a f armers market or a gourmet f ood store. Search online f or a Baldacci’s, Dean and DeLuca or an organic grocer. Ethnic markets are spreading to suburban areas, and it’s not unusual to f ind one that specializes in Italian, T hai, Indian, Japanese or South American ingredients. Mom could have a ball discussing spices with the clerks!

Mothers Day Activities f or The Outdoorsy Mom 1. Organize a picnic hike on a trail she’s never explored bef ore. Recruit f riends and f amily members to join you. Bring cameras, take photos and give mom a f ramed photo that says Mother’s Day 2012 on it. Write up an account of the adventure and seal it into the f rame with the photo. 2. Introduce her to a love of the outdoors she hasn’t explored yet: kayaking, birding, f lower hunting, geocaching, paddle-boarding, photography, caving, mountain biking, rock climbing, sailing and surf ing make up much of the list. Give her a list of local clubs and adventure services organized around these outdoor activities. Start with to f ind a relevant group close to mom’s area. 3. Take mom to an outdoorsy store like L.L. Bean, REI or Capellas or Bass Pro Shops (which has more than bass!)

Mother’s Day Activities f or The Music Loving Mom 1. Burn a CD of pieces you think she’ll enjoy interspersed by your comments between the songs. T he comments can be memories, jokes or reasons why she’s a wonderf ul mom. Make this Mothers Day activity whole f amily style by including siblings and even dad. Ef f orts like these ref lect how much she means to you. Record your voice to your computer with 2. If musical mom has passed her genes onto you and your siblings, orchestrate a f amily concert f or her as a surprise. T his ef f ort should bring tears to her eyes as she recognizes how much inf luence she’s had on your lif e. 3. Get siblings, dad, f riends, aunts and grandmas to an outdoor concert in the beautif ul spring air. Check with your local symphony, big hotels and restaurants, smaller orchestras, churches, libraries and public parks to see what’s playing.

Mothers Day Activities f or The Ar tist Mom 1. Find a museum exhibit or a new art supply store she’ll love and go to it with her. 2. Give her time to paint, take photos or practice whatever art she loves by watching a younger child or doing some housework, grocery shopping or the laundry. Give her a computer generated coupon f or “4 f ree hours of artistic time.” 3. Introduce her to a f orm of art she may not have discovered yet: f loral radiography, electron microscopy, f ractal images are just a f ew.

Mothers Day Activities f or The Mom Who Fears Technology 1. Get these steps done ahead of time so she doesn’t f reak out: Pre-write her Facebook inf ormation page. Gather some digital photos that f latter her and have them in a handy f ile. Find some f orums and blogs she may enjoy participating in. Make a list of them and entice her with the prospect of talking to other gardenia growers, Chopin f reaks or Japanese cooks. Introduce her to YouTube and show her the f unny videos that ref lect her hobbies. Set a YouTube channel up f or her and show her how to create a list some of her f avorite videos. Help her learn to search YouTube f or inf ormation and entertainment. Sit with her and help her ask questions on f orums and comment on blogs. Buy a special notebook f illed with your instructions f or participating in Facebook, YouTube, f orums and blogs, along with the blog addresses of all. List the blogs she may enjoy reading. Leave this helpf ul notebook beside the computer! Leave blank pages at the back f or her questions that you’ll promise to answer. Show her how she can get a lot of answers without you simply by Googling the question.

No matter their personality dif f erences, all moms love and appreciate the ef f ort adult kids put into the day reserved f or them. But Mother’s Day brunch? “Been there; done that,” most likely. T he keys lie in planning ahead, recruiting help f rom dad, siblings and f riends and tailoring your activities to mom’s personality and hobbies. Use the ideas f or mom above to orchestrate a beautif ul day mom will never f orget. Happy Mother’s Day!

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