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Spring 2010 Collection, Volume 1

Swank Boutique Unit 4 Alexander Place, Dorcy Dr. Tel: 947-9265/94SWANK Email: [Pick the date]

your favourite pair of jeans or paired with a pair of white slacks for a casual elegant look. These blouses are available in XL to 3X. Welcome to Volume 1 of Swank’s Spring 2010 Collection. Inside this catalogue you will find a snapshot of our spring line that will become available during the month of March. Please flip through our pages and see what we have in store. Join our mailing list at to find our when these items arrive, or reserve with us in advance. Bacchanal

The Sienna Rose Collection Sienna Rose Blouses are the epitome of easy elegance. Made from vibrant sheer fabrics, embellished with colour and beading, these blouses are an easy wear for the spring. These items are definite wardrobe essentials that can be dressed down with

Caribbean Breezes

Blue Artisan

Caribbean Medley

Jungle Rose

Peacock Motif

All Sienna Rose Blouses are range from CI$58.00 to $80.00. Limited quantities and sizes are available. To reserve a style from this collection e-mail us at

Get on

TRAC This Spring Trac is one of our many affordable casual wear lines. We carry this collection between sizes 1X to 3X. This collection is filled with fun patterns and vibrant colours and is a great weekend slip on.

Purple Zebra

Pretty in Pink

Static Rush Dress

Blue Peony Dress

Fiesta One Shoulder Blouse in White & Black

Ruffle Jacket in White

Carnival Swirl Dress Blue & Pink

Feminine Allure Nothing says being a woman like wearing a dress. This Spring, Swank unfolds its collection of ready to wear maxi, chiffon and jersey dresses for your wearing pleasure. These dresses come in limited quantities, colours and sizes. Here are a few samples from our collection. Make sure to get your perfect spring dress before Easter. Expected arrival date is March 25, 2010. Selected dresses come in sizes XL to 3X.

Mendi Print Chiffon Maxi Dress: Red & Black

Tigress Maxi Dress

The Handbag Butler is perhaps one of the greatest inventions for women’s handbags in the 20th Century. This

compact little gem has its own little carrier purse and fits in any bag. Never put your bag on the floor again. Carry your handbag butler wherever you go. This little gem comes in assorted styles & colours and is the perfect gift for friends. Retails between $29.00 and $33.00

swank spring 2010 collection