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Suzanne Jennett Hi folks, My name is Suzanne Jennett and I would love to have the opportunity to be part of the Scopely team as a graphic design intern.

Suzannestheman@ (805) 377-4359

I am a current junior-senior hybrid undergraduate at USC. I have been art directing, animating and designing for mobile games for a while during my time at USC. Last year I art directed the advanced games project for the iPad called House of Cards where I designed and animated all of the characters as well as developed the tone and look of the game. I am currently art directing another USC student project for mobile called COLE. I manage around 20 artists, hand out tasks, keep the game stylistically cohesive, keep tabs on all assets that need to be done and work closely with our team lead in making sure COLE communicates what it needs to. Both games are made in unity. I have learned to work within the sizing constraints for mobile and pride myself on my ability to design interesting looking characters for limited animation.


I hope to continue to work in mobile and have a huge affinity for small team sizes. I am excited about the learning experience this internship could provide and am sure that I would be useful in many areas of development and production as an intern. I would love to have an opportunity to observe Scopely’s art pipeline, development process, and advertising methods. Thank you, Suzanne

Character Design

Graphic Design and Motion Graphics

In Game Footage

Check out the main page of my site for more information about me and a full version of my portfolio!