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Southampton’s Shoppers Reveal Their Fashion Inspirations

Southampton Shoppers were out in force today, with the beginning of half term and the enticing mid-season sales appearing, they revealed their fashion inspirations. “I mostly get my inspiration from television and magazines as they’re a great source of finding out what the trends are, and most of the time you can find cheaper versions than the actual items that were shown,” 20-year-old student Kristie O’Donovan said. This opinion was echoed by her younger sister Bethnay. “ I also use blogs though and things like street style I’m not afraid to go and ask someone where they got their shoes or top. If you want to know, it’s the only way.” Bethnay [corr] explained. “ My favourite place to get real vintage style clothing is charity shops, there has been so many times I’ve grabbed a bargain and could have got the same sort of style in somewhere like River Island and paid a fortune for it, and you always feel really proud after that.” This enthusiasm wasn’t anywhere near as high in the male population of Southampton’s cliental, with many of the men either being dragged round the shops by either their partners or mothers. 27-year-old, Daniel Morgan from Shropshire said: “ I couldn’t care less about shopping for clothes or fashion. Don’t get me wrong I love the stuff I wear but I’m not going to make myself up to look like the actor Gerard Butler did last week , just because some girls thought he looked fit, I’d rather just be comfy.” Not really caring about celebrities also seemed to be more of a male ideology. “ I haven’t got a clue when it comes to celebrities and what they’re wearing and to be honest I couldn’t care less,” said 29 year old Pete Crowson . These comments were completely contradicted by a female fashion store employee Jessie Mulhern. “ I love seeing what certain celebrities are wearing as I can get ideas for my own style, for example Jamellia Jemal I know she’s not everybody’s style but I adore some of the stuff she wears and how she can look girly but still like a bit of a rock chick, and that’s where I get my ideas from,” said the 19-year-old . The divide between whether or not the men and women of Southampton were avid fashion followers is clear, with women following the trends in picking out their wardrobe and the majority of the men choosing what was comfortable. This may not always be the case with the rise in trendy male celebrities becoming stylish role models for young men, increasing the interest in men’s fashion and with television programs introducing men into a world of gyms, tanning and branded lingerie. But regardless to this with the Christmas period drawing in Southampton’s shoppers are sure to be spending even more of their hard earned cash.

Southampton Shoppers  
Southampton Shoppers  

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