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Sterling Paige , Eli Rogers & Naomi photographed at Carol Guest Interiors on October 11th, 2012 by Mary-Kate Laird. Clothing courtesy OshKosh B’gosh Mall of Georgia. Naomi provided by Georgia SPCA.

2012 HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE Featuring OshKosh B’gosh




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Executive Editor Angela Veugeler

Managing Editors Darcy Seyller Laura Lane

Features Editor

Celebrating family, the holidays and 2 years for Suwanee Magazine! With Thanksgiving almost upon us and Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to bring readers some great gift ideas right here in our backyard. Our holiday shopping guide (beginning on page 23) has some amazing ideas and a wide variety of options for everyone on your list. Our cover shoot this issue was such a fun collaboration! The shoot took place at Carol Guest Interiors, our featured Interior Designer this issue. With all of the wonderful Christmas decorations, it seemed like the perfect place to photograph the cover. Osh Kosh B’gosh (now open in the Mall of Georgia), provided the adorable clothing. The puppy, Naomi, was provided by the Georgia SPCA. What better time to adopt a new pet than around the holidays? The beautiful children are friends of our family. The Get Fit Challengers have had some huge victories as well as some major challenges. Their final weigh-in is December 15, 2012. The winner will be announced in the January issue.

It’s hard to believe it has been two years since the first issue of Suwanee Magazine. We have had the opportunity to meet with so many wonderful people and even introduced our new mascot, Sammy the tree frog at Suwanee Day this year. We are so lucky to be in a community like Suwanee that has continued to grow and thrive in recent years. We would like to thank all of our advertisers for your continued support, our amazing staff who works so hard on the magazine and our readers for your interest in the magazine. Many people have told me they read every issue cover to coverwe love hearing that! We want to hear from you so we can continue to grow and get better with each issue. We invite you to please visit us online at to take a short survey so that we can continue to improve Suwanee Magazine in 2013. The survey will be available through December 31, 2012. This holiday season, please remember to spend time with family, think about the real meaning of the holidays and what is most important in your life. See you in 2013!

Angela Veugeler Visit for some great web only articles and frequent updates.


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Corporate Office 554 W. Main Street Suite 400 Buford, GA 30518 Phone: 678-482-2270 Fax: 678-730-0691 Suwanee Magazine is published bimonthly by Veugeler Design Group. Opinions expressed by the contributing writers and editors are not necessarily those of the publisher, editor or Suwanee Magazine. The publisher will not accept responsibility for submitted materials that are lost or stolen. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication. However, the publisher cannot assume responsibility for errors or ommissions. No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. ©2012 Veugeler Design Group. The editors welcome unsolicited manuscripts and photographs. Please visit us online at for submission guidelines, or email us at

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Features: 23 Holiday Shopping Guide 28 Holiday Traditions Departments: 4 Business

4 SBA 5 Investment 6 Suwanee Family Physicians

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Get Fit Challenge

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11 Home

Carol Guest Interiors

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Suwanee Business Community News & Information

business ness

We're no


BY: Ed Szczesniak

President, SBA and Owner/Designer Georgian Landscape Design

f you’ve ever been to a Suwanee Business Alliance meeting, you’d know that. We’re just local friends, neighbors, and business folks, who like to get together, meet, exchange business ideas, joke, tease each other, enjoy a drink, good music, great food, and do what we can to improve our lives and the lives of those in our community. On any second Wednesday of the month, you can find us somewhere around Suwanee enjoying each other’s company for a couple of hours, sharing the good fortune that has brought us to this great city that allows us to grow our businesses in this little town. We don’t do much “meeting,” we don’t have any speeches (unless you count about 10 minutes of welcoming our guests, drawing a few business cards to award some pretty nice gifts donated by our members), and we don’t ask for leads, donations or anything else. And there is one other thing. We use the money raised from our annual dues and the annual golf tournament to help individuals and charities in our community. We all smile when we can help someone or some group, but to be honest, I think the thing that makes us all smile the most is when, at our annual Christmas Party, we hand a check and a truckload or two of toys to a couple of United States Marine volunteers so that a few less fortunate children can have a little nicer Christmas. We are not a charitable organization. We’re a local business networking group, and a somewhat irreverent, rag tag bunch at that. But the one thing we all have is a big heart and it seems like


I Suwanee Magazine I

NOV / DEC 12

When we get together, we “ eat, drink, and be merry” those big hearts suddenly grow just a little bigger when it comes to kids and Christmas. When we get together, we “eat, drink, and be merry,” and we do this not only to help ourselves and our businesses grow, but also to share our good fortune in small ways with those around us who could use a little boost, a little smile, a little more love – especially at Christmas time. Angels? Nope. Just you, me, and about 240 local folks who want to make a difference in some way for someone out there. You’re invited to be a guest at one of our monthly gatherings (although you need to be a member to attend our Annual Christmas Party) and check your wings at the door – NO ANGELS ALLOWED! ■

The SBA meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at different business locations in town. For more info:

business with Aileron Investment Advisors BY: Bill and Cindi Porter Aileron Investment Advisors

Is this a good time to

buy bonds?

If you think interest rates will be higher in the future, you would not want to lock yourself into a long-term bond at today’s current low rates. It is the same concept with CDs at a bank. If you purchased a 5-year certificate of deposit at 1 percent today, you may not be happy with that rate three years from now. Another potential problem is whether or not you will receive your money at maturity. While most bonds do pay all that is promised, not all bonds offer equal protection. For example, if you purchased a municipal tax-free bond for a new toll road, the issuing agency may offer to guarantee your money with all of the revenue from the tolls, or better, all of the taxing authority of the agency (not just the toll revenue), or perhaps only with a promise that is not backed by any revenue source at all. Each of those possibilities offers you a varying amount of risk, and as a result, varying amounts of interest. The higher the risk, the higher the rate of interest they will have to pay. The biggest risk for bonds now is an increase in interest rates. The resale value of a bond moves in the opposite direction of interest rates. When (not if) rates rise, the value of existing bonds will decrease. If a bond is held to maturity, that is not a problem. However, if you need to sell your bond prior to maturity you could sustain a loss. On the other hand, investors who currently own “callable� bonds risk being cashed out prior to maturity. Bonds typically offer less risk than stocks, may provide steady income, and add diversity to a portfolio. However, they are not without risk. Your financial advisor can provide additional Send us your information. investment The views expressed in this article are not necessarily that of Suwanee Magazine.

questions to answer: info@ suwanee



Suwanee Family Physicians:

Providing ince opening Suwanee Family Physicians in September 2000, Dr. John Shih has had a clear vision for family medicine to include accessibility, dependability, and wellness for the entire family. In practice for almost 13 years now, Shih and his staff have performed general and well woman physicals, cared for minor emergencies and sports injuries, including x-rays on site, and treated patients, both children and adults, for acute and chronic illnesses. In 2004, Shih, certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aviation Medical Examiner, began conducting flight physicals and issuing certificates for class two and class three pilots. Suwanee Family Physicians also conducts DOT exams. Shih, who resides in Suwanee, said he is excited to be a part of the community and to begin the 13th year of his practice. “Being a resident of Suwanee since 2004 and watching our daughter grow up in this fabulous community makes me especially honored to care for the great people of Suwanee over the years,” he said. “Sometimes in the exam room I get to talking to our patients and start feeling like I’m talking to a trusted friend. I hope they (the patients) feel the same way too.” Just as Suwanee has grown, Shih’s practice has grown as well.


I Suwanee Magazine I

NOV / DEC 12



Sometimes in the exam room I get to talking to our patients and start feeling like I’m talking to a trusted friend. I hope they feel the same way too. - Dr. John Shih

g Wellness for the entire family “When we broke ground in 2000, Peachtree Industrial Boulevard was just a two-lane road and we looked across the street at a thick forest,” Shih said. “Today PIB is a major thoroughfare and the shopping centers abound! We knew we had arrived when Chickfil-A was built!” In 2011 Shih added Jennifer Sewing, PA-C, who specializes in family medicine and women’s health, to complement his practice. “Jennifer brought with her a special sense of compassion to all the patients she treats and I’m lucky she is practicing with me,” he said. Always looking for ways to give back to the community, Shih said he has a special place in his heart for education, and throughout the years he has participated in the community as a sponsor to local schools such as North Gwinnett High School, Collins Hill High School, Lanier Middle School, Riverwatch Middle School, Johns Creek Elementary, and Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology, just to name a few. Shih said they consider themselves lucky to meet new people in the community every day. For more information about Suwanee Family Physicians including the hours of operation, visit the website at ■

Suwanee Family Physicians 960 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard 770-831-8191


SUWANEE GET FIT CHALLENGE UPDATE: BY: Angela Veugeler he pressure is on as the end of the competition looms. The final weigh-in is scheduled for December 15. The contestant with the highest percentage of weight lost will be the grand prize winner. There will also be a prize awarded to the person that earned the highest number of points during the competition. Points are awarded by individual workouts, participating in group workouts and events, blogging and more. The winners will be announced in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue. For this issue, the contestants were asked to share their answers to the following three questions for the remaining time in the challenge:


What has been your biggest accomplishment in the challenge so far?


What has been your biggest struggle?


What is your goal by December 15?

Divya Desai:

My biggest accomplishment thus far is knowing that anything is possible if I set my mind to it. Success comes from hard work; it's me that can fail and me that can rise up. I truly found the meaning of impossible, and that is anything is possible. My biggest struggles have been my everyday issues in life. It has caused me to deal with stress and has set me back. However, I have decided that failure is part of the game, and I have all my life to improve. They don't call it lifestyle for no reason. My goal by Dec. 15 is to get stronger and challenge myself to lose another 25 lbs. I hope to reach this goal by taking the magic pill called exercise and healthy eating. 


I Suwanee Magazine I NOV / DEC 12

Erika and April Fute y at Plan et Smooth ie

Erika Beckwith:

My biggest accomplishment so far has been establishing a consistent workout schedule. Making exercise a priority and actually scheduling the time to workout has helped me stick with a schedule that works best with my lifestyle right now. Another accomplishment that I am proud of is that I have been very open to trying out new activities. Since being in the challenge, I have had an opportunity to try Skyrobics, kickboxing, Pilates and running. Some of the activities I enjoyed and some I didn't, but the main thing is that I tried something new and that in itself is an accomplishment. My biggest struggle has been and continues to be my diet.  It's not that I don't eat the "right" foods, it’s that I don't eat often enough which is not a good thing.  Eating every three to four hours helps to boost your metabolism which in turn helps you lose weight. I think this is the main reason why my weight loss has been slow. I am still trying to work out a system that works for me to make sure that I eat frequently enough so that I can lose the weight a little quicker than I have in the past. Right now I am only 37 lbs. away from my goal weight. It would be great if I could reach my goal by Dec. 15.  With a little more than two months left in the challenge, I think this is something that is doable. It's not going to be easy, and it will require a lot of focus and determination on my part, but I think I can make it happen.


Michelle McShane: My biggest accomplishment in this challenge has been discovering the strength within myself. I have a new perspective on challenges. I look at them with a tactical sense, instead of becoming overwhelmed. My weight has been a huge burden that has been plaguing me for almost 15 years! I am taking control of it and I am getting the weight off! Instead of looking at the large amount of weight that I have to lose, I'm tackling it 5 lbs. at a time. This has made it an achievable goal, one step at a time. This challenge has renewed the vigor inside of me that has released the power to take control of any obstacle that comes my way.  My biggest struggle has been correcting my eating habits. With family life, it’s all too easy to let myself slip into a pattern of eating unhealthy for the sake of convenience. The difference in me now, is that when I do this from time to time, I have an autocorrect button built in that starts blinking: "Get back on track." I am grateful for this because I didn't used to have this button. I've also had some struggles with getting workouts in when life gets crazy. I am still working on this. I need to plan better and fit something in, no matter what. I feel so much better when I exercise on a regular basis. It really is true! I have so much more energy and an increased positivity about life when I exercise regularly. This is probably due to all of the endorphins released during exercise. So scheduling, and staying on track nutritionally has been my biggest challenge. The difference

now is that I'm equipped to handle it, as this struggle will be a life-long one that I'll have to contend with even once all of the weight is off and I'm simply maintaining my weight. My goal by Dec. 15 is to lose as much weight as I can. That's been my goal from the beginning. I will not set a number because my body will decide how much I can lose by then. But I do plan to push and really make the last few days of this challenge count! My journey doesn't end on Dec. 15, however. I will continue to lose as much weight as necessary to meet an optimal weight beyond this date. After that, I will maintain my weight. This is not a problem I want to have anymore. Not today, tomorrow, or years from now. This weight loss is permanent. I won't let it come back. Life's too short to be worried about weight. It’s also too short to have any of the numerous health issues related to weight. I plan to be the fittest I can be by Dec. 15, and beyond. It's a continuous journey that doesn't end even when the weight is off. It has to be a new way of life.


Bill King:

Biggest accomplishment : Recognizing that I am overweight, committing to reverse the trend of the last 25 years. Historically speaking, I have gained an average of 3 lbs. per year since I graduated college.  This cannot continue and must be reversed.  Biggest struggle: Constant exposure to foods I crave drives me nuts.  I am a food addict and I love to eat.  I am both a social eater and a solitary eater. The truly biggest struggle I have is when the people around me are eating, I try to be strong, but I feel I am missing out on the fun. Not eating barbecue ribs or homemade ice cream when it is right there is almost impossible for me. Goal by Dec. 15: To get to less than 300 lbs.

A Special Thanks to all our Get Fit Suwanee Partners: go goperformance®

go goperformance®




Ginny Wurttemberg had to withdraw from the competition due to outside circumstances.


The Ultimate Suwanee

Christmas Tree BY: Tana Christian Suggs

& featuring Carol Guest


With a warm fireplace ablaze, holiday carols ringing in the background, the delicious aroma of hot cinnamon and apple cider bubbling in a pot on the stove, and an evergreen tree standing in the front window, families and friends around the community will gather in their homes in the next few weeks to take part in the age-old holiday tradition of tree trimming. Ornament by ornament, light by light the evergreen is transformed into an illuminated vision of beauty and perhaps a focal point for the holiday season. While some historical accounts of holiday tree trimming has the tradition beginning in ancient Roman times, other accounts indicate the tradition began in Germany in the 16th century with the first historical evidence of tree trimming in the U.S. in the 1700s. Early ornaments included fruits, flowers, colorful paper, candy and miniature toys and trees were illuminated with candles. With the invention of electricity and other modern conveniences and consumerism, the tradition of trimming the tree has evolved. But now, with families busier than ever, the amount of time spent trimming the family holiday tree is, at best, limited. Whether your holiday tree is freshly cut, pulled


Suwanee Magazine


NOV / DEC 12

through a forest and hauled on top of the car or pulled from the basement, Carol Guest, owner of Carol Guest Interiors and a resident of Suwanee for 17 years, shares the newest trends for trimming your holiday tree to make the decorating less stressful, much more fun and your Christmas Tree spectacular. Guest said with the many themes and creative pieces, the whole family can play a part. Mom can have her sparkling ornaments, the children can bring butterflies, birds, Jolly Ole St. Nick, Mr. Snowman, and of course, dad gets the tree up! There are no “taboos” when it comes to exciting and creative Christmas themes or festive Christmas colors for 2012. This season is about showcasing ‘fun’ Christmas colors in a mix and match pattern with emphasis on textures such as the traditional charm of red and green, to the urban champagne and aqua. And don’t forget that splash of gold and silver with a dash of bling! Nature gets sophisticated this time of year with new looks of their own with sparkling snow branches, glittered berries, linen holly and poinsettias, a moose or two, and huh?...even sheep in kilts!


There are

no taboos when it comes to

exciting & creative Christmas themes

More exotic themes have transpired from 2010-2012 eliminating the fear of using extraordinary tools, such as animal prints, pearls, ribbons, unique floral sticks, outrageous mix of color and creations, symbolizing the beautiful themes of traditional, vintage, retro, whimsical and more. As we use the inspired themes, many are going for the hot palette of 2012 with the bold berry colors, gold and brown tones, persimmon and sage, champagne, silver and black. Many adorned Christmas trees show a delightful mix of glittery colorful dusted ornaments, encrusted pearls, jeweled animal ornaments, diamonds dripping off the tree, lace and ribbons, to chic and limited edition ornaments. Layering on the drama, no matter if it’s a tree, center hall table, dining room table, stairwell, will bring many smiles and an aura of beauty. Decorative topper and runners have become popular since 2010-2012 and enhance the beauty of candleholders, crystal bowls, centerpieces and figurines on the table. For more information about Carol Guest Interiors, visit â–


Suwanee Organizations That Are Making A Difference In Our Community

giving back

North Gwinnett Cooperative gets New Home Community helps Co-op help others BY: Tana Christian Suggs

he 2006 movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith and his son Jaden, is based on a true story that chronicles a father, Chris Gardner, and his son, Christopher, who live paycheck to paycheck, shelter to shelter, hotel to hotel, until Gardner finally lands the job that propels him to success. The story doesn’t take place in Suwanee, or even in Gwinnett. It takes place in San Francisco in 1981. But the stark reality is, poverty and homelessness knows no particular location, and even Gwinnett County is not immune.

According to, 2010 Census data shows Georgia as having the third highest poverty rate in the country with 14 percent of Gwinnett County’s population living below poverty.


Suwanee Magazine


NOV / DEC 12

Maureen Kornowa, executive director of North Gwinnett Cooperative Ministries Inc., has seen this firsthand. Kornowa said she first started volunteering at the North Gwinnett Co-op about nine years ago when she dropped off a donation, fell in love with the place and its mission and never left. A couple of years later she stepped in as executive director and took on that challenge with a big heart and a lot of gusto. After spending about four years in the old Buford Board of Education Building that had been graciously donated by the city of Buford, the organization has now moved into its new location at 4395 Commerce Drive. Kornowa said it was a great opportunity for the organization to move into the new facility and everything just lined up. “It has been God’s hand over this mission from the very beginning,” Kornowa said. “Every door has been opened. There have been no obstacles. We’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing and we’re getting settled.” In early October the group held a grand opening and ribbon cutting to celebrate the new facility. Kornowa said that support from the community is what helped everything come together. “It was just people coming together to say yes I get it, yes we love what you do, we want you to keep doing it and we’re here to support you.” According to Kornowa, the organization is striving to find ways to do things better to bridge critical gaps for families in need during a time of crisis. They are hoping the new facility will help them do just that.

giving back

Among many of the services the organization offers, it helps North Gwinnett residents in Buford, Sugar Hill and Suwanee, from senior citizens at or below poverty to school-aged children in need of school clothes and school supplies to families that just need a helping hand to get through a rough patch. While the holidays bring to mind a time of joy and merriment, as many realize, the holidays can be a difficult time, especially for those in need. Last year the organization helped more than 458 families through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meal program. Through the program, the North Gwinnett Co-op provides everything people need to make a holiday meal at home along with a $15 gift certificate to Publix or Kroger for a turkey or ham. Kornowa said she expects to help the about the same number of families this year. Amazingly, all the help and services offered through the North Gwinnett Co-op, from the food pantry to the holiday meals, is done through generous donations from folks in and around the community. Kornowa said the organization strives to help every person it can. “We listen to each story,” she said. “The goal here is to make every person feel better for having been through our doors and ask for help. It’s not a place of shame. We want people to feel good for having been here.” For more information about the North Gwinnett Cooperative Ministries, volunteer opportunities, guidelines and more, visit the website at ■


Holiday Place!

Gwinnett County Statistics

The Gwinnett County School Sys homeless students during the 201tem accommodated 2,246 1-2012 school year. In 2011 there were 25,904 eviction foreclosures in Gwinnett County s and 22,784 of 2.5 that equals approximately. At the average family size 121,720 family members that lost housing in 2011.

The National Center on Family Hom that 1-in-50 children in America elessness reports year. According to this statistic, are homeless each estimated 6,000 homeless childreGwinnett County has an n each year. It is estimated that 60% of the in Gwinnett County are childrenhomeless family population and 50% of the children are under the age of six. Source: www.familypromisegwinnett.or



FOR THE BEST SELECTION! 4300 Buford Drive, Buford



(Corner of Hwy 20 and Buford Drive)



giving back

Ad pt during the Holidays Looking to add a four-legged member to your existing family during the holidays?

at the Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

amilies come in all shapes and sizes, and some family members even have four legs! Yes, Suwanee families love their pets and treat them as part of the family. For those who are looking to add a fourlegged member to their existing family during the holidays, the Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is located here in the community just off Buford Highway and has a number of family friendly pets available for adoption at most any given time. The Georgia SPCA is a nonprofit pet rescue and no kill organization, with a mission to reduce the number of healthy animals euthanized in the state by implementing successful adoption programs, offer low cost spay/ neuter services to the public and promoting responsible pet ownership. Animals accepted by the Georgia SPCA are placed in an adoption center or foster home until suitable homes can be found. Prior to adoption, pets are fully vetted, which includes updated vaccinations and micro-chip and adopted pets include one month of free pet insurance. Since opening in 2007, the Georgia SPCA has rescued and found homes for more than 4,000 abandoned or neglected cats and dogs. For more information and to see the furry friends currently available for adoption, visit the organization’s website at â–

The Georgia SPCA is a non-profit pet rescue and no kill organization

The Big H and Christina, Georgia SPCA staff Cover model Naomi with Jane Stewart, Executive Director of Georgia SPCA

Visit to see upcoming photo with Santa dates for your pets! 17

The Best Culinary Experiences Suwanee Has To Offer


BY: Tana Christian Suggs

Unrivaled Patton’s Meat Market brings quality to holiday & year round cooking uring the holidays everyone can get so busy shopping, attending parties, decorating, tree trimming, attending holiday pageants and programs, all in addition to their everyday activities along with work and school. We often forget it is also an important time of the year to spend with family and friends around the dinner table for a good meal and some old-fashioned, face-to-face communication. That's what Parker Patton, owner and head meat cutter we strive for every day of Patton’s Meat Market in Duluth, said the at Patton's; to provide dinner table affords you the opportunity to get the customers with an closer to your family and friends. experience they won't “A great meal leads to great discussions,” he said. “And if you’re the chef for the night, get anywhere else in there’s no better feeling than putting that metro Atlanta. turkey down on the table and hearing your family ‘ooh-and-ah.’” - Parker Patton, owner Patton’s Meat Market was opened by Forrest Patton in 1986, opening Patton's Meat Market the first location of the business in Lilburn. Forrest’s son, Parker Patton, began learning the cuts, customs and etiquette of the meat market business at the age of 13 and by the age of 20 he jumped into the family business wholeheartedly. Patton mentioned that meat markets are a rare thing nowadays and said they started the business to give customers a chance to experience something that has died out over the years; superb customer service, custom cuts and unrivaled food quality. After learning from the best, Patton opened his own location in 1994 in the now thriving and bustling community of Duluth, where the Patton family continues to serve customers adhering to their original goal of Patton's, ‘provide the best quality for the best price or close shop.’ Patton said what makes their meats unique, is they have competitive prices for meats that exceed the quality of competitors.

18 16

Suwanee Suwanee Magazine Magazine



Patton's Turkeys are All-Natural

Patton's Turkey Dinner

For a traditional holiday turkey dinner, Patton’s turkeys are all-natural, freerange turkeys from Tanglewood Farms in North Carolina and are ordered to your exact specification. Patton said they have the size you requested on the exact day you requested, fresh and never frozen.

For a New Holiday Tradition Try the Turducken If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then heed John Madden’s advice and purchase one of our delicious Turduckens, a de-boned turkey that has been stuffed with de-boned duck, de-boned chicken and Cajun stuffing. Patton’s has the traditional cornbread and rice as well as the shrimp and crawfish varieties. Never cooked one before? The supplier, Poche’s, provides precise directions that come with each delicious Turducken. Just follow the steps and treat your family to an unbelievable Cajun delicacy.

Other Traditional Holiday Meals

More traditional cuts are available during this time of year including crown pork roasts and prime rib roast. At Patton’s, it can be ordered bone-in or boneless and cut to your exact request, including “French cut” a roast or tie up a beef tenderloin. “We value the benefits you and your family gain from having a meal together and we strive to make yours as enjoyable as possible.” Parker Patton, owner and head meat Cutter at Patton’s Meat Market, Duluth.

The market also offers custom dry-rubs, barbeque sauces and salad dressings only available at Patton's. 19


“We want our customers example of the uniqueness of to feel comfort in knowing that our specialty items. the meat they are serving to “A close friend of ours of Italian their family or guests is the best descent was raised in Buffalo, N.Y. around,” he said. “In addition, all and has perfected the art of making of our meat is all natural.” the ‘finest Italian sausage money can Patton stressed that the buy,’” Patton said. “Since 1997, together chicken is purchased from a we’ve been hand making this timelocal poultry farm that doesn’t honored recipe, and not by coincidence The crew at Patton's Meat Market use hormones that tend to it is our best selling sausage.” make the chickens bigger than normal. And while chickens at The market also offers custom dry-rubs, barbeque sauces Patton’s may appear to be a bit smaller in size, they are bigger and salad dressings only available at Patton's and specialty where it counts – taste! items such as split-marinated whole chicken, scallop kebabs, They also cut and grind selections with the meats fresh on seafood cakes and more. a daily basis while providing top-quality customer service. Patton’s also carries the best offerings in fresh produce to “It's always rewarding to see the look on a customer's ensure your family will have a balanced meal. face after you cut up a beef tenderloin exactly to their So gather your family and friends together at the dinner table specifications,” he said. “That's what we strive for every day for meals during the holidays. But remember it doesn’t take a at Patton's; to provide the customers with an experience holiday to bring your family and friends to the table – just good they won't get anywhere else in metro Atlanta. We’ll give food and good conversation started any day of the week! ■ you cooking suggestions as well as recommend seasons and sauces to make your meal perfect.” Patton's Meat Market Many different specialty items are offered in the meat 3931 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard market including sausages, made in the shop with a blend Duluth, GA 30096 770-495-0077 of spices not available at your local grocer. Then there’s Angelo's Italian sausage, what Patton referred to as a proving


Suwanee Magazine


NOV / DEC 12

RECEIVE 20% MORE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON With every $25 increment gift card purchase you will receive an additional 20% free Promotion ends January 31, 2013 Applies to purchases in $25 increments. May not be combined with other promotions. Gift cards are not valid towards private parties or catering. SW

Dress Up


Suwanee Town Center

O v er 8 0 N ew St y l es A r r i v i n g W e e k l y T h i s H o l i d a y Se a s o n


Suwanee Magazine


n the next few weeks many of us will head out to stores and shopping malls fighting the crowds all to find that special something for friends and loved ones on our holiday gift list. Suwanee Magazine has put together a wide selection of shops, stores, salons and more that offer easy holiday shopping close to home.


experience a

Genuine Holiday at

Sizes 0-5t

Mall of Georgia NOW OPEN AT MALL OF GEORGIA! 3333 Buford Drive Buford, GA 30519

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Part of the fun of the holidays is setting holiday traditions, making memories, and of course, there’s all the food! At Suwanee Magazine, we thought it might be fun to share some of those family traditions, wonderful memories and delicious recipes from Suwanee residents that will help make the holidays merry and bright!

in d n te d to f n g, I w a ou y day s s a a w tm so n n to C hr is W he n m y ’t n co un t d ow id d d ul I co n d a r, bu t a w a y he ve n t ca le , I br ok e Ad So n a r. a d to n si m il a r io n a l ca le e a tr a d it ss es . w a n t to us H er sh ey ki d le oi f y a d li ou t th e ho my ey kisses on e 25 Hersh hich w ac pl e, at I pl 1, ber stmas tree ri On Decem Ch ber, ic em m r’s cera day in Dec grandmothe ter. Each the un ts co ea n he he kitc ; the day ss ki sits on our ey ! sh mas day ts one Her lly Christ my son ea y, it’s fina nd ca of e last piec a d it io n n ow if y th is tr od m do to w e’ ll st il l a bl y ha ve I ’m su re W e’ ll pr ob io n t it bu d a e, tr eg in co ll li ke s th is th a t he ’s ng vi ot he r. H e n ha a of or n m io f or il y tr a d it m it in on e a f ! e ts th en gi f er th a n f or e w e op m uc h be tt ea kf a st be br t ea e ev er y on


hen I was I remember ,wLouisiana, each year

Sulphur from growing up in the high school students) I was y n nl the youth (maild do a "live Nativity." Whe Once I was y! our church wouted to be in the live Nativit arted off my st an I w y! little, I always I finally got my opportunit ar I was promoted , ye ol t x ho sc ne e gh th hi of n in shepherd. The had the honor first year as aan. Finally my senior year, Ididn't use to a wise m g Joseph! Good thing we ack then! playin r baby Jesus b fo s ie ab b al re


- Jawacene Be rerosidokenst and Gwinnett County Commissioner Su

Suwanee Magazine

I NOV / DEC 12

When I was a little gir l, make the special day there was one particular dish that could perfect or bring aunt s an and guests, to the brin k of a family brawl. Th d uncles, grandmothers at dish was..

Cornbread Dressing

■ 1 large cast-iron skillet of homemade cornbread, prepared a day or two ahe ■ 1/2 to 3/4 of one large ad of time bag of seasoned dried bre adcrumbs (I use Pepperid ■ 1 large onion and 5-6 ge Farm) celery stalks, boiled until tender (save the water for moiste ning the dressing) ■ Rubbed sage (one jar or metal spice container) (Feed ■ Turkey drippings and chi cke army fs an moisten all the ingredients n broth, enough to single or a meal o ■ Salt and pepper to tas h te o r Mix all the above ingredien bake in 400 degree oven ts together, and for one hour.

Here's to another love ly

lida for 2-3y guests days)

holiday season in your home.

- Carole Townsend

Carole Townsend is a Gwinnett Daily Post staff correspondent and “Southern Fried White Trash” and her newest, “Red Lipstick and Clea blogger and author of two books: n Underwear” (released October 2012). She is also a regular gue 15, st on FOX News Radio station WY XC 1270 AM on Wednesdays during the Drive at 5. For more information, visit www.caroletown


ipes, Here’s one of my favorite easy holiden ay helrecp make them! especially great for children. They can ev

Chocolate Mice (Makes 24) Ingredients:

■ 7 oz. marzipan eet chocolate ■ 4 oz. semisw to speed melting) (I use morsels ning ■ 2 tblsps. veg. shorte ed nch bla un ■ 48 whole almonds ten large ■ 1 lightly bea egg white (not frothy) dered white ■ 3 cup pow confectioner’s sugar


ipan and shape Measure a rounded tsp. of marzse-b form, into a slightly tapered oval mou waxody paper place on wire rack over plate or same (to catch dripping chocolate). Doabout 48fortotal). remaining marzipan (should be le Melt chocolate and shortening in tope ofpandoub in sauc l smal (or r wate boiler set over larger one) no hotter than 120° F. or Stir frequently to blend, and then pour s, bodie mice ipan marz over ly even n spoo

on plate (or returning chocolate which dripsreuse . wax paper) to double boiler to ion two Quickly (before chocolate sets) posit almonds in large end of mouse bodies as ears. beaten egg Gradually add powdered sugar to tantl y into a white in small bowl, beating cons pick to dip tooth a Use . icing my crea and thick large on icing of ints pinpo e mak and into icing . nose and eyes as body se mou end of each



re of year. The s e m ti e it r e o f m y fa v ems mor s o n is o n e o ti m e , a n d e v e r y o n e s e y im m e d ia te a e s y a d li o it h m th a t The h C h r is tm a s w th in g a b o u t is ju s t s o m e o w in g u p , w e w o u ld d o G r a n d m a 's h o u s e th a t e n y h c h e e r fu l. G r c . 2 4 , a n d th e n g o to m a t s id e o f th e fa m il y . T th e r e o th D y h n m it o as w g o to fa m il y as day and o f th e g fo r C h r is tm s a m e e v e n in g e t u p e a r ly o n C h r is tmh r is tm a s w it h th a t s id e o v e r C ll w e w o u ld a G r a n d p a 's h o u s e fo r o th s id e s w o u ld c o m e s e e d b n m a o g o t to a Grandm e v e r y o n e fr e r fe e li n g lu c k y th a t I It w a s , y ll a tu n e v ases. rememb fa m il y . E fo r lu n c h . I d h a v e m u lt ip le C h r is tme p la c e . e c la p r u o n to m y fa m il y a e r in th e s a m e v e r y o n e in a v in g e v e r y o n e to g e th asseein Maggazeinre H n ia h r n B fu s y a a lw Suwan

Since my family moved from Chagrin F alls, Ohio to Boc a Raton, Florida it was always a trad ition for my sister and me to go swimm ing on Christmas day. My dad would take a picture and send copies to everyo ne back in Ohio. We wer e very happy to have moved away fr om those freezi ng , Snowy Ohio win ters. - Darcy Seylle r Suwanee Magazine

In ea c mar h year of ried, t mar the w he 37 yea ked b ee r the s y the ks leadi s Louise ng u an ight sme hom of be ll of f p to C d I have hr au re e b with took on tifully d shly bak istmas h een t e e L h a c resu ouise ch e appea orated c d gingerb ve been lting ranc urni o r o ead kie ng e i cove red w n almost out as m of a sma s. Somet and im ll c a reind ith ed every eer, s ible S flat ny as 40 ommerc es our su ia year d n we h owmen antas, po rface in ozen coo l bakery , a i the h kies, The pr d stac Christ nsett o will ocess as ks of coo mas tree ias, holly use bein get a sure g k s l pack s that ies store and wre eaves, devo a at d u e g if mo r themse e of indi ach of ou under a hs. One b v l r to fr m and da ves or to idually w 12 gran ed. dchi iend sha dw rap “ t h and orga ank you s as hol ere good re with t ped coo ldren coun nizatio ” to co iday pa . Othe heir p kies to -wo are rs try rty ns seas moves . It’s a tr rkers, cl house g find thei nts, an on rw ien ad ift dren climate d drama ition th ts, spec s or as a ay at ial s, f tic ch warm ed Miam rom sno ally diffe has endu groups th an i. But wboun rent C red cr o h das w d hari herever in Bost ristmas ssng sp o irit t we’ve bee n to sun o n Dic the s i easo t brings Suwa k Goo n . nee C dm ity C an ounc il

y da i l o eh o m e n t wa s go u S re orie gazi o r m mem eMa e Fo an 29 w Su


ine Keane Hay AS TOLD BY: Jeanntia n Suggs EDITED BY: Tana Chris

NOV. 30

@ 6:30

greet the holiday P.M. n Suwanee, residents ey have come to th y wa e iqu un IN HISTORIC a in season : unity holiday tradition OLD TOWN know as their comm . ing ht Lig e os bo The Ca new Keane Haynes is not The name Jeannine gn co ize the wanee. Many may re around the city of Su Council d as a Suwanee City name as Haynes serve y not 16 years. But many ma member for a total of for the first one of the planners realize she was also ars ago. I hting more than 15 ye Suwanee Caboose Lig and as she e event came about, asked Haynes how th had to say: year, here’s what she reflected on that first

ent t memories of time sp This brings back grea r early efforts to bring ou d an ds en fri od go with ose Town! The first Cabo some life back to Old . 94 19 to our Thanksgiving in We went back home Lighting was held on anyone dy bo l ca lo a of r owne dinners wondering if ng vi gi ks an Th Earlier that year the rs ld work ee praying the lights wou and a group of volunt d t an in up pa e ow th sh d te ld na ou w do shop eers itch later that evening. e. The team of volunt when we flipped the sw d just a little panicked restored the old caboos aves player, Mark Br We were astounded an le showed up! We also included Atlanta op sh dy bo e th peop of friend when several hundred ed the switch, and as Wohlers, who was a w am te e th n he rs, flipp a time w owner. It was during several days to help out. crossed our finge Everyone cheered and we by on e the lights came . on strike, so he cam ed caboose cid de I d an t ol H lly sigh of relief! The little a ed th ea br During that time Po f of ck ne lo ve d mmunity event to ki ok pr et ty an d ev er yo lo d di ly al re t Suwanee needed a co in g it tr ai n w en t by , m ak e didn't have a tree, bu ed W . tim on las el se w ay A lid it! ho e re al ly th g. A nd th e ch ild re n d caboose! Why not re tin ht ci ig ex br e a or m ve ha en ev ID we D into go in si de an d lo ok g? We talked the city en jo ye d be in g ab le to e. hold a caboose lightin tim ar ou nd fo r th e fir st y adopted the event ry allowing us to do it. ta en m ele l ca lo e ith th Over the years the cit We sent home flyers w l news release and at ca holiday celebration th lo e a th d to ue in iss it n, ew re gr ild d ch an school te got moved wn. On Thanksgiving y. At some point the da it on da to is it put posters around to r miss having with the help of he to December. I kind of was a fun thing to do ly morning Polly and I, w ne e th d te ra co e it sons, de Thanksgiving becaus a husband Joe and their e bought w s ht lig of ll. But it has become gs ba ot in fo str d ith an w er e nn os di bo r ca te d to af te pain d it makes me happy r it was a cold, cold an be n em tio m di re I tra r. ity ile ta un re m l at a loca vered com that now have of the caboose was co hundreds of families e th of k in th wn! morning and the top memories from Old To e it very slippery! It as ad m tm ch ris hi Ch w y pp st ha fro n ith w nsio of lights and 50 exte seemed like five miles t them up and working. Suwanee to go nta makes his way to d Caboose cords, but we finally Sa as on as se ay lid ho the ival an ts will again usher in ld Town Holiday Fest This year area residen Caboose with his holiday magic. The O wn. Just look for the big, red caboose! light the Red Holidayis at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 30 in Historic Old To Lighting


Suwanee Magazine

I NOV / DEC 12

Holiday Magic continues with other Suwanee Holiday celebrations:


Suwanee Performing Arts 8th Annual Gingerbread Festival The Gingerbread contest is open to all individuals, families, groups, organizations, businesses, so anyone can enter! The theme for this year’s contest is “Songs of the Seasons.” Suwanee Youth Ballet and Sounds of Suwanee will perform during the festival, and the event also includes a bake sale to benefit Suwanee Youth Ballet.

2012 Gingerbread Contest Rules:

■ Each entry must be accompanied by a $10 entry fee ■ Entries should be delivered to Suwanee Academy of the Arts (341 Main Street, Suwanee) between the P.M. P.M. hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 1. AT THE SUWANEE ACADEMY OF ■ Any structure – real or imaginary, person, place THE ARTS or thing – is eligible for the contest. ■ Entries should be original structures, constructed mainly of gingerbread. ■ Entries may include lighting if desired. Entrant should provide extension cords to reach electric sockets. ■ Entries must have been constructed in 2012.

DEC. 1

@ 12:30 -3

Prizes will be awarded in these categories:

Best use of candy Most Creative Most edible Best use of theme People’s Choice ($100 prize): the winner in this category is determined by popular vote of the public. Each vote costs $1. ■ Entries must be picked up from the Academy no later than 1:00 p.m. Friday, December 7th. Any structures left after that time will be thrown away – NO EXCEPTIONS!

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

DEC. 7 & 8


2012 Nutcracker Tea Party Saturday, Dec e

10:30 a.m. - 11 mber 1 :30 a.m. Enjoy a delig

htful morning of refreshments, music, stories, & dancing. And an extra-special performance by the Sugar Plum Please dress fo Fairy! r Tea. Tickets - $25 each. Reservations: 678-482-6333

5th Annual Christmas in the Park

Experience Annual Christmas Gift to Suwanee community from Shadowbrook Baptist Church

Bring your family and friends to experience the reason for the season from 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. Dec. 7 and 8 at Christmas in the Park held by Shadowbrook Baptist Church. The Christmas village, located in Town Center Park, will consist of 11 Christmas buildings offering children’s activities, a children’s Nativity, and kids of all ages can climb aboard the train to ride through the village and experience the lights and sounds of Christmas. Carols old and new will be performed by local schools and churches as visitors warm up from the inside out while drinking a complimentary cup of hot chocolate and taking in the sights as they stroll through the Christmas village, stopping fpr photographs with friendly Dicken's villagers along the way. Challenge yourself at “The Great Winter Race” where children and teens will compete for the best time. Gift cards will be awarded at the end of the evening. Canned food, coats and blanket donations to the Caring Hearts Ministry, a Suwanee Community food bank, are appreciated. Donations may be dropped off at the “Hot Spot” locations found at several businesses located in Town Center. In some cases you may receive a discount for making a donation.


Local businesses helping you look and feel your best

health&beauty health HAIR FUSION

Hair Fusion

cuts color

Precision BY: Tana Christian Suggs

air Fusion Salon & Colour Bar opened in Suwanee January 2012. Located on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, the salon features an array of services specializing in creative coloring and precision cutting and has a diverse group of stylists from countries around the world such as Bulgaria, Ireland, and Spain. Even Joann Hossri, owner of the salon, adds her own Lebanese European flair, and it’s the different backgrounds and cultures that Hossri said allows the stylists to offer creative ideas from around the world in keeping with newest styles and trends, all while offering a special overall salon experience to help clients reach the look they want.


Suwanee Magazine

I NOV / DEC 12

Since the holidays are here with corporate parties and other “get togethers” with family and friends added to the social calendar, perhaps it’s time to think of some fun ideas for holiday hair. Hossri said this season’s styles include adding a little flair to what you already have. “If you normally wear it (your hair) straight, make it wavy with a touch of flair,” she said. “And if you wear it curly, you can use a flat iron and add either some fun colored tinsels or brightly colored hair extensions.” Hossri also added that braids are really big this year, from the fishtail braids, the waterfall braids or just loose sexy braids – “they are all very popular.” Hossri owned a salon in a nearby community for about 12 years before relocating to Suwanee for its upscale flair. For more information about Hair Fusion Salon & Colour Bar, visit ■


average has far less focusing ability than a newborn infant.

2 The newest Transitions

(photochromatic) lenses turn almost completely clear now when indoors.

eyewhat’s your

3 The incidence of

nearsightedness (myopia) throughout the world is about 25%.

4 Two-thirds of people are right

eye dominant and it is not related to their hand dominance.

5 Those baseball players that are cross-dominant

(the dominant eye is on one side and the dominant hand is on the other) they perform the same in batting and pitching as those that are not cross-dominant.

6 Everyone eventually needs prescription

eyewear to see optimally.

? All answers True or False!

Birds of prey have about 7 eight times sharper vision versus humans. High astigmatism 8 (warped vision) can generally be corrected quite easily with contact lenses nowadays. Multifocal or bifocal contacts 9 are used to correct distance and near vision problems by using concentric rings of power in the lenses. Cataract surgery is performed 10 inside the eye and consists of replacing the opaque natural lens with a plastic one.

BONUS QUESTION: We tend to be 11 atrracted to Suwanee Magazine because it has a nice, colorful cover, has great articles and because it costs only $5.00 each. KEY: All answers are TRUE! EXCEPT for 11; Suwanee Magazine is free at available locations!

1 Even a ten year old child on


OshKosh B’gosh Celebrates Grand Opening of new Mall of Georgia Store

OshKosh B’gosh, one of the most recognized brands of baby and children’s apparel in the U.S., celebrated its grand opening in the Mall of Georgia Sept. 18. The OshKosh brand that combines its heritage with a fresh, updated look is owned by Carters, Inc. based in Atlanta and has a one million square foot distribution center in nearby Braselton. The center currently employs more than 200 people and continues to grow. This is the first of many stores that the company plans to open in shopping malls. The store in the Mall of Georgia is located on the lower level of the children’s wing.

Community celebrates at annual Suwanee Day

Moondance Restaurant & Lounge to hold 2nd annual adult prom

Moondance Restaurant & Lounge will hold its 2nd annual adult prom from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Nov. 10. This year’s event will feature Fantastic Voyage Band, a soulful dance band that performs a variety of genres. A photographer will be on hand taking photos. So men, don your best suit or tuxedo, and ladies dress in style…this is Prom Night. Call for reservations: 770-831-9700 or email us at reservations@ or visit, for more information.

Thousands of area residents took part in the community celebration – Suwanee Day. The event was held on Sept. 15 at Town Center Park. This year the event started at 9 a.m. with the kick-off parade. The parade was immediately followed by a "dreamy" flash mob performance staged by the Royal Dance Academy and then nearly 12 more hours of eclectic entertainment, giving the more than 50,000 festival goers 60 more minutes to celebrate the community. Parade grand marshals were Olympian Amanda Weir and Miss Georgia Leighton Jordan. The Smithereens headlined the entertainment for the event, and a fireworks display topped of the day-long event.


city buzz

s Suwanee reduce3rd millage rate for r consecutive yea

ity of ncil has set the C Suwanee City Cou ills, a m 93 4. at te for 2012 ra e ag ill m ’s ee Suwan This marks s from last year. ill m 72 0. of n io reduct anee has ive year that Suw the third consecut e rate. reduced its millag possible, in d rate was made ce du re ’s ar ye is Th reement service delivery ag e th of s rm te by part, Gwinnett is year between reached earlier th six years, xt ne s. Over the tie ci its d an y nt 60,000 Cou receiving about $6 es at ip tic an ee an Suw agreement. unty through this co e th om fr ly al October annu es were issued in tic no x ta ty er op Pr . e by December 20 with payments du

The Goddard School of Sugar Hill donates overnight bags

The Goddard School of Sugar Hill collected backpacks and overnight supplies to donate to, an organization which provides the overnight bags to children who are displaced into the foster care system. In total, the school collected 78 backpacks/diaper bags and more than 1,075 items, and teachers and families joined together with the representatives from Adventure Bags on Oct. 20 to assemble the overnight bags.

Suwanee's Own Mucho Macho Man to run in the $5 Million Breeders’ Cup Suwanee owners Dean and Patti Reeves of Reeves Thoroughbred Racing will send their 2011 Kentucky Derby 3rd place finisher, Mucho Macho Man, to the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic on Saturday, November 3. Mucho Macho Man won this year’s Florida Sunshine Millions Stakes; the Gulfstream Park Handicap, Belmont’s Grade II Suburban, and was beaten by a neck by To Honor And Serve in the Woodward for heart-transplant recipient trainer Kathy Ritvo. Mucho Macho Man is currently ranked among the top older horses in the country.  In addition Reeves Thoroughbred Racing filly Miss Suwanee raced at Belmont on Sept. 30 and is one to watch. With three starts in 2012, so far, the horse named for the community where the Reeves reside, has taken one first and one third place with earnings totaling $53,784. To learn more about Reeves Thoroughbred Racing, visit, or “like” Mucho Macho Man on Facebook.

Onwers Dean and Patti Reeves


Suwanee Magazine su-

The Breeders’ Cup Classic will air in primetime on NBC Saturday, November 3, from 8-9 p.m.

I NOV / DEC 12

City announces new emergency notification service

city buzz

The city of Suwanee recently rolled out a new emergency notification service to its residents. The city contracted with Emergency Communications Network to provide its CodeRed emergency and general notification services via phone calls, email, and/or text. Suwanee residents may sign up for the service via the CodeRed link located in the bottom right box of the city of Suwanee’s homepage at The service made test/informational calls Oct. 1 to Suwanee phone numbers collected through online sign-ups and using existing public phone databases; most of these calls, informing residents about the service, are anticipated to go to landlines. Notifications made through the system fall into three categories: ■ Emergency weather ■ Emergency situations (such as a gas leak or terrorism threat) ■ General notification about events and other non-emergency city information. Residents will be required to opt in for general and weather notifications and to opt out of emergency notifications. As residents sign up online, they can indicate preferences for how they wish to be contacted (e.g., cell phone call, text, email) and what kinds of information – weather and/or nonemergency notifications, etc. – they wish to receive. Residents will also be given the option of opting out of receiving emergency calls by completing a “do not call” form.
















Gold’s Gym of Suwanee/Sugar Hill .25 miles North of Suwanee Dam Road Intersection

CALL TODAY! 770-614-4653


Stay Active. Have Fun. AllYear. with After School My Sport After School is the ideal environment for

active kids. Each day starts with time for homework and a snack and is followed by a variety of sports and PE games. The program has access to its own After School activity room, playground and 100,000 square foot gym!

Summer CampS

My Sport Summer Camp at Suwanee Sports Academy gives kids an opportunity to experience a variety of sports and activities in a fun and safe environment with nearly 100,000 square feet of indoor recreational space.

Find out more: or call (770) 614-6686

city buzz

Annual Trek or Treat event scares up a good time at Suwanee Creek Park

Suwanee’s mascot, Parker the Dog, led a group of witches, ghosts, rock stars and superheroes Oct. 27 at the city of Suwanee’s annual Trek or Treat event at Suwanee Creek Park. Activities included a costume parade, face painting, games, crafts, and pumpkin hunt. A DJ was on hand for dancing, games, and fun.

SculpTour podcast available on iTunes

With City Hall as the starting point, the 2012 Suwanee SculpTour guided audio tour/ podcast provides walking directions to and information about each of the 15 sculptures included in the exhibit as well as insights from the 11 participating artists. Suwanee SculpTour is an annual walkable exhibit of public artworks placed in and around Town The Center; the current display will be up through March 2013. podcast may be As last year, Annette Phelps, the city's receptionist, and Councilmember Dick downloaded Goodman lead the tour, offering clear walking directions, information about each piece, from and gentle humor. iTunes. Before beginning the guided tour, it is helpful to pick up a Suwanee SculpTour brochure/map from city hall or participating Town Center businesses or download one from the website. Each year, SculpTour is organized by Suwanee's Public Arts Commission and funded solely through corporate and private donations. This year's sponsors include People's Bank & Trust; Suwanee Magazine; Chandler, Britt, Jay, Beck & Zwald; Mellow Mushroom; and the Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau, who sponsored the podcast.

Suwanee Police Department opens new facility/substation The Suwanee Police Department held a grand opening ceremony at its new training facility/ substation in the Suwanee Gateway from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in early September. The grand opening event included tours of the 7,100 square food building, firing range demonstrations and an introduction to simulated tactical situations in the new training classroom.

GuideOne Insurance Grand Opening

Foskey Insurance, a GuideOne Insurance office, raised about $400 for the Suwanee Police Department and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers at a recent grand opening/charity event.


Happenings In The Suwanee School Clusters


Taste of Suwanee Food Festival Benefits North Gwinnett Basketball BY: Tana Christian Suggs

ore than 6,000 people showed up hungry at Town Center Park on Oct. 13 to get a Taste of Suwanee. The annual event is a fundraiser held by the North Gwinnett Basketball Booster Club with proceeds going to benefit the North Gwinnett Basketball Program. Many restaurants in and around the community participated in the event offering samples of their menu specialties and favorites. Entertainment during the event included live stage performances by local performers at the Town Center Park Amphitheater, rides and games for children, and other activities. ■

North Gwinnett Schools Foundation's

Big T’do

L to R Back: Justin Hutchinson from Kingdom Kids, James Lindsay, Randall Veugeler, Brian Weiss, Suwanee Mayor Jimmy Burnette. L to R Front: Lauren Hutchinson, Suwanee Magazine's Amanda Lindsay & Angela Veugeler, Betsy Weiss and Caron Burnette.


Suwanee Magazine

I NOV / DEC 12

North Gwinnett Schools Foundation held the annual Big T’do on Oct 12 at Bear’s Best Golf Course all to raise funds for education for the local North Gwinnett cluster. More than 350 people attended this year’s event. Dinner, costumes and a silent auction highlighted the evening festivities. The vision of the organization is to enhance the quality of public education for the students of the North Gwinnett cluster schools by providing funds which enrich and extend educational opportunities. ■

The Holiday Home for your musician

Lawrenceville (770) 277-7300

Alpharetta (North Fulton) (770) 993-4428

John's Creek (770) 773-6834

Alpharetta (South Forsyth) (770) 346-9809




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9 Metro Atlanta locations, including:

Southeastern Railway Museum Georgia’s Official Transportation History Museum

There’s no place like here for the holidays! Seasonal Decorations

Lights, wreathes and garlands make a holiday wonderland

Breakfast or Lunch with Santa & Mrs. Claus Share a meal with the first couple of the North Pole*

Polar Express Experience

The classic film as you’ve never seen it, on a real railroad car, with characters who come alive for you and your family* * Tickets required for special programs. Space is limited. Check website for additional information and to purchase tickets.


making unique holiday memories since 1970 3595 Buford Hwy., Duluth, Georgia | | 770-476-2013

The Latest From The Suwanee Art World


The North Gwinnett Arts Association



Pre-Holiday Pamper

he North Gwinnett Arts Association is holding organization with one of its missions to provide programs its first fall fundraiser noon to 5 p.m. Nov 17 at and activities that educate the public and encourage Suwanee Town Center. appreciation of the arts, has set up the scholarship fund in The event, “Pre-Holiday Pamper,” starts at the her name with the goal to give graduating seniors college scholarships to study art. artists’ open studio with demonstrations, food and wine. “The Rosemary BenavidesThe party will then weave its Williams Scholarship fund is the way through Town Center via perfect vehicle to honor Rosemary, a scavenger hunt with the final promote art education, and encourage destination being Shear Elegances art appreciation,” said Patty Wessels, Hair Salon for mini massages, hair vice president of fundraising for the consultations, food and wine. organization. “The NGAA wants to be The fundraiser benefits the a leader in the local arts scene and Rosemary Benavides-Williams be an integral part of the Suwanee Scholarship Fund. Benavidescommunity. The fundraising event Williams was a local artist and gives people the opportunity to get to NGAA member who recently know us and why our motto is ‘Art from passed away due to complications the Heart.’” from an illness. She was not only Several local businesses are near and dear to everyone who participating in the event, and artwork knew her, but with her unique from local artists will be displayed and Patty Wessels spirit and hearty outlook on life, available for purchase at the open Vice president of fundraising she made friends wherever she studio and the hair salon. North Gwinnett Arts Association went and believed in the NGAA Tickets for the fundraiser are $15 and the importance of participation in the arts. and can be purchased via Paypal on the NGAA website, With Benavides-Williams in mind and to ensure that this, by calling Patty Wessels at type of spirit is nurtured, the NGAA, a 501(c)3 non-profit 770-597-5423 or emailing ■

“The Rosemary Benavides-Williams Scholarship fund is the perfect vehicle to honor Rosemary, promote art education, and encourage art appreciation”

Fall Plein Air Event The North Gwinnett Arts Association held its fall Plein Air event celebrating outdoor painting on Oct.27 and 28. For a photo gallery from the event, visit ■

For more pics go to suwanee magazine. com

PHOTOS BY: Karl Lamb



people & places

Suwanee Day

September 15th, 2012 TOWN CENTER PARK



Suwanee Magazine

I NOV / DEC 12


For more pics go to suwanee magazine. com


people&places Amigos for Christ October 10th, 2012



Annandale's Kiss A Pig August 30th, 2012 PHOTOS I MK LAIRD

Parsons' Grand Opening

September 21st, 2012 PHOTOS I ANGELA VEUGELER



Big T' Do

October 13th, 2012 BEAR'S BEST GOLF CLUB


For more pics go to suwanee magazine. com

Trek or Treat

October 27th, 2012 SUWANEE CREEK PARK


For more pics go to suwanee magazine. com


Upcoming Suwanee Area Events


November 2012 of the Holidays 2 Taste @ The Fresh Market & 3 Friday, Nov 2nd 12:00 6:00 p.m. & Saturday, Nov 3rd 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at The Fresh Market

4 Daylight Savings 6 Election Day 3 thru 10 Christmas Open House

Saturday, Nov 3rd thru Saturday, Nov 10th Carol Guest Interiors

Business 14 Suwanee Alliance Meeting Wednesday, Nov 14th @ 6:00 p.m. at Salon Greco

15 R Salon Holiday Open House Thursday, Nov 15th 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. R Salon


thru Dec

31 Lake Lanier Magical Nights of Lights

9 Nov 9th thru 11 Friday, Sunday, Nov 11th

La ti Da thru Open House

Friday, Nov 16th thru Monday Dec 31st 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Lake Lanier Islands For more information and cost per vehicle, visit

La ti Da

10 Moondance Restaurant & Lounge Adult Prom

Saturday, Nov 10th @ 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Moondance Restaurant & Lounge

Call for reservations: 770-831-9700 or email reservations@moondancelounge. com visit www.moondancelounge. com for more information.

12 50

Suwanee Magazine

Veteran's Day

22 23

Thanksgiving Black Friday Shop Suwanee!

30 Old Town Holiday

Festival & Caboose Lighting Friday, Nov 30th @ 6:30 pm Main Street Suwanee


December 2012 Festival: Nutcracker Tea 1 Gingerbread Party hosted by Suwanee Academy of the Arts

Saturday, Dec 1st 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Suwanee Academy of the Arts

7 &8 Friday, Dec 7th & Saturday, Dec 8th @ 5:30 p.m. Christmas in the Park

presented by Shadowbrook Baptist Church

Town Center Park

8 Hanukkah begins @ sundown 9 Hanukkah Business 12 Suwanee DEC. Alliance Meeting Wednesday, December 12th @ 6:00 p.m.

25 Christmas Day 31 New Year's Eve



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neighborhood k ids inc.





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Open 6 Days A Week including Saturday from 9-4


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We accept VSP Insurance and Care Credit!

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Christina Reddy

770.904.0883 991 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. #114 Suwanee, GA 30024

Dr. Chip Reddy


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Suwanee Magazine November December 2012  

Suwanee Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine by and for the community of Suwanee Georgia and beyond.

Suwanee Magazine November December 2012  

Suwanee Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine by and for the community of Suwanee Georgia and beyond.