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Georgia’s trusted leader in radiology In radiology, it’s one thing to see; it’s another to understand. Northside’s expert team of board-certified radiologists and sub-specialists are trained extensively to interpret general to specialized imaging—from pediatric MRI to digital mammography and interventional radiology of the spine. We combine exceptional care and the latest technologies, bringing our expertise to convenient locations throughout your community. Visit us online at

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fter all of the cold and crazy weather we’ve had, I am more excited for spring than ever this year! With daylight savings time beginning on March 9th, I can’t wait for the longer daylight to spend more time outside! Before long the dogwoods and daffodils will begin to bloom, the grass will start to green up, and more people will be outside enjoying the many parks and trails we have throughout Suwanee. Suwanee’s many events really start to kick off in the spring as well. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than the Shamrock Run and the Suwanee Beer Fest on March 15th? This issue includes a comprehensive guide to the Beer Fest, which many craft beer connoisseurs in Suwanee and all over the southeast have been looking forward to since last year. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from the summer camps I attended. In this issue we also have our camp guide, which includes a wide variety of camps to fit your child’s interest. Booking early gives them (and you) something else to look forward to this summer! Be sure to keep a look out on Suwanee Magazine’s facebook page for contests and ticket giveaways over the coming months. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy this issue!

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ON THE COVER: Erica and Audrey Mentzer photographed on February 15th by Steve Glass at Suwanee Jubilee Shopping Center.





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Correction from Jan/Feb issue: The photographer for the Sweet Repeat Dresses article was "Through The Glass Photography" At Suwanee Magazine we strive for accuracy and regret the error.


Suwanee Business Community News & Information


“Summer Camp” our way... BY: Ed Szczesniak, SBA Vice President Owner/Designer – Georgian Landscape Design ith the arrival of spring, that means summer is just around the corner. I can recall the carefree days of summer hanging out with friends using one beat up old baseball in the gravel parking lot of the local church. The telephone pole was an unforgiving second base, but otherwise this was a slice of heaven. Ironically, that same pole served as the support for the basketball hoop (sans netting) that we all used for games of “Horse” and “PIG.” Some people may recall this place where we spent so much time of our youth, a sandlot. What exactly does any of this have to do with business you say? Well to me, everything! Now, fast forward to six years ago and I finally recaptured my old sandlot crew. I stumbled upon them at a local wing place. They were casually dressed. They were all smiling, having fun, getting to know each other better, and teaching one another great new games – business games! Like how to help each other, how to all make the most of what we’ve got, and how to have fun in the process. Unlike my old sandlot crew – this group even had a name – they called themselves the Suwanee Business Alliance. Since that day six years ago, I’ve learned there are a LOT of great people, from different companies, from different industries, from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world, who all live, work, and play in this sandlot we call Suwanee. Some of us even meet in the sandlots around town in small groups on our own to expand the time we have together. If you’re interested, come over to the “sandlot” for our next game, we meet


Suwanee Magazine

I MAR / APR 14

the second Wednesday dnesday of each month at different sandlots (locations) around town. To find out more about us – and where we’ll play (meet) next, visit Oh – and you can bring your little brother or sister too – there’s always room on our team. Q

The SBA meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at different business locations in town. For more info:


BY: Bill and Cindi Porter Aileron Investment Advisors

Question: I have read that “following the trend” will

enhance my portfolio. How do I identify

a trend?


There are approximately seven billion people in the world and only two billion are considered “middle class affluent.” However, as reported by the Brookings Institute, it is expected that over the next decade or so, another three billion will have joined the world-wide middle class and they too will be buying all of the products that many of us take for granted. In 2002, Chinese consumers purchased two million cars – only 10 years later in 2012 - they purchased 19 million cars. That is a significant trend. As the world’s middle class quickly grows from a small minority into a majority, an incredible flow of goods and products will be flowing around the globe. Many companies (and their shareholders) will profit. In our firm, the phrase “The trend is your friend” is repeated often. According to INSEE, 70 million people – more than the population of France - enter the middle class every year. Opportunities now exist for companies to gain strategic footholds in vast new markets. For example, Switzerland-based Nestle has become the most trustworthy food in China. Companies who will participate in this world-wide explosion of growth will first have to source their materials, parts and labor before they have something to sell. Those “behind the scenes” companies can also offer potential investment opportunities. For example, GM now sells more cars in China than in the U.S. Companies that make steel, rubber, radios, and radial tires are all potential beneficiaries of the vast increase in the number of buyers of automobiles – not just Ford, GM, and other car manufacturers. While sometimes helpful, following trends does not guarantee profits and Send us your may involve risk. A discussion about investment future trends with your trusted advisor questions to: may help you decide if a “trend info@suwanee strategy” would be appropriate for your portfolio. Q The views expressed in this article are not necessarily that of Suwanee Magazine.



Healthy Spines Lead to Healthy Lives BY: Tana Christian Suggs

ftentimes people only look to chiropractic care to relieve pain due to an injury or disease. But what many don’t realize is that chiropractic care can be important in the way of preventive care as well. According to Dr. Chris Waters, of HealthSource of Suwanee, chiropractic care includes a Corrective Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness approach that corrects the spinal and postural imbalances which allows the vital healthy nerve supply to increase to all the organs, tissues and cells restoring health and healing to the body. “You see, the brain controls and coordinates all healing and healthy function to every organ, tissue and cell in our bodies,” Water explained. “The spine is the ‘life line’ that transmits that vital information to all of our cells in order for them to be healthy and to function at 100 percent. When the spine is not moving properly, or has been injured by one or more accidents, falls, repetitive movements or spending much of your day in a seated position, it creates abnormal biomechanical stress forces that over time causes damage to your spine and nervous system.” Waters, owner of HealthSource of Suwanee along with his wife, Laura, said they educate patients on living a healthy lifestyle through proper spinal and nervous system function, healthy eating, and healthy exercises, which are designed to strengthen and stabilize the spine to prevent injury and optimize efficient movement patterns of the whole body, working with our bodies design and not against it. For Waters, it was a personal experience that led him into chiropractic care after his father suffered a whiplash injury when he was in his teens.


Suwanee Magazine

I MAR / APR 14

“His medical doctors prescribed the usual for these conditions…muscle relaxers, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy,” Waters said. “His quality of life gradually deteriorated over a four to five year period.”  Waters’ father underwent a cervical spinal fusion surgery. But unfortunately, it didn’t give his father any relief or improvement. Moreover, Waters said his father became weaker and he lost sensation in his hands, all due to continuing nerve damage in his spine. Out of options, he was prescribed pain management through medication that led to an addiction, which ultimately led to brain damage and his overall lack of health. “As you can imagine, this was very difficult for our family,” Waters said, and he realized then that the health


Therapy, which is performed to workout the trigger points and adhesions that accumulate and negatively affect muscle function.” In addition, HealthSource of Suwanee provides nutritional counseling and whole food supplements to optimize cellular healing and restoration, and they offer educational classes on a variety of topics, such as Raising Healthy Children, Move to Live, Eat to Live, as well as advanced workshops for individuals and the business community. They also offer yoga classes and belly dancing classes, free for HealthSource patients, and for five dollars for non-patients. According to Waters, HealthSource is the largest chiropractic franchise with more than 400 offices across the country, and ten offices in the metro Atlanta area. For more information about HealthSource of Suwanee, Q

HealthSource 3320 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd 678-714-5722


Laura Waters, Dr. Christopher Waters, Isabel Parra and Lynne Waters

care system was not designed to improve health, but rather designed for crisis care or sick care. “I knew there had to be a better way to help people regain their health and improve their quality of life,” he said. “There had to be a better way to promote health and healing and help to prevent these tragedies from affecting families, as it did ours.” Waters became a doctor of chiropractic medicine and has worked in the Suwanee area for more than 10 years. Waters and his wife said they chose the Suwanee location because of its central location to friends and home, making it easy for them to blend work and family life. Waters treats patients of all ages, starting with infants, and offers services such as X-rays, examinations, and established individualized treatment programs designed to restore health to the patient to allow them to reach their sole potential. “Programs consist of Adjustments, which are the most crucial part of correcting spinal imbalances,” Waters said. “Therapeutic Exercises, which work to strengthen and stabilize the spine and core. Manual



AIR Blowout Salon:

Helping Suwanee Women Look and Feel Suwanee’s first and only blow-out salon turned a personal tragedy into hope for other women BY: Rachel Fasig uwanee is home to many traditional salons, but AIR is the first that specializes primarily in blow-out styling, up-dos and “helping women feel and look fabulous”, says Cecilia Bush, owner. Not a hairstylist by trade, Bush went from a background in marketing and sales to an unlikely ownership of a hair salon; and the journey of how she got there is inspiring. In 2011, Bush went into the hospital, pregnant with twins and experiencing serious complications. Immediately put on bed rest to avoid premature labor, Bush learned what it felt like to be entirely vulnerable and dependent on others. A strong, beautiful and independent woman by nature, it was very difficult for Bush to be bed-ridden and unable to take care of herself. “You don’t realize until you are in that situation how awful it feels to be on bed rest….as a woman you really just feel grungy.” One night, after several weeks of bed rest, a nurse who had already clocked out, approached Bush and her husband, Ian, and told Bush that she was going to pamper her. After lighting candles around the room, the nurse asked Ian if he’d help give Bush a bath. After a complete & relaxing sponge bath, the nurse

Anisa, Yenice, Cecilia, Stephanie & Jackie from AIR


Suwanee Magazine

I MAR / APR 14


And in that moment, Bush felt tremendous gratitude and decided she wanted others to know they were equally cared for, especially when they are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves. Bush is a “firm believer that you can find good in every situation,” she says, “it’s important to be thankful in everything, but not for everything.” AIR Salon was born out of a tragedy, but it was a tragedy that turned into hope; hope for women to feel and look beautiful. Bush explains what AIR is about, in a nutshell. “We want women to feel fantastic. Fabulous hair empowers you If you need a pick-me-up, if your heart is broken, if you are injured or incapacitated somehow, we want to help you.” And, they are doing just that for the community of Suwanee and beyond. Bush and her associates offer “concierge services” and will travel to people’s homes anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area to wash and style their hair. In fact, recently a teenage girl was in a crippling car accident, so Bush went to the student’s house and did her hair, knowing that it would lift the young girl’s spirits. Bush says that she chose the community of Suwanee for her salon because “Suwanee is modern enough but still has great family and conservative values. It has

brushed out Bush’s hair and gave her a French braid. It was one of tthe nicest things that Bush remembers ever being done for her. A few f days later, Bush gave birth and tragically, the twins did not survive. After a tragic whirlwind of heartache and numerous health wh scares for Bush, she finally regained physical strength and they were able to go home from the hospital. After settling back home, Bush was recounting her days at the hospital and rremembered the night she was pampered “by the sweet nurse who was off-duty”, she sai said. “It made such an impact on me,” Bush reca recalled, “she truly showed God’s love with her actions.” actions



just enough diversity to show a taste of what Atlanta is all about.” She adds that Suwanee is where they want to raise their family. Bush and her husband now have a 15-month old daughter, who they call their “rainbow baby” – she is a beacon of hope and an unexpected blessing that came amidst heartache. And, Bush hopes that AIR Salon can become a beacon of hope for women in times of need or crisis as well as a way to simply relax, get ready for a date or event, to pamper oneself, for bridal parties, prom parties, mother-daughter outings and more! AIR specializes in hair-styling, but upon request can also cut and color. All of AIR’s stylists are licensed and able to create custom packages based on individual tastes and preferences. At AIR, they start out with a consultation to determine the best treatment and style for your needs and hair type. Personally, I went into AIR Salon with a messy bun on top of my head and came out feeling pampered, relaxed and fabulous, with volume and curls in my hair that I wouldn’t be able to achieve at home! Sometimes you or someone close to you is going through a hard time and could use a “pick-me-up” and sometimes you just don’t want to do your own hair. Both are 100% viable reasons to visit AIR Salon! Cecilia Bush might not remember the nurse’s name who changed the course of her life, but she will never forget the love that nurse showed through her actions – a lesson that we can all carry with us in everything we do. AIR Salon will be hosting a ladies night Grand Opening Party on March 27th from 6-9pm, to benefit a Gwinnett Church high school mission trip to Jamaica. AIR Salon will provide package deals on hair styling, beer, wine and appetizers at the event. To learn more, call: 770-932-1555. Q

Air Salon 686 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. 770-932-1555


Suwanee Magazine

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Answers to a Global Epidemic Have you gone to your doctor looking for answers to your inability to gain or lose weight, fatigue, hot flashes, infertility, depression or some other symptom that can’t seem to be explained? Than you are one of 13 million people searching for answers to questions like these. If you’ve done any kind of research, maybe you are one of the many that have asked the doctor to check your thyroid? With that, maybe some blood was drawn and the results were normal. According to the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), there are 27 million people in this country with thyroid conditions and only one half are diagnosed! That means thyroid is the #1 undiagnosed condition in the United States. The fact is you can go 20 -30 years undiagnosed and have normal blood work.

Why Your Blood Looks Normal, But You Do Not Feel Well The problem is most doctors, in chasing symptoms, will only check the thyroid gland. The truth is, the thyroid doesn’t work alone and the problem can start from a variety of areas. 1) T4, made in the thyroid, must convert to the active form of T3 (this conversion happens in the Liver) 2) Active T3 can’t be used in the cell because its receptors are blunted (Similar to Insulin Resistance). You are making it but CAN NOT use it. 3) You can possibly have an AUTOIMMUNE condition called Hashimoto’s Disease To explain how this happens and how to FIX IT WITHOUT DRUGS, would take more space than is available. The good news is we are offering a seminar on MARCH 20th that will dive into every aspect of this epidemic and treatment options that are available. We have created a center within Sugar Hill Spine and Wellness called the Vitalistic Health Institute (VHI). The approach is like no other you have ever experienced in medicine today. We DO NOT treat the symptoms we look for the cause or what is interfering with the body’s innate, GOD given ability to heal. If you or someone you love is suffering or tired of medication then do not miss this opportunity on March 20th to learn how to get your life back. Register at -By Dr. Joseph Clarino and Dr. Debra Cirone

Thyroid 27 Million Americans have Thyroid conditions, however, only half have been diagnosed. This means 50% have symptoms and do not know what is wrong!

An ANSWER to a Global Epidemic Learn how to avoid life without medication


will change the way people look at Thyroid Disease forever!

MARCH 20TH 6:30PM Dr. Joseph Clarino

Dr. Debra Cirone



I Suwanee Magazine I MAR / APR 14


Suwanee Jubilee Shopping Center BY: Angela Veugeler hether you are looking for office space, a nice meal, or some quality shopping, if you haven’t been to Suwanee Jubilee Shopping Center recently, perhaps you might want to check it out. Located on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard just south of McGinnis Ferry Road, Jubilee is home to upscale grocer The Fresh Market, restaurants Cinco and Suwanee Pizza Tavern, and boutique shop, Parsons Gifts, to name a few. Jubilee Shopping Center is under new ownership, and the new owners have big plans for the center. In October 2013, the shopping center was purchased by Urbana Suwanee Jubilee, LLC. Steven Franco, Allan Gutierrez and Rick Steele, principals of the Atlanta-based company, also handle the management of the center. Before making the purchase, the team did their research. According to the owners, the high quality of the center, the elegant look, the great demographics of the Suwanee area, and having The Fresh Market as an anchor all played a part in their decision to make the purchase. Additionally, it was “a great buy”, and the team specializes in turnaround assets. The owners' plans for the center include creating synergy between the tenants. According to Franco, whose background includes shopping center redevelopment, “leasing is the most important aspect of the shopping center’s success.” The lower plaza is geared toward upscale retail tenants, and the upper plaza is more service-oriented tenants. Some possible future tenants could be a spa, specialty clothing boutiques, a hobby or children’s store, and there is also a great space for another restaurant with an outdoor patio.



The new owners are also working on plans to welcome shoppers and create events that will draw patrons and customers to the center. Franco said leasing activity is strong. They are navigating through the prospects and are working to ensure the best placement for new tenants. Principals of Urbana Suwanee Jubilee, LLC own another shopping center in Lilburn and are in the process of acquiring more assets. According to their website, Urbana actively pursues acquisition opportunities of well-located properties in need of renovation or repositioning in the marketplace. In addition, the company has owned several resorts, hotels, and office buildings throughout the southeast. For more information on Urbana Suwanee Jubilee, LLC, visit Q

Urbana Realty Advisors, LLC

3350 Riverwood Parkway Suite 2140 Atlanta, Georgia 30339 404- 249-8310 ext 205


Suwanee Magazine

Parsons Gifts & Cards

I MAR / APR 14

Visit the Shops at

SUWANEE JUBILEE Suwanee's Premier Upscale Shopping and Dining Center


Artistic Smiles is devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles! They believe that a healthy and stunning smile is not only an outward reflection of who each person is, but also an inward expression of how each person feels about themselves.



New Patient Special

Receive a complete examination and necessary dental x-rays when you mention this offer!


FACE Salon is owned by father and son hairstylists, John and Zane Tackett. Before opening FACE in 2010, they both worked at a salon in Gwinnett where John was the Salon Manager/Educator for over 24 years. FACE Salon carries the Italian line, Davines, as well as the American-made line, KEVIN.MURPHY, also color by Wella and Davines. Give us a call at 770.614.4100!

Carol Guest Interiors has been serving clients in the North Atlanta area for over 10 years. You will find a full range of design services are available to bring you the look of your dreams. From one window to one room; or, for your entire home; Carol Guest Interiors can create exactly what you desire for your home! 678-288-2026

20% OFF any Hair Service

Children’s Medicine, P.C. has been a fixture in Gwinnett County for 35 years with offices in Buford, Lawrenceville and Suwanee. Providing comprehensive medical care for children from birth through adolescence. Children’s Medicine strives to give your children the best medical care available in a convenient, expeditious, and caring manner. Please call 770.406.2500 for an appointment or more information.



With this ad receive

Cinco is authentic, Latin-infused Mexican Cuisine served in a family friendly setting. With a unique menu, Cinco offers an upscale variety of Mexican dishes that are carefully prepared from scratch. From Kids eat free Monday-Thursday, daily drink specials, After Five lounge, catering and live entertainment on the weekends‌Cinco has something for everyone!

20% OFF total food bill Dine-in only, excludes alcoholic beverages. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid on Cinco de Mayo.

Parsons is known for fun, trendy, and unique gifts and accessories. Carrying respected and exclusive lines such as Brighton, Pandora, Vera Bradley and Alex and Ani. Parson’s home town service and friendliness has made them one of the leading retailers in the area. "A happy, exciting shopping experience for our customers is our number one goal," says Patsy Odum, owner.



Suwanee Pizza Tavern adds fresh herbs into their dough and cooks to perfection in their wood fire oven, giving them a unique flavor. They offer a full-service bar described as an upscale, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Now introducing the Suwanee Pizza Burger! Black Angus Patty topped with pepperoni, marinara, bacon, and mozzarella. An All American Burger with an Italian Twist you don't want to miss! 678-546-0823

The Fresh Market is a specialty grocery retailer providing high-quality products in a unique and inviting atmosphere. The stores employ a team of friendly, well-trained professionals who pride themselves on the highest level of customer service. The Suwanee store features bountiful produce, fresh meat and seafood, a European Delicatessen, imported cheeses, beer and wine, gourmet coffees, and an in-store bakery. 678-714-0976


The Latest From The Suwanee Art World

FAY by Cecilia Lueza Sponsored by Advanced Family Eyecare, LLC ay was inspired by Florida's amazing sunsets and the colors found in nature. The sculpture, which is fabricated of aluminum, is figurative with an element of simplification or slight abstraction. It is 8'x4'x3" and weighs 100 pounds. The artist, Cecilia Lueza born in Argentina, studied fine arts at and graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Ia Plata in the mid-1990s. After graduating she moved to the United States, and her first large-scale sculptures were exhibited in downtown Orlando in 2002. Since then, she has worked on a variety of site-specific PURCHASE and public art projects as well as private PRICE IS and public art commissions in many cities $10,500 throughout the United States. Lueza currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. For more information, visit


Suwanee Magazine

I MAR / APR 14



by Davis Andrew Whitfield IV Sponsored by Salude Ring Bound by David Andrew Whitfield IV is a piece that suggests the progression of life. The stainless steel ring represents a wedding ring and the commitment that two people make to one another. The exaggerated arch creates a point of tension, balancing on the ring, which ultimately signifies the artist himself stepping out onto a new path. The second form represents the artist's wife, along for the ride that marriage offers, and eventually the biggest ride of them all, children. The top form is a growing shape in response to Whitfield's newest family member, his daughter. All of these forms PURCHASE are balancing on and bound by PRICE IS the ring, which rests on the earth, $8,000 and is thus well grounded, together forever. This painted steel sculpture is 7'5"x3'x2' and weighs 400 pounds. Davis A. Whitfield IV graduated in 2002 with a double major in painting and sculpture from Delta State University. For the past 10 years he has been privileged to apprentice with renowned sculptor and painter Wayne Trapp. The partnership has allowed for Whitfield's continual growth in creating large, outdoor, abstract sculptures, which have been exhibited throughout the southeast as well as commissioned for corporate and private installations. For more information about this artist, visit


The Best Culinary Experiences Suwanee Has To Offer


AQUA TERRA BISTRO Fine dining restaurant in nearby Buford celebrates 15 years BY: Tana Christian Suggs hile many restaurants may come and go, there’s been a mainstay in downtown Buford. Aqua Terra Bistro has been a local, fine dining establishment for almost more than a decade. In fact, come September the restaurant will celebrate its 15th anniversary. Laurie Attaway, owner of the restaurant, said she decided to open Aqua Terra Bistro because she didn’t want to have to drive to Atlanta to visit a nice restaurant and opened the doors in historic downtown Buford.


Suwanee Magazine

I MAR / APR 14

Attaway described the restaurant as “European Fusion food.” “We go all over the board from lamb to duck to filets to scallops to seafood,” she said and added that they change the menu about every six weeks. The new items are always fresh and seasonal, but they always keep the staples on the menu such as the Seared Scallops, which Attaway said has been a menu staple for 13 years. The scallops are served with orecchiette pasta, baby spinach and an exotic mushroom truffle cream sauce. Another longstanding favorite is the French Country Salad, which is mixed field greens, gorgonzola cheese, bacon, apples, walnuts, and red onions tossed with a warm apple-cider vinaigrette dressing. There’s the filet served over whipped potatoes and topped with a ragout of exotic mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. And when you visit the restaurant, Attaway said patrons will want to try the warm, crusty bread served with tasty and tangy dipping sauce made


of sundried tomatoes, onions, balsamic vinegar and a few other secret ingredients – a dipping sauce so delicious Attaway said they sell it by the quart. In addition to the menu items, they always offer daily specials that can be found on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “The menu is unique,” Attaway said. “I think you can come here and be assured no matter what’s on the menu, it’s going to be high-quality ingredients, fresh, and always good.” As for the ambiance Attaway described it as upscale, yet casual. “You can be just as comfortable in a dress as you are in a pair of jeans,” she added. It’s a place many flock to when celebrating a special event such as a birthday or an anniversary. And Attaway said the restaurant has been Voted Best of Gwinnett Most Romantic Restaurant since 2002. They offer wine dinners once a month and half price bottles every Sunday. And for those looking for a place to hold a special gathering such as a corporate party or a rehearsal dinner, Aqua Terra Bistro has two event facilities. Attaway said restaurant patrons come from Buford and surrounding areas including Suwanee, Alpharetta, Roswell, and even Gainesville. “We’ve got a pretty wide radius of where our customers come from,” she said. “And we have

...scallops are served with orecchiette pasta, baby spinach and an exotic mushroom truffle cream sauce.



The team at Aqua Terra Bistro people that have been coming here since day one. We have a pretty loyal following, I would say.” Attaway said she likes being involved in the communityraising funds for Eagle Ranch, the children’s home in Flowery Branch. And Attaway, who has a heart for animals, said she is also looking to partner with the Georgia SPCA in Suwanee in the future to raise funds for the organization. On being a restaurateur, Attaway said she loves what she does, adding that her father owned restaurants, so she’s been in the business since she was born. “It’s in our blood,” she said. “My sisters work here, my brother in law works here. So it’s a big family place.” For more information about Aqua Terra Bistro, visit Q


Suwanee Magazine

I MAR / APR 14



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See us at...







,- /" Ê


770.932.1458 770.867.2340



PHOTOS BY: Karl Lamb, Walt Wooden, RSVP Atlanta, Jodi Hamilton

The Suwanee Beer Fest has become a St Patrick’s weekend tradition for thousands of beer lovers in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond, with some fans traveling from all over the Southeast for the experience. The festival will feature over 300 craft beers this year, hand-picked by Curtis Stockwell of The Beer Growler Suwanee, with several breweries featuring not-yet-released or seasonal brews and the VIP tent holding casks brewed exclusively for the festival.




With 24 metro Atlanta locations, Taco Mac Sports Grill is one of the Southeast’s most beloved places for people to come together to share food, beer, sports and good times.


The Atlanta Hawks flight crew is a group of brand ambassadors for all things Atlanta Hawks. Don’t miss this high energy group out in the community or at the next Hawks game!.

Whisker Biscuits creates all natural handmade dog treats using human grade ingredients. There are no fillers, sugars or dyes.

What to expect at the 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest: rought to you by The Fresh Market, one of the South’s biggest and best craft beer festivals, once again, returns to Suwanee, Georgia. The 4th Annual 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Festival will take place on Saturday, March 15th in the beautiful and spacious Suwanee Town Center Park, from 1 – 5pm, with VIP gates opening at noon. The Suwanee Beer Fest has grown in size and popularity each year, and 2014 is said to be the biggest and best festival to date. Tickets went on sale Friday, February 7th with VIP selling out in less than 15 minutes. General Admission tickets are expected to sell out before the event and can be purchased for $35 at Tickets are also available for purchase at several sponsor locations, including: Beverage Superstore 1 & 2, Mellow Festival Presented By: Mushroom, The Beer Growler and Brew Depot. With over 300 beers to taste, the Suwanee Beer Fest organizers understand the importance of safe driving; which is why Schiavone Law, the Designated Drive sponsor, gave the first 100 DD tickets for free. DD tickets include access to the festival (without beer tasting), live entertainment, food and a complimentary bottle of water. Local hotel, Suwanee Comfort Inn & Suites has also partnered with the



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THE CRAFT BEER KITCHEN â&#x20AC;&#x153;An elevated approach to cooking with beer.â&#x20AC;? The Craft Beer Kitchen is a new cookbook by chef Cooper Brunk. Discover how to balance malts and hops to create dishes sure to impress. thecraftbeerkitchen

This is a festival that beer-lovers do not want to miss! Here are some of the things to expect at the Suwanee Beer Fest:


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Having mutual love for good food and drink, two Atlanta natives created what is now the "Official Pretzel of Beer". The unique family recipe not only accentuates the flavors of your favorite beer, but helps your palette get ready for the next round! Whether you prefer lagers, or Stouts, Knotty Pretzels are the perfect compliment to your favorite brew.


+ Unlimited samples of over 300 craft beers including not-yet-released and seasonal beers + Cooking with beer demos from The Fresh Market + Food from the best food trucks & restaurants around Metro Atlanta + Popular vendors providing special deals and samples + Live music on Suwanee Town Center's outdoor stage from Chicago's FulKinetic & more + The area's largest Home Brew Competition hosted by Brew Depot + Delicious catered food from The Fresh Market in the VIP Tent + Exclusive and specialty-brewed casks sks in the VIP tent + A cornhole tournament, brought to you by Gwinnett Cornhole


Register for the tournament in advance at

+ Backyard games such as putt putt golf, basketball and beer pong + Representation from your favorite local and national breweries + And MUCH MORE!



2014 SUWANEE AMERICAN CRAFT BEER FEST VENDORS: JCIGR is a first class recreational shooting facility and retail store. The 16,000 sq. ft. facility offers a safe, clean and family-oriented environment which is open 7 days a week (except major holidays).


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Beer Fest to offer discounted room rates and a shuttle service to and from the Park. Attendees simply need to mention that they’re going to Suwanee Beer Fest when booking to obtain the discounted rate. To continue with the last three years' tradition, the 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest will donate a portion of all proceeds to Kingdom Kids, a Gwinnett & Forsyth County nonprofit organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Drinking beer for a good cause….yes please! For more information about the event, visit For news, photos, updates and other information go to and Q

Back by popular demand, for a third year in a row, is Chicago's Fulkinetic! On vocals and bass we've got Phil Veugeler, on the drums and keyboard is Eric Yoder and on guitar is the king of funk – Doctor Rufus! After three years of seeing Doctor Rufus in his infamous red suit, we just had to ask for the story. And here it is, as told by them: "In Chicago, there's a street called Maxwell Street. Not completely esoteric, but not too well known. Long ago, it was a thriving marketplace, like a street boutique. All kinds of people selling all kinds of stuff, goods and services, foods and experiences. Had a mystique about the place, it was pure Chicago -- the authenticity was so thick you could frost a cake with it. Well, there's a school nearby… the University of Illinois at Chicago, and they acquire the property, progress happens, now the shops and shopkeeps are out, and blocks of student housing are in. Maxwell Street as we knew it was gone, and, of great personal importance, Rufus' suit guy was out of business. This was where Rufus got all his suits custom tailored. The style is unmistakeable and irreplaceable! So right as Maxwell Street is disappearing, and before this cat went ghost, he makes Rufus the red suit, and his suit maker said, "Rufus, when you wear this suit, you're wearing Maxwell Street. You're representing an idea, something many people have held dear for so long. I don't want to pressure you, son, but it's your responsibility to keep this legend in the hearts of people. It's brightness and sharpness will attract much attention at all times, but you can handle it. Use it to spread goodwill always." And, now, Rufus is holding up his end of the bargain!" Look for Fulkinetic, Rufus and the infamous red suit at the 4th Annual Suwanee Beer Fest as they come back in true rock n' roll style to headline the Suwanee stage! Q

I Suwanee Magazine I MAR / APR 14

2014 SUWANEE AMERICAN CRAFT BEER FEST VENDORS: Say YES to savings. You’ll appreciate the quality and value of products you find at Costco.


100+ breweries represented with over 300 different beers Festival-goers can expect beer selections from these great breweries:

Come out and enjoy watching some of golf's greatest legends with your clients, friends and family. To learn more about the Greater Gwinnett Championship and how to become a sponsor visit


DUNWOODY CAFÉ Serving gyros, phillies, burgers, sausages and beverages!


And more! Plus - cider from these breweries:

Suwanee Pizza Tavern adds fresh herbs into their dough and cooks to perfection in their wood fire oven, giving them a unique flavor. They offer a full-service bar described as an upscale, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Now introducing the Suwanee Pizza Burger! Black Angus Patty topped with pepperoni, marinara, bacon, and mozzarella. An All American Burger with an Italian Twist you don't want to miss!


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Drinking beer for a good cause The 4th Annual 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest is raising funds and awareness for Kingdom Kids, a nonprofit that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties BY: Rachel Fasig uilt on the mission of “improving the quality life for children facing challenging circumstances," Kingdom Kids was co-founded by Justin Hutchinson and Kevin Ford, each of whom have full-time jobs, families and a busy schedule – so never did they imagine the success and impact that Kingdom Kids would have on the community of Suwanee and surrounding areas. Kingdom Kids is funded solely by donors, from events and from the annual Lily’s Run – a memorial run for Lily Anderson, that raises money in order to grant wishes for other children with rare diseases. For more information about Kingdom Kids and to help a family going through a difficult time, please visit and join us at where a portion of the ticket proceeds go directly to grant wishes. Q

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Kingdom Kids founders Kevin Ford and Justin Hutchinson

Kingdom Kids grants wish for brave one year-old Kingdom Kids has granted hundreds of wishes for families in our community like the Halls. Jon and Jena Hall had the opportunity to take their children: Anna (7), Claire (4) and Andrew (18 months) to Disney World, thanks to the generous support of Kingdom Kids. Here is their story: BY: Jena Hall

Andrew began his cancer journey on July 1st, 2013, when he was brought to the ER due to loss of mobility in his legs. A few hours later, he had a room on the Aflac Cancer floor at Scottish Rite. A tumor was found in his back growing around and into his spine causing the loss of movement in his legs. He was rushed to the operating room for surgery to relieve pressure off of his spine to prevent paralysis. After surgery and many scans, Andrew was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. Andrew underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy. After treatment, he had several scans to determine if any cancer activity remained in his body. Our specific prayer was to have clear scans, but God had a different plan for Andrew. God needs Andrew to shine his light a little longer around the childhood cancer world! His tumor still has Neuroblastoma activity, and he will have surgery mid-February to remove most of his tumor. Our hopes are that the remaining tumor will respond to surgery and no more chemotherapy will be

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mom about starting a fund for Andrew's future needs as his wish. I loved her was "No, Don’t wait!" Instead she strongly encouraged our family to take a trip and make as many family memories as possible and take many pictures. That was the beginning of our plan for Kingdom Kids to send us to Disney World! On February 1st, our family loaded up for Disney, not having to worry about any of the trip details. A trip granted to get our minds off childhood cancer, time away from doctor phone calls and appointments, and away from hospitals. What a wish come true for our family! All of our accommodations and park passes were taken care of by Kingdom Kids. They had taken the stress away from planning a trip that could otherwise be stressful, especially for a family in our circumstances. For five days, our family thought nothing about cancer and only about what parks needed in the future. future Thankfully Thankfully, throughh to visit, rides to ride, and fun places to our faith, we have the strength to live dayeat! Unfortunately, our trip did not grant to-day, moment-by-moment, appreciating us time away from hospitals. Within the Andrew and not worrying too much about first 30 minutes in our hotel room, little the next step. Andrew's fingers were closed in the balcony Throughout his journey, Andrew door, hinge-side, and continues to have a he broke his pointer constant smile on his finger. But, in true face, loves to wave A trip granted to Andrew fashion, he did and finds joy in every not skip a beat! He did situation! He even get our minds off not let a hurt finger regained function in his and splint hold back his legs! Andrew is crawling childhood cancer, smiles and waves as he again, cruising, and time away from rode nearly every ride working with Physical that his two big sisters Therapists on walking. In doctor phone calls wanted to ride! The fact, just one week before and appointments, memories made were he turned 18 months old, priceless. We willll he took 7 steps! What an and away from ul to forever be grateful accomplishment for our Kingdom Kids for the hospitals. What a sweet little guy! w's on Andrew's Andrew’s family has wish come true for smiles er be face that will never strong faith and great forgotten! trust that God loves him, our family! Now wee are and that His hands are home preparing for or the wrapped around Andrew. next big challenge... ge... Andrew’s dad, mom cedure surgery. It will be a multi-hour procedure and two sisters can live each day with an with a week-long recovery period inn the indescribable peace that God is in control. onsist hospital. Our daily activities now consist At home, prayers, hope, happiness and of organizing care for our girls while le laughter continue on a daily basis! God Jon and I plan to alternate days in the has an amazing story for Andrew’s life… hospital with Andrew. a story that has and will continue to bring Thankfully, we have many family glory. In October 2013, just three months into members in the Atlanta area that are more amily, Andrew's battle, he was honored with a wish than willing to help! Because of our family, m through Kingdom Kids as a part of Lily's Run our amazing friends, and families from school, church, and our small group, we 2013. Our question was: how do we ask mily our one-year-old about his wish? I decided have peace in our hearts that our family rls to talk with other families who have been in will be well fed and that our sweet girls will be taken care of with love! our shoes, and spoke specifically to Lily's





italian restaurant

Specializing in pizza, pasta and other authentic Italian dishes. Ippolito’s candlelit, romantic restaurant provides a fine-dining environment. The menu features antipasto, Chicken Francese, Shrimp Scampi, Salmon Gabriella & more.

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Happy Hour Confections is a local craft beer bakery with the ability to highlight the best qualities in beer by using the confections as a vehicle. We offer a full range of products including cakes (layered and tiered) cupcakes, brownies, cookies, truffles and some savory breads.


Gulf Coast Grill is a relaxed, casual, family restaurant with a friendly Gulf Coast Beach feel. We feature a raw oyster bar, domestic seafood, po boys, a full bar including 11 taps. Craft beer represented from NC, GA, Miss, and LA. We have trivia Thursdays at 7pm and live music on Fridays and Saturdays.



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A Fresh Approach The Fresh Market gives back to Suwanee through their support of non-profit organizations and community events. BY: Rachel Fasig he 2014 4th Annual the specialty-brewed casks and exclusive Suwanee American Craft tastings. Beer Fest is brought to Jim Healy, The Fresh Market store you by, The manager, says, “We always The Fresh Market enjoy participating in events Fresh Market! No matter at Town Center…It's another has been highly what event instrumental in opportunity to get out into that The Fresh Market the town and meet some of bringing local plays a role in, their the people that have been so products to the presence is always well supportive of us over the last Suwanee market, few years. These events are known and a big hit. A sponsor and VIP caterer such as Dirt Road some of the hardest work we do of the 1st Annual Suwanee BBQ Sauce, High all year and [are also] the most Wine Festival last October, fun you can have at work!” Road Ice Cream, people could not stop It’s apparent upon NaturAlmond raving about The Fresh first encounter, that The Market’s food samples and Butter, Rev Coffee Fresh Market in Suwanee is VIP catering. So, it comes Roasters and Jekyll more than a typical grocery as no surprise that they Brewery beers, to store. From their delicious and were asked to also cater wholesome food options to their name a few. the Suwanee Beer Fest sensational staff, exceptional VIP Tent. customer service and their commitment On the menu for the March 15, 2014 in supporting local businesses, The Fresh Suwanee Beer Fest VIP Tent, is: gourmet Market has become an iconic business in hors d’oeuvres, barbecue of burgers the Suwanee community. brats and ribs, a wing bar, beef, chicken Healy sums up his business model and shrimp kabobs, deli salads, dips and this way: “I have always felt that it is a special beer cheese fondue fountain, to extremely important to give back to the name a few. The Fresh Market also plans communities in which we do business. to host “cooking with beer” demos in the I want the people of Suwanee to think VIP tent as well, which will pair nicely with of The Fresh Market when they think of

Experience the many offerings of

• Organic produce • Fresh meat & seafood • Prepared meals to go • European Delicatessen • Imported Cheese • In-store Bakery • Gourmet Coffee • Fine Wine & Craft Beer


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Atlanta: The New Southern Brewing Destination Suwanee Magazine interviews Bob Carlton, owner of Brew Depot about the explosion of new craft breweries in Georgia BY: Rachel Fasig

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Dirt Road BBQ Sauce

great food, but also when they think of how we are there to support non-profit organizations and community events. Whether it is through a simple donation of a gift basket, food for a fundraiser, or support of larger events like The Suwanee Beer Fest we enjoy being part of the community.” And an integral part of the community they continue to be. The Fresh Market has been highly instrumental in bringing local products to the Suwanee market, such as Dirt Road BBQ Sauce, High Road Ice Cream,


ou can sense a resurgence of energy around the craft beer movement in Georgia,” Bob Carlton started out our conversation making me thirsty to learn more. Carlton, owner of Brew Depot / Beer Necessities, the oldest and largest home brewing supply store in the Southeast, sat down with Suwanee Magazine to discuss the rapid growth of craft breweries and home brewing in the state of Georgia. There are at least fourteen new breweries in Georgia working to open their doors in 2014, of which at least eight of whose owners and brew masters have brewed from Carlton’s store and taken Brew Depot’s classes. Carlton opened his doors in 1996, back when Atlanta had only three breweries: Marthasville, Dogwood and Sweetwater. Since then, only Sweetwater has survived, but if you take a look back, Carlton will tell you, “We were breaking ground back then…I was breaking ground on the home brew side of business while they were breaking ground in the brewery business.” But, they were all working together for a greater good - the craft of craft beer making. In the South, where giants like Nascar and Budweiser traditionally rule, it has taken some time for craft brewing to rear its beautiful head. In 2004, Georgia raised their ABV limit on beer from 6% to 14%, and the art of craft 20 0 brewing then also started to rise. “It broadened everyone’s horizons and allowed b re breweries to make more elegant and more complex beers where they couldn’t b re before,” Carlton explained. b e One of the issues that popular breweries run into now is that they get locked into a ssignature beer, “it almost becomes industrial, with little room for experimentation,” Carlton explained. Which is where Brew Depot comes in, “brewers still love the craft Ca C part p a of craft beer…” and by home brewing they are able to continue to experiment with recipes and flavors and preserve that craft. wit w

In the South where ggiants like Nascar and Budweiser ttraditionally rule, it has taken some tim time for craft brewing to rear its beautiful head.

NaturAlmond Butter, Rev Coffee Roasters and Jekyll Brewery beers, to name a few. Jekyll Brewery got its start after Founder Mike Lundmark partnered with 2012’s Suwanee Beer Fest Home Brew Competition winner and Brew Master, Josh Rachel, to create beer “inspired by the South”. Local products, inspired by our roots and the community we live in, epitomize the heart of The Fresh Market and what they stand for. Healy understands the importance of supporting local businesses and “knowing

that the money we spend on their products comes back to our cities and helps support our local economy.” The Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest is especially proud to partner with The Fresh Market in facilitating the growth of local breweries and the world of craft beer in Georgia. Through events like the Suwanee Beer Fest, we are able to work together as a community to help each other grow and thrive; which is really what it all boils down to and what the City of Suwanee stands for. Q




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Gwinnett Cornhole was founded in 2013 and offers eight week leagues in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Competition is held at the Suwanee Town Center Park on Tuesday nights. Visit the website for more information and register your team today!



“I would say that 99% of professional brewers were home-brewers first. Its not like they went to school and got a degree in brewing…they found a passion, developed that passion and shared it with their friends who then encouraged them to share it with others,” Carlton stated. A few well-known local breweries that started from Brew Depot are: Jekyll Brewery, Three Taverns, Blue Tarp and Monday Night Brewery. “The guys from Jekyll and Monday Night still come in here a lot and brew small pilot batches…they love to experiment and develop their craft,” Carlton confided. BREWERIES along with many other home brewers, found a love / BREWPUBS Carlton,for beer upon first drinking fresh, local craft beer and IN THE then becoming interested in the brewing ATLANTA process. AREA New brewers are welcome at Alpharetta Carlton’s store where both beginner and advanced level classes are Kennesaw available. Classes Sandy Springs are a full day comprehensive Marietta course, lasting eight hours. The beginner’s 85 class will take 285 75 you through all the basics: equipment needed, ingredients and a handson portion Decatur of brewing. The advanced 285 classes are more focused d on recipe 85 formulation; ion; brew house calculation culation 75 and all-grain brewing equipment. With over 15,000 0 customers registered d in Brew they’ve played a large part art


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story continues on page 38




saturday M







CRAFT BEER S to sample!



00 ES









Neighborhood Grill and Bar with locations in Suwanee, Buford, Dacula, Winder and Dawsonville. Friends serves burgers, wings, steaks, salads, pasta, and has a full bar with liquor, beer and wine.


Atlanta’s first and finest food truck, offering an authentic, gourmet fusion of world flavors with a street food twist. Dubbed “Far Out Food” for its scrumptious blend of Asian and Mexican flavors, you can find Yumbii rolling around all over the city. Since our launch in 2010 Yumbii has grown to include two trucks.


I Suwanee Magazine

Continued from page 35 in helping form the increasingly popular craft beer scene in Metro Atlanta. And from those thousands of registered home-brewers, Georgia is bound to see a lot more breweries pop up in the near future, from individuals who are taking their passion beyond hobby. It is up to those who are passionate about craft beer to help Georgia become the beer destination it is destined to be. Although we have come a long way, there are still laws and regulations that prohibit breweries from self-distributing and from selling more than a 5.5oz sample on premise. Georgia is one of only 8 or 9 states that won’t let breweries self-distribute. But, we don’t see a slow down of new breweries opening up, “there seems to be a desire to make Atlanta the new Southern brewing destination,” Carlton said, and with that comes more pressure to change the laws so that local breweries will thrive. For more information or to register for classes, visit: Q



BY: C Curtis Stockwell OF THE BEER GROWLER


he season is upon us! What is this I speak of? Beer fest season but of course, where strangers become friends, the beer flows like wine, and where bea beautiful people instinctively flock like th the salmon of Capistrano. On March 15 15th the Fourth Annual Suwanee A American Craft Beer Fest will be held at Suwanee Town Center and it is certain to be a good time. From 1 p.m. to cert 5 p. p.m., there will be more than 300 beers available for patrons to try. Although avai over 300 beers in four hours definitely ove seems a little daunting, and there is seem honestly no way to taste all of them, I am hon going to give you a brief guide on how goin maximize your experience and try as to m many beers as possible in a safe fashion. man Before we get to anything about the B beers, let’s make sure we are all properly bee prepared for a fun day of tasting beer. prep First and foremost make sure you have Firs

Curtis & Brent Stockwell, owners of The Beer Growler Suwanee. Curtis will be helping select the beers for this year's festival a safe method of transportation home. There are plenty of transportation resources available to festival goers, so please take advantage of them. With that being said, it would a good idea to start hydrating the day before so you have plenty of fluids in you the day of the fest. Make sure you have a big breakfast so you don’t start the day on an empty stomach. Trust me, if you start the day without anything in your tummy, you are going to have a bad time . If you have attended before, then you know there will be vendors offering food. So make sure you take advantage of them

throughout the afternoon. The next advice I cannot emphasize enough, make sure you bring some SUNSCREEN! It may not necessarily be hot outside, but standing in the direct sun for hours can really put a hurting on those of us who are coming out of the winter months. Also, once you start down the path of tasting a few beers you may not notice the burn happening, which will come back to bite you after the beer fest has concluded. Finally, drink some water in between every few beers! I know beer is mostly water but that doesn’t count…hydrate! Now that the boring stuff is through, let’s get into the beers! Normally in a beer-tasting situation you would want to go from lighter to darker in color as sometimes the flavors of darker beers will mask the flavor of the next lighter beer you try. This is a general rule of thumb but can be mitigated by having a bite of something to eat in between. In a setting like the beer fest where you will be trying quite a few beers, I would recommend starting off with lighter beers not only for their flavor but also for their lighter alcohol content. In this respect I would go for the Lagers, Pilsners, Ciders, and Wheat beers. These are typically very refreshing and a good way to get your taste buds going. On a side note though, I would leave a few of these styles for later in the day to try when you get into the darker stuff because it will be a nice refreshing change from the malty beers. Next in line I would go for the pale ales and the IPAs. India Pale Ales will range widely in flavor, color, and ABV, so make sure you ask the servers a little about the beers before you try them! Since these beers are bitter and hoppy, they tend to burnout your taste buds quickly so keep that in mind! If you are going to be trying a few quickly in a row, go for the hoppiest/ biggest IPA last. Once you start to transition to the darker beers, go for the brown ales first, then followed by porters and stouts. This is just a natural progression of ABV as well as strength of flavor. Make sure to grab yourself a pretzel necklace or a bag of chips because having something salty will help to balance out the sometimes sweeter flavors of darker beers! Most American brown ales and porters hover in the 6 percent range, whereas stouts tend to be a little higher in gravity so keep that in mind as you work through all of the different breweries. This year is going to be amazing and we can’t wait to see you guys there! Cheers!!!

...I would recommend starting off with lighter beers not only for their flavor but also for their lighter alcohol content.


Do you brew? Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest 2014 Home Brew Contest returns to Town Center Park BY: Rachel Fasig eturning to the Beer Fest this year, in an even bigger and bolder fashion, is the Home Brew Competition sponsored by home-brewing supply company, Brew Depot. The Suwanee Beer Fest is opening the Home Brew Competition to 400 registrants who will be judged by professionals across all BJCP Beer categories (no meads or ciders). This competition has become nationally renowned as the 2012 Best of Show winner, Josh Rachel, went on to become Brew Master of Jekyll Brewing Company in 2013. Bob Carlton, owner of Brew Depot expresses the importance of participating in home brew Tim Lewis, Best of Show Winner competitions, if 2013 Home Brew Contest home brewing is a hobby that you’re serious about and a passion you may want to make a career out of. “The Suwanee Beer Fest Home Brewing Competition is a BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) sanctioned competition, meaning that every beer is judged by qualified beer judges and the feedback that brewers will receive is of the highest caliber. Constructive criticism is one of the best ways to improve the quality of beer being produced,” Carlton states. The Suwanee Beer Fest Home Brew Competition will be judged on March 8th at Brew Depot, with Best in Show judging to take place on March 15th at the 4th Annual 2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest in Suwanee Town Center Park. This is the largest home brew competition in the area and the only competition backed by a local beer festival. Q

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR 2014 SPONSORS! We couldn't produce the festival without the participation of our sponsors. We would like to say thank you for their support and hope you will do the same by supporting their businesses.

Presenting Sponsor:

North Georgia’s largest selection of Craft, Imported & Domestic brews! Super low prices on all your favorite brands!

1500 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Suwanee, GA 30024


Veugeler Design Group is a marketing company also known as “The Design Pub” because of their Pub-themed atmosphere. They specialize in producing high quality designs at an affordable price. Services include logo design, brochures, print ads, flyers, websites and more. 678-482-2270

Mellow Mushroom specializes in Pizza, but also serves Calzones, Hoagies, fresh Salads, and tasty Appetizers. Featuring Craft Beer, and a beer-purchase loyalty “Beer Club”... The Shroom is now offering weekday Happy Hour Specials and Pint Nights! Like us on Facebook and join our E-Club for freebies and fun updates! 678-714-2233

"Dirt Road Barbeque Sauce is a "Pig Squealin' Good" and Georgia Grown. Fatherdaughter team, Tom and Katie Davis, happily share the family recipe with you."

2 LOCATIONS IN SUWANEE: 2820 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd. 770-932-8909 350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. 678-714-9962

Georgia’s #1 home brewing store since 1997. Huge product selection in 3600 square ft store and online at Same day shipping on most orders. Brewing classes available in dedicated brewing facility.

Suwanee Magazine is a family, community, culture and lifestyle bi-monthly magazine designed to keep pace and flow with the active Suwanee lifestyle.



Suwanee's #1 Growler Store with 45 taps & assorted bottles. Come let our staff pick out the perfect beer, cider or soda for you! 4140 Moore Road 678-765-8414 TheBeerGrowler.Net/ Suwanee

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In print for 35 years, All About Beer Magazine is the leading beer publication in the world. Since 1978, our mission has been to distribute the best beer information and beer experiences, promoting the positive qualities of beer enjoyment.

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See, swirl, smell, sip& slurp! Photo by Tom Purcell

A Wine Education

BY: lead and design several wine education events Sean Wilborn at Château Élan and I’ve discovered an OF CHATEAU overwhelming majority of us have a general ÉLAN curiosity, if not a down right fascination with wine but an equal reluctance to engage further into what seems a rather pretentious pursuit. It is my quest, among several peers in the industry, to remove the veil of snobbery and just have fun with what is a truly captivating liquid. In our weekly classes and events, we cover many fun facts about wine. In doing so, I hear many of the same questions and felt it would be prudent to share some of these facts with you.

So here are 25 useful facts about this beautiful fermented juice, the nectar of Gods…wine: Q Sulfites are not evil. Q Sulfites ARE used in European wines! Q Sulfites affect people with “severe asthma” who make up 1% of the 20 million asthma sufferers in the US by inflaming bronchial passages. Q Polyphenols, histamines (for those with sensitivities) and alcohol are causing your headaches when you drink red wine…not the sulfites. Q White wine is to be served at approximately 45 degrees. Q Red wine is to be served at approximately 65 degrees. Q The ideal storage temperature for wine is approximately 55 degrees. Q 80% of taste comes from the sense of smell. If a wine is too cold, the bouquet is trapped and you can’t smell it and therefore won’t taste it. Q Bouquet refers to the smell of the wine, aroma refers to the grape varietal and the nose refers to the combination of the two. Q A wine glass should be held by the stem to prevent warming the wine Q Sight, swirl, smell, sip…slurp!


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Q A proper wine glass is an essential tool, one not to be overlooked when enjoying your next glass. A proper wine glass can change the intensity and smell of a wine dramatically - a tool well worth the investment! Q Slurping the wine while in the mouth (head down or you’ll choke) aerates the wine and allows the air inside the mouth to pass through the back of the nose intensifying the subtleties of a wine…fun! Q White wine can be made from white and red grapes. Q Much of Champagne is made from Pinot Noir… a red grape. Q Champagne is a region in France from which the bubbly gets its name. Q Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape; the latter is the name used in the southern hemisphere, mainly Australia. Q Oxygen is bad except when it’s not. It’s good when decanting in order to open the wine’s bouquet, allowing it to “breathe.” Q You generally have 2-3 days after opening a bottle of wine before it goes bad. Q A wine vacuum pump and stopper removes the majority of the oxygen and extends the life of the wine by several days if not weeks. Q Screw caps are not evil. Q A screw cap is a 100% seal on the wine. Therefore, the wine will not develop or “age” in the bottle. Q A screw cap is generally suited for a wine that is ready to drink now and should not be associated with poor quality. Q Most wines in Europe are named after the regions from where the wine is made, wines in the new world (US, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, etc.) are named after the grape that went into making the wine Q Muscadine grapes have lower sugar than European “Vinifera” grapes and higher acid.

Please check out our website at for a list of our weekly wine events and even more new and exciting offerings this Spring!

Sean is the Tasting Room Manager at Chateau Elan Winery and conducts several wine tasting, educational and team building events at the resort.

Winery Events & Upcoming Packages

Exclusive Events & Packages Ladies’ Night Out Wine Tasting Experience Winemaker Wanna Be Tipsy Canvas Painting A Taste of Georgia Guest Speakers & New Events for Spring Wine Market & Culinary Studio: Daily Winery Tours & Wine Tastings Local Olive Oils, Cheeses, and Chocolates Weekend Cooking Classes & Demos

for details visit us online or call 678-425-0900 Château Élan Winery | 100 Tour De France Braselton, Georgia 30517 Located I-85 North, Exit 126 30 Minutes North of Downtown Atlanta

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Local resident pens book about Autism

Ileana McCaigue

Ileana McCaigue, local author who has worked as on occupational therapist with adults and children with special needs for 36 years, recently published, "Autism SLEEPS: Sensory Strategies to Help Restless Minds Sleep!” Her area of specialty includes those with sensorybased problem behaviors and those that have sensory processing difficulties or sensitivities such as Autism, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and the like who have difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. Her passion comes not only from her professional insight, but also from personal experience. McCaigue had a sleep disorder after a nearfatal auto accident with resultant head injury. As a result, McCaigue lost her memory for nine months and was in a wheelchair for four months, and she overcame her sleep disorder with holistic, organic approaches through strategies that are outlined in her new book. The book is available on and at"

Suwanee Dental Care welcomes new doctor Suwanee Dental Care is pleased to introduce a new dentist to the practice, Dr. Melissa Kremer. Dr. Kremer received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the MCG College of Dentistry in Augusta, Georgia. She brings previous experience to Suwanee Dental Care from two other dental practices, and has Dr. Melissa Kremer received advanced training through various continuing education courses, including courses at the Bicon Institute. Dr. Kremer is excited to join the team at Suwanee Dental Care, and is looking forward to serving patients in the Suwanee community. Suwanee Dental Care is dedicated to providing exceptional dental services in a friendly and compassionate manner. Stop by and welcome Dr. Kremer to the Suwanee Dental Care family at your next appointment!


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Suwanee named Certifiably Green Green is a really good color for the City of Suwanee. So says the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), which recertified Suwanee this week as a Green Community. Suwanee first earned certification as a Green Community in 2009. In order to be certified by the ARC as a Green Community, the City had to earn a certain level of points for environmentally friendly policies and practices. Suwanee was certified at a bronze level. Since its first certification four years ago, Suwanee earned green points through several large initiatives, including obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for city hall, reducing paper usage annually by some 30,000 sheets by transitioning to a paperless court and City Council, and saving nearly 50,000 miles over two years by fueling City vehicles at a local retailer rather than at a countyy facilityy in Buford.  Additional nal points were scored, Robinson notes, by having sidewalks and bike e paths along many streets, recycling ng at city hall,, and installingg bike racks att all City facilities. s.

Suwanee's Old Town area makes the list, that is, the National Register of Historic Places Approximately 40 properties within a 67-acre area of Suwanee's historic Old Town district have now been officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The National Park Service approved the designation on December 24. Suwanee's historic district is centered on Main Street, Stonecypher Road, Russell Street, and the railroad corridor. Contributing properties within the district will now be eligible for federal and state tax incentives for improvements that help preserve the property's historic value. According to a press release from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources: "National Register listing encourages preservation of historic properties through public awareness, federal and state tax incentives, and grants. Listing in the National Register does not place obligations or restrictions on the use, treatment, transfer, or disposition of private property."

Suwanee Farmers Market returns Saturday, May 3rd The season of fresh crops and locally produced honey, jams, salsas, baked goods, and more is nearing. And one of the best places to access all that good stuff is the Suwanee Farmers Market, which will return to Town Center on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings beginning in May. Applications from those interested in selling their produce or other products at the market are now being accepted. Deadline for applications is  March 24, and new vendors must attend the annual market meeting at 7 p.m. that evening at city hall. Applications are available at In addition to produce, herbs, and flowers, other items that may be sold at the market include jams, jellies, cakes, cookies, breads, pies, and honey as well as appropriately licensed meat, dairy, and organic products; eggs; and plants. No re-selling is permitted; products sold at the Suwanee Farmers Market must be grown or made by the vendor. Arts and crafts are not permitted at the market. The 2014 Suwanee Farmers Market opens Saturday, May 3. Saturday markets are from    8 a.m.-noon through October 4. Tuesdaymarkets are from 4-7 p.m. through August 5.

Annandale Village receives $800,000 donation Annandale Village announced that Steve Keadle, a Thomaston, Georgia businessman, and his wife, Sandra, have donated $800,000 to launch the second phase of its Help for Today - Hope for Tomorrow capital campaign to expand services The transformative for people with gift, among developmental Annandale's largest disabilities and ever received, will those that have help to fund the experienced a construction of a traumatic brain injury. new transitional care facility to meet the   The transformative unique medical and gift, among supportive needs of Annandale's largest ever received, will aging adults with developmental help to fund the construction of a disabilities. new transitional care facility to meet the unique medical and supportive needs of aging adults with developmental disabilities. The new state-ofthe-art facility will be named The Keith Keadle Center for Continued Care in honor of Keadle's brother, a resident of Annandale Village.   Annandale's three-year comprehensive capital campaign -- the organization's first ever -was launched in November, 2011 during the slow recovery period of the economic downturn. Trying to raise $4.0 million in this financial climate was a challenge the organization said it had anticipated.   Annandale Village raised $2.4 million during the first phase of its capital campaign, reaching its initial goal 16 months ahead of schedule. Several major campaign gifts were received -- including a $400,000 gift from the Scott Hudgens Family Foundation and a $250,000 gift from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation.


city buzz

Cub Scout Pack 1010 Announced as the Pack of the Year for 2013 Cub Scout Pack 1010, which pulls the majority of its boys from Roberts Elementary in Suwanee, was recently announced as the 2013 Cub Pack of the Year for the Apalachee District, Northeast Georgia Council of Boy Scouts of America. If you're in Suwanee, you may recognize them as "the Pack with the big Army truck" in the Suwanee Day Parade.  The Pack was founded in 2010 with the opening of Roberts Elementary. In that short time they have grown their membership substantially and beat their goals every year. In fact, in 2012 they were in the District's top 10 for popcorn sales and in 2013 they moved up to number three! Pack 1010 has four Wood Badge trained leaders with another leader on the waiting list for this year's course. Wood Badge Training is the highest adult leadership training course offered in the BSA and for such a young pack to have so many Wood Badge trained leaders this early is extremely rare. Congratulations to the parents and leaders of Pack 1010 on this wonderful achievement! For more information on joining Pack 1010, please visit their website at  Or to get more information on Scouting, visit

Awards given to Suwanee Businesses GoWaiter was selected as the Business of the month for February by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations to owners Tom and Laura Vooris and the staff at GoWaiter.

Georgian Landscape Design


Suwanee Magazine

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Georgian Landscape Design was awarded “Best of Houzz” 2014 for Landscape Design and Client Satisfaction for the second year. Congratulations to owner Ed Szczesniak and Georgian Landscape Design.

city buzz

Races, concerts, and festivals - oh my! The city of Suwanee 2014 event calendar boasts more than 40 events and denotes expansion of two of the city's most popular reasons to gather, Food Truck Fridays and the annual Suwanee Day Festival. The 2014 line-up offers something for just about everyone.

Like to walk or run? Private organizations are offering more than a dozen walk/ run events, including races as well as community walk/run evenings sponsored by Big Peach.

Like to gather with friends? The 2014 calendar includes several popular festivals: The Suwanee Beer Fest, Braves Game on the Green, Star 94's Woofstock, and the North Gwinnett Arts Association's Arts in the Park, to name just a few.

Like to eat? The very popular Food Truck Fridays have been extended. Come enjoy food truck fare the first Friday of the month from April through October (with the exception of July). A wing festival has been added as a component to the 10th anniversary community concert in August. Probably the most significant change to the event calendar is expansion of Suwanee Day to a two-day festival. The fall community festival has been rebranded as Suwanee Fest and will be held Saturday and Sunday, September 20 and 21. Find a complete listing of 2014 City of Suwanee events at


Happenings In The Suwanee School World


Contestants Shine in Scholarship Pageant 53rd Annual Miss North Gwinnett High School Pageant hosted by the North Gwinnett Cheerleading Booster Club BY: Kelli Daye ebruary 7th and 8th, 2014 was the 53rd Annual Miss North Gwinnett High School Pageant hosted by the North Gwinnett Cheerleading Booster Club. The Miss North Gwinnett Scholarship Pageant offered 3 scholarships: one to the 2nd runner up, the 1st runner up and the winning seniors. These scholarships are named the Charlene Kerry Scholarships, a tribute to a very special person that our community lost and that many of us knew and loved after a long battle with GYN cancer. Her daughter Jacquie is a senior cheerleader at North Gwinnett High this year. The event consists of four pageants:

PHOTOS BY: Barfield Legacy Photography

Friday Night Fun Wear Supermodel Pageant: This competition is to show your fun and flirty side! Girls come dressed to impress in their cute, sporty, fancy and fun wear... anything goes. This is a chance for them to show their personality with an outfit of choice. Contestants model their outfit in a fashion show style and fast with high energy. Each age group is crowned and crowning has no impact on Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s scores.

Three Saturday Miss North Gwinnett Pageants There are three competitions on Saturday: Elementary, Middle and High School divisions. Each contestant was given an official Miss North Gwinnett Pageant T-shirt for the jeans & t-shirt competition. Grades K-5th competed in gown wear only and are each presented with a pageant t-shirt wrapped in a bow, presented by a reigning pageant queen. Grades 6-12 were given their t-shirt during rehearsals on Feb 1st and were asked to wear them with their choice of jean wear on stage Saturday. Contestants were judged on her choice of accessories, in addition to her poise, appearance and overall confidence on stage. Grades 6-12 were also judged on their interview and gown wear competition. Reigning queens were involved in several community service projects last year and have several on the calendar for this year including events for North Gwinnett co-op, Labor of Love Senior Living and the opening ceremony for Special Olympics.

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A complete list of the winner’s names: MISS NORTH GWINNETT SCHOLARSHIP PAGEANT WINNERS K-Tiny Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Chloe Cochran 1- Little Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Emma Kate Perkins 2- Young Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Presley Clements 3- Princess Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Lily Knutson 4- Petite Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Sydney Reardon 5- Sweetheart Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Kate Cadogan 6- Preteen Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Bea Caroline Seitz 7- Jr.Teen Miss North Gwinnett 2014…McKenzie Haynes 8- Teen Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Callie Mauersberg 9- Miss Freshman North Gwinnett 2014…Ellise Wade 10- Miss Sophomore North Gwinnett 2014…Julia Resnikow Macias 11- Miss Junior North Gwinnett 2014…Brooke Nay 12- Miss North Gwinnett 2014…Holly Haynes

MISS NORTH GWINNETT PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNERS K- Tiny Miss People’s Choice 2014…Chloe Cochran 1- Little Miss People’s Choice 2014…Emma Mardos 2- Young Miss People’s Choice 2014…Hayley Bursinger 3- Princess Miss People’s Choice 2014…Becca Adams 4- Petite Miss People’s Choice 2014…Courtney McCormick 5- Sweetheart Miss People’s Choice 2014…Ashlyn Wood 6- Preteen Miss People’s Choice 2014…Lauren Beaver 7- Jr. Miss People’s Choice 2014…Georgia Miles 8- Teen Miss People’s Choice 2014…Ashley McCormick 9- Miss Freshman People’s Choice 2014…Briana Vecellio 10- Miss Sophomore People’s Choice 2014…Christine Albright 11- Miss Junior People’s Choice 2014…Brooke Nay 12- Miss North Gwinnett People’s Choice 2014…Bailey Bercik

MISS NORTH GWINNETT FRIDAY NIGHT FUN WEAR SUPERMODEL PAGEANT WINNERS K-1 Little Miss Supermodel 2014…Sadie Watkins 2-3 Young Miss Supermodel 2014…Presley Clements 4-5 Petite Miss Supermodel 2014…Devin Gallagher 6-8 Jr.Miss Supermodel 2014…Lauren Beaver 9-12 Miss Supermodel 2014…Christine Albright



You Are Loved North Gwinnett High School Senior makes Valentine’s very special this year for some very special people. BY: Tana Christian Suggs Lucy Miller, 18 and a cheerleader at North Gwinnett, came up with the idea to have a Valentine’s Dance to promote friendship and the inclusion of special needs teens. With a little help from Miller’s mother, and a few other adults, Miller’s idea became a reality. The dance was held Feb.15 in the North Gwinnett High School commons area with the theme, “You Are Loved.” Aside from NGHS, Miller invited students from several nearby schools including Collins Hill and Peachtree Ridge. Members from the Young Life Capernaum Club, a special needs group, also attended the dance. MORE PICS In all about 125 IN PEOPLE & teens showed up for an PLACES unforgettable and special evening of dancing, Page 65 games, and food donated from several area restaurants. Miller’s mother said that her daughter has always had a great affection for people with special needs, and over the years she has dedicated herself to bringing them happiness and including them in events such as this dance. Although Miller will graduate this year, she is already planning the next dance and hopes to include all Gwinnett County Schools and some of the schools in the surrounding areas. Perhaps they will be looking for a bigger venue! Q


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usic, dance, art, sports... Whatever your child’s interest, Suwanee Magazine has a camp listing for your child! It’s that time again – time to plan where your child will spend his or her week of summer camp. Whether one week of camp or several weeks of camp are in store for your child’s summer, Suwanee Magazine’s Summer Camp Guide can help make the decision on where to send your little camper an easy one. Many camps fill up quickly so make your plans early and register your child for one of the hottest camps around! 52

I Suwanee Magazine I MAR / APR 14


120 rustic acres in Conyers, Georgia, this camp is located just 20 miles east of Atlanta. Summer sessions, ages 6-17, offer activities that will encourage personal growth, instill new confidence, and help awaken faith. Each fun-filled day is dynamic, enriching and interactive. Campers are immersed in a beautiful, natural environment with counselors equipped to nurture, instruct and encourage. Morning and evening programs are designed to challenge each camper physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Friendships are spontaneous and enduring, as strong bonds are formed and deepened. Create summer memories that last forever!

404-471-6497 I "SMART KIDS SWEAT", is the motto, and at the All Sports Camp the campers have a great time running, jumping, playing and sharpening their sports skills. This program is an excellent opportunity for kids ages 5-14 to be coached by current college athletes in baseball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and fun fitness. Campers practice drills and skills in the mornings and participate in afternoon games and free swim time each day. Sessions run throughout the summer and our registration is always open for new campers to join! Register today at

678-400-0091 I 678-

WANT TO ROCK, PLAY IN A BAND, AND PERFORM? Be a rock star for a week at the ALL STARS Rock Academy ROCK CAMP! Campers will have the opportunity to learn how to play the drums, bass, guitar, piano or sing by learning songs and put on a concert for the parents at the end of the week. The camp provides the guitars, amps, pianos, PA system, and Mics. Rock Camp will begin on June 16 until June 30th. Camp runs Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm. Ages 10-18. No experience necessary. Visit the website for details at

706-379-4606 I SUMMER HORSE CAMP FOR KIDS! Ages 6-15. Lessons include: Basic Horse Care, Riding Lessons, & Trail Riding. Each Wednesday, campers will practice what they have learned and participate in a Fun Lunchtime Picnic Trail Ride! Space is limited. Call now for details!

Q $250 per (3) day camp session per child. Family/group discounts available Q Dates available in June, July & August on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s from 8:30am-12:30pm. Early registration is strongly recommended. Q Forms & other information can be found by visiting the website or by calling 706-379-4606 Q Fees must be paid in advance Q Private lessons available

706-602-7346 I

CSYC is a GREAT AMERICAN CAMP accredited by the American Camp Association offering programs for ages 7-18, including the following: archery, basketball, BMX biking, blob, canoeing, digital photography, drama, fishing, giant rope swing, golf, gymnastics/ acrosports, horsemanship, kayaking, model rocketry, mountain biking, mountain crafts, music performance, paintball, rock climbing, sports, swimming, surfing, videography, wakeboarding, water slide and wilderness survival. CSYC is also offering health & fitness camps, wakeboard camps, 1/4 mile zipline and new & thrilling flying chair. See the website for the full list. All of this on 800 acres of North Georgia mountains in Crandall, Georgia.


404-878-3731 The Atlanta Hawks provide the ULTIMATE BASKETBALL CAMP & CLINIC EXPERIENCE for the youth of Georgia. All participants receive professional instruction from qualified coaches in a fun environment. Campers are taught key basketball skills and are exposed to the newest, cutting edge training tactics used by NBA athletes and coaches.

Johns Creek United Methodist Church

770-418-1730 770-497-8215 ex 1003 FIVE WEEKS OF UNIQUE AND EXCITING ADVENTURES AWAIT JOHNS CREEK UNITED METHODIST CHURCH SUMMER PRESCHOOL CAMPERS. Each camp will explore a new theme with art and hands on projects designed to inspire the children. Camps are during the weeks of June 9/June 23/July 7/July 14/July 21. 9:30 – 1:30 Monday-Friday. Ages 2-5. $ 130/week, $30 /registration fee.


404-894-5410 I

404-894-5410 I

Join Georgia Tech Head Coaches Kenny Thorne and Rodney Harmon in the new tennis complex on the GT campus (10 outdoor and 6 indoor courts). Camps run Mon-Thu first 4 weeks in June and first week in July. Open to boys and girls of all levels between the ages of 9-18.

The Yellow Jacket Volleyball Camps are a challenging, fun time for girls in grades 4 and up. Various camps between July 7-20. All camps feature one-on-one coaching from the Yellow Jacket staff and players, a camp t-shirt, all meals while at camp, and housing for overnight campers. Skills Camp I - July 7-9 Skills Camp II – July 15-17 (Mornings) Postion Camp - July 10-11 Positional Clinics – July 15 (Setting); Serving Clinics – July 11; July 16 (Evenings) July 16 (Passing/Defense); July 17 (Attacking) Elite Camp – July 12-14 Team Camp - July 18-20 (Full teams only)

Session I - June 2-5 (Day Only) Session II - June 9-12 (Day or Overnight*) *Overnight Campers will check in June 8th

Session III - June 16-19 (Day Only) Session IV - June 23-26 (Day Only) Session V - July 7-10 (Day Only)



PRINCESSES (ages 3-7; mornings June 9-13 & June 23-27) will have Enchanted Adventures dancing and singing with the Fairy Godmother, Queen Bee and Princesses, culminating with a Majestic Ball. ASPIRING SUPERHEROES (ages 3-7; mornings June 30-July 3) will have action-packed adventures while training to save the day. Basic tumbling, sports and aerobic skills will be taught, as well as character traits of Superheroes. MUSICAL THEATER PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP campers (ages 7-13; all day June 2-6 & June 16-20) will experience all facets of producing a musical for family and friends including a guaranteed part in the show!

800-319-0884 I

Falcons Jason Snelling with Camper

JULY 14-18; EMORY UNIVERSITY Boys and Girls, age 10-18, will have an opportunity to learn from the pros in the sports broadcasting industry. Meet sports celebrities. Make sports anchor, reporting, and play-by-play tapes. Host your own sports talk radio and ESPN style PTI shows. Participate in sports trivia contests, stump the schwab game, and much more. Day and overnight options available.

A 770-945-3424 YOUR CHILD WILL FLIP OVER GEORGIA GYMNASTICS ACADEMY SUMMER CAMP! Camp is open to boys and girls 4 years old and up, with select weeks offered for 3 year olds. The GGA camp experience includes structured gymnastics instruction coupled with recreational games and activities. Children will develop gymnastics skills, climb the giant cargo net, enjoy trampoline and pit time, floor games, outdoor play, open workout and more! Half-day and full-day sessions are offered. Join Georgia Gymnastics Academy for a summer filled with friends, fun and fitness.


VOLLEYBALL CAMPS Info & registration @

JULY 10-12 JUNE 14 JUNE 15 JULY 7-8 JULY 9-11 JULY 12-14 54

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Junior Bulldog Camp Serve and Pass Clinic Attacker Clinic Setter Academy All Skills Camp Team Camp

678-400-0091 I THE BEST DANCE CAMPS & INTENSIVES FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES ARE AT ALL STARS. Younger ones will enjoy: Princess Camp , Aloha Dance Camp, Safari Dance Camp, American Girl Groovy Summer Dance Camp. Older dancers:2-Week Ballet Intensive, Hip Hop Video Dance Camp, Kidz Crew Hip Hop Camps, Body Conditioning, popular Summer’s Best ALL STARS Camp including 5 styles of dance, Guest Teacher Master Classes, and more. Most of these camps end with a show at the end of the week for friends and family. Come be a part of ALL STARS, Best of Gwinnett 2013.

706-862-2231 HORSE LOVERS’ PARADISE SINCE 1954! A'top Lookout Mountain, for 50 girls, ages 8-17; 1 to 9 weeks, 600 acres, English, Western, Barrels, Vaulting, and Trails. CHA instructors teach beginner to advanced riders. Spend 4-6 hours daily with your OWN camp horse. The Jones family are third generation horse lovers, camp administrators, and equine educators making girls dreams come true! Contact Nancy C. Jones, Director., 606 Valley View Ranch Road, Cloudland, GA 30731.


Robotics, Video Game Creator, Crime Scene Investigation, Veterinarian, Physician, and more! All lessons meet or exceed National Science Foundation standards. 3 locations. Multiple weeks in June and July. All information and registration is online:

770-396-8258 I TAVANI SOCCER CAMPS ARE BACK FOR THEIR 12TH YEAR. Camps are for all skill levels, boys & girls ages 4-15. M-Fr at Bunten Rd Park, Duluth and Davis in Dunwoody. The camps are designed to be both intense and fun - experienced players will be challenged and beginner players will fall in love with the game. Players are assigned to a coach according to age and skill. Dribbling, passing, shooting and playing as a team are emphasized in small-sided games daily. Each player receives a camp t-shirt, a leather hand-stitched ball and a personal evaluation.


888-794-2918 DEEPER FAITH. GREATER ADVENTURES. Over 100 wooded acres with new facilities. Mature college-age counselors make Deer Run Camps an exciting, memorable, and often life-changing experience. Overnight Camps for Preteens (grades 3-5), Middle School (grades 6-8), and High School (grades 9-12). Activities: horseback riding, paintball, low or high ropes, lake (water slide, aqua park, zipline, swimming, kayaks), skits, crazy games, wiffle ball, BB guns, archery, climbing tower, and small group Bible study. Each camp night includes a dynamic, challenging speaker and time of praise. Campers receive a t-shirt and DVD of their camp week. Discounts, airport shuttle service, and monthly payments available.

SPORTS EDUCATIONAL TIONAL Spanish Immersion Chess Baseball for Kids Guitar Volleyball Animation Design KidzArt Lady Bulldog Basketball Video Game Creation Orchesta “Air Raid” Football Public Forum Debate & MORE! Boys Basketball Magic Pen Book Club “SNAG” Golf *Because of the severe winter weather, the initial dates for the camps may change due to make up days. For complete information on our camps, please visit, Community School, or email

770-886-6500 770-817-9565 I

TIGER TAILS ANIMAL HOSPITAL’S 2ND ANNUAL VETERINARIAN CAMP is now open for registration! Does your 8 -11 year old child love animals? If so, then this is the perfect camp for them! Join Tiger Tails for a week of learning and hands-on activities to gain insight on what veterinarians do every day. Camp will be held June 2-6th, from 9:00-1:00. Saturday, June 7th the kids will get to be the real vet assistant for their own pet’s exam! Located at 2605 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. in Duluth. Email to register. Hurry! Space is limited.

ENROLL NOW FOR SUMMER CAMP AND STAY COOL WITH N-STEP DANCE ACADEMY! Offering dance camps for every age from 3-18. ALL DAY DANCE CAMPS & CLASSES, INTENSIVES AND FAIRYTALE CAMPS with early drop off and late pick available. N-Step Dance Academy is also offering a 10% multi-camp discounts for those enrolling in multiple camps and 15% family discount. Conveniently located in the Brookwood Marketplace-Target shopping center.

Register and mention this ad by April 15 & receive $15 off your summer camp! 55

770-822-8840 I GWINNETT COUNTY PARKS & RECREATION offers a multitude of adventures this summer for ages 4-13. These weeklong camps offer educational segments designed to encourage campers to learn new things and â&#x20AC;&#x153;play with a purposeâ&#x20AC;? in the top-notch facilities. They have highly skilled counselors and instructors that are certified in first aid and CPR. And the low counselor-to-camper ratios ensure that campers receive individual and small-group instruction as they build confidence and increase skill levels in safe, enriching environments. For more information please call 770.822.8840.


573-458-2125 I CUB CREEK IS THE ULTIMATE ANIMAL CAMP! With over 200 animals of 100 species, all of the animals are handled and cared for by campers themselves. Offerin over 26 week long courses including; Pottery, Crime Science, Survival Skills, Pool Science, Archery, Cooking, Paramedic, Animals 101, Adopt an Animal and Jr. Vet. Cub Creek is a place to splash in the pool, explore a cave, feed a monkey, pet a kangaroo and make life long friends all while learning about science and animals. They have a Beautiful 240 acres facility, air-conditioned cabins, great food and caring staff. ACA Accredited.

Animal Camp Jamaica

573-458-2125 I SWIM WITH DOLPHINS AND SEA TURTLES. Come with Animal Camp Jamaica to the beautiful island of Jamaica. Spend your mornings snorkeling along the shallow Caribbean reefs and your afternoons exploring the island attractions. You will climb water falls, inner tube down a jungle river, kayak along the coast and so much more. Animal Camp Jamaica is the newest program being offered by Cub Creek Science Camp. Cub Creek has been offering Amazing Adventures for more than 20 years and is accredited by the American Camp Association. Visit for more information.


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people & places

people&places Cooper O'Brien Fundraiser Basketball Game Lanier Middle VS. North Gwinnett Middle


February SBA Meeting February 19th, 2014 ATLANTA FLOORING





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Everything Under One Roof !  ! !ÂŽ

!  !  


59Cleaning, Exam & X-rays

(Reg. $362) Offer Expires in 30 days. Includes exam, cleaning & x-rays. New Patients Only.



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First Implant

â&#x20AC;˘ Dental Implants - An effective way to restore lost teeth, dental implants provide a durable, permanent option for oral reconstruction. â&#x20AC;˘ Smile Makeovers - Thanks to revolutionary new techniques in cosmetic dentistry, we can provide the beautiful, confident smile you deserve in only a few visits. â&#x20AC;˘ Invisalign - An excellent orthodontic option for adults and teens, Invisalign provides an ideal level of comfort, support and appearance. â&#x20AC;˘ For the past 10 years, Suwanee Dental Care has been named one of the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best dental practices in the annual Best of Gwinnett awards.

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Offer Expires in 30 days. New Patients Only.

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W.B. Williams, DMD, MAGD, MICCMO Richard S. Schalk Jr., DMD | Melissa Kremer, DMD General Dentists

4355 Suwanee Dam Road | Suwanee, GA 30024

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people & places

NGHS Soccer Sprint January 11th, 2014





Suwanee Pizza Tavern Hamburger Eating Contest February 19th, 2014




people & places



Suwanee Magazine

I MAR / APR 14

people & places

Suwanee Sweetheart Run February 8th, 2014






Suwanee Magazine

I JAN / FEB 14

people & places

NGHS Valentine's Dance February 15th, 2014






Upcoming Suwanee Area Events


March 2014 Peach ch Running 4 Big Company nyy Fat

Tuesdayy Walk/Run Tuesday, March 4th 6:30 pm Town Center ter Park


Suwanee ee Boy Scout Troop Interest st Meeting Thursday, March 6th 7:00 pm Epiphany Church, 1350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd (Suwanee Station and Fresh Market area) Interest Meeting for new Boy Scout troop forming in Suwanee. For boys currently in 5th grade and above. No prior Scouting experience necessary. Meetings will be Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Boys from any local school or any church affiliation may join.

9 Daylight Savings Time begins Annual Suwanee Kiwanis 15 4th Shamrock 5K Run Saturday, March 15 7:30 am Town Center Park


4th Annual Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest Saturday, March 15 1:00 pm (VIP Noon) Town Center Park

17 St. Patrick's Day 20 Spring Begins SPCA Run for the Rescues 22 Georgia 5K, Fun Run & Festival Saturday, March 22 8:00 am Town Center Park For more information, visit run4rescues.

Moments breath away that


Suwanee Magazine

I JAN / FEB 14

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April 2014

Truck Friday 4 Food Friday, April 4th


Hoops & Health The Harlem Legends Celebrity Basketball Show Saturday, March 22th 5:00 pm North Gwinnett High School

into Color 29 Spring 5K Dash Saturday, March 29th 9:00 am Town Center Park For more information, visit


Suwanee Magazine

I JAN / FEB 14

5:30 pm Town Center Park Food will be served 5:30-9:30 pm; music will begin at 7 pm.

18 Good Friday Super 19 Suwanee Incredible Day Saturday, April 19th 3:00 pm 7:00 pm concert Town Center Park Eagles tribute band On the Border will headline concert. Go to Suwanee. com events section for a race application.


- Community Sunrise Service 20 Easter Sunday, April 20th 6:30 a.m Town Center Park For more information, call 770-945-1524

22 Earth Day Night Out 24 Ladies Fashion Show presented by Big Peach

Thursday, April 19th 6:30 pm Town Center Park For more information, call 678-869-5012.

of Dimes â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March for Babies 26 March Saturday, April 26th 9:00 a.m Town Center Park For more information, call 770-842-1721





PRETEEN (GRADES 3â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5)%



March% April % May y4

t  Ann ren u Pa

aders Po Re ll al


F mi Fa milililies e can stop by for a WALKING TO OUR of the th he ca amp ffac accili it acil itie iess an ie a d MEET the CAMP P DIR REC ECTO ECTO ORS S an nd so om me e of o the SUMMER ER R STA AFF FF..





Facilities, meals, recreation, and team building are available for birthday parties, families, or group retreats and meetings. To strengthen family relationships check out our Father-Son Adventure Weekend, Mother-Daughter Weekend, Homeschool Family Day Camp, and Married Couples Romance Weekends at


Just 4 Hours Northwest of Suwanee near Franklin, TN â&#x20AC;¢ 888.794.2918


One of Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Places to Live â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Money Magazine 2013

10 Best Towns for Families â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Family Circle 2013

#3 Best Places to Raise Children

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2012

330 Town Center Avenue, Suwanee, GA 30024 suwanee.comÂ&#x2C6; Find City of Suwanee on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and download the Go! Suwanee app.

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