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Brothers, Spring is here and summer is soon coming. I would like to thank Camp #1 for their great effort in hosting the Mid-Winter Meeting and the Patriotic Luncheon on Feb. 12. Also they had their member orientation Feb. 26th. All who were in attendance learned a lot about our organization. I attended the Lincoln Tomb Ceremony in Springfield IL. and the B.F. Stephenson Ceremony. It was nice to see Brothers from Camp #4 CC Craig Wheeler SVC Alan Keinert also brother Dept JVC Alan Petit from Camp#8. Next year hopefully I will see more brothers from the Dept. attending. Memorial Day will be here before you know it. I will be attending the ceremony and church service at Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee and attending the Cushing Park ceremony. I hope all camps will attending a Memorial Day ceremony in their area, send pictures to Kim Heltemes so he can put them in the next Issue of the D epartment Dispatch. Speaking of newsletters, if your camp publishes a newsletter, please send me a copy I would greatly appreciate it. It’s nice to see what the other camps are doing. We are moving right along on the 2013 National Encampment. We are getting prices and finalizing designs for the souvenir metal and the Encampment metal. We are getting together the bags that are passed out at the next National Encampment this summer to announce the 2013 National Encampment in Brookfield WI. There will be a notice sent out before our next meeting, I hope to see more of you there. Our Department Encampment will be held June 16th 2012 at the Saukville Community Center in Saukville, WI. We will be discussing various topics pertinent to our order. Camp Secretaries please issue delegate cards to your delegates. It makes registration easier. They can be found on the National web site under Forms. If you have any Questions contact Dept. Secretary Brian Peters. Your camps were sent a list of Department officers with their contact information. See you there. Yours in Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty,

Thomas J. Brown, Commander “PRESERVED BY THE GRACE OF GOD”


This form is for Sons Only. Ladies Auxiliary use ladies form! Department of Wisconsin 129th Annual Encampment Hosted by Alonzo H. Cushing Camp # 5

******** Saturday, June 16, 2012 ******** Saukville Community Center 639 E. Green Bay Ave. Saukville, WI

Registration should be received by Friday, June 8, 2012. The Registration Fee is $6 per person. A Chinese buffet lunch is available for purchase at $8 per person. SUVCW Department of Wisconsin – 129th Encampment Registration Make checks payable to Alonzo H. Cushing Camp 5, SUVCW and return no later than Friday, June 8, 2012. Mail registration form and payment to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ronald Miswald 1023 8th Ave. Grafton WI 53024 Deadline: June 8, 2012 Name (s)______________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________ City/State/Zip _________________________________________________ Phone ________________________ E-mail _________________________ Affiliation _____________________________________________________ Number of registrations _________ x $6 = ___________ Number of lunches __________ x $8 = _____________







2012 Department Encampment Please note that this newsletter includes the application form for you to attend the encampment. If you have never been to an encampment or it has been awhile since you have been to one, it will be a different method for you understand the business end of our organization. The summer encampment is where the election of next years officers takes place. New concerns are addressed that lead to new rules being incorporated. Grants for memorials are talked about. If there are issues that you think should be brought up, this is the right time and place. Also, most of us go to see others in the department that live in other places in the state or outward areas of the department’s range. A great place to see old or new friends and a good opportunity to meet others- it doesn’t always have to be about business. We must remember that the social arena gels the organization. So, fill out the form and send it in with the proper dollar amount, depending if you are going to eat there. There are other places to eat if you don’t like Chinese.


Below is a map of the encampment meeting place with area restaurants. The eating places are within a half mile of the meeting and easily just down the road. Guidos is Italian, Bublitz is a family restaurant, and Parkway is a bar and grill.




Wisconsin Department Pioneers Felix August Kremer Lawyer, Real Estate Investor, Newspaperman By Steve Michaels, PC-in-C

A 34-year old bachelor, Felix A. Kremer of Madison, was elected Dept. Commander at the 1907 Wisconsin Dept. Encampment, held June 3-6 in Oshkosh. Two years earlier, he had been appointed to the Resolutions Committee and was elected the National Encampment delegate. He was also nominated for Dept. Commander, but lost the election. In 1906, he was elected Dept. Sr. Vice Commander. Kremer, a self-made man, was one of nine children. His father, John M. Kremer, had emigrated from Germany and had served as a private and quartermaster’s clerk in the 146th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. After the war, he returned to farming. Felix was born on his father’s farm, south of Mount Carroll, Illinois, on October 18, 1872. After laboring there, he used the money he saved to attend the Northern Illinois College of Law in 1893. After graduating in 1897, he did not practice law, but returned to college to teach. He lived in Menomonee, Wisconsin, for a time, but then came to Madison to practice law in 1899. His office occupied a little two-story building on the site of today’s Churchill (Gay) Building at 16 Carroll Street. He was one of the first occupants of the Gay Building, the city’s first skyscraper at nine stories, when it was completed in 1915. There, he not only practiced law, but conducted some real estate activities too. In 1905, he organized The Defenders, a fraternal insurance firm, meant to reform the insurance industry. The firm eventually became National Mutual Benefit. He was a one-time partner of former Madison Mayor John W. Groves in the Kremer-Groves Investment Company. He bought the printing company at Black Earth and established the Dane County News. By 1915, Br. Kremer owned 1100 acres of land in Portage County.


Br. Kremer soon joined Madison’s newly chartered Henry Harnden Camp #2. The Sons of Veterans was one of 15 fraternal orders that he belonged to. During his term as Dept. Commander, Col. H. M. Enos Camp #16 was mustered at Waukesha. The Department’s membership had reached a plateau; there were 541 members in 19 Camps. At the 1908 Dept. Encampment in Racine, when Kremer stepped down as Dept. Commander, former Mayor M.M. Secor presented him with a bouquet of roses. The local WRC also presented him with flowers. After his term as Dept. Commander, he was appointed a Dept. Mustering Officer. In 1914, he was appointed Patriotic Instructor and by 1920, was serving as Dept. Counselor. The following year, he began a 3-year stint as a Camp Organizer. In 1916, he married Alice M. Lowe of Bluemounds, Wisconsin, who was 17 years his junior. They moved to Phillips, Wisconsin, where they had three children: John (1920-1963), Josephine (1923) and Felix Jr. (1927-1982). John and Felix , Jr., were WWII vets.

He also served as treasurer of the State Association of County Fairs, Secretary of the Price County Fair and secretary of the Wisconsin Association of Real Estate Brokers.

He also presumably formed Phillips Camp #29 with 16 other men. The Camp, chartered in 1917, remained viable until its demise in late 1923. In December 1917, Governor E.L. Philipp (also a Sons member) appointed Kremer as District Attorney of Price County. Later, he served as the county’s municipal judge Br. Kremer also edited a country paper, the monthly Wisconsin Homestead, and sold books. He was an active and zealous member of the Republican Party. He served as an Assemblyman from Price County in the Legislature from 1937 to 1938.



Br. Kremer died January 11, 1940, of heart failure at Madison General Hospital. He was 67. He had suffered from cardio vascular renal disease for five years. PDC Kremer was buried in Mount Horeb. Capitol Times, 1Nov 1963 Capitol Times, 20 Apr 1970 Carroll County Dem. 16 Mar 1898 Forest Hill Cem, Madison, WI internment records Press Forward the Good Work, History of the Wisconsin Dept SUVCW Vol 2 by Steve Michaels PC-in-C 1998 The Wisconsin Homestead, Nov 1928


5 CAMP #1 NEWS CAMP #1 Here are some pictures of the Civil War Memorial moving wall from last year.

continued from page 8 Timothy comes to NRCS after serving in the military as a Navy Corpsman with the 2nd Marine Division. He enlisted in the service when he was 18 and after scoring high on a battery of vocational tests he chose the career of Hospital Corpsman where he cared for injured soldiers in his unit. Timothy spent five years in the military. He was in IRAQ for 11 months and in 2011 was deployed to Afghanistan where he served for eight months. While in Afghanistan he received a serious head injury in an IED explosion and was transported to Germany as part of the Wounded Warrior Program. Despite all the unfavorable experiences he endured, he is intent on pursuing his passion of being a trauma room doctor. He is planning on attending UW-Milwaukee this spring to finish his graduate courses. His future plans include enrolling in Medical School. Below are some pictures of the 12 Union Veterans gravestones at the Sylvania Cemetery, in the town of Dover. The Cemetery is along the west frontage road of Interstate 94 between Hwys KR and 11 in Racine County. All Union Veterans there have legible headstones, and all were marked in January with GAR flag markers.



CAMP #1 and CAMP #5 NEWS

6______ CAMP #1

Here is a picture of the Civil War expo at the Kenosha Civil War Museum on March 24th. Camp 1 had a table there with a display. Several new prospects were given additional information, and applications. In addition, PCinC Steve Michaels, gave a presentation there on January 28th, about the Civil War Memorials in Southeastern Wisconsin. Below, are some pictures of the 12 Union Veterans gravestones at the Sylvania Cemetery, in the town of Dover, along the west frontage road of Interstate 94 between Hwys KR and 11 in Racine County. where new GAR flag holders were installed.

_________________________________________________________________________ CAMP #5 Brother Andy Bollen and Cushing’s Battery member Jon Theissen relax while at the Civil war Expo. The Civil War Expo was at the Kenosha Civil War Museum Saturday, March 24th. Camp 5 and our SVR unit Cushing’s Battery acted as interpreters on the Ames 6 pound cannon.

Your Camp news could be here but it needs to be submitted.





7 Each year, Camp #8 attends the “Echoes of the Past” trade fair in Oshkosh, WI, at the Winnebago County fair grounds. This year was no exception. Kirby Scott set up his fantastic display for public viewing. In addition, he brought the remains of his Civil War ancestor’s headstone that was replaced a few years ago. Along with the headstone, he got the public to better understand the camp’s function in getting our Civil War ancestors identified. It brought to the attention of everyone that looked at the display that we can find out if they themselves may have a Civil War ancestor. The display had an intense viewing all weekend. Many questions were asked of us and it was felt that people went away satisfied. Above, Kim Heltemes, Ron Arndt, Alan Petit, Paul Johnson, Bill Parker, and Jim Schumann, manned the exhibit on Saturday, Feb 25. Above left, even though he is in a rebel uniform, member Terry Stults, had a table of his own at the event, selling knifeware that he made from scratch. Terry is well known for his forging abilities and knife making. He is also known for his surgeon portray both Union and Rebel colors. Left, Alan Petit, Russ Buhr, Vince Barker, Paul Johnson, and Kim J. Heltemes, attended the Wisconsin State Genealogy convention at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay on April 28. We gelled as Camp 8, MOLLUS and the Sons of the American Revolution presented together at the event.




CAMPS #49 and #56 NEWS Camp #49

CAMP # 56

Left, Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan, Volunteer Timothy Bennish and Soil Conservation Technician Dan Chroninger had a chance to discuss the Earth Team Program during her travel to Wisconsin. April 2012 Timothy comes to NRCS after serving in the military as a Navy Corpsman with the 2nd Marine Division. He enlisted in the service when he was 18 and after scoring high on a battery of vocational tests he chose the career of Hospital Corpsman where he cared for injured soldiers in his unit. Timothy spent five years in the military. He was in IRAQ for 11 months and in 2011 was deployed to Afghanistan where he served for eight months. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Kathleen Merrigan’s recent travels brought her to Viroqua, Wisconsin. Timothy Bennish had a chance to speak to her about his experience with the NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Program. Tim is presently volunteering in the NRCS Viroqua Field Office. He is gaining a true appreciation of the work that NRCS does every day. Encouraged to volunteer by his father Dan Chroninger, who has 35 years of NRCS service, Tim signed up and is now assisting with various assignments in the office. Timothy has a true sense of caring for the community and that is what inspired him to volunteer for the Earth Team. He is engaged in “Helping People Help the Land.” continued on page 5

Above, Camp 56 Secretary, Mark Campbell, placed a wreath on March 17, 2012. Left, there was a joint 21 gun salute with the American Legion, VFW, and Sons. More on page 9 PAGE 8





On March 17, 2012, Several members of Colvill Camp No.56 participated in a remembrance at Lake Ripley Cemetery in Litchfield, MN. Litchfield is home to Frank S. Daggett Post No. 35 of the G.A.R. and is the last original post building in Minnesota that is still in routine use. Members of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, the American Legion, the Boy Scouts and the VFW gathered to remember the founders of the GAR in Litchfield and in Minnesota most of whom were also Masons. We gathered at the Lodge rooms of Golden Fleece Lodge No. 89 AF&AM for a light lunch; traveled to the cemetery for the laying of a wreath at the monument of one of the early Grand Masters – James Clinton Braden; a moment at the stone of Frank S. Daggett where the Colvill Camp Secretary Mark Campbell presented his history – community-military and Masonic; and at the Civil War Monument a 21 gun salute and pledge to the flag were initiated by the joint American Legion-VFW Honor Guard and the Boy Scouts. Following the cemetery visit we all retired to the GAR Hall where public presentations were made explaining the various groups. Camp Secretary Mark Campbell, SVC Garen Engquist, PCC and Bruce Cottington presented the history and lineage of the Col. William Colvill Camp No. 56 to those in attendance. Daggett was the 2nd Commander for the State of Minnesota and is credited with getting the GAR rolling. He established the first post at Wabasha, MN in 1866 as directed by General Logan; became department Commander in 1867 and established the post at Litchfield in 1868. He died prematurely in 1874 and when the post at Litchfield was reestablished it was named in his honor. The photos include Camp Secretary Mark Campbell at the grave of Capt. Frank S. Daggett. The honor guard under the direction of camp member Bruce Cottington. And Bruce Cottington, in keeping with Masonic tradition, placing a sprig of acacia at the grave of James Clinton Braden. Also Bruce Cottington at the Civil War Monument with the honor guard and the Boy Scout color guard. Take what you can use and thank you for the opportunity to participate!



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2011-2012 Dept. Officers Commander Tom Brown SVC Kim J. Heltemes JVC Alan Petit Secretary Brian Peters Council 1 Bruce Laine Council 2 Dale Brasser Council 3 Kent Peterson Counselor Steve Michaels Patriotic Instr Brian McManus


EVENTS AT THE KENOSHA CIVIL WAR MUSEUM AND MORE Veterans Book Project Now through May 31, 2012; Noon-5pm Friday Veterans Book Project Discussions Every Friday April 13 - May 18, 2012; 1pm A Day of Vintage Baseball Saturday, May 5, 2012 Second Friday Lunch Box Lecture Series Battle at Brawners' Farm - The Iron Brigade Earns its Name Friday, August 10, 2012; Noon-1pm

May 28th – Memorial Day – please observe the day – it is the most honorable day set aside for the sole purpose of honoring our Civil War ancestors. JUNE 16 - DEPARTMENT ENCAMPMENT AT SAUKVILLE – SEE INSIDE FOR MORE INFO

Spring 2012 Dept. Dispatch  

SUVCW Dept. of Wisconsin Spring 2012 "Department Dispatch" newsletter.

Spring 2012 Dept. Dispatch  

SUVCW Dept. of Wisconsin Spring 2012 "Department Dispatch" newsletter.