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SUU student Rebecca Ennis visits the Kpvano Primary School in Tamale, Ghana as part of SUU's History & Service Learning study abroad program in May, 2012.

walls of the classroom, bringing

program is another way the mission

learning to life.

of the University has been augmented

One example has come through

through gifts to the Campaign.

funding received to support the

The program brings experts to

annual operating expenses of the

campus from around the world,

Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement

providing students and faculty with

Center, which provides students and

the opportunity to benefit, first-

employees with resources to travel

hand, from the life experiences of

to a variety of locations worldwide.

distinguished scholars and to absorb vital and necessary lessons from

Since receiving a generous gift, the Center has expanded its mission

engaged even after classes end.

such exposure. Bringing little pieces

to make SUU a global university,

Academic Excellence is another key

of the world to SUU, the Visiting

elevating the institution’s standing

element of the campaign. In the past

Scholar program infuses classrooms



decade, SUU has seen unprecedented

with new ideas that help faculty

and cultural lives of both faculty

growth and recognition through

elevate curriculum and complement

and students, allowing them to

the SUU experience that focuses

their vision.

experience the richness of other

education on the individual. In

There are many avenues for gifts


addition to a low student-faculty ratio,

to truly change the lives of individual

In the past year, more than 200

inimitable opportunities to carry

students and, in so doing, make a

SUU students and 35 faculty members

learning beyond the classroom come

very real difference in our world. You

traveled abroad on University-related

from extracurricular opportunities

can help Southern Utah University

study, service, and teaching activities

and a commitment to fostering a

reach our promise by joining in The

while the collective conscience of the

community of engaged individuals.

Future Is Rising campaign today.



campus focused more on the multicultural aspect of our world through





activities and events sponsored by the Center. The Global Engagement Center recently added eight universities to its list of places SUU students could study on exchange. The new partners range from Argentina to Denmark to even South Korea, now allowing students to choose from 30 countries to study. These successes have ranked high in the litany of goals tied to the campaign, which also includes lowering faculty-to-student ratio; increase student scholarships; and enhance the residential campus experience,

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Beverley Taylor Sorenson, a shining example of philanthropy, passed away on May 27 at the age of 89. Her legacy of compassion and love for the arts and education will continue to live on through her family and the untold number of students she touched. Mrs. Sorenson was presented with the University’s first Presidential Medallion of Service during the March 2013 Founders Day Celebration, but that is not the end.

Her life will continue to be honored with the groundbreaking of

the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts in March, 2014. We are forever grateful to Mrs. Sorenson and the crucial aid she gave to not only SUU but also, the entire state of Utah in support of arts education.



SUU In View - Fall 2013  
SUU In View - Fall 2013  

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