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S O U T H E R N U TA H U N I V E R S I T Y • O F F I C E O F T H E P R O V O S T • A U G U S T 2 0 1 0 , V O L . 8 , I S S U E 1

MESSAGE FROM THE PROVOST: Dear Friends and Colleagues, Allow me to express a hearty and warm welcome back to this remarkable campus! My hope is that your summer was rewarding and rejuvenating. At the beginning of my second year here, I have to say that I have had some of the most rewarding experiences of my career as I have interacted and worked with our incredible faculty, staff and students. We ended a year of which we can all be very proud, making progress in spite of the state’s economic challenges. This is what effective institutions do. They find a way. President Benson joins me in applauding you for these gains and expressing deep gratitude for your insight and devotion to your work. I am heartened by the progress Academic Affairs has made on multiple fronts even in the early stages of the Academic Roadmap. The Roadmap has already enabled us to move positively forward by raising overall faculty salaries to 92% of CUPA averages with the largest increases in our Full Professor rank. In a year when compensation at all other USHE institutions held steady or declined, SUU faculty salaries grew in all categories. We were able to add seven new faculty lines in key areas, increased the Faculty Research Fund, and established two Centers: the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, and the Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center. We have elevated our admissions standards, bolstered our Honors Program and created a new institutional peer group that is both aspirational and pragmatic. We have new leadership in three recently appointed deans who are committed to an even stronger SUU in the future: Dr. Robert Eves, Dean of Science; Dr. John Eye, Dean of the Library; and Dr. Patrick Clarke, Dean of the University College. We have established the University College which will have important implications for our retention and persistence efforts for students. We must continue to put in place high impact educational practices at every level that will help our students succeed. In addition to these and other organizational achievements, we congratulate colleagues who received national and international prizes for teaching and research. These accomplishments are less surprising when we realize that this year we achieved more external grants and awards than ever before. Considering the increase in funding for your projects, the many books and articles you produced, the fine teaching you accomplish each and every day, and your very high levels of service to SUU and to our students, we are beginning this next year with a very strong foundation. At this moment of celebration and thanks, I offer deep appreciation for all you have done to strengthen our fine academic programs and wish you the all the best for yet another great academic year. Best regards, Brad Cook Provost


MESSAGE FROM THE ASSOCIATE PROVOST: This issue of Academic Affairs is brimming with examples of the incredible range of scholarship, artistic activities, research, and community and professional service which is a hallmark of SUU faculty and staff. This look back also helps put into perspective how integral SUU is to the quality of life in southern Utah. The many connections SUU’s faculty and staff make with our community not only energizes the economy, but helps support and develop a vision for a vibrant 21st Century Utah. I am pleased to have been part of the team that helped enable and support the development of the academic plan for SUU through the Academic Roadmap 2010-13. After months of work, the SUU Trustees approved the Academic Roadmap 2010-13 this spring. The work of implementing the plan began immediately. In record time, dozens of new initiatives that will help strengthen the quality of an SUU education have been put in place. The foundation of our plan includes emphasizing “excellence in learning designed to foster critical thinking, effective communication, lifelong intellectual curiosity, global awareness, personal responsibility, and integrity.” To that end, we have established the University College, which will play a central role in coordinating the first year experiences of students. Equally important, the new college will be the locus of our planned Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR). The new ELR will help define SUU’s unique place in higher education in Utah by offering students opportunities to integrate their academic experiences with a substantial application of their knowledge to one of five engagement tracks: Civic, Global, Leadership, Outdoor, and Creative and Innovative. This coming academic year will give us the opportunity to implement many of the objectives and action plans that are part of the Academic Roadmap. Consult the Academic Planning link for the latest updates about the exciting developments in the Academic Roadmap 2010-13. (

PROVOST FACULTY SCHOLARLY SUPPORT GRANT AWARDS In November and January, the Provost Faculty Scholarly Support Grant awarded $63,506 to applicants. These grants were used for research and travel. The awards for these rounds are as follows: Business: $5,934; CIET: $12,438; Education: $9,470; HSS: $21,112; Library: $2,225; PVA: $7,963; Science: $4,364. A complete list of all grants, by college/school and by faculty can be viewed on the Provost’s Website. The deadline for the next round is Thursday, September 9, 2010 by 5:00 p.m. For more information on the Provost Faculty Scholarly Support Grant, visit the Provost website at

FACULTY SENATE The Faculty Senate and Committees completed several new initiatives this past year. Strengthening the LRT process, each college/school is now responsible for developing valid and reliable student evaluation processes for faculty. The Liberal Education Forums, sponsored by the Faculty Senate, furthered the discussion and development of the new Academic Roadmap. Academic Affairs Committee, chaired by Dr. Kevin Stein, had a full year of policy updates. A major policy drafted, the AntiDiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, was approved by both Faculty Senate and the Dean’s Council. The Faculty Salary Equity committee provided the Provost with a viable formula addressing compression issues on campus. Thanks to SUU’s students for supporting faculty and approving tuition increases used in salary equity adjustment. Goodbye and thanks to our ‘retiring’ Senators for three years of comradery and diligent work. The Faculty Senate welcomes new Senators: Drs. Nicky Wangsgard (COE), Wayne Roberts (BUS), Rachel Kirk (HSS) Randle Hart (HSS) and Richard Cozzens (CIET). The Senate looks forward to 2010/11 as “the future is rising”. Faculty Senate Executive Committee: President: Deb Hill; President Elect: Alan Hamlin; Secretary: Julie Taylor; Treasurer: Robin Boneck; Parliamentarian: Michael Harvey.


SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Management & Marketing Dr. Alan Hamlin coauthored and published “Myths and Realities of College Retirement” in the Journal of Business and Economics in the Summer, 2009 edition. Dr. Hamlin also coauthored and published “Academic Dishonesty at Southern Utah University: Policies, Procedures and Experiences in the School of Business” in the Journal of the Academy of Business Administration, Spring/Summer 2008, as well as “Round 2: Why I Can’t Retire – How Professors are Coping with Uncertain LongTerm Financial Well-Being”, – a panel presentation at the annual conference of the Mountain Plains Management Association, 2009. Professor Greg Powell published “Academic Dishonesty at Southern Utah University: Policies, Procedures and Experiences in the School of Business,” in the Journal of the Academy of Business Administration, Spring/Summer 2008. He also won the award of SUU Outstanding Educator for 2008. Dr. Sophie Sukalakamala published “Food practices, changes, preferences, and acculturation of Arabs and Thais in the United States: A cross cultural comparison” in The 21st World Congress of International Federation for Home Economic, 148. (2008) Dr. Carl Templin coauthored with Dr. David Christensen an article entitled, “Teaching and Assessing Ethics as a Learning Objective: One School’s Journey” in the American Journal of Business Education in 2009, and presented a paper to the North American Research and Teaching Symposium on Purchasing


and Supply Chain Management entitled, “Gender Differences, Competitiveness and Integrity in Negotiations,” on March 12, 2010. Dr. Gerry Calvasina published “Changes in Enforcement Focus Coming to the U.S. Department of Labor”, “Caregiver Responsibility Discrimination and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines: Policy and Practice Issues for Employers” and “Complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act: A Continuing Legal Challenge for Employers” in the Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, as well as “Data Quality Problems in Responsibility Accounting” in Issues in Information Systems (2009). Dr. Calvasina also published “Human Resource Management Policy and Practice Issues and Medical Marijuana” in Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences (2010) and “The Myth That Activity Based Costing Methodology can be Used Successfully to Support Management Decision Making” in Proceedings of the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines Conference (2009).

Economics & Finance Dr. David Berri had two papers published or accepted for publication: “Tournament Incentives, League Policy, and NBA Team Performance Revisited,” Journal of Sports Economics, (April 2010), and “On the Evaluation of the ‘Most Important’ Position in Professional Sports,” Journal of Sports Economics, (April 2010). Dr. Berri also published his second book Stumbling on Wins: Two Economists Expose the Pitfalls on the Road to Victory in Professional Sports (2010).

Dr. David Tufte, along with Professor Jeff Barnes and Dr. David Christensen published “Spreadsheet design: An optimal checklist for accountants.” American Journal of Business Education (December 2009). They also received the Best Session Paper award for the article at the International Business & Economics Research Conference (Las Vegas, NV, October 5-7). Dr. Joe Baker and Dr. Kim Craft submitted two funded-research reports to the Sloan Foundation: “Job Satisfaction of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers: Tenure, Institution and Academic Pedigree” (March 2010) and “Advantages and Disadvantages: Job Satisfaction of Science and Engineering Baccalaureates Completing Doctoral verses Professional Degrees” (January 2010).

Accounting Professor Jeff Barnes presented “New Tax Legislation” and “Ethics” at the Income Tax Schools for Practitioners, Utah State University Extension in Cooperation with the IRS in Salt Lake City, Utah (November 19-20, 2009). Professor Barnes also presented “New Tax Legislation” and “Ethics” at the Income Tax Schools for Practitioners, Utah State University Extension in Cooperation with the IRS (St. George, Utah, December 3-4, 2009).

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Professor Robin Boneck and Dr. David Christensen were awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Institute of Management Accounting for their article, “Where Tax Shelters and Core Values Collide: The Case of BB&T,” Strategic Finance (May 2009). They also coauthored, “My CPA Saved Me Millions, or Did He?” IMA Educational Case Journal (December 2009). Professor Tim Lewis produced two workbooks for the 2009-2010 school year. “Business Law I - Workbook” and “Business Law II - Workbook”. Professor Mary Pearson taught 35 students from Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, China and Slovakia during summer semester 2009 in FH Wien, Vienna, Austria. The title of her class was “Cost Management and Budgeting.” Dr. Amy Moore continues to serve as Associate Editor for the Applied Economics Research Bulletin. Dr. Moore published two papers “Why Buy When You Can Rent? A Brief Investigation of Differences in Acquisition Mode Based on Duration” and “Waste Not, Even if It’s Free: An Experimental Explanation for Apparently Unprofitable Promotions” in Applied Economics Letters, as well as two additional papers “Non-Passive Buyers in Posted-Offer Markets” and “Non-

binding Price Signaling in Markets with Multiple Competitive Equilibria” in the AERB Peer-Reviewed Working Series.

a big celebration during the fall 2010 homecoming festivites. SUU’s BusinessWeek Wrap

VITA The VITA program was incredibly successful this year. Derek Anderson, along with assistance from several other accounting students serving as supervisors (Christen Meyer, Jake Pickett, Erik McCarthy, Jeremy Seymour, Josh Gertsch, Tynette Spafford, and Amy Hancock) managed the program. 730 tax returns were filed and accepted by the IRS this year. Fifty-one accounting students volunteered to prepare tax returns for qualifying taxpayers residing in the Cedar City area. Over 800 hours of volunteer service were provided by students from late January until April 8th. All tax returns were prepared and filed at no cost to the taxpayer. It’s estimated that providing this service saved the citizens in the community approximately $146,000 in tax preparation fees. Most impressive is the fact that the community received approximately $1,270,000 in income tax refunds through the service which exceeds last year refunds by $137,000. 25th Anniversary 2010-2011 marks the 25th Anniversary of SUU’s oldest graduate program, the Masters of Accountancy. There will be

Business students Andrew Davis and Seth Wiscomb (above) were awarded first place in the “Best Business Idea” competition and also first place in the Southern Utah General Technology Concept to Company Contest in St. George, UT. Student Testing Business seniors scored in the top 10% nationally on the ETS Major Field Exam in Business four times out of the last five testing cycles, and MBA students scored in the top 25% nationally.

It is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of Denise Woodbury, a great friend, colleague and mentor. A professor of Finance in the School of Business, Denise was a dedicated educator. She served as President of the Faculty Senate during the 2008-2009 academic year. As an advisor to the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) club, Denise received much recognition – she was the recipient of the Sam M. Walton fellowship award many times in this capacity. For her extensive publishing accomplishments in recent months, Denise was named as the Outstanding Professor for the Department of Economics and Finance during the School of Business Graduation Convocation ceremony just one day before her death. Denise’s caring and giving nature and her contagious smile will be greatly missed by her Southern Utah University family and all who knew her.


COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Graduate Studies in Education Dr. Katy Herbold published “The Impact of Administrative and Other Systemic Support on the Use of Instructional Technologies in the Classroom” in The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society (2010) and presented the paper at the Sixth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society at the Free University of Berlin, Berlin Germany (2010). She also published “Electronic Learning on Steroids: Combining Brain Research with Time Saving Techniques” in the EdITLib: Education and Information Technology Digital Library (2009) and presented on the topic at the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education in Vancouver, BC Canada (2009). Dr. Herbold also presented “Driving Continuous Improvement and Successful Accreditation Using a Dashboard” at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association in Denver, CO (2010). Dr. Wei-Ying Hsiao published “In-service Teachers’ Perspectives of Enhancing Asynchronous Classroom Interaction with a Face-to-face Real-time Meeting Software” in The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society (In Press 2010). Dr. Hsiao, along with Dr. Katy Herbold, also presented “In-service Teachers’ Perspectives about Online Courses Regarding Online Interactions and Online Group Presentation through Wimba” at E-LEARN 2009-World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education in Vancouver, BC Canada, “Enhancing Student’s Online Interactions in Online Learning Environment” at the 21st International Conference of the


Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education 2010 in San Diego, CA (2010). Also, Dr. Hsiao and Dr. Tsung-Hui Tu presented “Integrating Technology into Multicultural Education in K-3 Learning Environment” at the 21st International Conference of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education 2010 in San Diego, CA.

at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (2010).

Dr. Bart A. Reynolds published “Who Ya Gonna Call? Networks of Rural School Administrators” in the Rural Educator (In Press 2010). Dr. Reynolds also presented “How Rural Administrators Develop and Maintain Their Professional Networks” at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference in Las Vegas, NV (2010) and “Utah’s Multicultural Challenges” at the annual Fall Multicultural Seminar for Administrative Interns at Pleasant Grove Middle School in Pleasant Grove, UT (2010). Dr. Reynolds

Dr. Deb Hill presented “Learning: Who’s Job?” at the 34th International Improving University Teaching Conference in Montreal, Canada (2009), “The Value of Higher Education for Women in Utah” for SUU’s Women’s Week (2010), and “Rubrics for Program Review: Essential for Survival” at New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention Conference in Albuquerque, NM (2010). Dr. Hill also received the SUU Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development Faculty Pestalozzi Award in Graduate Studies (2010).

and Dr. James McCoy presented “Multiple Lens Approach to Professional Learning Communities” at the Utah Association of Teacher Educator’s Annual Conference at Weber State University in Ogden, UT (2010). Dr. Reynolds also received the 2010 Research Merit Award

Dr. Thomas H. Cunningham presented “Promoting Meaningful TESL Service Learning in Online Teacher Education Courses” at the 44th Annual TESOL Convention in Boston, MA (2010).

Dr. David Lund presented “Southern Utah University Graduate Studies in Education” at the annual Institutions of Higher Education Symposium

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION sponsored by the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ (2009) and Dr. Lund and G. Brooks presented “Keeping It Real: Exploring Practical Applications of Technology in Literacy Teaching and Learning” at the 59th Annual Conference of the Literacy Research Association in Albuquerque, NM (2009). Dr. Lund also has been appointed to a threeyear term on the Literacy Research Association Board of Directors as the Technology Committee Chair (20102013) and has been appointed as an auditor of teacher education programs for the Teacher Education Accreditation Council and served on audit teams for Colorado State University (2009) and State University of New York, Binghamton Campus (2010).

Teacher Education & Family Development Dr. Prent Klag, Dean, is pleased to announce that through a generous gift of $250,000 from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for Innovative Education will be created within the College of Education and Human Development. The goals of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for Innovative Education are to: 1. Engage in the pursuit of projects, research, and collaborative proposals that advance the quality of education, at all levels, through the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative, novel and groundbreaking practice. 2. Establish a framework from which innovative, novel, and groundbreaking practice can be sustained and perpetuated in school districts, communities, and in local and governmental agencies.

3. Enrich the quality of education for students, teachers, school leaders, parents, and community members by providing opportunities to enhance life-long learning, leadership, effective collaboration, and the advancement of knowledge, skills, and abilities Professor Rea Gubler presented “One Common Thread, Bread: Exploring Cultural Habits and Celebrations via a Universal Form of Sustenance” at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Conference and Expo in Washington, DC (2009). In addition, she presented “An Apple a Day Keeps the Therapist Away” in conjunction




Grady (Department of Agriculture and Nutrition) at the Utah Association for Career and Technical Education (UACTE) Conference in St. George, UT (2010). Dr. Genell H. Harris published “To Infinity and Beyond” in Kappa Delta Pi’s Record (2010). Dr. Harris, with students Angel Hansen, Darrell Marks, and Shaun Yellowhorse, also presented “Great Native American Teaching Strategies” at SUU’s Faculty and Student Scholarship Day (2010) and the SUU Undergraduate Research Conference (2010). Dr.

Harris also presented “Students Find Reasons for Learning through Online Collaborative Projects” at the Utah Rural Schools Association state meeting in Cedar City, UT (2010), and “Gender in the Classroom” at SUU’s Women’s Week (2010), as well as receiving the SUU Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development Faculty Pestalozzi Award in Teacher Education (2010).

Physical Education & Human Performance

Dr. Briget T. Eastep, A. Cachelin, and J. Sibthorp published “Affinity for Nature: Utility, Theoretical Foundations, and Scale Development” in the Abstract from the Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Tenth Biennial Research Symposium (2010). Dr. Eastep also presented “Building a Relationship with Nature through Play” at the National Conference on Outdoor Leadership in Estes Park, CO (2010). Dr. Julie Taylor received the SUU Beverley Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development Faculty Pestalozzi Award in Physical Education (2010). Dr. Karyn Spencer and her students from PE 2100 Stress Management class, collected and mailed supplies to families and schools impacted by the tsunami in American Samoa on September 30, 2009. Dr. Spencer served as an invited reviewer for the textbook for PE 2100 entitled Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-being, 5th Edition. Dr. Jean Lopour received the 2010 Service Learning Fellow Award.


COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES English Dr. Wynne Summers and Dr. Kyle Bishop have been selected as Distinguished Educators for 2009-2010. Dr. Todd Petersen received the Association for Mormon Letters Award for his novel Rift. Dr. Jim Aton has been selected as an Outstanding Scholar.

Communication Dr. Matt Barton & Dr. Paul Turman published “VH1’s Behind the Music and American Culture: The Role of Myth in a Meritocracy” in the Texas Speech Communication Journal (released in 2010), vol. 34. Dr. Suzanne Larson participated in the Convention Roundtable Discussion titled “Leadership Challenges in Times of Scarce Resources” at the Western Communication Association Conference in March. While in Alaska at the Western Communication Association Conference, Dr. Larson presented a paper titled “Predator Control vs. Aerial Wolf Hunting in Alaska: Free Expression Issues.”

Political Science & Criminal Justice Professor John Howell coauthored a paper with Dr. Suzanne Larson entitled “Freedom of Speech: Do We Have to Dance With Tyranny?” which has been accepted for publication by the Free Speech Yearbook. Professor David Admire gave a presentation entitled “Learning Disabilities and ADD: A New Approach” at the 21st Annual National Youth-at Risk


Conference in Savannah, Georgia, March 3, 2010. Professor Luke Perry has had two recent publications: “Political Privatization” in William Chambliss and J. Geoffrey Golson, eds., Police and Law Enforcement (SAGE Publishing, 2010), and a book review: “European Politics in Transition”, Journal of Geography 109: 1 (March, 2010). Dr. G. Michael Stathis participated in a roundtable panel entitled “American Foreign Policy Amidst the Maelstrom” at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association (April 2) in San Francisco, California, and presented a paper, “Reassessing American Foreign Policy Amidst the Maelstrom: The Last Superpower? Revisiting the Paradigm of Imperial Decline”, at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (April 9) in St. George, Utah, and continues to be a regular radio guest on the British Forces Broadcasting System (SITREP) commenting on world affairs.

Letters, Dixie State College, St. George, UT (2010), “Gender at the Crossroads: Immigration“ at Southern Utah University Women’s Week (Spring 2010), “History of American Disability Acts” at Southern Utah University, Disability Week (Fall 2009), and received the Certificate of Appreciation for Women’s Week, Southern Utah University (Spring 2010). Dr. Al-Qubbaj also taught Arabic Teacher Apprenticeship & Startalk Arabic Camp at Brigham Young University in summer 2009. Dr. Matías Martínez Abeijón read “No sólo el fuego de Benjamín Prado: exilio y postmemoria” at the 2010 Congress of the Canadian Association of Hispanists, which took place in Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec (May 2010). He also chaired the Humanities and Philosophy session at the annual meeting of the Utah Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters in Dixie State College held April 9.

Foreign Language & Humanities Dr. Kholoud Al-Qubbaj published “Gender Identity and Religious Practices of First Generation Muslim Women in the U.S” in the Journal of Making Connections: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cultural Diversity (Fall 2009). Also, The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, MI added to their collection Dr. Kholoud Al-Qubbaj’s study entitled “The Process of Acculturation Among Arabic Children and their Families in the United States: Some Educational Considerations” in March, 2010. Dr. Al-Quabbaj also presented “Arab and Muslim Americans: Two Diverse Minorities“ at the April 9th Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and

Dr. Jon Smith received the “Cowboy Oscar” or Wrangler Award from the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City on April 17, 2010 for the best western documentary in the nation for his production “Born to Ride: Cody Wright and the Quest for a World Title.”

COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Jim Gustafson presented a paper, “Double Agent Characters in Contemporary Fictionalizations of the Conquest: Carmen Boullosa’s Duerme,” at the Southwest Council on Latin American Studies (SCOLAS) in Santa Fe, New Mexico (March 25, 2010). Dr. Gustafson also led a group of students on a Study Abroad trip to the University of Granada, Spain (June 1-July 2, 2010). Dr. Jim Harrison presented a paper “Parzival and the Great Mother,” at the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters meetings at Dixie State College (April 2010). Dr. Harrison and Dr. Terry Blodgett also organized a high school German Language Festival which hosted over 150 high school students on March 29, 2010. Dr. Harrison also chaired the Grace A. Tanner Symposium in January 2010 and has completed his tenure as Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Humanities after eight years of service. Dr. Olga Godoy read “La Habilitacion de Rinconete y Cortadilla” at the II Congreso Intercontinental de ALDEEU in Phoenix, Arizona (April 2010). Dr. Rachel Kirk presented the paper “A New Chavez” at the Symposium on Language, Rhetoric and Democracy, sponsored by the Grace A. Tanner Center at SUU (January, 2010). During the spring semester the Hispanic Center Interpreters Club, which Dr. Kirk advises, began to send one interpreter per week to the free clinic in Beaver. Additionally, Dr. Kirk was in charge of the Spanish Language Fair, held in late March. Over 200 middle and high school students attended. Dr. Elise Leahy led a group of students on a Study Abroad trip to Paris, France in May 2010. Elise also presented a paper

entitled “Twenty-first Century Memoir in France: Mona Ozouf” at the Women in French Conference at Wagner College on Staten Island (June 2010). Dr. Rosa Alvarez Perez co-organized with Dr. Elise Leahy the French High School Language fair on February 10th and also the 2010 French Film Festival featuring 5 prized French films. Dr. Perez also presented a paper entitled “’Plusieurs Horrible et Abhominables Fais’: The Condemnation and Fall of Hugues Aubriot, the Provost of Paris”, at the 8th International Symposium on Medieval and Early Modern Culture at the University of Arizona, Tucson (May 6-9, 2010), as well as “Une Langue, une Passion, un Comat: Une Lecture de Léonora: L’Hisoire Enfouie de la Guadeloupe à Travers Le Monolinguisme de L’autre” de Jacques Derrida at the Women in French Conference, Wagner College, New York City (June 10-13, 2010).

History & Sociology Dr. Bradley J.

Cook published the

book Classical Foundations of Islamic Educational Thought through Brigham Young University Press. He also coauthored the article: “Transformative Learning: UAE, Women, and Higher Education,” in the Journal of Global Responsibility, 1 no. 1 (2010). In June, he presented the paper: “Mormon Engagement with Islam” delivered at the Foundation for Interreligious Diplomacy, Inaugural Conference at the University of Southern California. Dr. Cook is also developing an Honors World Religion course he will teach this fall. In October, 2009, Dr. Mark E. Miller served as Chair and Commentor for the Mormon History Association Panel, “Wiring and Rewiring Western Identities: Race, Mormons, and Frontier Mythologies,” at the Western History Association Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado. Dr. Earl Mulderink was named SUU’s “Outstanding Educator” at the 2010 Commencement. Dr. Mulderink also presented “Rural Service-Learning at Southern Utah University” at the 13th Annual Continuums of Service


COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES Conference in Portland, OR (March 2010), and also at Utah Campus Compact Annual Conference on Civic Engagement in Salt Lake City (February 2010). He also organized and supervised an SUU Summer Study Abroad program, “History and Service-Learning in Kenya.” Dr. Mulderink and students joined a Utah-based group, Africa Is Life Changing, whose mission is to empower women and children in a rural Kenyan village. In March 2010 Dr. Randle Hart presented a paper, “A Campaign of Ideas: The American Radical Right and UNESCO” at the “UNESCO and the Cold War” conference at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies at the University of Heidelberg. Dr. Hart’s article, “There Comes a Time: Biography and the Founding of a Movement Organization” appears in the March 2010 issue of Qualitative Sociology. His article “Sociological Epistemology: Durkheim’s Paradox and Dorothy E. Smith’s Actuality,” co-written with Dr. Andrew McKinnon (Department of Sociology, University of Aberdeen), is forthcoming in the Journal of the British Sociological Association, Sociology. Dr. Hart is currently revising a chapter on the sociology of social movements (with Jack Veugelers, University of Toronto) for Oxford University Press. Dr. Michael Ostrowsky recently reviewed a manuscript for the Journal of Personality. Dr. Ostrowsky was also invited to give a guest lecture for SUU’s 2010 Black History Month. His talk was on “The Sociology of Blacks in Sports.” Additionally, Dr. Ostrowsky was also invited to give a guest lecture for SUU’s International Week. His talk was on “Russian Deviance.”


Dr. Shobha Hamal Gurung was a Special Invited Guest and Commentator at the Human Rights Conference “Hope in Hard Times” at the University of Connecticut, March 27, 2010. Dr. Hamal Gurung also attended the Utah Campus Compact Annual Conference on Civic Engagement, February 1920, 2010, as well as the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) winter meeting in Santa Barbara, CA, February, 4-7. Her professional engagement with SWS has been on both national and international levels. She is an active member of the International Committee, she periodically reviews manuscripts, and she mentors graduate students and junior faculty through the Hand Program. Dr. Hamal Gurung also is a 2010 Service-Learning Fellow, and was the Faculty Representative and Chair of SUU Women’s Week (2010).

Psychology Dr. Steve T. Barney, Dr. Grant C. Corser, and Dr. Lynn H. White published “Service-Learning with the Mentally Ill: Softening the Stigma” in the Michigan Journal of Service Learning (2010). They also presented “Students’ Experiences at an Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association: Part Two” at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association’s Annual Conference in Denver, CO (2010). Dr. Grant C. Corser and his students, Kevin Vaughn and Nathan Anderson presented “A Revision of the Perception of Emotional Control Scale” at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association’s Annual Conference in Denver, CO (2010). Dr. Corser also presented “Student Perceptions of Being a Research Participant as Part of a Course Requirement ”at the Rocky Mountain

Psychological Association’s Annual Conference in Denver, CO (2010), along with Dr. Steve T. Barney and Dr. Les Jones. Dr. Steve Barney served as a faculty advisor for the Alternative Spring Break program in Guaymas Mexico. Dr. Barney also received The Campus Compact Service-Learning Engaged Scholar from SUU. Dr. David Shwalb has two recent publications: “Maternal Beliefs, Images, and Metaphors of Child Development in the United States, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan” (along with Shwalb, B. J., Hyun, J.H., Chen, S.-J., Kusanagi, E., Satiadarma, M. P., MacKay, R., & Wilkey, B.). “Research and Clinical Center for Child Development Annual Report” (Hokkaido University) (2010), as well as “Fathering in Japan, China, and Korea: Changing contexts, images, and roles” along with Nakazawa, J., Yamamoto, T., & Hyun, J. H.). in M. E. Lamb (Ed.), The role of the father in child development (5th edition). Dr. Lynn White and the UGRASP Departmental Liaisons hosted the Annual Utah Conference on Undergraduate Education (UCUR) this Spring. The event was a tremendous success. Marsha Garber received her Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor certification making her the only SUU faculty with this State certification. Marsha also presented her research on fundamentalist groups practicing polygamy in southern Utah and northern Arizona at the 39th annual conference of the Society for CrossCultural Research in Albuquerque (2010).

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Physical Science Dr. Bruce Howard along with two of his students, Geoffrey Thomas and Kenneth Lamlenn published some of their research results in a manuscript entitled, “Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray Diffraction of a Halophilic Archaeal Malate Synthase” in the American Journal of Undergraduate Research (2009). Professor Laura Cotts was selected as one of the five SUU 2010 Service Learning Fellows. Dr. Mark Colberg presented “The Gold Butte - Beaver Dam Trend, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada: A Collisional Boundary Offering Insights into the Nature of Yavapai Province Crust” at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America in Portland, OR (2009). Dr. Colberg also presented a similar invited talk, “High Pressure Metamorphism in the Beaver Dam - Gold Butte Trend, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada” at Brigham Young University. Dr. Renwu Zhang published “TiSubstituted Boranes as Hydrogen Storage Materials: A Computational Quest for the Ideal Combination of Stable Electronic Structure and Optimal Hydrogen Uptake” in Chemistry: A European Journal (2009). [vol. 15]. Dr. James Chisholm presented “Clustering of Primordial Black Holes and the Evolution of Bound Systems” at the Fall Meeting of the Four Corners Section of the American Physical Society in Golden, CO (2009). He also was elected as a Member-at-Large to the Four Corners Section Executive Committee for a three year term. As part of the Utah Physics Working Group for the Tuning USA Project, he collaborated on “Tuning USA

Final Report - Utah”, a report submitted to the Lumina Foundation (2009).

Agriculture & Nutrition Science Professor Artis Grady presented research on “Body Image among Collegiate Female Athletes at Southern Utah University” at the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) Annual Symposium, San Diego, CA, March 28, 2010. Professor Matt Schmidt presented “Hydration, Nutrition, and Energy Expenditure of Female Collegiate Gymnasts at Southern Utah University” at the International Experimental Biology Conference in Anaheim, CA, April 25, 2010. Dr. Cynthia Wright, along with undergraduate research students Sarah Calder and Laura Humphries, presented “Effect of Cinnamon on Postpranial Glucose” at the Experimental Biology Conference in Anaheim, CA, April 25, 2010. Professor Lee G. Wood, Dr. Chad L. Gasser, and Professor Dean L. Winward published “Perceptions of the Impact of an Equine Program on Student Satisfaction and Retention” in the NACTA Journal (March 2010).

Nursing Dr. Aja James presented “Constructs and Character: Life in the Rural World” at the Air Medical Transport Conference in San Jose, CA (2009), and also presented “Air EMS: Filling the Void” at the Southwestern Utah EMS Conference in Cedar City, UT (2010).

Professor Selwyn Layton was inducted into the Gamma Rho chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society.

Biology Through the efforts of Dr. Ron Martin and Dr. Renwu Zhang, SUU has emerged at the cutting edge of the rapidly developing alternative fuel industry. They have been awarded a $78,000 grant for the development of an entirely new type of jet/land-based fuel - a high energy dry powder derived from algae, with fluidlike characteristics. Following successful technological commercialization, the initial $39,000 awarded to SUU by the Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) program will be matched by an additional $39,000 awarded to SUU by the regional bio fuel company, Compact Contractors for America, LLC.


COLLEGE OF PEFORMING & VISUAL ARTS Arts Administration Bill Byrnes, Associate Provost/Dean of Graduate Studies, presented three lectures at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, March 15-19. Bill lectured on “Financial Management in the Arts” to the 1st year Arts Management students and he presented on “Organizational Management and Leadership in the Arts” to the students in the LASALLE Master of Arts in Arts Management Program. He also made a public presentation March 16th as part of the College’s INTERACTIONS lecture series on “Arts Management Issues and Trends in the USA.” In May he traveled to Germany and delivered seven lectures at ISW Business School Freiburg on issues related to arts and culture management, leadership, and strategic planning in the creative industries in America. In June, Bill traveled to China and presented a lecture at Renmin University in Beijing entitled “An Introduction to Arts and Culture Management.” He will return to Beijing in September to present at the China Arts Administration Education Association Conference and International Forum.

Music Dr. Mark Stickney served as the Production Manager for the Newport Music Festival in July 2010, his 22nd season with the festival. Professor Carol Ann Modesitt and Professor Lawrence Johnson performed with the Orchestra of Southern Utah on their concerts entitled Bravo Opera along with several students in the voice area from the music department in February (2010). They also did outreach concerts with students in five elementary schools in Iron County. Professor Modesitt was also elected for a


second term on the Board of Directors of the National Opera Association at the National Conference in Atlanta, GA (January 2010). Dr. Keith Bradshaw had his composition “Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra” premiered by the Orchestra of Southern Utah, on November 19 in the Heritage Center, with his wife, Tracey Bradshaw, as guest soloist. It was also performed for a visiting Chinese delegation at the Heritage Center. Arrangements are moving forward to have the piece performed in China. Dr. Bradshaw also directed the Southern Utah Heritage Choir in a tour of China, performing in the prestigious Shanghai Arts Festival, in the Xi’an Christian Church, and in the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing. He also directed the Heritage Choir’s Spring Concert with Jenny Oaks Baker, guest violinist, March 5 and 6 at the Cox Auditorium at DSC. On March 2, Dr. Bradshaw directed Opus, the SUU Chamber Choir, in the premier of his new choral piece, “Even When God Is Silent”, in Thorley Recital Hall.

The head of Keyboard Area, Professor Kirill Gliadkovsky, has performed in several major tours this academic year, both in solo and ensemble situations. The latter included 6 hands piano recitals with his wife Anna and 11 years old daughter Anastassia. The music series and cities where the performances took place include Phoenix, AZ (Vespers Arts Series); Cincinnati (Xavier University), Columbus (Capital U) and Springfield (Wittenberg U), OH; Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Maria, Lancaster, San Bernardino and Napa Valley, CA; Las Vegas, NV (UNLV series), Heber Valley Piano Festival, Roosevelt and Vernal, UT; Montrose, CO and others. Professor Gliadkovsky has also given many performances for various charitable community events, schools and fund raisers in Cedar City (Bon Appetit concert series, Canyon View Middle School, J. Jones Memorial Service), and in other communities in So. Utah (Duck Creek Community Church, Dixie College in St. George and County Fair in Parowan). Professor Lynn Vartan performed and taught in Hanoi, Vietnam as part of the State Department sponsored Ascending Dragon Cultural Project, the largest

COLLEGE OF PERFORMING & VISUAL ARTS musical cultural exchange between the US and Vietnam. Professor Vartan also performed in the Roulette Performance space in New York City, featuring composers Sean Heim and Chinary Ung, including Mr. Ung’s new piece “Cinnebar’s Heart” for solo marimba. Additionally, Professor Vartan is one of the adjudicators for the 2nd annual International Marimba Competition held in Southern California. Dr. Virginia Stitt and the SUU Woodwind Ensemble presented a woodwind instrument demonstration and recital at East Elementary (Cedar City), on February 8, 2010 and on March 29th they were joined by the SUU Saxophone Quartet, under the direction of Dr. Thomas Herb, for a demonstration and recital at Parowan High School. Twelve SUU students performed on flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon. Dr. Stitt and Dr. Herb were also the Woodwind and String adjudicators at the Region IX (Huricane, Utah) and Region XIII (Beaver, Utah) Utah High School Region Solo and Ensemble Festivals. Dr. Stitt also adjudicated the Region XX (Tropic, Utah) Solo and Ensemble Festival and Dr. Herb adjudicated the Region XIII (Beaver, Utah) Utah High School Region Jazz Band Festival. Dr. Mark Stickney adjudicated the Region IX (Cedar City, Utah) Utah High School Large Ensemble/Band Festival. Dr. Lawrence Johnson performed selections from Carmen and La Bohème with the Orchestra of Southern Utah in Cedar City on February 25, 2010 in a concert titled, Bravo Opera! He also performed the program for a children’s audience on February 20th, as well as numerous educational outreach

programs for area elementary schools to expose children to opera. Dr. Thomas Herb conducted the SUU Honor Band of approximately 80 students from 3 different states. He was also a guest rehearsal conductor for the Orchestra of Southern Utah.

Graphic Design Professors




Jeff Hanson of English and Graphic Design respectively, have lead a team of English and Graphic Design students in creating and publishing the Kolob Canyon Review 2010. Students worked as editors, art directors, readers/reviewers, and designers for two semesters to create this work, which allows students, faculty, and alumni from Southern Utah University to have their work published in a peer reviewed journal. Professor Jeff Hanson created the online exhibit Indiana University Art Museum Pictures America. The site was created as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant. View the site at modules/picturing_america. Professors Jeff Hanson and Wendy Sanders of Graphic Design and Theatre Arts respectively, joined forces, creating an interdisciplinary project for students from the Art & Design and Theatre & Dance Departments. The objective was to create an affordable, visually inspiring, and conveniently sized makeup book for future SUU students. Students from Theatre & Dance and Art & Design collaborated in designing, executing, and photographing the makeup, as well as creating the layout and illustrations, then editing and producing Foundations: A Guide to Theatrical Make-Up this Spring.

Theatre Arts & Dance Interim Dean Shauna Mendini and Professor Kay Andersen spent Spring Break in Holland establishing an institutional partnership with Fontys University in Tilberg. Days were spent viewing classes, meeting with faculty and administrators to discuss exchange opportunities for students and faculty. Kay also taught tap and modern dance technique classes. The first two Dutch students will arrive on campus Fall 2010. Upcoming Events: Theatre Arts and Dance: Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 & Oct. 8 - 9, A Funny Thing Happend on the Way to the Forum Nov. 4 - 6, Nov. 8 & Nov. 11 - 13 Breaking Bounds, A StudentChoreographed Dance Concert Dec. 1 - 4 Music Masterworks Series: Wind Symphony Concert Oct. 13 at 7:30 p.m. Opera Scenes Nov. 10 - 13 at 7:30 p.m. Choral Concert Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery Exhibits: Southern Utah Art Invitational June 18 - Sept. 4 High School Fine Arts Competition Sept. 9 - Oct. 9 Winslow Homer in America: 1857 - 1887 Oct. 28 - Dec. 11


COLLEGE OF COMPUTING, INTEGRATED ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Computer Science & Information Systems Dr. Michael Grady published two papers on 3D Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization: “A Gallery of Ray Tracing for Geometers”, MAA Loci, (October 2009), and “Creating Photorealistic Images and Animations”, MAA Loci, (October 2009). Dr. Dezhi Wu published a book entitled Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management: Practices to Enhance Calendar Tool Design, IGI Global Publishing, August 2009. Dr. Wu also published “Traditional, Hybrid and Online Teamwork: Lessons from the Field” in Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), Vol. 25, No. 33, Oct. 2009, and “Computer-supported Team-based Learning: The Impact of Motivation, Enjoyment and Team Contributions on Learning Outcomes” in Computers & Education, Vol. 55, April 2010. Dr. Florin Balasa was the editor of the book Data Storage. In this book, Dr. Balasa also coauthored the chapter entitled “Power-aware memory allocation for embedded data-intensive signal processing applications.” In addition, Dr. Balasa also coauthored “Signal assignment to hierarchical memory organizations for embedded multidimensional signal processing systems,’’ IEEE Trans. on VLSI Systems, vol. 17, no. 9, Sept. 2009 (with H. Zhu and I.I. Luican). Dr. Shalini Kesar published “E-government implementation challenges at local level: A comparative study of government and citizens’ perspectives” in the Electronic


Government - An International Journal. (2010). Dr. Kesar also presented “Capstone Project: Finding the Lost- an RFID Rail Approach” and “ Management of Computer Crime Warrants both Technical and Social Issues” at the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS) in Las Vegas, NV (2010) . Dr. Rob Robertson presented “Network Security and Ethical Hacking” at the 13th Annual American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Conference in Las Vegas, NV (2010). Dr. Robertson also received the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications from CompTIA, December 2009.

Mathematics Dr. Saïd Bahi presented “A DiscreteTime Hazard Study of Duration in the case of Math Majors Dropouts and Switches Using Logistic and Survival Analysis Approaches” at the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences Western Conference, Arizona (2009). Dr. Jim Brandt presented “Students’ Understandings of Equivalence

Relations” at the annual Joint Meetings of the American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America in San Fransisco, CA (2010).

Integrated Engineering & Technology Dr. John Murray published “Sustainable Design: Meeting the Thunder Beings of the West” in the ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education), Region IV, Conference Proceedings, Reno, March, 2010. The conference theme was “Engineering Education in the Wild, Wild West.” He received the “Best Paper - Rocky Mountain Region” Award and “Best Conference Presentation” Award for his work, plus a plaque and a check for $500.

CAD/CAM Engineering Technology John Colton Sargent has involved his students in many Service Learning opportunities. These opportunities are centered around developing architectural design concepts for local governmental entities.

Samples of Dr. Grady’s work in 3D Computer Graphics Programming

LIBRARY Randy Christensen and Dr. Alan Ford presented “When Work Is a Pain: Ergonomics for School Librarians” at the Utah Educational Library Media Association (UELMA) Annual Conference, Mountain View HS, Orem, UT (2010).

Plains Library Association Leadership Institute in Estes Park, CO (2010).

Friends of the Library The Friends of the Library sponsored three Library workshops for the Friends and other interested people. “Preservation Techniques for Book, Print and Digital Photos” was taught by Paula Mitchell and Jill Stucki in January. Janet Seegmiller presented “Family History Research @ the Library” in February and in April Scott Lanning demonstrated “Free Software: The Open Source Software and What it Means to You.”

Richard Eissinger presented “A Teacher’s Guide to Plagiarism Detection Tools” and Randy Christensen and Richard Eissinger presented “Animation, Bingo, PPT Games, Clickers, and more: Technology Tips to Enhance Student Interaction” at the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) 2010 Annual Conference, Murray HS, Murray, UT. Dr. Ralph Turner and Scott Lanning published “Trends in Print vs. Electronic Use in School Libraries” in The Reference Librarian (July 2010). Scott Lanning presented “Interviewing from Both Sides of the Table”, at the UALC Professional Development retreat (2010). Dr. John Eye presented a workshop “Copyright in the Classroom” to the SUU faculty, and he attended the Mountain

later approved by the Student Fee Committee. The $5 fee per student per semester goes into effect Fall Semester 2010 and will help off-set the cuts the Library experienced this year.

Library has a new Dean After serving as Interim Dean for two years, John Eye was appointed Dean of Library Services in March. Student Library Fee In response to the financial difficulties faced by the Library, the administration decided to ask students to fund a Library Fee for library technologies and databases. SUU Senators Tina Swadley and Tyler McAllister sponsored a resolution supporting the proposed fee which was approved unanimously by the Senate. The proposal was

SUU Press The Press prepared manuscripts of two books The Democratic Discourse of Liberal Education and Technology, Science and Democracy. These books are compiled from papers delivered at the symposiums on democracy that are sponsored each year by the Grace A. Tanner Center and edited by former professor Lee Trepanier. The Tanner Center also provides funding for publication and there are now three volumes in this series.

Howard R. Driggs Memorial Lecture Pulitzer Prize winning historian Dr. Daniel Walker Howe delivered the Howard R. Driggs Memorial Lecture on March 24th, 2010 in the Great Hall at Southern Utah University. The lecture, part of SUU Founders’ Week activities, is entitled “The Communications Revolution in 19th-century America and Its Consequences”, and is sponsored in part by a generous donation from the Howard R. Driggs Memorial Foundation. Dr. Howe received the Pulitzer Prize for History in 2008 for What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815 – 1848, his most famous book. The Series, sponsored in part by the Howard R. Driggs Endowment, was established by Driggs’ step-daughter, Camille Bradford, to support the annual Driggs Lecture and highlight the Driggs Collection which is housed in Special Collections.


NEW FACULTY College of Performing & Visual Arts

University, an M.A. degree from Queen’s University and a B.A. degree from Brock University.

Professor Rheanna Gardner was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Photography. She holds an M.F.A. degree from the Academy of Art University and a B.A. degree from San Francisco

Dr. Tyler Stillman was appointed as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology and Business Management. He holds Ph.D. degree and M.Sc. degrees from Florida State University, an M.Sc. degree from Brigham Young University and a B.Sc. degree from the University of Utah.

State University. Professor Deborah Snider was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Art Education. She holds an M.F.A. degree from Goddard College, an M.A. degree from the University of Colorado and a B.A. degree from Western Michigan University. Professor Alessandra Sulpy was appointed as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art. She holds an M.F.A. degree from Indiana University and a B.F.A. degree from Maryland Institute College.

College of Computing, Integrated Engineering & Technology Dr. Jana Lunt was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. She has a Ph.D. degree from Pennsylvania State University and M.S. and B.S. degrees from Brigham Young University.

College of Science Dr. David Waddell was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Biology. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Duke University and a B.S. degree from the University of California - Davis. Dr. John Stuart MacLean was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Geology. He has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Montana, an M.S. degree from Syracuse University and a B.S. degree from Furman University. Professor Cristeen Kunz was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Nursing. She has an M.S.N. degree from the University of Phoenix, a B.S.N. degree from Westminster College and an A.A.S. degree from Weber State.

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Jonathan Earl Karpel was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Biology. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of California - Davis and a B.S. degree from California State University.

Professor Bradford Reyns was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. He holds M.S. and B.S. degrees from Weber State University and will be completing his Ph.D. degree in 2010.

Dr. Radhika P. Nair was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. She holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Nevada Reno and M.S. and B.S. degrees from the University of Mumbai, India.

Dr. Jason Smith was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Spanish. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of California - Davis, an M.A. degree from the University of California and a B.A. degree from Washington University. Dr. Garrett L. Strosser was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Psychology. He holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees from New Mexico State, an M.Ed. degree from Auburn University and a B.A. degree from Angelo State University. Dr. Michelle Orihel was appointed as a Visiting Assistant Professor of History. She holds a Ph.D. degree from Syracuse


College of Education Dr. Mark DeBeliso was appointed as an Associate Professor of Physical Education and Human Performance. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Oregon State University and a B.S. degree from Utah State University. Dr. Craig A. Hughes was appointed as an Associate Professor of Education. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Colorado, an M.A. degree from California State University Stanislaus and a B.A. degree from the University of Utah.


Associate Professor to Full Professor

Dr. Bryce Christensen, Assistant Professor of English Composition in the Department of English, was awarded tenure. He has been at SUU since 2001.

Dr. David Lund, Associate Professor of Elementary Education, in the department of Graduate Studies of Education. He has been at SUU since 1999.

Dr. Shawn Christiansen, Associate Professor of Family Life and Human Development, in the Department of Teacher Education and Family Development, was awarded tenure. He has been at SUU since 2003.

Dr. Steve Barney, Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology, in the Department of Psychology. He has been at SUU since 1998.

Dr. Genell Harris, Associate Professor of Elementary Education, in the Department of Teacher Education and Family Development, was awarded tenure. She has been at SUU since 2003.

Professor Richard Bugg, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance. He has been at SUU since 1990.

Dr. Mark Miller, Assistant Professor of History, in the Department of History and Sociology, was awarded tenure. He has been at SUU since 2006. Professor Paul Ocampo, Assistant Professor of Dance, in the Department of Theatre and Dance, was awarded tenure. He has been at SUU since 2003. Dr. Todd Petersen, Associate Professor of English, in the Department of English, was awarded tenure. He has been at SUU since 2001. Dr. Emmett Steed, Associate Professor of Hotel, Resort & Hospitality Management, in the Department of Marketing and Management, was awarded tenure. He has been at SUU since 2003. Dr. Julie Taylor, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, in the Department of Teacher Education and Family Development, was awarded tenure. She has been at SUU since 2004. Professor Lee Wood, Assistant Professor of Animal Science, in the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition Science, was awarded tenure. He has been at SUU since 2000. Dr. Jessica Tvordi, Assistant Professor of English, in the Department of English, was awarded tenure. She has been at SUU since 2003.

Dr. Britton Mace, Associate Professor of Psychology, in the Department of Psychology. He has been at SUU since 1999.

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor Dr. Bryce Christensen, Assistant Professor of English Composition, in the Department of English. He has been at SUU since 2001. Dr. Mark Miller, Assistant Professor of History, in the Department of History and Sociology. He has been at SUU since 2006. Professor Paul Ocampo, Assistant Professor of Dance, in the Department of Theatre and Dance. He has been at SUU since 2003. Dr. Julie Taylor, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, in the Department of Teacher Education and Family Development. She has been at SUU since 2004. Professor Lee Wood, Assistant Professor of Animal Science, in the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition Science. He has been at SUU since 2000. Professor Jessica Tvordi, Assistant Professor of English, in the Department of English. She has been at SUU since 2003.

Retirements Professor Arlene Braithwaite, Associate Professor of Art, in the Department of Performing and Visual Arts. She has been at SUU since 1978. Dr. Terry Blodgett, Professor of German, in the Department of Foreign Languages and Humanities. He has been at SUU since 1973.


UGRASP Undergraduate research, scholarship and creativity are alive and well at SUU. The program was once again privileged to fund student and faculty grant requests from the departments of Agriculture & Nutrition, Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Economy & Finance, Psychology, and Theatre Arts & Dance. The variety of disciplines funded echoes the national trend of broadening the definition for undergraduate research. The substantial pedagogical benefits accrued to students are supported by a growing body of empirical evidence. With its new academic roadmap, SUU will be at the forefront of capitalizing on and enhancing the many benefits of undergraduate research. Southern Utah University was in February’s academic spotlight, as we hosted the 4th annual Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research. Students and faculty from universities and colleges across the state presented over 200 projects, 26 of which were from SUU. Given our comparatively small size, this was commendable. By all accounts, our students did a wonderful job. Faculty from across Utah commented not only on the quality of our students’ work, but on how polite, courteous and helpful the campus community was. They felt warmly welcomed and our “personalized environment” did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Clearly, these are some of the many things of which we should be proud. The energy and passion our campus has for undergraduate research and scholarship was again evidenced at our 11th annual StudentFaculty Scholarship Day in April. Fifty-five projects were presented, representing the collaborative work of 150 students and faculty. The event has become an established tradition at SUU, with some faculty making participation a graded course requirement. This is one way of integrating undergraduate research and scholarship into the curriculum. In addition to earning a course grade, a number of selected projects stood out as exemplary. Students and their mentors from the departments of AGNS, Biology, Education, ETCM, Math, Phys. Psychology major Holly Smith shares her research group’s Sc., Psych., and Theatre Arts & Dance were presented with awards and findings with a fellow student at the annual Student- achievement certificates at a ceremony that evening. The StudentFaculty Achievement Awards Ceremony is hosted by UGRASP, the Faculty Scholarship Day in April. Service Learning Scholars Program, and the Honors Program each year to recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the University, or who have excelled within their discipline. Arguably, to select but a few individuals is a difficult task – our campus is blessed with outstanding students and faculty! Last but in no way least, UGRASP launched the inaugural edition of the campus-wide journal, A Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (ACOURAS). The first edition of this faculty/professionally reviewed journal debuted in July. Within its pages were eight full length articles written by student scholars from Chemistry, Dance, English, Nutrition Science, and Psychology. Increasingly, reviewed student publications are considered mandatory by graduate and professional schools. SUU is among a handful of universities nationally to affords its students such opportunities within its auspices. UGRASP eagerly anticipates next year as we move forward with an academic roadmap geared toward success. This will position us to become a leader in experiential learning, and as one of the key components, undergraduate research and scholarship is sure to flourish. Your involvement with UGRASP is necessary and welcomed. The program would not and could not grow without dedicated students and faculty! Moreover, input and suggestions are always welcome on anything that UGRASP does or you feel should be doing. Please contact Lynn White at or at extension 8855 if you have any questions or would like to get involved.


Engineering Tech. & Constr. Mgmt major Ammon Losee demonstrates a vision controlled robotic system using the popular game, Guitar Hero.

SERVICE LEARNING & CIVIC ENGAGEMENT Service & Learning Center Open for Business As of August 2010, SUU’s Service & Learning Center will have been open for one year at 185 South 300 West (across from the site of the forthcoming Science Center). Staff contact information: Pam Branin, Campus Service Director (586-5596); Lacie Jo Robinson, Administrative Assistant (586-8864); Earl Mulderink, Faculty Coordinator of Civic Engagement (5862723); FAX (586-8972). Visit our web site at serve&learn/. President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll For the first time, Southern Utah University applied for and was named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. Sponsored by the Federal Corporation for National and Community Service, this program recognizes universities that support innovative and effective community service and service-learning programs. As documented by Pam Branin, Service & Learning Center Coordinator, and Earl Mulderink, Faculty Coordinator of Civic Engagement, the University logged nearly 7,000 students and 42,000 hours of community service between July 2008 and June 2009. Programs included service, service-learning courses, and a variety of co-curricular programs. President Michael Benson said, “This latest recognition is yet another indicator that SUU is on a path toward greater differentiation and market excellence. We are all very proud of our students, faculty and staff who have worked diligently to secure this designation. We also hope our surrounding community takes note of the University’s commitment to making a difference in Cedar City and beyond.” New “Service Learning Community” in Residential Housing As part of a campus initiative to create “Learning Communities” (LC) in campus housing, particularly for first-year freshmen, a service-oriented LC will begin in Fall 2010. Open to students of all disciplines interested in being actively involved in community service, the LC provides opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of community service and participate in hands-on service activities under the guidance of student mentors, faculty and staff. Participants explore non-profit organizations and career opportunities; open dialogues on community building and positive change; develop leadership skills; and impact the University, Cedar City and beyond through a variety of projects. Utah Campus Compact Annual Recognition Event SUU once again participated in the state-wide recognition event sponsored by the Utah Campus Compact. Honorees were acknowledged on April 9, 2010, in Salt Lake City. Civically-Engaged Scholar: Dr. Steve Barney As a faculty member and department chair, Steve has encouraged and assisted other faculty to integrate service-

learning into their classes and he has labored diligently to revise leave, rank and tenure policies and job descriptions to reward civically-engaged pedagogy and research. Civically-Engaged Student: Alyssa Winterton For three years, Alyssa has been an outstanding example of a civically engaged student at Southern Utah University. In Fall 2009, Alyssa served as SUU’s Service Leader President and worked tirelessly to encourage and support other student leaders in developing and sustaining community service programming. Civically-Engaged Staff Member: Wes Curtis Wes Curtis, SUU’s Vice President for Government Relations and Regional Services, leads an office that provides direct learning opportunities for students through internships, employment, volunteer and service-learning endeavors. Wes and his capable colleagues have partnered with and been a resource to businesses, communities and governments throughout the region. Committed Community Partner: Lance Syrett, General Manager of Ruby’s Inn Lance Syrett, general manager, and his team at Ruby’s Inn have worked tirelessly over two years to offer service, servicelearning and financial support to SUU students, particularly those aiming for careers in Hospitality and Resort Management and Outdoor Recreation. Spotlight on Service-Learning Briget Eastep, Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism, reports that between Fall 2009 and Spring 2010, students enrolled in PE 4740 planned, implemented, and evaluated sixteen activity events serving over 550 participants. Lisa Assante, assistant professor of Hotel, Resort & Hospitality Management, praised students in her service-learning class on quantity food production who planned, prepared, cooked and served a dinner that honored local military veterans. All together, students devoted more than 1,500 collective hours to the project. SUU Seeks Elective Community Engagement Classification Working against a deadline of September 1, a committee of faculty and staff prepared extensive application materials for this voluntary institutional classification. The Carnegie Foundation explains that this classification is defined as the “collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.” Visit the Carnegie web site at http://classifications.carnegiefoundation. org/descriptions/community_engagement.php.


ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK 2010 SUU students have been performing service trips to Guaymas, Mexico, for more than a decade. Once again, SUU students, staff and faculty built homes, renovated schools, spent time in orphanages and participated in a variety of other service projects. Jamie Wayment, a junior Hotel, Resort & Hospitality management major from Henefer, said the greatest lesson she learned over the break was gratitude. “I learned to be grateful for what I have and to not take things for granted, especially drinking water out of a tap,” she said. Wayment said students passed out hygiene kits, and also helped in a soup kitchen, in addition to rebuilding a home. Construction Management students and Rural Health Scholars also participated in service projects in Guaymas. Mark Taylor, Construction Management Club president, said this is his third humanitarian service trip and that he appreciated the additional labor offered by other students. He and fellow students built three dome houses in their week-long visit. Assistant Professor of Construction Management Boyd Fife said dome houses are stronger, faster to build, and require fewer materials than conventional construction. He reported that this alternative break experience was “the most successful trip to Guaymas yet,” as they built three homes in the time it would normally take to build one-half of a conventional house. In addition to assisting with service projects, Rural Health Scholars also engaged in intensive clinical observations at a public hospital in Guaymas. One participant offered the telling insight that after returning home to Cedar City, they felt that “everything seemed so different until I realized that nothing had changed in Cedar City; only I had changed. My perception of poverty, hopelessness, opportunity and ‘lifting oneself up by one’s bootstraps’ had changed.” SUU’s 2010 Alternative Spring Break trips included service and service-learning endeavors in Guaymas, Mexico; Tacoma, Washington; and the Dominican Republic. Typically, alternative breaks are organized for late-December and mid-March, along with plans to develop Maymester and summer session experiences.



Everything seemed so

different until I realized that

nothing had changed in Cedar City; only I had changed.


HONORS SUU Honors Teachers | 2009 - 2010 Academic Year These faculty taught honors sections of general education classes: Chemistry: Kristina Bronsema, Dr. Hussein Samha and Dr. Kim Weaver; English: Dr. Kurt Harris and Dr. Todd Petersen; Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies: Professor Matthew Nickerson; Math: Dr. Seth Armstrong; Nutrition: Dr. Matt Schmidt. The following professors entered into honors contracts with honors students, thus facilitating individualized honors learning experiences. Biology: Dr. Betsy BanCroft and Dr. Ron Martin; Business Management: Professor Greg Powell; Communication: Dr. Kevin Stein; Criminal Justice Professor Randy Allen and Professor Carl Franklin; Economics: Dr. Joe Baker; English: Dr. Kyle Bishop, Professor Charles Cuthbertson, Dr. Nozomi Irei and Professor Toanui Tawa; Foreign Language: Dr. Terry Blodgett, Dr. James Gustafson and Professor Rosa Perez; History: Dr. Earl Malderink, Dr. Larry Ping and Dr. Mark Miller; Mathematics: Dr. Sarah Brown; Music: Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel; Physical Education: Professor Benjamin Davidson and Dr. Brian Lyons; Political Science: Dr. John Howell, Dr. G. Michael Stathis and Dr. Luke Perry; Psychology: Dr. Britt Mace; Theater: Professor Christine Frezza. Yurt | Cedar Breaks National Monument In January, Honors Program Director Professor Matthew Nickerson and Dr. Todd Petersen led a group of eight SUU honors students, and one honors student from Long Island University, Brooklyn, on a two-night, three-day academic adventure at Cedar Breaks National Monument. Working with park superintendent, Mr. Paul Roelandt, Honors has been helping Cedar Breaks National Monument pilot its program to expand public use of the park during winter months. Students brought literature about winter or snow, in genres of their choice, for group reading and seminar SUU Honors Students discussion giving rise to what one student described as one of the most powerful Cedar Breaks National Monument, Jan. 2010 educational experiences of her life. 2010 Governor’s Honor Academy | Professor Matt Nickerson Honors Program Director Professor Matthew Nickerson is a regular speaker at the annual Governor’s Honors Academy. This year his presentation was titled “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” When asked about Professor Nickerson’s presentation, one future leader said, “It gave me a taste of a college honors class. It really got me thinking about things I haven’t thought about before.” Another student agreed, saying that Professor Nickerson’s presentation “made me think of life from an entirely different perspective. It was truly a life-changing talk.” Partners in the Parks | Academic Adventure Programs in Our National Parks SUU Honors Program continues to administer the nationally recognized Partners in the Parks program under a National Parks Service grant. This spring SUU hosted projects at Zion National Park and Grand Canyon – Parashant National Monument. In May, Professor Eric Morrow and project co-leader Dr. Joy Ochs (Mount Mercy College) led a group of eight honors students from all of over the U.S. during five nights and six days at Zion. Also in May, Honors Director Professor Matt Nickerson and Dr. Todd Peterson co-led SUU Honors Students Kayla Freire, Autumn Wassmuth, and ten honors students for five nights and six Professor Eric Morrow at Partners in the Parks academic days at Grand Canyon-Parashant National adventure program at Zion National Park, May 2010. Monument in Arizona. Fire Island to Ellis Island | SUU Honors Student SUU honors student Nichole Riordan received an Honors Program scholarship to participate in the Partners in the Parks project in New York City. Long Island University, Brooklyn and C.W. Post, hosted Nicky and 22 other students from across the nation for a week-long academic adventure in and around the Big Apple. Nicky will be writing about her experience for publication this fall.


SUU Honors Student Nichole Riordan

STUDY ABROAD Global Engagement Center The Office of International Outreach has found a new home! The office recently moved into the Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center, located across the street from the Music building. This building will house all of SUU’s study abroad programs, including summer and semester programs. The center has been named for Sargon Heinrich, who made a generous contribution to the University that will help support SUU students who wish to study abroad. In addition to study abroad, the center will also help coordinate and oversee students coming to SUU through sponsorship by Heinrich. Heinrich is currently sponsoring SUU’s first Afghani student, Saidal Pirzada, who began classes at SUU this summer. Summer Study Abroad Programs SUU ran seven summer study abroad programs this year, four of which were firsttime programs. These first-time programs included SUU’s first to Asia and Africa. SUU’s first study abroad program in Africa was led by Earl Mulderink and focused on Service-Learning and History. Dr. Mulderink and the two student participants traveled with the organization “Africa is Life Changing” to Kenya, where they helped build a school, taught in an elementary school, and did other acts of service for women and children in the area. The students said the trip truly was life-changing, and Dr. Mulderink plans to offer it to students again next summer. Two study abroad programs were held in Asia this summer. The first was a Hospitality Management-themed program in Thailand led by Sophi Sukalakamala. The second was a Nutrition and Family Lifethemed program in Japan led by Shawn Christiansen and Matt Schmidt. Students and directors on both trips thought the programs were exciting and educational, and all three directors plan on offering

MBA Double Degree students

these trips again next summer. The fourth new program was a tour through three European countries with site visits to significant political and judicial organizations. These included the International Criminal Court, Interpol, and the European Parliament, among others. This program was led by David Admire and Luke Perry, who plan to offer this program to students again next year. In addition to the new programs, three of SUU’s traditional summer study abroad trips ran as well. These were French in France, Spanish in Spain and English Literature in London. The London program, which is SUU’s longest running summer study abroad, had its largest group of participants ever with 17 students, and had the most participants of any of the summer study abroad groups this year. MBA Double Degree Program Students in SUU’s MBA program had the opportunity this summer to earn a second MBA degree from SUU’s partner school in Paris. Students who enrolled in this program completed their MBA core classes at SUU, then went to Paris for seven weeks

during June and July to complete their electives abroad. Once they complete an internationally-themed internship and earn their degree from SUU, they will be awarded their second degree from Inseec Business School. Goodbye Alla! Alla Paroiatnikova, the founding director of SUU’s study abroad program, will be moving to greener pastures at the end of July. She will be taking on the role of Director of Global Engagement at the University of Texas at Brownsville. Alla has built a substantial and comprehensive international program during her seven years as director. The solid foundation she built will allow her legacy to be carried on through the expansion of SUU’s Study Abroad program and Global Engagement center. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors! Dr. Kurt Harris will oversee the Global Engagement Center as interim director after Alla leaves. He has been a member of SUU’s Study Abroad Advisory Board and director of its London summer study abroad program for the past five years.



FALL 2010

AU G U S T Faculty Contracts Begin Opening Week Meetings Thunderbird Flight School Fall Semester Begins First Session: Last day to drop w/o a “W” on record; Drop policy enforced 27 First Session: Last day to register/add classes 31 Regular Session: Last day to drop w/o a “W” on record; Drop policy enforced

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Regular Session: Last day to register/add classes 3 Labor day 6 FAAR, Three-yr Review, Rank & Tenure Applications & Post-Tenure 7 Review due to Department Chair FAAR, Three-yr Review, Rank & Tenure Applications & Post-Tenure 20 Review due to Department LRT Committee First Session: Last day to drop w/ a “W” on record; Drop policy 22 enforced


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Three-yr Review, Rank & Tenure Applications & Post-Tenure Review due to College/School LRT. FAAR due to Dean First Session Ends Second Session Begins Applications for Sabbatical Leave due to Department Chair Second Session: Last day to drop w/o a “W” on record; Drop policy enforced. Second Session: Last day to register/add classes Regular Session: Last day to withdraw from individual classes; Drop policy enforced.

Three-yr Review, Rank & Tenure Applications & Post- Tenure Review 1 due to Dean Second Session: Last day to drop w/o a “W” on record; Drop policy 10 enforced Three-yr Review due to Provost 22 Thanksgiving Recess 24-26

DECEMBER Applications for Sabbatical Leave due to Provost Fall Semester Ends 6 Study Day 6 Rank & Tenure Applications due to University LRT Committee 7 - 10 Final Exams 15 FAAR & Three-yr Review due to Review by Chair with Faculty 25 Christmas 31 Post-Tenure Review due to Provost 1 3

SUU Academic Affairs - August 2010, Volume 8, Issue 1  

The August 2010 issue of SUU Academic Affairs.

SUU Academic Affairs - August 2010, Volume 8, Issue 1  

The August 2010 issue of SUU Academic Affairs.