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Message from the Provost: What a great time to be at Southern Utah University! We stand at the threshold of an exciting future as we together define the academic future of this campus. Over 40 individual planning meetings with campus stakeholders have not only been incredibly valuable for me as I settle into this position, but more importantly it has infused important authenticity into the planning process. In the pages of this newsletter, you will see the results of our SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). It’s clear that the campus wants to preserve and perhaps enhance our strength of location, small class sizes, personalized attention to students and well prepared graduates. The campus was also clear in making sure the academic plan contemplates our weaknesses and that strategy is put around such issues as: workload, compensation, resources, and institutional identity. The campus and community identified marketing, self-definition, experiential learning and interdisciplinary pedagogy as important opportunities for further development. Some of the threats as perceived by our stakeholders include other universities, local political clout, resources, enrollment growth and the economy. To assist us with academic prioritization, we are guided by the following planning principles and values: •Preserve and advance core strengths: academic quality, student success, personalized attention, experiential pedagogy, residential; • Provide greater clarity of brand: academic distinctiveness and differentiation; mitigate role confusion and duplication for USHE institutions in the southern region; • Capitalize on the strength of place; • Position the institution for a sustainable and healthy future: emphasizing academic depth and quality. However, perhaps the most profound question we face in this process is: how do we best prepare students for 21st century careers and life? It’s a question we all certainly take seriously here at Southern Utah University, and it grounds us to that which is most important – the life and future of our learners. We are still hoping that we can have additional open forums as the plan comes together in January, with the expectation that the academic roadmap will be finalized in early to mid-February. Thank you for your participation and thoughtful debate on this process. I look forward to your continued input. Sincerely, Brad

Inside this issue:

Electric Motorcycle breaks World Speed Record (pg. 5)

Academic Planning Steering Committee (pg.18-19) Library Inaugural Gala (pg. 17)

Faculty Development Grant Awards (pg.15)

This newsletter is available online at


Management & Marketing Dr. Gerald Calvasina received two outstanding paper awards in 2009 - “Complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act” and “Caregiver Responsibility Discrimination and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidelines” - both are slated for publication in the Journal of Legal Ethical and Regulatory Issues. Dr. Lisa Assante published, “A Taxonomy of Academic Quality Indicators for FourYear US Based Undergraduate Hospitality Management Programs” in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research. She was awarded the Alpha Iota Delta Honor Society Best Application Paper for her research, “An Empirical Assessment of a Structural Equation Model of Residents’ Attitudes for Sustainable Tourism Development: A Case Study of Oahu, Hawaii” at the 37th Annual Conference of the Western Decision Sciences Institute. She also was the recipient of the Utah Campus Compact Outstanding Engaged Scholar Award for Southern Utah University, and was recognized as the SUU Outstanding Educator in 2009. Professor Greg Powell published “Academic Dishonesty at Southern Utah University: Policies, Procedures and Experiences in the School of Business,” in the Journal of the Academy of Business Administration (Spring/Summer 2008). He also won the SUU Outstanding Educator Award for 2008. Dr. Wayne Roberts was recognized as the Outstanding Scholar for his department in 2009. He also continues to advise the DEX Marketing Club. Dr. Emmett Steed, due to his extensive hotel industry contacts, was able to conduct a survey and obtain responses


from senior executives of U.S. hotel management companies. He published his article, “Hotel Management Company Forecasting and Budgeting Practices: A Survey-based Analysis,” in the top tier hospitality journal, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. His research contributes to student learning in HRHM 4400, Hospitality Management Systems, where students must complete a marketing plan and annual budget for a full-service hotel. Dr. Sophie Sukalakamala published “Food Practices, Changes, Preferences and Acculturation of Arabs and Thais in the United States: A Cross Cultural Comparison” in the 21st World Congress of International Federation for Home Economic (2008). Dr. Alan Hamlin published “Myths and Realities of College Retirement” in the Journal of Business and Economics (Summer 2009). Dr. Carl Templin published “Teaching and Assessing Ethics as a Learning Objective: One School’s Journey” in the American Journal of Business Education (2009).

Economics E conomics & F Finance inance Dr. Stephen Evans has had accepted for publication: “An Economic Meltdown and the Developing Government Bailout Program” in the Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics. Dr. Denise Woodbury published, “Teaching Job Search Written and Oral Communication Skills through an Integrated Approach” in the American Journal of Business Education; “The Career Portfolio: A Practical Job Search Tool” in the Journal of College Teaching and Learning; and “Kid IRAs: Ensuring a Secure Financial Future for your Children”

in the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal. Dr. David Berri published “The Underpayment of Restricted Players in North American Sports Leagues” in the International Journal of Sport Finance (August 2009). Also, he finished his second book Stumbling on Wins: Two Economists Expose the Pitfalls on the Road to Victory in Professional Sports; under contract with Wharton School Publishing/Financial Times Press, with an expected publication date of March, 2010. Dr. Kim Craft and Dr. Joe Baker had accepted for publication: “Tuition Revenues and Enrollment Demand: The Case of Southern Utah University” in AIR Professional File (forthcoming). Dr. Joe Baker published “Class, Ability, Mobility: Economic and Academic Paths from Middle School to Early Adulthood” in the Journal of Education Finance (Spring 2009). Dr. Stephen Evans, Dr. David Tufte, Professor Steven D. Harrop and Dr. Joe G. Baker presented a panel discussion on the recession and financial crisis and published “Perspectives On the Sources and Eventual Outcome of the 2008 Economic and Financial Crisis: A Panel Discussion,” Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics (2009). David Tufte’s paper, “Spreadsheet Design: An Optimal Checklist For Accountants,” coauthored with School of Business faculty members, Professor Jeff Barnes and Dr. David Christensen, won the Best Paper Award at the 2009 IBER (Business) and ITLC (Teaching) Conference in Las Vegas, NV (October 2009). This paper was recently accepted for publication in the American Journal of Business Education.


English Dr. Wynne Summers published Women Elders’ Life Stories of the Omaha Tribe: Macy, Nebraska (Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, 2010). Dr. Bryce Christensen published two poems--The Portals of Sheol and A Song to Death [translation from the Catalan of Joan Escrivá]--in Lucid Rhythms (2009). He also presented “Tragedy without Tears? Confronting the Contradictions in C.P. Snow’s Understanding of Tragedy” in A Scientific World at the sixty-third annual Convention of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association at Snowbird Resort, UT. Dr. Jessica Tvordi presented “Reformation Nostalgia and Sexual Politics in Andrew Marvell’s ‘Upon Appleton House, To my Lord Fairfax’” at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference (October 2009), and “Donne’s Family Romance: The Eroticization of Domestic Space in ‘The Perfume’” at the 63rd meeting of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association (April 2009). Dr. James M. Aton published the books, The River Knows Everything: Desolation Canyon and the Green (Utah State University Press, 2009) and John Wesley Powell: His Life and Legacy (University of Utah Press, 2010). He co-authored Land of Wildest Desolation, Final Report: The Desolation Canyon Intuitive Surveys and Baseline Condition Site Assessments of 2006 to 2008 with Jerry Spangler, Kevin Jones and Andy Yentsch (2009). He also co-produced the DVD film, “Voices of Desolation Canyon” (with SUU student Jennifer Little 2009). He published “Hank Stewart and Sand Wash” in the Outlaw


Trail Journal and “Coming Home to the Land” in Jim Jones: Recent Paintings, a catalog for Jones’ Braithwaite Gallery show (2009).

Adjunct Professor Julia Combs presented “Let the Sheepman Ride: Rhetorical Analysis of a Southern Utah Rancher’s Letter of Advice to the College of Southern Utah” at the Rocky Mountain MLA

Dr. Kyle Bishop graduated from the University of Arizona with a PhD in English (August 2009). His dissertation will be published as a book called American Zombie Gothic: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Walking Dead in Popular Culture (forthcoming 2010). He also published “Dead Man Still Walking: Explaining the Zombie Renaissance” in the Journal of Popular Film and Television and “Technophobia and the Cyborg Menace: Buffy Summers as Neo-Human Avatar” in the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. He also presented “‘If Only Your Father Were Here!’ The Threat of the Gothic Patriarchy in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds” at the Popular and American Culture Association National Conference in New Orleans, LA (2009).

Conference at Snowbird, UT (2009).

Dr. Todd Robert Petersen published his second book, Rift, this fall. He collaborated with painter Jennifer Rasmusson for a “solo” show at the A Gallery in Salt Lake City, UT. At the 63rd Annual Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association conference in Snowbird, UT, he presented a paper on heist films titled “From Robin Hood to Danny Ocean: Theft as Restorative Transgression.” A short story from his first book, Long After Dark, will be included in the fiction anthology Dispensations (2009). Dr. S.S. Moorty published the poem My House of Hope in Rangali (London, England, 2009). Also, he presented “An Indian Immigrant’s Experiences” for the International Week on South Asia at SUU (October 2009).

Communication Dr. Kevin Stein published the book chapter “The Pope Looks Forward as He Looks Back: An Analysis of Political Cartoons During the Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal” in Joseph Blaney & Joseph Zompetti ‘s (Editors) The Rhetoric of John Paul (2009). Also, he presented “Campaigning Through Chit-Chat: A Content Analysis of Television Talk Show Appearances During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Primary Campaign” at the 4th International Conference on the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in Athens, Greece (2009). Dr. Suzanne Larson and Dr. Stan Gwin presented “Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Farcical Exercise in Free Expression” at the Western States Communication Association in Mesa, AZ (2009). They also presented “Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger’s use of Crisis Public Relations Response Methods Dealing with Rhetoric Surrounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Address on Columbia University Campus” at the Utah Communication Association Conference, Cedar City, UT (2009). Dr. Suzanne Larson presented “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Sponsorship and Manufacturing of Holocaust Denial” at the Religious Communication Association Pre-Conference held at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago, IL (2009).

Dr. Stan Gwin presented “Report of a Survey of Basic Skill Expectations among New Public Relations Hires in Selected Major International Firms” to the Utah Communication Association (Spring 2009). Dr. Matt Barton co-authored “Instructor Credibility as a Mediator of Instructors’ Prosocial Communication Behaviors and Students’ Learning Outcomes” in Communication Education (2009). He also presented papers titled “Instructor Credibility as a Mediator of Instructors’ Prosocial Communication Behaviors and Students’ Learning Outcomes,” “Rick Warren’s Inaugural Prayer and the Irony of Religious Tolerance” and “In God We Trust: A Critical Examination of Religion & Politics” at the National Communication Association in Chicago IL (November 2009). With Dr. Kevin Stein he coauthored “Understanding the Voice of the Fan: Apologia, Antapologia, and the 2006 World Cup Controversy” in Sports Mania (2008). Dr. Art Challis and Dean O’Driscoll received the Gold UBEE award for SUU Basketball coverage 2008 from the Utah Broadcasters Association for Best NonMetro Sportscast. Cal Rollins received three Gold UBEE awards for work in 2008 from the Utah Broadcasters Association for Best 30-second Station Promotional Announcement, Best Sports Best Program for the Gymnastic Quad Meet and Best Newscast for Power91 News. Dr. Lionel Grady chaired a panel and presented the paper “It Didn’t Start with Rush: Talk Radio in the Days Before Limbaugh” at the National Convention of the Broadcast Education Association in Las Vegas, NV (April 2009).

Dr. Jezreel Kang-Graham co-authored an ESL textbook The Easiest English Writing in Korea (2009) and spent several weeks touring and promoting the book in Korea. He also presented a paper titled “Global Strategic Communication: WTO Management of Organizational Identity and Issues” at the National Communication Association Conference in Chicago, IL (November 2009). Dr. Pat Paystrup co-authored “Buzz and Chatter: Modeling the Interplay of Traditional News Media and New Media in Covering—and Critiquing—Crisis Communication,” and presented at the 2008 National Communication Association Convention. She also presented a paper titled “When the Media Circus Comes to Town: Strategies for Coping with Crisis & an Invasion of Intrusive News Reporters” at the National Summit of Mining Communities in Butte, MT (October 2009). Producers Jon Smith and Lyman Hafen continue to receive peer-reviewed awards and recognition for the documentary “Born to Ride: Cody Wright and the Quest for a World Title. “The piece was edited by Lee Byers. The 2009 awards include Pegasus Award of Excellence and two Telly Awards, including the highest Silver Telly for Byers’ editing. Other awards include an Accolade Award, Aurora Award, and Videographer Award of Excellence in editing. Special screenings included the All Sports LA Film Festival, Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and South Point Casino during the 2009 National Finals Rodeo. In a related presentation titled “8 Seconds Closer to Vegas, Project Proposal,” Smith won Second Place in the Preproduction and Pitch Competition of the Research Documentary Division at the Broadcast Education Association in Las Vegas, NV (April 2009).

Dr. Jon Smith and Dr. James Aton produced the half-hour documentary “Jimmie Jones: Red Rock Painter” on the life and work of Jimmie Jones, a prominent landscape artist. The DVD premiered with Jones’ exhibit in the Braithwaite Gallery in October 2009. The video was edited by Smith and Lee Byers. Smith and Aton also wrote chapters in the gallery catalog, Jim Jones: Recent Paintings, that includes the DVD. Lee Byers re-certified as an Apple Certified Instructor for Final Cut Pro 7 software.

Political Science & Criminal Justice Professor Wayne Williams received a service award from the Western Association of Criminal Justice (a regional affiliate of the National Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences) as the past president of this association. He was awarded during the 2009 Annual Conference of the WACJ in Las Vegas, NV (October 2009). Dr. John Howell was recommended to serve on the group Utahns for Ethical Government, and was chosen to be a member of McGraw-Hill’s advisory board. Dr. Luke Perry’s article, “Rethinking the Dominance of Elections and Institutions in Analyzing Democratic Transitions,” was published in the New England Journal of Political Science (Fall 2009). Professor Randy Allen presented “Pakistan and the Taliban in the Swat Valley: Lessons from a Failed Experiment” at a plenary session of the Academic Conference, International Conference on Peace


and Reconciliation, Shaping Theories and Practices for a Sustainable Peace, held at UCLA (July 2009). Dr. John Howell and Dr. Luke Perry taught American National Government at Yale University as part of the Junior Statesmen of America Program this past summer.

Foreign Language & Humanities Dr. Rachel Kirk attended the Bridging The Gap Medical Interpreter Training in Salt Lake City, UT (2009). Students in the Hispanic Center Interpreters Club, which she advises, interpreted at parent-teacher conferences in Iron County in October, prepared to interpret for Head Start, and interpreted on Tuesday nights during story hour at the Cedar City library. Dr. Matias Martinez-Abeijon attended the X Congreso Internacional de Literatura Española Contemporánea, hosted by the Universidad de A Coruña, in Spain (Summer 2009), where he read the paper “Edipo en el campo: la representación de lo femenino en Furtivos de José Luis Borau y Flores de otro mundo de Icíar Bollaín”. He also attended the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association in Snowbird, UT (October 2009), where he read a paper on “Vicky Cristina Barcelona: National Identity and Film in Contemporary Spain.” Dr. Terry Blodgett will be retiring at the end of this academic school year. He has been here 37 years teaching German language, literature, history and, through Continuing Education, Hebrew.


He is writing a three-volume book, which he will continue to research and write after he is retired, including on site observations. The book is titled: ISRAEL: THE MIGRATIONS – Linguistic Evidence for the Dispersion of Ancient Israel.

venture between himself and a student concerning the Masculine Archetype in German medieval literature which they hope to present at the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters in St. George this coming April.

Dr. Kirk Fitzpatrick published a book, A Philosophical Reader On Moral Weakness (Linus Publications). He also presented a paper, “Forbidden Poetic Meter in Plato’s Republic,” to the International Conference of the Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy (Fall 2009). The conference was held at Fordham University (Lincoln Center), NY. He also recently published a review of the Orchestra of Southern Utah.

Dr. Rosa Alvarez Perez presented a paper, “Jews in Medieval France: Literary and Cultural Constructs of an Identity,” at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association 2009 Convention at Snowbird, UT (October 2009).

Dr. Olga Godoy presented a paper, “La desquijotización del lector,” in the I Congreso Intercontinental de ALDEEU (Asociación de Licenciados y Doctores Españoles en los Estados Unidos), in Alcalá de Henares, Spain (Summer 2009). She also presented a paper, “La lectura y los lectores del Quijote” in the 80th Annual South Atlantic Modern Language Association Convention, in Atlanta, GA. She was the chair of the regular session Peninsular: Medieval to 1700. Dr. James Gustafson had a book review accepted for publication in the journal, Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature. The book is titled Embodying Resistance: Griselda Gambaro and the Grotesque by Dianne M. Zandstra. Dr. James Harrison presented a paper, “The Women in Parzival: An Experiment in Jungian Literary Criticism,” to the Rocky Mountain Language Association at Snowbird, UT (October 2009). He is also working on a paper which is a joint

Psychology Dr. David W. Shwalb has co-authored three new book chapters in collaboration with Barbara J. Shwalb, Jun Nakazawa, Jung-Hwan Hyun, Hao Van Le, and Monty Satiadarma: “Childhood and Adolescence in Asian Societies and Cultures” (about India, China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam), in Richard Shweder’s The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion (2009, University of Chicago Press), “Child Development in East and Southeast Asia: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia” in Marc Bornstein’s Handbook of Cultural Developmental Science (2009, Taylor & Francis), and “Culture and Behavior,” in Nishimoto, Oyabu, Fukuzawa, & Koshikawa’s Introduction to Modern Psychology: Crossroads of Culture and Evolution (2009, Kawashima Shoten, in Japanese). Dr. Britton Mace published “Aircraft Overflights at National Parks: Conflict and It’s Potential Resolution” in the journal, Park Science (Fall 2009).

History & Sociology Dr. Jim McDonald published “The Cultural Effects of the Narcoeconomy in Rural Mexico” in the Journal of International and Global Studies, and “The Narcoeconomy and Small-Town Rural Mexico” in the Cultural Anthropology: A Sampler (2009). Dr. Michael Ostrowsky’s article “Are Violent People More Likely to Have Low SelfEsteem or High Self-Esteem?” has been accepted for publication in the journal, Aggression and Violent Behavior. Also, he has recently reviewed a manuscript for Social Problems, which is one of the most respected and widely read professional journals in the social sciences. He was interviewed by SUU-TV about recycling and SUU’s Earth Club. Finally, he is the Faculty Senate representative for the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Dr. Shobha Hamal Gurung presented “Becoming a Transnational Worker: Between Formal and Informal Economic Sectors” at the Sixth International Carework Conference (She was also the moderator of the session). Also, she presented “Teaching about Inequality: Challenges, Strategies, and Visions” at the Society for the Study of Social Problems Conference. Lastly, she received funding from UIC and the Ford Foundation to further her research on the work experiences of Nepali women in informal economic sectors (June 2009). Dr. Earl F. Mulderink III published “Service-Learning in the United States History Survey Course,” in Quick Hits for Service-Learning in Higher Education (Indiana University Press, 2009). Dr. Larry L. Ping published “Gustav Freytag’s Bilder aus der deutschen Vergangenheit and the Meaning of German History” in the German Studies Review (October 2009). He also presented

a paper “Bismarck’s k ‘Yankee’ k Admirers: d Thoughts on Nation Building in the United States and Imperial Germany“ at this year’s German Studies Association Conference in Washington, D.C. (October 2009).

(Left to Right) Dr. Robert M. Berdahl (President of the American Assoc. of Universities), Dr. Thomas A. Brady, Jr. (Professor of Early Modern History, U. of California at Berkeley), Professor Ping (Southern Utah University), and Dr. Roger Chickering (BMW Professor of Modern German History, Georgetown University).

Academic Advisor Carly Wilson received the 2009 NACADA Region 10 New Advisor Registration Scholarship at the NACADA National Conference, San Antonio, TX on October 1, 2009.

Check out our website: SUU’s Hispanic Center for Academic Excellence launched its website at the start of the fall semester. Hispanic Center Director Elise Leahy is thrilled to report that the website has improved the HC Tutor Project’s capacity for service by facilitating communication with the teachers at Iron County Schools who seek the help of tutors. So many SUU students signed up for the Tutor Project this fall that we have been able to expand our volunteer services beyond area elementary, middle and high schools and begin helping in the Adult School ESL classes. The website also enabled Iron County School District access to the services of the Hispanic Center Interpreters Club which, with the guidance and support of advisor Dr. Rachel Kirk, began interpreting during parent-teacher conferences this fall. The Hispanic Center invites community members interested in improving their Spanish or English to join us for Encuentros, the Wednesday night conversation exchange attended by native speakers of both languages. For time and location, visit the website. The Hispanic Center would like to thank Wells Fargo Bank for their generous support which has enabled the center to carry out its work in the community.


Physical Science Dr. Paul Larson attended the annual meeting of the Great-Plains-Rocky Mountain Division of the Association of American Geographers, held on the campus of Utah State University, Logan, UT (September, 2009). Dr. Hussein Samha and co-authors D. Baumann, B. Clark, and J. Garlick published “Molecular Distribution Behavior of Cyanine Dyes in Aqueous Solution” in the American Journal of Undergraduate Research (2009). Dr. Bruce Howard travelled to the headquarters of Bruker AXS Inc. in Madison, WI this past summer to perform diffraction experiments with protein crystals and microscopic mineral samples in order to evaluate the capabilities of a new single-crystal X-ray diffraction instrument and to assess the practicality of acquiring this system for use in undergraduate research and training at SUU. Dr. Eric Roberts spent seven weeks in Africa this summer conducting geological and paleontological research. His time was divided between investigations of Miocene-aged marine trace fossil assemblages in South Africa, utilization of analytical facilities at Wits University in South Africa for geochemical studies, and a three and a half week long expedition to the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe to study and excavate a new dinosaur fossil locality. He received word that his Zimbabwe project was awarded a National Geographic Society grant to continue this research in 2010. Additionally, he coauthored two papers in 2009 that were published in Cretaceous Research and Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.


Professor Laura Cotts presented both Star Shows and Moon Shows at Snow Canyon State Park, as well as volunteering for Star Parties at Cedar Breaks National Monument. She also completed an extensive review of a new astronomy lab manual for Pearson Higher Ed Publishing and was invited to be a reviewer for a new intermediate algebra text book for McGraw-Hill Publishing.

Agriculture & Nutrition Science Dean Winward co-published “Phosphorus Source and Surface Band Spacing Effects on Irrigated Alfalfa” in the Soil Science Society of America Journal (2009). Also, he was awarded a “Certificate of Merit” from the USDA for revitalizing the Dixie National Forest: Cedar City District Noxious Weed Program and assisting in the Range NEPA Review for 2010. He hosted the SUU Land, Livestock, Horse and Range Judging Contest for high school FFA Chapters (September 2009). He had over 25 high schools and about 500 students from all over the state compete in the one day competition. Professor Artis Grady published “Dietary Behaviors of Preschool Children in a Culturally Homogenous Rural Community” co-authored by Professor Rea Gubler (Dept of Elementary Education), and Jana Houston (graduate student at University of Southern Nevada College of Pharmacy). She also published “Messages About Breastfeeding: A Content Analysis of Major U.S. Newspapers” coauthored with Dr. Lionel Grady (Dept of Communication) and Holly Michaels (graduate student in dietetics at the University of Utah) in the Journal of the Utah Association of Family & Consumer Science (October 2009).

Dr. Chad L. Gasser presented “Considerations for Developing Replacement Beef Heifers” as part of The Cowman’s Reproduction Workshop hosted by USU Extension and UA Extension in Alton, UT (August 2009). Attendees included beef cattle ranchers from multiple counties of our region including Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. He also accepted an invitation to serve a two-year term as part of the Journal of Animal Science Editorial Board starting in August 2009. Also, with the help of faculty, staff, and students from the SUU Agriculture Program, he hosted the Western Section Academic Quadrathlon Contest for the American Society of Animal Science at SUU in April 2009. Student teams from USU, BYU-Idaho, UW, CSU, NMSU, and OSU traveled to SUU to participate in the contest. The contest consists of an oral group presentation, written exam, laboratory practicum, and quiz bowl. Dr. Cynthia Wright had two book reviews accepted for publication by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. She presented original research on household water storage at the annual meeting of the Society for Nutrition Education. As a result of that presentation, she was invited to present the same research at the opening meeting of the annual seminar series for students and faculty in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science at BYU.

Nursing Professor Donna Lister currently serves as the chairperson for the Clinical Coordination Committee for the Intermountain Southwest Region, which involves all teaching institutions who place students in Intermountain facilities. She also serves on the Utah Organization Nurse Leaders/Academic Leadership

Data Collection Committee to improve the accuracy and reliability of reports being submitted to the Utah Legislature and other healthcare interest. Professor Rebecca Rasmusson and Level Three nursing students presented health promotion teaching at multiple sites in the community, including “Balance Diet and Food Choices” to East Elementary students, “Proper Hand Washing” at elementary schools in Iron County, and “Avoiding Illness” to Utah National Guard members. Professor Aja James presented “Constructs and Character: Reality in the Rural World” at the National 2009 Air Medical Transport Conference in San Jose, CA (October 2009). Professor Alan Pearson and Level Three nursing students coordinated and served the community through a blood drive in October 2009, provided flu immunizations throughout Southern Utah and assisted the Iron County School nurses with vision and hearing screening. He and RN to BSN students spent a day serving health care needs at the World Senior Games (October 2009). He also supervised Level Three students in the provision of H1N1 and emergency preparedness at the Iron County Fair (September 2009). Professor Kevin Tipton is supervising Level Three nursing students and RN to BSN students who are working one on one with 48 elderly citizens in Southern Utah, providing assessment and assistance with health promotion in the senior citizens’ homes. He is also collaborating with nursing faculty and Ocean View Community College in Florida and Seattle Pacific University in Washington sharing his teaching technique in geriatrics through the “Well Elder Project.”

Professor Selwyn Layton serves on the Practice Committee at Valley View Medical Center, working to improve the quality of practice and patient care through the hospital.

Biology Dr. Helen Boswell’s book, My Fish Ate Your Fish: Can Evolution and Religion Play Nicely, a discussion of the historical and current tension between evolution and intelligent design, is due to be released in January 2010. Dr. Bonnie Bain Curator, Museum of Natural History co-published “Pycnogonid-Cnidarian Predator-Prey Relationships in the Deep Monterey Submarine Canyon” in Invertebrate Biology and a book chapter in, Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates, Third Edition along with Dr. Fred Govedich. Dr. Betsy Bancroft, co-published “Experimental Examination of the Effects of Ultraviolet-B Radiation in Combination with other Stressors in Frog Larvae” in Oecologia (2009) and “Influence of UltraViolet-B Radiation on Growth, Prevalence of Deformities, and Susceptibility to Predation in Cascades Frog (Rana cascadae) Larvae” in Hydrobiologia (2009). Dr. Fred Govedich presented “Parental Care and Sibling Rivalry in Glossiphoniid Leeches: A Perspective on the Evolution of Animal Behavior” at the 2008 International Leech Conference held at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. He also co-authored “Annelida, Hirudinea (Leeches)” in The Encyclopedia of Inland Waters (2009).

annus L., Asteraceae) Growth and Development,” co-authored with SUU undergraduate students Adam Weagle and H. Gaven Smith at the Botanical Society of America held in Snowbird, UT (July 2009). Also, she was an invited seminar speaker at Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD) where she presented results from field and molecular research that explored the ecology and evolution of clubmosses (Lycopodium). Dr. Rachel Smetanka, attended a conference in Niagara Falls, NY on behalf of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Commitee. It was designed for programs that are starting the process of getting PHS assurance and for programs going through facility review and inspection. As we are getting our first official animal care facility with the Gibson Science Center, it was a great way to start connecting with other animal care programs and the governing bodies of animal welfare in teaching and research. Professor John Taylor, an administrator of the The Voyager Program (new to SUU, 2009) aims to hit elementary schools in southern Utah with exciting scientific discovery. The Voyager has already kicked off the year as a centerpiece of SUU’s Earth Day Celebration. Hundreds of kids from 1-99 years of age explored with the science equipment that was displayed. The Voyager also spent a day at East Elementary in Iron County as part of the “Geology Rocks!” program. Fourth grade teachers used the Voyagers handheld digital microscopes to show over 100 students the differences in soil types and the magnificent geology found in southern Utah.

Dr. Terri Hildebrand, presented “The Affect of Solution pH on Plant (Helianthus


Theatre Arts &D Dance ance Dr. Christine Frezza’s production of Our Town was performed in the Auditorium (November 2009). It was entered into KC/ACTF as an Associate Production. The World Premiere of her song cycle, Animalia, was performed by Dr. Lawrence Johnson, accompanied by Professor Tracey Bradshaw as part of the Music Department’s Concert “Musical Menagerie” in Thorley Recital hall (October 2009). Professor Kay Andersen’s choreography Flavor of the Day performed by the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company was the audience favorite at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Salt Lake City and was chosen to become part of the company’s repertory for their ‘09-10 touring season. Professor Brian Swanson was interviewed by Livedesign for his innovative technical direction with the Yale Repertory Theatre. Professors Chien-Ying Wang and Paul C. Ocampo had a successful performance of their creative work Equanimity and received accolades from Roslyn Sulcas of the New York Times for their choreography and performance at the American Dance Guild Performance Festival. Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, New York City (September 2009). Professor Peter Sham’s LEND ME A TENOR: THE MUSICAL (for which he wrote the book & lyrics) is in preparation to celebrate its West End London premiere in the fall of 2010. It will undergo a workshop in London this March, begin rehearsals in late July and open for a three-


week out-of-town tryout at the Theatre Royal Plymouth before moving to the West End by mid-October. The production will be directed by ten-time Olivier Award nominee, Ian Talbot, with set & costume design by Paul Farnsworth, lighting design by Tony Award winning Mark Henderson (History Boys) and choreography by Tony and Olivier Award winning, Stephen Mear (Mary Poppins & The Little Mermaid). Professor T. Anthony Marotta worked this spring as Fight Director for the Utah Shakespearean Festival’s tour of Twelfth Night. He also developed puppets for the Department’s production of Wizard of Oz. This summer he studied corporeal mime at L’École de Mime in Montréal, Canada while developing and performing a new original mask and movement piece for the Montréal International Theater Festival. This fall Anthony choreographed broadsword and unarmed combat sequences for the Department’s Mainstage production of Macbeth in the Adam’s Memorial Theater. Director Michael Bahr and Professor Shauna Mendini presented and Professor Bill Byrnes moderated “A Shakespeare Competition: Engaging High School Students with Shakespeare in a Fun and Innovative Program” at the 46th Annual Conference of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans in Salt Lake City, UT (October 2009). Professor Shauna Mendini was elected as a member of the Committee on Nominations for the National Association of Schools of Dance, to serve through the end of the 2012 Annual Meeting. Professor Richard Bugg produced the 7th Season of the Neil Simon Festival in Cedar City (July-August 2009). The plays

included: Last of the Red Hot Lovers (in which Richard played the leading role), Harvey (in which Richard played a supporting role), and Biloxi Blues.

Music Dr. Lynn Vartan was a featured soloist for the 125th Anniversary Gala for the USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles (October 2009) along with other USC Alumni artists Marilyn Horne & film composer David Newman. She also hosted and performed in the 1st Satellite Salon Series Concert, Music Unwrapped & Masterclass held at SUU (September 2009), and recorded James Newton’s Mass for Chamber Ensemble in Los Angeles in August of 2009, for release early next year.

Arts Administration Bill Byrnes, Interim Associate Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies, gave three lectures while in China during his late October visit on behalf of SUU’s International Outreach program. In the city of Changsha, while on the campus of Hunan Normal University, he gave a lecture titled “Arts and Culture Overview of the United States.” In early November, Byrnes presented two lectures at Renmin University in Beijing, China. He expanded on his arts and culture presentation with a focus on arts management training programs in the United States and he also gave a lecture on “Strategic Planning in the Arts.” Renmin University is establishing an arts management program and has invited Byrnes to return to China to work with the faculty at the College of Art on developing curriculum for the new program.

Two new exciting developments have happened recently for SUU's international programs. We have recently signed a memorandum of understanding with SUU's first partner university in mainland China and have added a double degree program for MBA students. Following a visit of representatives from Hunan Normal University (HNU) in China, Interim Associate Provost Bill Byrnes, and Professors Keith Bradshaw and Xun Sun visited HNU in October to reciprocate the visit and begin exploring joint projects. One of the projects resulting from this trip will be the visit of two professors and four students from HNU to Cedar City in January. They will be workshopping with SUU's dance department during their visit. Following this exchange of visits, SUU and HNU signed a memorandum of understanding to develop joint projects and faculty exchanges between their performing arts program and SUU's College of Performing and Visual Arts. SUU recently finalized its second international double degree program, which will serve MBA students. Through this program, MBA students will study at SUU's partner university in Paris, France for seven weeks during the summer. At the completion of their studies at SUU and the program requirements, the students who participate in this program will earn an MBA from both institutions! The first group of students will study abroad this summer.

2009 NCHC Conference The SUU Honors Program sent four representatives to the 2009 National Collegiate Honors Council conference in Washington, DC, October 29-November 1. In addition to fulfilling their responsibilities on national committees Prof. Matt Nickerson (Honors Director) and Dr. Todd Petersen (English Dept.) also participated as panelists for the Master Film Class and presented a paper on their national outdoor program Partners in the Parks. They were joined at the conference by Paul Roelandt (Superintendent, Cedar Breaks National Monument) representing the National Park Service, and official sponsor and partner of the program. Two honors students also attended and participated in the conference. Brenna Hall represented the SUU Honors Student Council and served as a session moderator. Katie Heckenbach participated in the Master Dance Class and her individual piece was one of only four dance numbers selected for the evening Master Class Recital. Katie’s solo performance was based on a group piece she choreographed as part of an Honors contract and performed last spring in the SUU student dance recital.

TEDxSUU On December 3, 2009, the Honors Program hosted TEDxSUU in cooperation with TED is an international organization promoting great ideas and innovative solutions to pressing world problems. Their annual conferences draw some of the world’s greatest minds and important movers. Of the approximately 100 TEDx events hosted in the U.S. this year only a handful were held on university campuses and only the SUU event featured student speakers. Honors’ unique use of TED Talks in course curriculum has been praised by the organization and they are currently putting together a report and white paper that will feature the interdisciplinary pedagogy used by the SUU Honors Program and our TEDxSUU project.


Graduate Studies in Education Dr. Bruce Barker presented “Civil Rights Denied: The Japanese Internment at Topaz in World War II,” a three day workshop for elementary and secondary teachers sponsored by the Utah State Office of Education in Sandy, UT (June 2009). Dr. David Lund presented “Graduate Studies in Education” at the 2nd Annual Institutions of Higher Education Symposium of the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ (October 2009). Dr. Katy Herbold & Dr. Wei-Ying Hsiao published “Online Learning on Steroids: Combining Brain Research with Time Saving Techniques” in the proceedings book of the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education in Vancouver, B.C. Canada (2009), and “In-service Teachers’ Perspectives about Online Course Regarding Online Interactions and Online Group Presentation through Wimba” in the proceedings book of the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education in Vancouver, B.C. Canada (2009). Dr. Jim McCoy presented “Academic Success Stories from Lakeridge Junior High School,” at the IAIE World Conference in Rochester, NY (October 2009).

Teacher Education & Family Family Development Development Dr. Genell H. Harris published “Make K-12 Classroom Experiences Meaningful with Online Collaborative Learning Communities” in the Kappa Delta Pi Record


(2010). She also presented “Students Find Reasons for Learning through Online Collaborative Projects” at the Utah Rural Schools Annual Meeting in Cedar City, UT (2009). Dr. Nichole Wangsgard organized a free poster workshop session titled “Current Topics in the Education of Students with Disabilities,” for SUU staff, faculty, and students, as well as community members. Presentations were designed by SUU undergraduate students majoring in Special Education. Topics included: “The Impact of NCLB on Students with Disabilities,” “Who Pays for the Education of Special Education Students in Private Schools,” “Disciplining Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities,” “What Happens to Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities When They Turn 21,” and more. Also, she published “The 6th Component of Reading: An Exploration of the Role of Self-Efficacy in the Learning to Read Process” in Leaders of Learners (November 2009). Professor Peggy Wittwer, Director and a Project Coordinator for the SUU Cedar Mountain Science Center, and Cedar Breaks National Monument are pleased to offer a new outdoor education experience for youth. Through a National Park Foundation grant titled, First Bloom, fifty-five students from Iron County School District (grades four-six) have been selected to have a hands-on opportunity to connect to nature in a national park. The goals of First Bloom are to connect kids to the outdoors; bond children to national parks; have students organize and participate in native plantings that educate visitors and enhance their experience; and build the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and stewards.

Professor Rea Gubler presented “One Common Thread, Bread: Exploring Cultural Habits and Celebrations Through a Universal Form of Sustenance,” at the annual conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children in Washington, DC (2009). Carrie l. Trenholm presented the “artsFUSION: The Fine Art of Science” workshop for elementary teachers, “artsFUSION Drawing Workshops” with Dixon Leavitt for teachers of all grade levels in Iron County, and “artsFUSION Hispanic Dance and Culture” Workshops with Monica Gomez Rogerson for teachers and students, both elementary and high schools. Dr. Prent Klag presented “Ten Things I Learned from Disneyland,” at the IAIE World Conference in Rochester, NY (October 2009). Professor Karen Houser & Dr. Wei-Ying Hsiao presented “Enhancing the Early Childhood eLearning Experience: Literacy and Literature in the Preschool Setting,” at the E-LEARN World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education in Vancouver, B.C. Canada (2009).

Physical Education & Human Performance Dr. Julie Taylor worked with students from the Physical Education: Exercise Science program to conduct Body Age Assessments for athletes who participated in the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, UT (October 9-16). Body age assessments use health and fitness measures to estimate a person’s body

age compared to their chronological age. This is part of an ongoing Body Age Project, now in its fourth year. Professor Ben Davidson supervised 16 Athletic Training majors in providing athletic training services to Huntsman World Senior Games athletes in 3 on 3 basketball, softball, and volleyball (October 2009). Dr. Jean Lopour’s PE 3090 Adaptive PE class hosted a Special Rodeo for the elementary and middle school special students of Iron County. Twenty-five special cowboys and cowgirls participated in stick-horse barrel racing, dummy steer roping, bucking bale riding, horseback riding, and horseshoe pitching. Jolley’s Ranchwear in Cedar City provided red or blue bandanas for each special ro-

LIB 8%

deo participant. She also attended two Thorp Institute trainings regarding the use of the Electro Acuscope and Electro Myopulse modalities. The use of these therapies helps the body to heal itself after an accident or chronic condition. Dr. Lopour will become a certified technician after 500 hours of training. Dr. Rick Lambson won three medals at the Huntsman World Senior Games in October, including a gold in the basketball hotshot contest, silver in the golf long drive competition, and a silver in the pickleball singles action. He also won ten medals (four gold and six silver) in the 2009 Utah Summer Games this past June. Dr. Lambson said, “Sometimes it’s important for our students to see that we can ‘Walk the Talk’ and you have to do it when you’re able. This has been one

In April and September, the Provost Faculty Development Grant awarded $41,545 to applicants. These grants were used for research and travel from date----date. The awards for these rounds are shown below:

CIET 10% EDU 19%

BUS 4%

PVA 3%

HSS 38% SCI 18%

way to show our students that physical activity is a life-long pursuit and adds a positive dimension to the quality and enjoyment of life.”

Business CIET Education HSS Library PVA Science

$1,885 $4,122 $7,831 $15,999 $3,211 $1,062 $7,435

A complete list of all grants, by college/school and by faculty can be viewed on the Provost’s Website.

The deadline for the next round is Thursday, January 14, 2010 by 5:00pm. Travel dates for this round must fall between April 1 and September 30, 2010. For more information on the Provost Faculty Development Grant, visit the Provost website at 15

T-Bird Texts

Dr. John Eye presented “Interpretations of Copyright Law: Removing Barriers Through Education” at the American Association of School Librarians 14th National Conference and Exhibition in Charlotte, NC (2009). Professor Scott Lanning, with co-author John Bryner, published the second edition of Essential Reference Services for Today’s School Media Specialists (2009). Professor Janet Seegmiller, Special Collections Librarian, edited two books which were published by the SUU Press in 2009, I Would to God: A Personal History of Isaac Haight, a manuscript written in the 1960s by Haight’s granddaughter Caroline Parry Woolley, and Outstanding Wonder: Zion’s Cable Mountain Draw Works, which tells the history of Cable Mountain in Zion National Park; republished for the Zion Park Centennial celebration. She also presented a paper in the Fern and J.L. Crawford Lecture Series on “Zion National Park: A View from the SUU Archives” at the Zion Canyon Field Institute (October 2009). Dr. Ralph Lamar Turner presented “The ‘Post’ Men Always Ring Twice: The Demise of the Femme Fatale in Post Second Wave Feminist Hollywood?” at the Midwest Popular Culture Association and Midwest American Culture Association Annual Conference in Detroit, MI (2009).


The Sherratt Library, SUUSA, and the SUU Bookstore are teaming-up to provide copies of textbooks to students. Each of these entities has allocated funding that will be used to purchase a single copy of selected required course materials (texts, videos, etc.). Items purchased will be available for 2-hour, in-library use. The goals of the project are to provide access to course materials to as many students as possible, to assist students who are unable to afford course materials, and to make course materials available to students who cannot purchase items because the SUU Bookstore supply has run-out. Materials from all subjects and for all classes will be considered for purchase; however courses with significant number of enrolled students, General Education courses, and introductory level courses (1000 & 1010 level) will be given highest priority. The Sherratt Library also encourages faculty members who have extra copies of their course textbook to donate these to the T-Bird Texts collection as funding for the project is limited. Contact Phil Roché for answers to questions or with suggestions. T-Bird Texts will be up-n-running beginning Spring Semester 2010!

I N A U G U R A L G A L A F O R T H E L I B R A R Y W A S A G R E AT S U C C E S S ! ! The Friends of the SUU Library sponsored the inaugural Gala at the Sherratt Library on October 9th. Over 150 guests enjoyed an evening of music, food, exhibits, presentations spotlighting faculty scholarship and camaraderie. The theme “An Evening with Friends” turned out to be appropriate as people gathered from all over Southern Utah and a few from other states. The Friends Advisory Board hosted this successful event, and as a result the Sherratt Library has over 70 new Friends. Board member Gerald Sherratt chaired the Planning Committee with John Eye, Vik Brown and Sheri Butler coordinating the events. Special guests included Homer S. Jones and Max R. Bonzo, local photographers who between them documented southern Utah history through their photographs from 1940-2009. Both have donated their collections of photographs and negatives to the SUU Library Archives. Max Bonzo's collection of vintage cameras was displayed on the first level of the Library as well as the Zion Centennial Photographs. This exhibit, curated by Jeremias Paul, Janet Seegmiller, Paula Mitchell and Reece Summers, featured photographs from SUU Special Collections. Art in Rock Art, an exhibit on loan from the Utah Arts Council, was displayed on the third level. Three unique collections from Special Collections were spotlighted: the Howard R. Driggs Collection, the Michael O. Leavitt Collection and the Barbara Treahey Matheson Collection of Books By, For and About Women. SUU faculty authors Ralph Turner, Jon Smith, Jim Aton, Dezhi Wu, Wynne Summers and Richard Cozzens were spotlighted on the third floor with their recently published books. Professors Aton and Summers gave readings from their recent books. English Professor Danielle Dubrasky and four of her students Amanda Utzman, Samantha Gay, Megan Woodard, and Josh Huntsman presented a poetry reading titled "Poetry and Landscape". Communication Professor Jon Smith discussed and showed portions of four documentaries that he has produced. Music filled the air throughout the library. Professor Xun Sun coordinated the musical activities which included piano music provided by SUU students, the SUU String Ensemble, directed by Professor Sun and the SUU Jazz Ensemble directed by Professor Thomas Herb. The excellent food provided by Chartwell’s Food Service was served on every floor, with the main course on the second floor in the Huntsman Reading Room. Plans are already underway for the Gala next fall and increased faculty participation is encouraged.


The Academic Planning Steering Committee (APSC) serves as an advisory committee to the Provost on academic planning matters relative to creating an Academic Road Map for 2010-2013. It serves as the "umbrella" academic planning body for this campus, and collects and reviews the information from the various Focus Groups and ad hoc committees as assigned by the APSC and Provost. The APSC's work plays a significant role in helping chart the future academic course for SUU and assist the Provost with advice and recommendations for change based on the committee's assessments. The sponsor of this Committee is the Provost of the University. The empowerment limits of the committee are to review and recommend initiatives to the Provost, Associate Provost, the Deans, and appropriate related working units and standing committees. The Academic Road Map should be ready for distribution by January 25, 2010. The Academic Road Map should be easily articulated, concise and useable. Various duties of the APSC include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Analyze the organizational environmental scans and local planning sessions carried out by the Provost; Identify significant issues and gaps currently facing Academic Affairs; Assist in developing guiding values and principles to assist with prioritization; Assist in drafting a guiding mission and vision for Academic Affairs; Commission and review the work of the Focus Groups with special attention to consistency with the Academic Vision, Mission, and Goals; 6. Assist in drafting a 3 year plan identifying strategic objectives and concomitant objectives, action plans, tactical strategies, budgetary requirements and sequencing; 7. Identify standards of performance to measurement and; 8. Propose a system of evaluation. VOTING MEMBERSHIP (12): Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (co-chair) Member of Faculty (co-chair) Representation: 1. Six representatives, one from each of the six colleges 2. One representative from the Library 3. One representative from Continuing & Professional Studies 4. The Faculty Senate President 5. Student: The SUUSA VP for Academic Affairs, or as recommended by the Student Body President Plus Staff Support: Academic Budgeting and Institutional Research, Administrative Assistant to the Provost PROCEDURES: The APSC will meet as necessary. All members will have voting privileges. The committee publishes minutes of meetings (available on the Provost’s website), to be distributed to members of the campus community as requested or needed.


Academic Planning Steering Committee Update The creation of the SUU Academic Road Map for 20102013 is moving ahead through the commitment and collaboration of numerous faculty, staff, and students. Planning is definitely a team effort and we have the people in place to meet the challenges SUU will face. The fourteen members of the Academic Planning Steering Committee (APSC) have been hard at work interpreting the SWOT results and formulating direction for the five Focus Groups that made up of over 55 faculty and staff. Each Focus Group has been meeting and discussing topics such as faculty salary equity and workload, faculty development, interdisciplinarity, and online education. The Focus Groups are working on creating “White Papers” that summarize the keys issues we face as we go forward in developing and implementing the Academic Road Map. Thank you to my co-chair Gerry Calvasina, and to all the members of the APSC for their hard work to date. There is still much to do as we begin to draft a plan. An important part of the road map includes sharing our process and progress. Please check the web page we have created for the APSC that is linked off the Provost’s Office website. You will find meeting minutes and updates on the work of the committee at http://www.suu. edu/academics/provost/APSC.html. As the planning process moves ahead, we anticipate additional feedback meetings will be held with the campus community and academic units in January.

Strengths Small class size Individual attention Location Community kinship Caring faculty Size of university Beautiful facilities Collegial Prepared graduates F/T faculty teaching Excellent value


51% 46% 44% 41% 38% 36% 33% 33%

Weaknesses Workload

63% 50%


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the APSC and its work. My e-mail address is and my phone number is 586-7703. Thank you and have a great spring semester. Bill Byrnes


Lack of resources 32% 29%

Lack of faculty/staff Remote location


Lack of clear identity Communication Faculty retention Growing class sizes Faculty development

21% 21% 21% 21% 21%

Evaluation system

Opportunities 47%

Marketing/branding Harness location


Define ourselves


Service learning


Bond w/ community 25%

Study Abroad




Feedback and input from faculty, staff, and students is critical to the process of making a road map that reflects where we are and options for us as we consider where we want to be. We want a map that is clear, easy to read, and that we can all follow as we continue to chart a course for SUU into the next decade. As Provost Cook has said, these are exciting times to be at SUU and part of that excitement comes from the opportunity we all have to help shape our future.

82% 82%

Experiential learning

19% 19%

Online programs



Threats Other universities Political clout Resources Unmanaged growth Erractic economy Employee retention Budget cuts Enrollment Online colleges Lack of student jobs Lack of scholarships




41% 34% 19% 19% 19% 16%




New Service & Learning Center Open at SUU

2010 Service-Learning Fellows Applications Invited

With an Open House and ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 23, 2009, SUU’s new Service & Learning Center opened officially at 185

All instructors at SUU who employ the pedagogy of service-learning

South 300 West. Located across from the site of the forthcoming Gib-

are invited to apply this semester for the fourth annual round of Ser-

son Science Center, the Center is housed in a bungalow that offers five

vice-Learning Fellows. These awards recognize “engaged educators

times more space than the previous office in the Sharwan Smith Cen-

who practice service-learning in an effective manner,” and each recipi-

ter. Besides housing an attractive reception area, meeting room, and

ent receives an honorarium of $750 and a handsome commemorative

kitchen facilities, the building provides office space for Pam Branin,

plaque awarded during the annual Faculty-Student Scholarship Day.

Campus Service Director; Lacie Jo Robinson, Administrative Assistant;

Application materials are at our website.

Earl Mulderink, Faculty Coordinator of Civic Engagement; and work space for thirty student service leaders. During Fall 2009, hundreds of

Application to President’s Higher Education

students visited the Center, as did numerous community partners, fac-

Community Service Honor Roll

ulty, and staff. Special credit goes to the University Housing for securing the facility, to SUUSA for underwriting maintenance costs, and to

For the first time, Southern Utah University has applied for the Presi-

Jacobsen Construction for timely renovations. Please note new phone

dent’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. Established in

numbers: Service & Learning Center, 586-8864; FAX 586-8972; Pam Bra-

2006 and sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community

nin, 586-5596; Earl Mulderink, 586-2723.

Service, this program recognizes colleges and universities that support innovative and effective community service and service-learning pro-

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement at SUU

grams. More information is found at programs/higher_ed_honorroll.asp. Pam Branin and Earl Mulderink

Everyone is encouraged to visit our web site for service-learning in-

collaborated on SUU’s application by documenting the many campus

formation at

Faculty are especially en-

programs that fulfill the application criteria. Although we will not learn

couraged to explore our site for teaching resources and to consider

about the success of our institutional application until February 2010,

applying for “service-learning” designated courses. Full details about

we were able to document more than 40,000 hours of community ser-

the criteria and application process are found online at

vice by SUU students between July 2008 and June 2009!

serve&learn/course-designation-app.html. Other questions and comments can be directed to Earl Mulderink or to other committee mem-

Western Region Campus Compact Faculty Survey

bers, whose contact information is also online. Southern Utah University was one of 47 campuses (three from Utah)

Faculty Service-Learning Committee

that participated in a first-of-its-kind online survey of faculty across the Western United States regarding their use of service-learning and

During Fall 2009, the Faculty Service-Learning Committee enjoyed vis-

community-based research. All together, more than 2,500 faculty re-

its from several special guests during their monthly meetings. Provost

sponded, and the top three community issues addressed in service-

Brad Cook met with committee members in October to discuss op-

learning courses are education/literacy, cultural awareness, and the

portunities for service-learning and civic engagement at SUU. In mid-

environment. Faculty reported that they chose the pedagogy of ser-

November, the new Executive Director of the Utah Campus Compact,

vice-learning primarily to improve student learning, prepare students

Betsy Ward, visited campus and met with the committee in November.

for lifelong community engagement, and to create a richer classroom

The committee continued its oversight of service-learning courses and

environment. As defined by the survey, service-learning engages stu-

faculty development initiatives, which are detailed at our web site.

dents in community service activities with intentional academic learn-

Working with a reduced budget for 2009-2010, the Committee reaf-

ing goals and opportunities for critical self-reflection that connect to

firmed its commitment to assisting, encouraging, and recognizing ser-

their academic disciplines. View the survey report at the Washington

vice-learning endeavors by sustaining the Fellows program as follows.

Campus Compact web site: fes.shtml


SUU Academic Affairs - January 2010, Volume 7, Issue 2  

The January 2010 issue of SUU Academic Affairs.