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Alumni Relations, Student Involvement

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also inspiration for an exciting new tradition beginning this fall. The trail, a 27.5-mile route near Brian Head blazed in the winter of 189798 through blizzard-like conditions, is a reminder of the sacrifices of our founders and the determination of an entire community, embodied in Old Sorrel, the horse which plowed through shoulder-high snow to deliver townsmen and lumber back to Cedar City to meet an impossibly tight stateimposed schoolhouse construction deadline. There






understand the harrowing sacrifice of the University's founders than to walk the very path they forged, and students

Leadership, Orientation


the Harry Reid Center for Outdoor Engagement, students and others will have a firsthand opportunity to learn of the heroic expedition that saved the school—a unique legacy that continues to drive the University's success. Briget Eastep, director of the Reid Center, said, “I hope these efforts will give students and alumni a sense of place and knowledge of local history, giving them a greater sense of pride in SUU, and a clear vision of the environment and natural resources SUU is built upon.”

integral in the creation of SUU,” she said. And,




Horlacher is likewise enthused about the project. “The Old Sorrel Trail represents a great sacrifice on the part of many people who wanted to make education possible in southern Utah. We’re excited to help promote the trail to students as an important part of their SUU Experience. Alumni who may wish to take part in this undertaking are urged to contact the Alumni Relations Office at 435-586-7777 or email

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SUU In View - Fall 2012  

The Fall 2012 issue of Southern Utah University’s alumni magazine.

SUU In View - Fall 2012  

The Fall 2012 issue of Southern Utah University’s alumni magazine.