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The hypothesis, then, is that students will internalize the things they are leaning by connecting individual




together for broader understanding in all subject matter. “We need to up the ante on how kids learn, think and process. Not what they learn.” To be clear, STEAM does not alter the state’s core standards and curriculum. It simply addresses the vehicle through which children are learning the reading, writing, arithmetic—as




engineering, technology and arts— intensive

way of aides and parent volunteers;

in-service at North. According to

it’s quite another to have a mass of

North Elementary Principal Ray

highly qualified and experienced

Whittier (’88), this partnership

individuals all working in your




that comprise a public elementary

is “the only way” North could


successfully implement such large

Both approaches, STEAM as well

scale and lasting changes.

corner and ready to help.” Looking ahead to the school year, Whittier expects immediate and

as the traditional public school

Explains Whittier, “Our teachers

noticeable changes for the better.

structure, work. Says Hill, “Learning

are excited and have so many great

“There will be a palpable difference

happens either way, but the key is

ideas, but we are going to have

between our school and others. We

HOW it happens. Do we want to

to safeguard against burnout. The

want parents to go into the classroom

make our kids great at memorizing,

difference between what they have

at any moment of the day and see

or do we want to teach them how to

been doing as standard public school

that there is a lot of new things—

use the things they are learning?”

teachers and what they will now be

really great learning—going on.”

To aid North’s teaching staff as they

doing with STEAM is really quite

Says Whittier, “I know there are

overhaul activities and methodology,

substantial—it’s a lot of work, a

a lot of people waiting in the wings

SUU’s education faculty will provide

whole new way of handling the

this first year, waiting to see how



school day, and we couldn’t do it

it all goes. We are ready to go. We

with North’s teachers to structure

without the extra hands on deck we

know we need to go into this year

learning units and draw upon the

gain through this partnership with

and be amazing, and my teachers

topic-specific expertise of faculty


are excited and ready to do just that.”


across disciplines. SUU faculty will

Whittier continues, “It’s one thing

also oversee the education students

to have extra help in the classroom by



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