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P O W E R E D From the moment you walk

Adams has placed her students in

they will return to school tomorrow

into Tricia Adams’ (’05) fourth

the action packed imaginary land

in great anticipation of another day’s

grade classroom, you can see that

of world-traveling pirates, and her

adventures. In the final weeks of the

something is different. For starters, it

students are certainly in for an

school year, with summer on the

is louder than usual for a classroom

adventure as they draw upon a year’s

brain and in the air, these kids come

of 28 nine-year-olds, and you expect

worth of studies in history, science,

to school still as excited to learn as

the seasoned teacher will step in at

geography, math, reading and even

they were on the first day of school.

any moment to call the kids sitting

art to continue on in their pirate

For Adams and the 20 other teachers

atop their desks and others sprawled

journey. Today, the students must

who comprise North Elementary’s

across the floor back to order.

crack a secret pirate code of both

teaching staff, this is the start of

But once you get past the seeming

math and spelling that will reveal

something good as they begin to

disarray, you realize: the chatter

their next seafaring destination, and

integrate a new style of teaching into

is actually all course related, and

every student is happy and eager to

their classrooms in preparation for

the small groups of children aren’t

be "working."

the 2012-13 school year when North

playing, they’re collaborating. Mrs.



What’s more, explains Adams,

will reopen its doors as the new

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