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NATIONAL CHAMPION! Cam Levins takes NCAA 5K & 10K


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WELL DONE This edition of SUU In View is the first for 1,746 new alumni, and we welcome these new members into a grand community of some 40,000 who have had their lives forever enriched here. If you are among those who graduated in May, or another May, or at any other time, you are part of a storied heritage born of men and women who fervently valued higher education. Like those pioneers, you dedicated yourself to a treasured goal and succeeded. You may have graduated as a BAC or CSU Bronco or a Thunderbird from CSU, SUSC or SUU, but whatever the year you represent, you are part of a select lineage and the University embraces you as an important part of its ongoing commitment to excellence. On September 27, 28 and 29, new alumni will have their first opportunity to participate as graduates in the timehonored pageantry of Homecoming. It will be an opportunity to renew friendships, reignite memories and celebrate all that this institution has meant in our lives. To all alumni: We earnestly hope to see you back on campus to join us in a weekend of being True to SUU.


Thunder in the Big Sky PAGES 4-5

Exciting new developments as SUU joins the Big Sky Conference

The Long Road to the Top PAGES 6-7

SUU runner Cameron Levins wins the NCAA 5K and 10K championships and qualifies for the Summer Olympics

A Born Leader PAGE 8

T-Bird Tally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Honors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Alumni Awards

SUU names Nick Robinson Head Coach for Men's Basketball

Soaring Higher . . . . . . . . . 26-27

Career Mentoring PAGE 9

Focus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-29

Career Mentoring Network brings Thunderbirds to New York City

Class Notes. . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31

STEAM Powered PAGES 10-12 SUU partners with local elementary schools to emphasize

Our Generous Donors. . . . 33-38

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

We Will Remember. . . . . . . . . 39

The Future is Now PAGES 22-25 Science students are reaping immediate benefits from the Campaign for SUU


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Old & New

PAGE 20-21

An aged Whippet and Old Sorrel Trail brought back to life as two old treasures become SUU's newest traditions.

Homecoming 2012 PAGES 14-21 Why Thor is unique, a new campus celebration for all, and more activities

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Left: President Michael T. Benson and his son, Truman, ride in style with SUU's restored 1928 Whippet in the Homecoming Parade. Cover: Cam Levins crosses the finish line, winning

than you can cram into one weekend.

the Men's 5000m NCAA National Champi-

Mark your calendar for SUU

Drake University Athletics.

onship. Photo by Chris Donahue, courtesy

Homecoming 2012, September 27-29.

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


In fact, as members of the Big Sky, SUU and Weber State now represnt the only two institutions in Utah that are direct rivals through conference affiliation. Both institutions are working with sponsors to develop a rivalry series that will be exciting for

“It’s here!” “We’re ready, and it’s here,” affirms SUU Athletic Director Ken Beazer. On July 1, two decades of work and progress and undeniable strides across campus came to fruition when SUU officially joined the Big Sky Athletic Conference—a new era for Thunderbird Athletics and SUU fans everywhere. And though his eyes hint at excitement, Beazer is all business as he plunges into a discussion about the University’s much-anticipated move. He knows, perhaps more than anyone else, that the work has only just begun. “This has been our goal for 20 years, but rather than sit back and enjoy it, now we really just need to adjust our target.” While much of that work falls on the University’s athletic program, Thunderbird alumni and fans hold an important stake in SUU’s success in the Big Sky. According to Beazer “There will be much more to see now that we’ll be playing in the West and against teams that our fans know and can invest in a similar sense of rivalry and competition.”



fans throughout the state. Location truly is everything, and conference play against teams that are closer to home will make for a much more exciting game day environment.




teams will now play in some of the nation’s most

stadiums, wrought with generations of superfans who would rather die miss






span from Arizona to Montana and California to North Dakota, and with a sharp increase

in televised games (The Big Sky has contracted with DIRECTV Sports Networks to broadcast all its football games.), SUU’s new alignment with the Big Sky offers little excuse for SUU alumni—the bulk of whom still reside in the West—to miss the Thunderbirds in action. In terms of fan support, the loudest, largest crowd always wins, and SUU's fans will have to up their game to match the opponent's fervor. “It’s



never experienced that kind of fanatical following.” “We have enhanced the product—what’s going on on the field, what’s going on on the court. We have enhanced it by our own team’s caliber of play and also by bringing in these great opponents. Our fans can expect to see really exciting play." “I would hope,” continues Beazer, “that our fans will pay a little more attention to what is going on moving forward. When there is a game, it should be a must-see game rather than an ‘if I have time’ game.” Given the fervor of the competitors’ boosters, the high level of play within the Big Sky, and Thunderbird Athletics’ own recent successes, there is little reason to stay away and many reasons to join in the action. For their part, SUU’s coaches and athletes have been hard at workpreparing for the highest level of play SUU has ever seen. And though the T-Birds may at first glance appear to be underdogs, Beazer is confident when he says, “We are ready.” In this first year, Beazer boldly defines success for SUU’s teams as being competitive in the upper echelon of the conference. In fact, says Beazer, “Most if not all of our sports have a real chance to win.”

“Our fans are going to walk in and go, ‘Wow, this is different. This is big time’.”



stadiums. “Many of our fans have



anything our fans have seen,” says Beazer, as he describes the thunderous crowds in most Big Sky

TIME TO UP OUR GAME Beyond the scoreboard and higher energy crowds, fans will also be impressed with SUU’s game management in terms of the fan experience moving forward. Says Beazer, “Our fans are going to walk in and go, ‘Wow, this is different. This is big time’.” Game management changes include enhanced programming for burgeoning in-conference rivalries— SUU has two close competitors in Northern Arizona and Weber State—changes in the season ticketing structure, broader and more accessible concessions and increased home game broadcasting that, according to Beazer, “really gives us a chance to showcase SUU and our community and fans.” Again and again, talks of SUU’s prospects in the Big Sky turn back to the alumni, boosters and students who fill our stadiums. “Just being in the Big Sky conference, there is a tendency to go ‘Wow, we’ve arrived’,” says Beazer. “We haven’t arrived. We’re in the gate, and now it’s up to us to move forward—it’s up to me, it’s up to our coaches, it’s up to our student athletes and it’s up to our fans.” It's up to the fans. You, our alumni, hold an important stake in SUU's success in the Big Sky, according to Beazer and Mindy Benson (’94), executive director of SUU Alumni Relations.

Benson's plea to all SUU alumni: "SUU will finally play in your neck of the woods, and we need you to suit up in your Thunderbird red and be a strong presence in the stands. Attend the tailgates, get your family involved. Be loud and proud, and let's show our opponents what thunder in the Big Sky is all about."

Get the best seats in the house... Join the Thunderbird Club SUUTBIRDCLUB.COM or call 435.865.8385





150 miles per week leads senior runner to NCAA 5K and 10K national championships and London Olympics If you’ve lived in Cedar City

very ordinary 14:58 5000m who

over the past five years, you’ve

looked much the same as everyone

likely crossed Cameron Levins’

else in the Thunderbirds’ incoming

(’12) path; in a town that is just

freshman squad. He has since

20.1 square miles, there’s not a

shaved a remarkable two-and-a-

road the SUU Track and Field

half minutes off his 5K and, at

distance runner hasn’t traveled.

press time, had passed through the




London Olympic preliminaries to

observer may not know, however,

qualify for the 5000m medal race.

as they drive past the wiry

Of his turning point, Levins

roadside runner in the SUU

guesses, “I wasn’t much better

singlet, is that they are witness

than any other recruit. But I came

to something spectacular. For in

from such a small area with no

those runs from one end of town

one to train with; once I got to

to the other that combine to more

SUU and started working with the

than 150 miles per week, is the

team, I just started improving.”

making of a champion unlike

When asked about his own

any Southern Utah University has

hopes for Levins in those early

ever seen.

years, SUU Track and Field Coach

In July—shortly after racing to national championship standing

Class of 2012: Cam received his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Human Performance in May.

in the men’s 5K and 10K, bringing SUU its first two Division I NCAA National Championship

Eric Houle (’81) simply laughs, “I thought, ‘OK, he could be an all conference guy, and maybe he

could qualify for nationals…”

titles in any sport—Levins left Cedar City for the United

Houle trails off, glancing at his stopwatch as Levins—

Kingdom, on roster to compete for his home country

best known for his breakneck finishing times—whirs past,

of Canada in the Men’s 10,000m and 5000m races in

completing the fifth of 16 400m sprints on the agenda for

the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. Though many of his

the morning’s training. “Good,” Houle half smiles and then

most Herculean accomplishments lie in wait, yet to be

resumes, “There was no way to know what was to come.”

determined in an international arena, it would appear

He continues, “What I did know, and this is exactly the

Levins and his superhuman stamina are right on track. Looking ahead, beyond the NCAA championships and

reason I went after him in the first place, is that he was a hard worker and that he really, really cared.”

the London Olympics, Levins now goes professional with

From humble beginnings, Levins has taken the running

plans to race on the European Circuit and has signed a

world by storm with Olympic "A" standard times of

long-term, very lucrative contract with Nike.

13:18.47 in the 5000m (a personal best he then surpassed

Just a few years ago, however, as a college freshman who

with the 13:18.29 Olympic qualifier finish) and 27:27.96 in

was not actively recruited by any college but sought out

the 10,000m, the year's fastest "non-African" time for the

SUU through an online inquiry form, Levins’ aim was much

distance and Canada's second fastest time in history. But

simpler: “I just wanted to qualify to compete in each meet.”

you wouldn’t know it by talking to him.

It is obvious the 23-year-old runner has come a long way

Cam, as he is better known, has little interest

since he first left Black Creek, B.C., an 18-year-old with a

in talking about himself and while he appreciates








Levins, taking the lead in the last lap of the NCAA championships 10,000 meter race.

the recognition, he’d, quite simply,

to dream about what you could do, I

improving, though his performance

can’t do anything for you. But if you

thus far has certainly upped the ante.

can imagine great things and move

"I don't think success in the 2012

toward it, if you can actually see and

Games is impossible—a top ten

appreciate that ‘I am better today

performance would be pretty cool."

than I was yesterday,’ and if you can

Levins finished 11th in the 10,000m

work with no regrets, now you’re

finals; the 5,000m is considered

going somewhere. Cam gets that.”

his stronger race of the two and,

This is evident in Levins' plan

according to Houle who is in London

of attack for the Olympics: "I don't

with his star athlete, Levins

So Houle does the pontificating

necessarily feel like 2012 is my

go into the 5K finals confident and

for him: “Where he’s running right

time to medal­ . If it does, fantastic,

ready to run with the very best.

now—number one in the country

but either way it's time to go out

From Black Creek to Cedar City to

in the ten and the five, with

there and do my absolute best." He

a hopeful top 10 finish in London—

unprecedented performances back to

continues, "I want to get used to the

impressive strides for someone who

back—Cam will be spoken about for

Olympic atmosphere and get ready

"wasn't much better than anyone

years to come and will influence the

for 2016, when I'm really gonna be

else" just four years ago. Southern

way we train distance runners from


Utah University is excited to witness

rather be running.



Cam's pace as he moves forward, a

And that, explains Houle, is

runners generally peak at 32 years-

Thunderbird alumnus and world-

exactly what Levins has brought to

old, which means Levins may have

class athlete on the rise.

SUU Track and Field.

a decade of great racing left to run.

here on out.”

“As a coach, if you’re not willing




At press time, days away from his second Olympic medal race, Levins is excited about the long road yet ahead and eager to continue working and

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


A BORN LEADER Nick Robinson brings a championship mentality to his first head coaching position SUU’s new men’s basketball coach,

one another for a while. I stood back

entire career, from high school to

Nick Robinson, is well known for

and watched, and I thought, ‘this is

college, as a player as well as an

his buzzer-beating three-point shot

our guy’.”

assistant coach. I feel like I have

in a late season game that kept his





a good idea of what it takes to

Stanford Cardinal in the running

moment, I could see what has now

win. We are going to put the work

for their ultimate No. 1 national

been confirmed in the months since:

in day in and day out to build

ranking and Pac-10 championship.

Coach Robinson is a born leader.

championship habits."

In this, he proved a tenacious and

Everyone I have talked to who knows

He continues, “I really want our

yet composed demeanor that would

of him has said that Nick Robinson is

student-athletes now to see the

serve him well far beyond his years

a big time coach in the making. He

significance in what we are doing.

as a college hoopster.

just has that natural, inherent ability

We are going to work hard. We are

to inspire people and to take them in

going to finish everything we start,

the right direction.”

regardless of what the score says at

Now in his first go-round as an NCAA head coach, and with that particular storybook ending long

As to that direction, the new

the end. And we are going to do our

behind him, Robinson’s composure

guy’s aim is rooted in tradition. “We

very best not just for future teams



want to be able to have a basketball

and players, but also for every former

determination is no less obvious,

program, not just teams on a year-

player, coach, manager—everybody

and it is that confident tenacity

by-year basis, one up, one down. We

that has been a part of building the

that distinguished the young coach

want to find players and students

Thunderbird program."

among a pool of very qualified,

who want to compete at a really high

He adds, "I want to make everyone

very exciting candidates for SUU’s

level, and we’re gonna try to build

who has ever been a part of the

head coach appointment, according

and mold a team that is willing to

basketball program proud.”

to Athletic Director Ken Beazer.

put in the work to compete in the







Robinson was on campus for his interview, there was a definite game

upper half of the conference year in and year out.” He continues, “I want to

winning, buzzer beating moment.

build a program with

The players were lifting in the weight

a championship

room so we took Coach by to meet

mentality. I have

them, and to see the way our student

been fortunate

athletes responded to him—it was

to be around

amazing, he was like a magnet. They


all got along as if they had known

programs my



c a r ee r men to r ing

An exciting new program designed to improve the prospects for graduates of Southern Utah University has blossomed forth in the form of the SUU Career Mentoring Network.

Left to right: Deanna Dillard, Logan Bunker, Ammon Jacobsmeyer ('11), Tyler Ellet, Charlie McCrady ('12), Business Advisor Paula Alger ('87), Career Coordinator Megen Ralphs, Ty Jewkes ('09), Economics & Finance Professor Joe Baker, Jessica Wilde and Simon Saw ('12).

A recent SUU Career Mentoring Network highlight was a trip to New York to provide Finance/Economics

All students indicated they were eager to become mentors themselves in the future.

and MBA students the opportunity to visit corporations,

The Career Mentoring Network seeks alumni to

see their operations and learn what they do. By seeing

provide students with advice, experience and direction

first-hand the success of SUU alumni, students get a

as they explore career options. Mentors can aid in many

better feel for their own prospects, said Megen Ralphs,

ways, including hosting students who may be traveling

the University’s coordinator of career and professional

for job or graduate school interviews in the mentor's


home area.

The event was a coordinated effort between the

The benefits of serving as a mentor are many,

Career & Professional Development Center, the School

and include satisfaction in knowing you helped a

of Business, and Alumni Relations. Accompanying the

student select a career path; seeing students reach

eight students on the May trip were Ralphs, School

their potential through one-on-one connections; having

of Business Advisor Paula Alger (’87), Professor of

a chance to help students connect their classroom

Managerial Economics Joe Baker and Ron Cardon

education to the real-world of work; a sense of pride

(’96), associate director of alumni relations.

in knowing you are advancing SUU and giving back to

Judging from response cards from participating

the institution.

students, the trip was a great success. One student

To register, go to, or

responded, “Every successful person we spoke with

for more information, contact SUU's Career Café

got where they are because of very hard work and

at 435-865-8784 or the Alumni Relations Office at

networking. I understand that going to SUU, a smaller


university, should not/does not limit me from pursuing any careers in the business world outside of Utah.”

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


P O W E R E D From the moment you walk

Adams has placed her students in

they will return to school tomorrow

into Tricia Adams’ (’05) fourth

the action packed imaginary land

in great anticipation of another day’s

grade classroom, you can see that

of world-traveling pirates, and her

adventures. In the final weeks of the

something is different. For starters, it

students are certainly in for an

school year, with summer on the

is louder than usual for a classroom

adventure as they draw upon a year’s

brain and in the air, these kids come

of 28 nine-year-olds, and you expect

worth of studies in history, science,

to school still as excited to learn as

the seasoned teacher will step in at

geography, math, reading and even

they were on the first day of school.

any moment to call the kids sitting

art to continue on in their pirate

For Adams and the 20 other teachers

atop their desks and others sprawled

journey. Today, the students must

who comprise North Elementary’s

across the floor back to order.

crack a secret pirate code of both

teaching staff, this is the start of

But once you get past the seeming

math and spelling that will reveal

something good as they begin to

disarray, you realize: the chatter

their next seafaring destination, and

integrate a new style of teaching into

is actually all course related, and

every student is happy and eager to

their classrooms in preparation for

the small groups of children aren’t

be "working."

the 2012-13 school year when North

playing, they’re collaborating. Mrs.



What’s more, explains Adams,

will reopen its doors as the new

























e l e

o r

g i

y n



teaching technologies and creative

touts yet another advantage. Where

curriculum to provide an education

a traditional classroom setting is

unlike any other in southern Utah.

very controlled, calling for one


predetermined right answer, STEAM


focuses more on problem solving

development provided by SUU’s

and ingenuity over a checklist of

College of Education and Human

right and wrong answers, promoting

Development, the North Elementary

critical thinking and creativity—

teaching staff is eager to start the

skills largely lacking in students over

new school year with new directives,

the past few decades, according to

fresh ideas and students from across

Dean of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson

the region who will be bused to

College of Education and Human

North to take advantage of the new

Development Deb Hill.




STEA M-specific


Says Hill, who has been intimately

educational approach. Though




involved in the creation of the SUUNorth educational partnership and whose faculty will serve as ongoing

Cedar North Elementary: an SUU

advisors to the North Elementary

Partnership School. The





modeled after the increasingly

do—we give them the answers and

"A" added to emphasize the arts

hope they will remember them. This,

as well as science, technology, approach





combined with the nature of end-


of-level testing, has now produced


generations of kids who have been

disciplinary, hands-on learning to

taught that there is only one right

integrate core elementary subject

way to do something.”

matter rather than segmenting learning, as is the standard in a traditional classroom setting where the teacher guides students through


can simply tell a student what to

popular STEM schools, with the



teaching is easiest when a teacher

According to Hill, STEAM is one adventure was simply the capstone

of many solutions aimed at adjusting

of a traditional school year, moving

the modern teaching environment.

forward, she and her colleagues

As Hill and her colleagues within

math, then reading, then science, all



both the College of Education as well as

one topic at a time. The integrated

throughout the year, ending each

Iron County School District see it, “We

approach helps children apply the

unit with an integrative, hands-on

are going back to the way we really

individual subjects they are learning

activity that reinforces the materials

do our best learning: hands on. Get in

to real life activities that require

learned across subjects.

there, do it, build it, try it. If it doesn’t


a breadth of knowledge from all


areas. The North Elementary-SUU


partnership will utilize innovative




more and


work, pick it up, shake it off, redesign


it. These kids will do something with



everything they learn.”

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


The hypothesis, then, is that students will internalize the things they are leaning by connecting individual




together for broader understanding in all subject matter. “We need to up the ante on how kids learn, think and process. Not what they learn.” To be clear, STEAM does not alter the state’s core standards and curriculum. It simply addresses the vehicle through which children are learning the reading, writing, arithmetic—as




engineering, technology and arts— intensive

way of aides and parent volunteers;

in-service at North. According to

it’s quite another to have a mass of

North Elementary Principal Ray

highly qualified and experienced

Whittier (’88), this partnership

individuals all working in your




that comprise a public elementary

is “the only way” North could


successfully implement such large

Both approaches, STEAM as well

scale and lasting changes.

corner and ready to help.” Looking ahead to the school year, Whittier expects immediate and

as the traditional public school

Explains Whittier, “Our teachers

noticeable changes for the better.

structure, work. Says Hill, “Learning

are excited and have so many great

“There will be a palpable difference

happens either way, but the key is

ideas, but we are going to have

between our school and others. We

HOW it happens. Do we want to

to safeguard against burnout. The

want parents to go into the classroom

make our kids great at memorizing,

difference between what they have

at any moment of the day and see

or do we want to teach them how to

been doing as standard public school

that there is a lot of new things—

use the things they are learning?”

teachers and what they will now be

really great learning—going on.”

To aid North’s teaching staff as they

doing with STEAM is really quite

Says Whittier, “I know there are

overhaul activities and methodology,

substantial—it’s a lot of work, a

a lot of people waiting in the wings

SUU’s education faculty will provide

whole new way of handling the

this first year, waiting to see how



school day, and we couldn’t do it

it all goes. We are ready to go. We

with North’s teachers to structure

without the extra hands on deck we

know we need to go into this year

learning units and draw upon the

gain through this partnership with

and be amazing, and my teachers

topic-specific expertise of faculty


are excited and ready to do just that.”


across disciplines. SUU faculty will

Whittier continues, “It’s one thing

also oversee the education students

to have extra help in the classroom by



26 26


11 11



candidates were in the running for Homecoming Queen in 1968; in 2011, 31 students vied for the position.

female students originally comprised each of the two teams in the annual Homecoming Week Mud Bowl, pitting the University’s sorority sisters and Homecoming royalty against each other in one very sloppy game of tackle football. Today it's open to all and just as muddy as ever.


Branch Normal School graduates comprised the BNS Class of 1900 and later celebrated the school’s inaugural 50 Year Club Reunion in 1950. This year, 99 College of Southern Utah alumni will join the 50 Year Club ranks.


award categories became the new standard for Homecoming Queen competition in 1968, when Miss Congeniality was added for consideration. The remaining five: Miss Popularity, Miss Talent, Miss Poise, Miss Charm and Miss Beauty.

#1 #1

ranked in the Big Sky, Montana State will face off against your Thunderbirds (8) in SUU's 2012 Homecoming game in Eccles Coliseum on September 29.


years off and now back on, the 2012 Thunderbird Awards marked a return of the formal ball following the awards ceremony.


SUU Football alumni have gone on to play in the NFL: Lenny Walterscheid (’77) played for the Chicago Bears and the Buffalo Bills; Marques Harris (’04) played for the San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers; and Nick Miller (’09) played for the Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams. Keep an eye on current T-Bird quarterback Brad Sorensen who, critics say, has potential to be the first NFL draft pick out of SUU.

5 5

names mark SUU’s progress across the decades: Branch Normal School (1897-1913), Branch Agricultural College (1913-1953), College of Southern Utah (1953-1969), Southern Utah State College (1969-1991) and Southern Utah University (1991-present).

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


Homecoming T hursday , S eptember 27 Alumni Reception , 6:00 PM


50-year club Kick-off the annual 50-Year Club

Hunter Conference Center

Alumni A wards Banquet , 6:30 PM Gilbert Great Hall

celebration at the Alumni Awards Banquet on Thursday, September 27,

Open to all SUU Alumni

at 6:30 p.m. in the Gilbert Great Hall.

Reconnect with old friends, celebrate this year ’s alumni award

the Class of 1962 as the newest

recipients ( see opposite page ), view


Join us as we reminisce and welcome University artifacts and

honor our T hunderbird heritage .

RSVP: P urchase tickets through the Alumni Relations Office , 435-586-7777, alumni @suu .edu






tickets by calling 435-586-7777.

Alumni banquet & honors Open

to all




C e l e b r a t e S UU

and your

A l u m n i A ss o c i a t i o n

OUTSTANDING ALUMNus AWARD ellen wheeler Ellen Wheeler, who is among the most esteemed veterans of SUU’s theatre arts program, forged a stellar career in daytime television over four decades. Winner of daytime Emmys for roles on All My Children and Another World, she went on to write, direct and produce, notably for Guiding Light, which earned her a third Emmy for best drama series in 2007 as the show’s executive producer. She and her husband, Shannon Comp, currently reside in Virgin, Utah.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD Craig Jones Craig Jones, associate professor emeritus of political science at SUU, spent 35 years as a greatly valued and highly effective educator for the University. He touched the lives of countless students as he fostered in them a love for the American political system and a desire to understand and to contribute to the decisions that shaped their communities. Additionally, he was the driving force behind what has become the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service.

YOUNG ALUMNUS AWARD Jamie Shaw Jamie, who was heavily involved in student government and the Alpha Phi Sorority at SUU, travels the world as senior consultant with Event Knowledge Services, currently involved in the 2020 Istanbul Olympic bid. She has previously consulted on a variety of Olympic and international games on many levels and spent four years as business systems manager for Starbucks Coffee Company. Prior to that, she was the manager of HR planning and operations for the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee.

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


Home coming Saturday

Homecoming F riday , S eptember 28 SUUSA Executive Club Reunion , 6 PM Hunter Conference Center All former executive council members Details: Mindy Benson , bensonm @suu .edu

School of Business A lumni Reception , 6 PM Dixie Leavitt Business Building Details: suu .edu /business

O ld Main Homecoming Celebration 8-10 pm Upper Quad

True T-B ird , M idnight Old Sorrel


Join SUU alumni in our new tradition ! C elebration , 8 pm , U pper Q uad L ive

J oe M uscolino B ig B and , fireworks . N o charge . music from the

food , pep rally and

H omecoming P ep R ally , 9 pm G ather

together with fellow

T hunderbirds

and rally around our

student athletes in celebration of the upcoming

H omecoming

competition .

F ireworks D isplay , 10 pm T he


U pper Q uad

will light up under an array of

breathtaking fireworks to cap off an evening of festivities .

All are welcome to join the festivities, no charge!



Home coming honors S aturday , S eptember 29 O ld Sorrel 5K, 7:30 am Coal Creek Trail Register : suu .edu /business / rotc

SUUSA Reunions , 9 am Alumni House (300 W. University Blvd ) F or the following administrations: Jesse Holt (’07-’08), M att Glazier (’02-’03), Stephen Allen (’97-’98), S andra Lord Thomas (’92-’93) Details: Mindy Benson , bensonm @suu .edu

Pancake Breakfast, 9 am Alumni House (300 W. University Blvd ) C ompliments of the SUU Emeriti (retired faculty & staff ) and the

Alumni Association

H omecoming Parade , 10 am Parade runs along University Boulevard Drinks, snacks balloons & seating at the Alumni House (300 W. University Blvd ) Family -friendly environment to reminisce with friends

Thunderbird V illage T ailgate Party , 11:30 am Southeast Parking Lot of Eccles Coliseum

H omecoming Football vs . M ontana State, 1:30 pm Eccles Coliseum u Tickets : 435-586-7872

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2







CSU 1961 CSU







THERE'S ONLY ONE There are some 1,200 member-schools in the National Collegiate Athletic Association and each one has a nickname, with birds and cats dominating the list of teams. There are no fewer than 176 genera of cats, from Lions and Tigers and Wildcats to Tomcats. And, there are

152 birds represented,

including the 44 variants of Eagles, the most popular name in the NCAA. However, there is but 1 school that can boast of Thunderbirds as its nickname. IN VIEW






THUNDERBIRD In the earliest years of the institution,

Throughout the Thunderbird years,

system and soon

the University of Utah’s Branch Normal

all manner of mascots have roamed

after, the bird was

School in Cedar City was like many

the sidelines, and the look of the bird

christened “Thor.” Thus

such schools in the nation and did

was left wholly to the imagination of

began the modern era of the

not have a nickname, but by the time

its creators as, to this day, no one has

Thunderbird and this bird has since

the school had evolved to the Branch

come forward claiming to have seen

driven the look of our beloved mascots.

Agricultural School under the auspices

a real thunderbird. The mythological

With the University’s entrance into

of the Utah Agricultural College in

bird of great size was said by some

the Big Sky Conference this year, a

Logan (the Aggies), teams became

North American Native American

new Thor has emerged and will come

known as the Branch Aggies. With the

tribes to be the source of thunder,

to life for all to see at SUU Football's

advent of the football season of 1946,

lightning and rain.

home opener this fall.

the Branch Agricultural College was

In 2002, the current vision of the

known as the Broncos and in 1961, we

Thunderbird was revealed as part of

became the Thunderbirds.

the University’s revamped trademark

Be a part of it, and be proud to be a Thunderbird. You’re a rare bird!

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2



t he past becomes fu t u r e as t wo ol d t r easu r es lay Above: The spokes from the wheels were removed and individually resurfaced and painted. Right: The condition of the Whippet when first gifted to SUU, the work in progress, and the finished vehicle with President Michael T. Benson.

It's hard to miss a bright red, 84-year-old model car, and that is exactly what we're banking on with the University's newly restored 1928 Whippet, embellished with SUU logos and on display at football games and other events across campus. The Whippet, gifted to the University by Roice Nelson, sat idle for years before a crew of volunteers from campus and the community took hold of the project, working through lunch hours and weekends to rebuild the classic car. Now complete, the Whippet drives a new University tradition as the President's official "ride," leading out the annual Homecoming Parade. IN VIEW

t he g r oun dwo r k fo r new t hun d er bi r d t r a d i t ions The inspiring story of the University's

will hike the trail and perform service

Sheena Kaupilla, who directs the

founding has been kept vibrant in

to further restore the historic route.

student orientation program of the

many ways. Much like the Whippet,

Alumni, too, have the opportunity

University, agreed. “We have a unique

the Old Sorrel Trail is another tangible

to participate in this most admirable

story that students learn when they

record of SUU's unique heritage and


walk by the Old Sorrel statue, or

Through a partnership between

they hear about from a friend, but it

Alumni Relations, Student Involvement

takes it to another level when students


can walk along the path that was so

also inspiration for an exciting new tradition beginning this fall. The trail, a 27.5-mile route near Brian Head blazed in the winter of 189798 through blizzard-like conditions, is a reminder of the sacrifices of our founders and the determination of an entire community, embodied in Old Sorrel, the horse which plowed through shoulder-high snow to deliver townsmen and lumber back to Cedar City to meet an impossibly tight stateimposed schoolhouse construction deadline. There






understand the harrowing sacrifice of the University's founders than to walk the very path they forged, and students

Leadership, Orientation


the Harry Reid Center for Outdoor Engagement, students and others will have a firsthand opportunity to learn of the heroic expedition that saved the school—a unique legacy that continues to drive the University's success. Briget Eastep, director of the Reid Center, said, “I hope these efforts will give students and alumni a sense of place and knowledge of local history, giving them a greater sense of pride in SUU, and a clear vision of the environment and natural resources SUU is built upon.”

integral in the creation of SUU,” she said. And,




Horlacher is likewise enthused about the project. “The Old Sorrel Trail represents a great sacrifice on the part of many people who wanted to make education possible in southern Utah. We’re excited to help promote the trail to students as an important part of their SUU Experience. Alumni who may wish to take part in this undertaking are urged to contact the Alumni Relations Office at 435-586-7777 or email

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


Walter Maxwell Gibson (’51)

Science students are reaping immediate benefits from two generous contributors to the Campaign for Southern Utah University The Future Is Rising campaign for

for students in all areas of studies

a number of much-needed financial

Southern Utah University is moving

are chief among a number of other

aid opportunities to assist them in

smartly along, with $70 million

priorities that will receive a great

earning the degrees they seek.

of the $100 million target figure

deal of attention in coming months.

having been pledged or received.

Thus far, students in the College

The broadly based effort is now

of Science and Engineering are

history—from Walter M. and Alice

gearing up for the climax of the



Gibson will provide unprecedented

campaign, focusing on several key

beneficiaries of the campaign and,

scholarship bases and research

areas of need.



A $4 million gift—the largest single





to start with, they’re now studying

initiatives to bolster the preparation

The Southern Utah Museum of

in a newly named College and a

of SUU students in perpetuity.

Art, the new Utah Shakespeare

state-of-the art facility, with its own

And, a $2 million gift from

Festival theatre and scholarships

new name, and can look forward to

the ALSAM Foundation, founded

22 22





by and named in honor of L.S.

from Garth (’56) and Jerri Frehner

"Sam" and Aline W. Skaggs, also

of New Harmony, Utah. Each of these

While the University is in the

provides an endowment for student

features in the facility will greatly

midst of determining exactly how



enhance the learning experience for

the new funds will be applied, there

and a steady funding stream for

students and elevate the level of the

is a great potential for the University

undergraduate research projects in

College’s offerings so that both may

and its students to reach horizons

the form of an endowment, as well

compete in the scientific world of

previously only dreamed about.

as delivering much-needed funds for

today and tomorrow.


the completion of the new portion of the Science Center. Both gifts joined with valued contributions of more than $2 million from scores of friends and alumni of the University, as well as

$12.2 million in state funding

and $1.35 million in federal grants to make the $16.5 million, 42,385 square-foot addition to the Science Center a reality. Classes first utilized the new space in Fall 2011. The




renamed the Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science and Engineering in ceremonies held in conjunction with



weekend, and the formal ceremony

resources for our students.”

“If the first round of proposals to

Dean of Science and Engineering

utilize these funds is any indication,

Robert Eves (’84) is understandably

we are going to see some exciting

quite excited about grand new vistas

things as we access the funds

“the feedback we receive from the gr aduate progr ams in which our students are placed suggests that our students are as well, or better, prepared than their peers coming from much larger, more visible B.S. progr ams."

resulting from these gifts,” said Dean Eves. “The proceeds from the Gibson family endowment can be used in a broader array of activities including some




opportunities for novel internships for our students and their prospective employers.” As a career researcher at Bell Laboratories, the late Walter M. Gibson performed groundbreaking research that contributed to the rescue of the Telstar satellite in 1963. A native of Enoch, Utah, he


graduated from the BAC (now SUU)

to officially name the new facility

now in sight by virtue of these gifts.

in chemistry and credited his love

the L.S. and Aline W. Skaggs Center

“One of our real challenges at

for science and discovery to his time

for Health and Molecular Sciences is

SUU has been stretching our limited

in college. He went on to receive a


resources far enough to cover all

bachelor’s degree from the University

The new addition consists of 10

of the really important things that

of Utah and later completed a

research and teaching labs, three

we encounter,” he said. “Sadly, we

doctorate in nuclear chemistry at

interactive classrooms, 24 faculty

have never felt like there was enough

the University of California-Berkeley

offices, two undergraduate research



studying under the tutelage of Nobel

labs, an animal care facility, a

undergraduate research, or internship

laureate Glenn T. Seaborg. In his

rooftop greenhouse, a home for the

funding to meet our needs. Thanks

prestigious career, he taught at the

acclaimed nursing program and the

to the generosity of the Gibson family

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the

Frehner Natural History Museum,

and the ALSAM Foundation, we are

University of Aarhus in Denmark

another result of The Future Is Rising

closer to addressing the more pressing

and at Rutgers University before

campaign thanks to a generous gift

demands we face in providing these

assuming the chairmanship of the



S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2

23 /rising



he signific a nce of these t wo gifts c a nnot be ov er stated. The y w ill bless the ac a demic li v es of st udents in the College for gener ations into the fu t ur e ." ROBERT E V ES, DE A N physics department at the University

America’s most successful and most

Foundation, which has been such

at Albany, State University of New

philanthropic families, as the Skaggs

a great friend to the University in

York, later serving as dean of

grocery and drug stores over the

the past, has so generously donated

graduate studies and vice president

years became part of the fabric of

to SUU in the name of science.



our nation’s life. Indeed, the family

This building, which represents

with the university's first named

was an integral part of the genesis

many new laboratories and the

professorship, the James W. Corbett

of the chain store concept. The

associated equipment, is critical as

Distinguished Service Professor of

Skaggs family, since its beginnings

we continue to provide the best

Physics, a position of which he was

in American commerce in southern

undergraduate science education in




the intermountain region,” he said.

most proud. In 1990, Walter founded X-Ray

He also lauded the Skaggs family

Optical Systems (XOS) with his

for its vision in providing funds for

son David, later serving as its chief

undergraduate research programs.

technology officer until his death in

Students in the sciences today


require experience in research to compete in an increasingly complex

In addition to his own contributions to the field at large as well as to the





SUU legacy, Gibson’s wife, Alice,

in their fields or to obtain post-

and son, David, manifestly exhibited

graduate education. Undergraduate

the family’s true commitment to

research in this new facility will

academic advancement and success.

provide new opportunities to these

“We are so pleased to support

students, involving them in both

Walter’s beloved college and hope




Alice Gibson

with faculty assistance as well as

science and engineering, just as the

Idaho in the first decade of the

in projects designed by faculty

BAC did for Walter so many years

20th century, has committed itself

members with student assistance.

ago,” said Alice, who was echoed

to the public good. They have long

by David. “My father loved his time

been treasured benefactors of the

adamant that these gifts will further

at the College,” he said. “He felt it


elevate the level of the academic

helped him develop a love of science


this gift will help students best prepare for successful careers in



the converse: important training







experience in his College.

and discovery that continued the



“The Walter Maxwell Gibson

rest of his life and prepared him for

construction and half has been set

College of Science and Engineering

a meaningful and successful career

aside for scholarship and research

has long been a pillar of academic

in academia and business. He was

endowments for College of Science

quality at SUU,” said Dean Eves.

very excited to give back to SUU in a

and Engineering students. Dean

“Our post-B.S. acceptance rates into

meaningful way.” 

Eves called the gift a wonderful

professional and graduate studies

resource for the benefit of students

are exemplary, and the feedback we

in the sciences.

receive from the programs in which

The ALSAM gift of $2 million comes via the auspices of L.S. “Sam” and Aline Skaggs, scions of one of

24 24




“We are elated that The ALSAM



our students are placed suggests

L.S. (right) and Aline W. Skaggs

that our students are as well, or better,


than their peers coming from much larger, more visible B.S. programs. Our ability to provide a





meet the needs of the federal land management agencies in our region is well known. We have been able to accomplish all of this with somewhat limited resources, and now, thanks to these generous gifts, we will have significantly greater resources to apply to our most pressing needs. The significance of these two gifts cannot be overstated. They will bless the academic lives of students in the College for generations into the future. We are so grateful for the commitment of the Gibson family and the ALSAM Foundation to excellence in the preparation of SUU students.� The College has benefited from a number of other important and

of campus, and donors are actively

including BYU. For 50 years, he

greatly welcomed gifts, as well.

being sought to help make the

owned and operated a farm near


project a reality. Leading the way

American Fork, Utah, where, among

equine studies, or who wish to learn

in giving is Holbrook, who served

other pursuits, he bred registered

more about handling and riding

for many years as a member of the

Shetland ponies.

horses, hope to have a covered arena

University’s Board of Trustees and is

The Gibsons, the Skaggs, Holbrook,

to allow instruction to continue

currently a member of the President’s

and the Frehners, are great exemplars

in inclement weather, and thanks

National Advisory Board. Thanks

of those who see the great value of

to a generous gift from Connie C.

to her gift of $250,000, the Kenneth

partnering with the University in

Holbrook, the College is on its way

L. Cannon Equestrian Center will

meeting the challenges of a rising

to fulfilling that need.

be named for her father, a longtime





A $500,000 equine center is being

professor of child development and

planned at the Valley Farm west

family relations at three universities,

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2

25 /rising

S oa r i n g Higher Thunderbirds far and wide continue to make their mark. We applaud the heights they’ve reached and look forward to all that is yet to come.

a cast like no other Thirty-five SUU alumni join the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s cast, company and crew, along with six SUU faculty members and 27 current students in its 51st and most anticipated season. Featured alumni and student performers include: Payden Adams (’12), Brent Barnes (’04), Melinda Pfundstein-Vaughn (’00), Katelin Ruzzamenti, Jennifer Smith, Joe Spear and Brian Vaughn (’95).

NO higher honor Kent (’41) and Bessie Dover (’46), longtime friends to SUU, received the top academic honor an individual can receive when they were together awarded an honorary doctorate degree of humane letters in recognition of a lifetime spent in support of higher education and community service.

presidential nod Angela Wilson (’09), an English language arts teacher at Vicenza Middle School in Italy, earned the Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DoDEA) 2012 Teacher of the Year Award and was recognized by President Barrack Obama in the Oval Office for her 11 years of teaching, both in the U.S. (in Utah and Illinois public schools) and for the DoDEA (in Korea, Turkey and Italy).



Monica Bell as Elizabeth in Mary Stuart, 2012. Copyright Utah Shakespeare Festival. Photo by Karl Hugh.

TRANSFORMING ANIMATION 2000 theatre arts graduate Kris Fitzgerald won an Emmy Award for his work as animatics editor on Transformers: Prime, a computer animated television show. The Emmy nod was granted in the “Outstanding Special Class Animated Program” category.

MAN OF PRINCIPAL Kendall Benson (’84) was awarded the Outstanding Middle Level Administrator of the Year award at the Utah Middle Level Association’s annual conference. Benson has worked as Cedar Middle School’s principal for the past seven years in Iron County School District.

peaking the summit

the perfect student

Head Coach Eric Houle (’81 & ’98)


received his 33rd Summit League Coach of the Year Award after the SUU Men’s Track and Field Team won the Summit League Indoor Championship in February.




earned title as the Class of 2012’s top student—University Valedictorian—after maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA as well as an impressive resume of service and community involvement both on campus and across southern Utah.

A SECOND LIEUTENANT IS hero2 Second Lt. Rory Mele (’11) is a statistical oddity, and a lifesaver at that. He is among a very small percentage (less than one in 1,000) of bone marrow registry members who actually match a potential recipient and donate marrow in a given year to treat critically ill patients with serious blood disease and leukemia. Mele, a platoon leader in the U.S. Army’s 1864th Transportation Company, made his marrow donation last fall.

A MENTOR AND ADVOCATE Co-chair of Theatre Arts and Dance and Theatre Professor Peter Sham earned the 2012 SUU Board of Trustees Award of Excellence for his commitment and talents as both a mentor and advocate for Southern Utah University and its students.

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


Alumni Focus

Stay in touch with your former classmates and share in the celebration of your accomplishments through our online Class Notes webpage:

Christy Andersen

’01, accounting. Audit manager for Bradshaw, Smith & Co., LLP Las Vegas, Nev.

Aliene Hyatt Overly ’62, general education. Retired English teacher. Cedar City, Utah.

Darryl Schwierjohn ’98, music. High school band director. Fort Davis, Texas.

Where has life taken you? I moved throughout the northwest

Who was your favorite professor? Dr. David Rees. He made me work

with my husband’s career with the U.S. Forest Service. I loved becoming the mother of five children (19

hard to learn all of the financial

grandchildren) and teaching English.

accounting rules. This stuck and

I have loved every minute of the

even today, some of my favorite

adventures that came my way.

things in auditing are researching

What is a memorable accomplishment?

how to record complex transactions and drafting financial statements.

While teaching in Kalispell, Mont.,

What are your SUU traditions?

I was selected as a national trainer

The tradition in my family is to attend SUU. My parents attended and all of my four siblings received

of a program that taught teachers of all grade levels how to help students become independent learners and

undergraduate degrees from SUU.

to find and develop their own study

It is a great school and now we are


waiting for the next generation to be

How did SUU shape you?

old enough to attend!

Do you volunteer in your community?

I worked part-time for Richard Gillis, who was the dean of students. I credit that man with the innate

What have you been doing since graduation? I moved back to Texas and am the director of bands at Fort Davis Independent School District where I teach students in grades 5-12. My wife, Terri, and I are the parents of two sons: Derek, age 9 and Ian, age 7.

What are your most memorable accomplishments? Earning my degree. SUU got me on track after transferring from South Plains College. I always wanted to be a band director and now enjoy working with students and helping them realize their potential in music and in life.

How did being involved on campus shape you?

Yes, I enjoy service projects

ability to relate to students, helping

Being so far away from my home

with my church. Most recently, I

them build their self-esteem and

in Texas, music groups provided me

volunteered at the Las Vegas Rescue

encouraging them to reach beyond

the opportunity to learn how to do

Mission (which serves meals to

their idea of success. Professor Elaine

things on my own and gave me the

the homeless) and assisted with a

Southwick also strengthened my

chance to meet new people and make

scouting drive for food.

desire to become an English teacher.

new friends.



John & Mary Seaman John: ’75, business administration. Senior vp and headquarters office manager at Zions Bank. Mary: ’77, elementary education. Homemaker and volunteer gardener at Temple Square. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ken & Rosanne Harvey John Carl Tuft

’51, biology/physiology Retired educator and administrator Washington, Utah.

Ken: ’86, accounting. Lawyer. Rosanne: ’87, English. Homemaker and law firm administrator. Wrentham, Mass.

What are you doing now? Mary is a volunteer gardener and tour guide at Temple Square and leads the weekly garden talks at the

Tell us about your career.

What are your favorite college memories?

I completed my B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.

The great experiences we had

degrees in education administration

traveling with and competing for one

and psychology and was a coach,

of the best debate programs in the

teacher, counselor, principal and

country; Al Tait’s “Flowering Plants

school district superintendent. I

of Southern Utah” class where our

developed and directed an education

relationship blossomed; and warm

contract with the Navajo Nation,

summer nights with great friends at

Happily married for 37 years with

administered grants with the Dept. of

the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

six children, 15 grandchildren (and

Education and promoted vocational


education with the Sevier Valley

How do you keep your Thunderbird pride alive?

Brigham Young Historic Park. John has been with Zions Bank for 34 years and manages a billion dollar office that includes retail banking, commercial and consumer lending.

Tell us about your family.

Our son, James, is a

senior at SUU.

Technical School (UT).

Which SUU professors impacted your success?

What are your most memorable professional accomplishments?

Massachusetts, we still wear some

Mary: Gwyn Clark and Kent Myers

Reaching the top of my profession

on a weekly basis. We love to talk

for their high expectations, standards

as a superintendent, winning two

about our wonderful experience in

and strong positive examples.






sort of SUU clothing pretty much

state basketball titles and instituting

Cedar City and we encourage friends

John: Gary Giles, Tom Williams,

an intern program using SUU students

to send their children to SUU as

and Bob Moore for their personalized

and paraprofessionals. That program

opposed to that “other” school in

attention and making even the dismal

reduced class size and increased


sciences interesting.

student achievement.

What was a favorite dating activity while at SUU?

What is your favorite SUUrelated activity?

Where is your favorite vacation spot? For 21 years we have spent

Motorcycling up the canyon on

I enjoy attending the outstanding

Thanksgiving in Stowe, Vt. With

our half-chopper, which we sold for

activities held in the Gilbert Great

family far away, it is the “over the

a washing machine with the birth of

Hall where I played basketball during

river and through the woods” for our

our daughter.

my years at the BAC.


S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


Class Notes

We’d love to feature Thunderbird adventures far and wide in the next Class Notes. As you reconnect with your college pals, snap a pic and send it our way:

(Above) More than 100 alumni, and their guests, attended the second year of Alumni Days at Shakespeare this past June. This group attended a reception at the Alumni House with featured speaker Brian Vaughn (’95). Who do you recognize?

(Above) Jerry Sherratt (’51), Gail Bradshaw (’51), Dixie Leavitt (’51), Anne Leavitt (’50), Anne Judd (’52), Harl Judd (’50), Mary Heyborne (’50), Mildred Cardon (’51), Kent Myers (’51) and Don Jones (’51) this past spring at the naming of the College of Science & Engineering after their BAC classmate Walter Gibson.

(Above) SUU Emeriti Laura Cotts (’87), Kent Myers (’51), Rodney Decker (’61), Hal Campbell, Wayne Hinton and Maureen Robb on Upper Campus during line-up for the 2012 Commencement Processional.


(Above) SOUTHERN! UTAH! Pictured left to right: Caleb Duncan (’07), Emily Bergen, Erika Davis, Theresa Starr (’06) and Melissa Starr cheer on Thunderbird Gymnastics in Lincoln, Nebraska. SUU competed in a meet last February with Michigan, Washington and Nebraska.


(Above) Kwin Peterson, Shanna Peterson, Alan Neves (’92), Glynis Neves (’90) and Maureen Kay Baker (’89) at a Theatre Arts Alumni Reception.

(Above) Patrick Posada (’87), R. Scott Phillips (’76), Doug Baker and Debra Caliva-Beebe (’84) at a Theatre Arts Alumni Reception held prior to Alumni Days at Shakespeare.

(LEFT) Clint Stone (’02), Erin Hiatt (’93), Jesse Berger (’92), Robbie Berry (’94) and Gayle Staffanson (’92) were among a group of alumni that welcomed students from the School of Business to New York as they explored the business and finance world of the “Big Apple.”

(Above) Attendees at June’s SUU Professional Society in downtown Salt Lake City, front row (left to right): Andrea Dover (’02), Mechelle Mellor (’94), Rachelle Brewer Carroll (’06), Jeremy Walker (’00), Dave McDonough (’04), Melissa Workman (’00). Middle row (left to right): Mike Kjar (’01), Mark Russell (’74), Staci Carson (’85), Allen Hatch, Liz Ronnow Wallis (’08), Kristian Olsen (’00). Back Row (left to right): Sean Carroll (’05), Aaron Jensen (’03), Mindy Benson (’94), Richie Steadman (’05), Nate Wilkey (’00), Tarrence Warenski (’02), Steve Kiisel (’07), John Redd (’97), Adam Richins (’09), Matt Cannon (’01), Rob Ferre (’03), Travis Christy (’01).

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2



U nive r si t y H ea d lines W o r t h Rea d ing

April 30 - suu, kennedy center leading arts ed.

May 4 - Standing ovation for rotc grads

May 20 - ring of fire ignites science celebration

June 14 - mtv's NITRO CIRCUS opens SUMMER GAMES

June 27 - in harmony: legends lead learning

Aug 27 - All Points Bulletin: new grad PROGRAMS

Long an advocate for arts education, SUU faculty and administrators will now impact state and national policy as leaders of the Utah Alliance for Arts Education, the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network's newest national partner and first from the state of Utah.

SUU joined with the Cedar City–Brian Head Tourism Bureau to host a community education celebration that was, simply put, out of this world, with unprecedented crowds for a once-in-alifetime experience when southern Utah starred as the world's best vantage point for the "Ring of Fire" annular eclipse.

Acclaimed musicians from the world's top performance companies came together as visiting faculty at SUU to conduct the 2012 Canyon Arts Creative Artist Residency Program, instructing many of the nation's top up-and-coming collegiate musicians, SUU Thunderbirds included. The summer's work concluded with a community concert to showcase their world-renown talent.



In thanks for the patriotism and bravery of a few select Thunderbird graduates, the University added the U.S. Military's formal Oath of Office for SUU ROTC graduates to the 2012 University Commencement ceremony. The six graduates received a standing ovation and marked a highlight in the day's festivities.

Xtreme sports sensation Nitro Circus headlined the opening ceremony for the Utah Summer Games in the Eccles Coliseum, a 27-year tradition for athletes young and old from across the state.

The new school year brings with it two new graduate-level opportunities: the revamped Master of Science in Forensic Science program is the only grad program in the nation to emphasize investigation and criminalistics, and the Master of Public Administration is now available as on online course of study to better accommodate would-be students in their current professions and continuing education.













he support of generous individuals and organizations is invaluable to the success of Southern Utah University. Every gift to the University is important and has a profound impact on students, faculty and staff. The entire SUU community is deeply appreciative of the loyalty and ongoing support of alumni and friends who make a difference by their contributions. The lists that follow honor those donors who have made gifts throughout the past fiscal year from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. We have made every effort to recognize the generosity of our many donors. We realize we may make errors from time to time. If you feel that your name should appear on one of these lists and does not, or it appears incorrectly, please contact our office at 435-586-8285 and we will make every effort to correct the error.


The Old Main Society honors those select donors whose lifetime cumulative cash, in-kind or deferred gifts total $50,000 or more (organizations enter the Society at $100,000). Gift levels include: Old Main Society – Centurium Circle (more than $1,000,000); Old Main Society – Gold Medallion ($500,000 - $999,999); Old Main Society – Benefactor ($100,000 - $499,999); and Old Main Society ($50,000 - $99,999). The Old Main Society – Legacy Circle is a special level that honors those who have made planned gifts to the University in the form of bequests, estates, trusts, annuities, etc.

Centurium Circle

ALSAM Foundation **Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau Cline & Jane Dahle George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation +Walter* & Alice Gibson Austin* & Magda* Jones Emma Eccles Jones Foundation Dixie & Anne Leavitt Family Foundation D. Eldon & Jane Lunt Frank & Celestia Nichols Edward Jr.* & Carolyn Rondthaler Jim F. Jones* L.S. & Aline Skaggs Hyrum W. & Gail A. Smith The Sorenson Legacy Foundation Southern Utah Foundation Julius Matthew* & Mary Sainsbury Visser Tanner Utah Universities Trust

Gold Medallion

Cedar City Corporation **Larry & Joan Dahle Marriner S. Eccles Foundation +Dale & Patty Gilbert Jon & Karen Huntsman Foundation Intermountain Healthcare **Rocky Mountain Power/Pacificorp Obert C.* & Grace Adams* Tanner Tanner Charitable Trust


Anonymous American Pacific Corp./Western Electrochemical Co. Nolan Archibald Alan & Karen Ashton Jerry C. & Carolyn Atkin Don & Sylvia Bulloch Joe & Beverly Burgess Black & Decker Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation

Bonneville International Corporation Carter Enterprises +Stacey Chandler The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints E. Val* & Marilyn Clark Douglas L. Cline Orien Dalley* Daniels Fund Estate of Jane T. Doran Margaret Driggs* +Energy Solutions Garth & Jerri Frehner Arthur W.* & Shirley M.* Gardner Kem & Carolyn Gardner Neil & Anne Gardner Robert* & Genevieve Gardner Lawrence K. Gates Carol A. Goodson +Jerry Grover **Garrett & Carrie Gunderson Daryl R. & Willma* Halterman Jay Dee* & Alice* Harris Sargon G. Heinrich Wayne & Annette Heppler Melvin R.* & Carmen* Hepworth Herbst Foundation +Connie C. Holbrook W. M. Keck Foundation KUTV 2 Leavitt Group Enterprises The Michael & Jacalyn Leavitt Foundation John* & Cleopha G. LeBaron C. Fredrick, II & Linda Susan Lohrengel Metalcraft Technologies Sheila Miller Mountain America Federal Credit Union David & Stephanie Nakken Charles R. Norton Lauretta Perry* +Dennis* & Bette Pollman Questar Corporation Ray, Quinney & Nebeker Foundation S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation Gary P. Sanders +Seymour Library Trust Dr. Gerald R. Sherratt Ella Sherman* Bernon M. & Irene Smith +Scott Snow State Bank of Southern Utah Mark* & Nedra Stephensen Larry & Liane Stillman +Anthony Stocks Edward & Shirley Stokes Dr. W.C. Swanson Foundation US West Foundation Utah Arts Council Utah Arts Endowment Wells Fargo (fka First Security) Jack E.* & Beverly Hancock Whiting Richard & Linda Whetten Wilson Rick* & Peg* Young +Young Sil Rho Zions Bank

Old Main Society

Anonymous Ken & Carol Adelman Arthur* & Vada Armbrust Theron* & Lucretia* Ashcroft Paul* & Olga Leschisin* Beck

Steven D. & Marjorie H. Bennion Ken & Georgia Bettridge Ken & Carol Blackner Andy & Janet Blumen Claron & Claudia Bradshaw Gail & Jane Bradshaw Robert* & Onda* Bradshaw Stanley H.* & Christy B.* Bradshaw Royden C.* & Alice Todd Braithwaite Dr. Verl Broadbent* Robert A. Brough Warren* & June* Bulloch Ernest H.* & Donna* Burgess Ernest M. Burgess* William Miles Burgess* Bert* & Ada* Carpenter Dr. Boyd & Suzanne Carter Calvin W. & Gaye Carter David & Carolyn Carter Douglas Jack Carter Jack H. & Evelyn* Carter W. Boyd & Jean C. Christensen Dr. Delila Gwyn Roueche Clark* C. C. Clayton Foundation Cherie P. Crawford Curtis H. Crawford Mont & Carolyn Crosland Rainer & Patricia Cosgriff Dahl Dr. David A.* & Emma* Dolowitz John Donnell Estate of Harold Perry Driggs Scott* & Virginia* Dunham Corinne L. Esmeier Nathan Brent & Lindsey Esplin David W.* & Beatrice* Evans Dr. Reed* & Ethel* Farnsworth A. Garth & Geraldine Rollo Fisher +Greg & Debbie Forsyth Clayton* & Ann Frehner Wayne Fronk Steve & Cyndi Gilbert Dave & Judy Grant Joseph & Dianne Gubler Neil & Luanne Hahl Dr. George C. & Helen Hales Conrad V. & Elva* Hatch Gary A. & Beulah F. Higginson Charles & Kathie Horman +Robert & Carol Hortin Charles Forrest* & Dawn Andrus Hunter R. Haze & Betty Jean Hunter Charles & Marguerite Jackson Richard M. & Susan Jacobsen Ron* & Lorraine Jenkins David H. & June Jeppson Carl E.* & Esther V.* Jepson Cosette Elaine Joesten Clarence L. & Dorothy Ruth Jolley Donald & Nelda* Jones Homer & Barbara Belle MacFarlane* Jones Lewis* & Neone* Jones Merrell Robert & Carol Ann Jones Reuben* & Josephine* Jones Rulon A. Jones* W. Arthur* & Rhoda* Jones Charles Judd Lourie Judd C. Jay Keltner J. Douglas & Janet Knell Wesley P.* & Lois Larsen Lynn M. & Tona Leany



June Sewing

While June Sewing never attended Southern Utah University, she has come to love the institution. Long active in local community affairs, including 15 years as executive officer of the Iron County Home Builders Association, she learned how important SUU was to the community. “I quickly knew that it was something I should support and the more I got involved, the more I knew it was the right thing,” she said. “Giving of my resources to help out is a very satisfying thing, knowing that I am helping so many people improve their lives.” She’s been particularly active in supporting athletics and the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Mark Leany* George L.* & Blanche* LeBaron Richard Hamblin* & Fern Heaton* Leigh Robert* & Helen Linford Jack & Jodi Livingood James Kent & Mary Longley Joe & Jean Lopour Edward & Bonnie Lunt Lanell* & Lucy* Lunt Larry & Susan Lunt Robert Lunt Willard H.* & Inez K.* Lunt Dr. Michael & Patricia Major Elloyd* & Shirley* Marchant Col. Alva Leon & Barbara A. Matheson Darrell* & Florence Matthews George A. & Stephanie K. McCulley Betty Ferguson McDonald Dell Vaughn McDonald Christine McNaught Dr. Ross McNaught Don Ray & Ruth Melling **Douglas & Cammie Miller Jerry & Pat Molen David & Lesley Anne Morris Haymer & Nevada Roberts* Morris Miles D. & Mary Taylor Morris Phillip B.* & Dorothea W. Wimmer Morton E. Lyman & Ronda* Munford Dr. Floyd & Marian* Munson Bret Murie Dr. Kent & Cherie Myers Nathanial W. & Cherrie Naegle Brian & Cassie Nakken Bruce & Deann Nakken Herb* & Janet Nakken

Robert & Sydney Nakken Marsha Norton Dr. Alex* & Bessie* Oblad Eugene* & Ada* Palmer Richard I. & LaPriel Palmer Dr. Rodney I.* & Louise Palmer William I.* & Virginia* Palmer Peery Foundation Reed C.* & Gladys* Petty David R. Jr.* & Sabey Driggs* Pingree Lerin* & Norma* Porter Terry L. & Debby Rindlisbacher Porter Dr. James S.* & Leatha* Prestwich Tom & Brenda Pugh Charles* & Annaley Naegle* Redd Eldrow* & Marjorie* Reeve Vicki Reiss Afton A. Richards Daniel S. & Jane Roberts Vince & Diana Rosdahl Nick & Penny Rose Frances Saxton D.C.* & LaRue* Schmutz Mitchell & Gaona Olds Schoppmann Dr. John L. Seymour* Rett & Christine Shakespear / ERA Realty Center Lowell & Colleen Sherratt Simmons Family Foundation Thomas R. Smith Juergen H.* & Marci E. Staudte Roy E. Talbot Living Trust Richard* & Georgia Beth Thompson Stayner & Dorothy Thompson Erwin & Ruth Thomys June Thorley Max J.* & Robert* Thorley

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2




Brook Madsen

’00, Communication Long remembered as one of the toughest running backs in Thunderbird football history, Brook Madsen has always treasured his SUU days and has been grateful for the scholarship assistance that helped him earn a degree in communication in 2000. Now active in real estate, and living in Lehi with his wife, Jessica, and their four children, he says, “I received so much I feel responsible to give back and to help provide for others the great education I got at the University.” Brook and Jessica, who met while attending SUU, faithfully support the Thunderbird athletic program. Mel Thorley* Lear & Lonni Thorpe Andrew & Susan Tompkins Shannon Toronto D. Claude* & Martha* Urie Scott M.*, Ruth C.* & Lois L.* Urie Utah Shakespeare Festival Guild Gale & Alice Waite Lew* & Nola Woodland Wallace Philip E. Watson Dr. Elvin* & Elois Wayment Max D. & Ruth Weaver Lance L. & Peggy R. Whetten Loren* & LaVeve* Whetten Dave & Cindy Whitehead Lindsay & Tracy Whitehead Doris Williamson* Gayle & Carolyn Winterrose Bryce & Joyce Woodbury Rulan*& Lois* Woodbury Dr. Eugene* & Leslie* Woolf Estel L.* & Leah M.* Wright Ianthus* & Alice S.* Wright Jim & Karen Wright Elden* & Grace* Yergensen Renn & Ree Zaphiropoulos

Legacy Circle

Anonymous David & Mary Anderson +Keith & Nina Barnes Dennis & Karen Bauer +Steven D. & Marjorie Bennion Dr. Rodney* & Dale Brown David & Carolyn Carter Douglas Jack Carter Morris H. & Colleen Cunningham David & Jolynn Davies Jane T. Doran Estate A. Garth & Geraldine Rollo Fisher Robert Fuehr Arthur W.* & Shirley M* Gardner Daryl R. & Willma* Halterman Alan R. & Kathleen L. Hamlin Austin* & Magda* Jones Estate of Jim F. Jones D. Eldon & Jane Lunt Estate of Burch Mann Don Ray & Ruth Melling Dr. Rodney I.* & Louise Palmer Richard & Mary Lue Payton Mervyn Prince LaMar & Jean* Salisbury Ridd Edward Jr.* & Carolyn Rondthaler Dr. Gerald R. Sherratt +Andrew Sinclair Estate of Roy E. Talbot Obert C.* & Grace Adams* Tanner June Thorley +Judith Tweedie Scott M.*, Ruth C.* & Lois L.* Urie



Julius Matthew* & Mary Sainsbury Visser Rick* & Peg* Young John & Collette Wadsworth Doris Williamson* +New to Old Main Society **New to gift club *Deceased


The President’s level giving societies recognize those whose annual financial support is central to the development and operation of the University. Gifts of this nature have been made to the institution by individuals, businesses, corporations, foundation and other organizations which support the University at significant levels. These five prestigious societies recognize annual cash and in-kind gifts to the University of $1,000 or more and members receive invitations to special SUU events and recognition at the presidential level. The President’s Giving Societies are: President’s Cabinet ($25,000 or more); President’s Circle ($10,000 - $24,999); President’s Council ($5,000 - $9,999); President’s Associates ($2,500 - $4,999); and the President’s Club ($1,000 - $2,499).

President’s Cabinet Anonymous Larry & Joan Dahle Greg & Debbie Forsyth Garth & Jerri Frehner Alice Gibson Dale & Patty Gilbert Jerry Grover Sargon G. Heinrich Connie C. Holbrook Eldon & Jane Lunt Bette Pollman Dan & Jane Roberts Marolyn Jones Siddoway Scott Snow

Larry & Liane Stillman Richard & Linda Whetten Wilson ALSAM Foundation American Pacific Corporation Cedar City Corporation Cline Dahle Investments George S & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation EnergySolutions The Huntsman Foundation The Dixie & Anne Leavitt Foundation Questar Corporation Educational Foundation Southern Utah Foundation Tanner Utah Universities Trust Zions Management Services Company

President’s Circle

Kathleen Church Neil & Anne Gardner Steven D. Harrop Douglas & Cammie Miller Carolyn Rondthaler Renee West Art Works for Kids! AT&T Color Graphics Entrada Golf Course First Security Foundation Hinton, Burdick, Hall & Spilker PLLC IM Flash Technologies Intermountain Health Care Intermountain Power Agency Parkway Auto Plex Piercy, Bowler, Taylor & Kern Rocky Mountain Power Foundation SelectHealth Seymour Library Trust Symantec Roy E. Talbot Trust Uncompahgre/com, Inc Wal-Mart Foundation Wells Fargo Bank

President’s Council Kirk J. Anderton Keith & Nina Barnes Jonathan Christy Nathan & Lindsay Esplin David & June Jeppson Estate of J. F. Jones Lynn & Tona Leany Daril & Dana Magleby Jeff & Nancy Maxwell Andy & Janet McCrea Robert & Mary Pearson Susan Pederson Stephen & Sage Platt

Vince & Diana Rosdahl Gerald R. Sherratt Dennis & Jennifer Sponer Judith Tweedie Gale & Alice Waite Robert & Lorraine Warren Bryce Canyon Natural History Association Cedar City Rotary Club Circle 4 Farms Coca Cola Bottling Company Color Country Pediatrics Deloitte Foundation Kolob Regional Health Care Leavitt Group Enterprises Marriner S Eccles Foundation MGM Resorts Foundation Rainbow Sign & Banner Safari Property Management Sam & Diane Stewart Family Foundation Scripnet, Inc. Southern Utah Foundation State Bank of Southern Utah

President’s Associates

Mike & Amy Barrick Michael T. & Debi Benson Mark & Jamie Bigelow Kent & Bonnie Bishop Charles Booth Royden & Sandee Card Peter & Madeline Codella Joyce H. Cook Melvin & Linda Fonnesbeck Glen Halterman Douglas J. Hansen Charles Hohos & Joanne Brattain Brad Holt Marian Monson James W. Parkinson Jim Sevy Scott & Marge Sorensen Kate Starling Ted & Shirley Stokes Barrie & Diane Strachan Georgia B. Thompson June Thorley Beverly H.Whiting Shon & Regan Wilson Bulloch Drug Store Daniels Fund SUU Emeriti Union Pacific Foundation

President’s Club

Fred Adams Jeanne Ahern Randall C. & Ann Marie Allen Jason & Kristy Allred Margaret Amy Christy L. Andersen Len & Lynda Badertscher Joe Baker Jeffrey & Jocelyn Barnes Mitch & Sherilee Bealer Ken & Cidnee Beazer Janet E. Beck Kathryn Berg Merlin Bishop David & Lori Blackner Jared Brader Phillips & Camille Bradford Bob & Arlene Braithwaite Mike & Carol Broadbent Sarah Brown

Vik & Christina Brown Joe & Beverly Burgess Bill & Christine Byrnes Hal & Joan Campbell Jack Cannon Garret & Staci Bird Carson Leon & Irma Chidester Boyd & Jean Christensen Allen C. Christensen C Dolph Church Bradley & Terri Cook Cynthia Cook Roger & Gaylyn Davis Randy G. Delcore Jerry & Donna Eddleman Kenneth & Helen Englehart Greg & Debbie Forsyth Robert P. Foster James & Gae Lynn Froyd Genevieve Gardner Roland Gow Justin & Amber Griffiths Matthew M. Hansen Scott & Sherrie Hansen Richard Hardin Derrick & Amy Haslem Robert & Daylean Houston Allen & Leslie Jenson Robert & Jolynn Jex Gary & Utahna Jones Jerry Jones Stuart & Michelle Jones Richard Kendell Kit & Donna Law Jeremy & Natalie Ludlow Steve & Sherrill Lunt Paul & Naomi Lunt Kenneth L. Mason Jim McDonald & Jan CareyMcDonald Ricky & Shauna Mendini Joanne J. Middleton Gerald R. Molen Clair & Suzanne Morris Tyler Moser William A. Nelson David & Carol Ann Nyman Travis Parashonts Stanley & Carol Parry Rick & Lori Perry Clayton & Zoe Petty Douglas & Fiona Phillips Scott Phillips Marjorie S. Reeve James & Carolyn Ritchie Gary & Eva Richins Mark & Jeri Russell Frank W. Seaman Family Russell & Wanda Sevy Jyl L. Shuler Neal & Marguerite Smith James W. Sorensen Marci Staudte Gerald & Jeanette Stoker Keith & Shirley Tattersall Michael & Sandra Lord Thomas Gordon & Joann Topham Evan & Christine Vickers Bonnie Wehle Kent Whitesel Seldon O. Young Renn & Ree Zaphiropoulos Affiliated Orthodontics PC Belliston Family Foundation Bradshaw Chevrolet Brick Oven C. Wade & Marie D. Bell Fund Cedar City Dairy Queen

Challis Broadcasting Clear Advantage Consulting Columbia Kitchen Cabinets Creamer Insurance Agency Inc Dell USA LP First Choice Industrial The GE Foundation General Theatrical Supply Howard R Driggs Memorial Foundation Innovative Design Technologies Iron County Medical Society LaFave Gallery MHTN Architects Inc Midwest Commerical Interiors Rocky Mountain Power Salt Lake Tribune Son Builders, Inc State Farm Companies Foundation Sterling and Shelli Gardner Foundation Tri State Motors UCentive Lance & Peggy Whetten

THE BRISTLECONE CLUB The oldest and hardiest tree known to man, the bristlecone pine must defeat some of the most demanding terrain on earth in order to add its austere beauty to the landscape. In the same way, the Bristlecone Club members recognized here have done much to assist Southern Utah University in surmounting the challenges of the past to maintain its stellar reputation as a source for quality education. The Bristlecone Club recognizes annual gifts of $500 - $999.

Thomas D. Amick Craig Ballew Lewis & Sue Barney Clay & Marlene Barth Mindy Benson Gary & Judy Black Gail & Jane Bradshaw Mark & Stacy Bradshaw Harry & Lynne Brown Scott & Penny Brown Clint Bunker Ron Cardon Ned & Patricia Carnahan Christopher L. Chapman Val & Mary Church D L. Conejo Laura Cotts Mark & Bonnie Cox Sherrie Dix Kent & Bessie Dover Perry Driggs Richard & Ann Eastlyn


Bob & Carol Ann Jones

Richard A. Eissinger Fred & Virginia Esmeier Michael & Marcia Evans Robert & Trisha Eves Cecelia H. Foxley Jon & Anne Girand Kendall & Rea Gubler Ralph M. Halterman Susan D. Harris Elizabeth Hatfield Steven T. Heelis Daniel W. Hermansen Deborah M. Hill Gary Holyoak Bob Homer Bob & Carol Hortin Dr. Merrill & Linda Hugentobler Peter T. Hulin Ryan & Sami Hunt Frank & Janice Jensen Sally Jensen Sandra L. Jensen Ronald Jibson Luann Johnson Merrell Robert & Carol Ann Jones Harl & Anne Judd Kristee Killpack Vern Kupfer Ed & Sarah Lamb Randall & Jo Anne Lamoreaux Paul R. Larson Ralph & Donna Lister Joseph & Jean Lopour David & Terri Lund Suzanne Magleby Natalie Marshall Andrew Marvick Greg Mauger J D & Christine Maxwell David & Kristie McMullin Blake & Angela Measom Kent & Cherie Myers Dan P. Neubauer Preston & Betty Nibley Michael E. Noel David & Jennifer Oberhelman Dean O'Driscoll Don & Marilyn Olsen Dale & Annetta Orton Dorian & Joyce Page Alan & Mary Pearson Wilma M. Petty Robert Pohl Glen & Meri Pryor David A. Rees Dustin W. Schofield Wayne & Maria Smith Deborah K. Snider Todd D. Sorenson Andrew & Kelly Springer David & LuAnn Tanner Carl & Shirley Templin Kevin D. Tipton Carrie Trenholm David & Lisa Ursem Brian & Melinda Pfundstein Vaughn Randall Violett David & Cindy Ward Kit C. Wareham John & Mary Westwood Warren & Kathleen Woolsey Cindy Wright A&D Coop Above All Auto Inc All About Trucks, Inc Allegiance Direct Bank

Blue Pine Motel Bradshaw, Smith & Co Cedar City Applette Cedar City Chamber of Commerce Cedar High Class of 46 Communication Systems Dell Marketing L.P. Foot & Ankle Institute Inc Funtime Inflatables & More Glenmoor Golf Course Griffin Fast Lube H.J. Heinz Company Hillsports IC Group Mountain Eye Institute New Harmony Ladies Literary Club Nilsson Hearing Center Orange Creek Marketing Inc Smead Manufacturing Snoshack Concessions Sports Authority Spring Creek Dental The Big Three & Me The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Michael & Jacalyn Leavitt Foundation Tim's Cascade Snacks USTAR Yardley Insurance Agency

THE CENTENNIAL CLUB The University’s Centennial Celebration commemorated a century of commitment to learning – a commitment driven in large part by the generosity of the University’s alumni and friends. Membership in the Centennial Club demonstrates a dedication to Southern Utah University and to its charge of providing quality educational experiences for all students through the new century. The Centennial Club recognizes annual gifts of $100 - $499.

Christopher H. Abraham Kevin Abraham Barbara Ackerman Alma & Marie Adams Eric & Dialea Adams Ida Adams Ron Adams Robert & Loreli Adkins David S. Admire Rosa Alvarez Perez Kay L. Andersen Darin & Heidi Anderson Joan Anderson Michael Anderson

Teresa J. Andrews Seth G. Armstrong Nolan & Yvonne Ashman William F. Atkin James M. Aton Michael & Kristen Bahr Kurt & Kim Bailey Deborah A. Baker Larry & Laura Baker Ravenna Baker Peter & Jessica Banks Frank Baratta Richard Bardwell Bruce O. Barker Dorian Barragan David A. Barraugh Craig Bartholomew Dan Barton Richard & Sheila Barton Morgan J. Bassett Philip & Kimberly Bateman David & Marilyn Batt Joel & Karlene Bauer Brent D. Baugh Scott & Stephanie Bauman Robert & Jacquelyne Beatty Terrie A. Bechdel Gary W. Beck Daniel L. Bennion Steven & Marjorie Bennion Rich & Jaime Benson Rulon Bickmore Kent & Annette Bigelow Bradley Bishop Joseph Bishop Kyle & Rachel Bishop Doug Bonzo Max Bonzo Steven A. Borget Ellen W. Bowden Gerald & Sheila Bowler LeeAnn Bowler Casey J. Bowns Susan M. Bozarth Keith M. Bradshaw Karl & Jane Braithwaite Jeb & Pam Branin Susan E. Bristow Cameron & Kim Brooks Maj. Larry Brough Bradley & Kelli Brown Edward J. Brown Eric & Luanne Brown Gary & Mary Brown Herb Brown JoDeen Brown John & Mary Brown Joseph A. Brown Mary D. Brown Scott & Leah Brown Sharon Brown Todd & Robyn Brown Ed & Margaret Browning Judy E. Bryant Robert & Karen Bryant Kenneth E. Bulloch Jeff & Melina Burgess Rawley A. Burningham Andy & Jen Burt Donald & Laura Burton Kirt & Susan Bussio Michael & Mary Cameli Ronald L. Carling Allen & Jacqueline Carlson Michael & Marijeanne Carter Jim Case Art & Vickie Challis LaVell & Dean Chamberlain Norman & Gaylynn Childs

SUU Science Emeritus; ’57, Elementary Education As scions of giving families, Bob and Carol Ann Jones have unstintingly supported SUU in many ways for many years. Bob spent 33 years as a valued member of the mathematics and computer science faculties at SUU and the family lived as neighbors to the campus, on 300 West. Each of their six children graduated from the institution, and two grandchildren now attend. “Helping others obtain an education is tremendously fulfilling,” Carol Ann, who served as president on the University’s alumni council, says, “and its always rewarding to attend the annual scholarship luncheon and meet the students who have benefited.” Matt Chowning Bruce & Patricia Christensen Dave Christiansen Christopher M. Chudik Matt & Adele Clark Jane Clark Ralph & Callie Clark Aaron Cloward Diana Cole Noal & Betty Jo Cook Robert M. Cope Timothy J. Coray Robert R. Cordova Thomas N. Cowan Douglas Cox Darren & Rachelle Cox Mark & Karen Cranney Britton M. Creer Robert L. Critchfield Vern & Lucile Crockett Gardiner & Daphne Dalley Mark & Mary Jayne Dalley Lillian G. Dallin Keith & Marsha Dalton Jack Dillon & Anna Jean DanielsDillon Ben & Cindy Davidson Dennis G. Davidson Norman & Kris Davis Mark & Debbie Davis Emily M. Dean Jacob C. DeMille Dale & Zelda DeMille Tom G. Dempsey Philip & Jill Dillard Maloy & Carol Dodds Richard A. Dotson Gail L. Drennan Colleen C. Dunn Jerry J. Dunnichay Ned & Marian Dunnichay John W. Edwards Theodore G. Ehret HJ Eldredge Jean Eldredge Larry & Linda Ellertson Justin P. Ena Gordon & Katheryn Enders Guy & Leola Erikson Kim & Jill Evans Daniel & Rosalyn Eves Kristine Fannin David & Florence Farnsworth Kenneth R. Farnsworth Dr Kent & Ann Farnsworth Luck & Ro Felstead Boyd & Carol Fife Ronnie W. Flud Fredrick & Ruby Forch

Kellie & Darcy Fortier Carl & Deborah Franklin Darrin V. Fraser Jeffrey Frehner Michael G. French Dan & Christine Frezza Chris B. & Karen Gale Eric & Marian Gardner Michael & Diane Gardner Patricia Gardner Robert Gardner Lauri Garfield Douglas N. Garrett John Gholdston Larry Gibbons Karla Gilbert Clark P. Giles Thomas & Donna Giles Lyle Gingery Barton T. Gleave Gary & Mollie Gowans Michael J. Grady Paul & Diana Graff James & Carol Graff Barbara P. Gray Seth & Julianne Green Roger A. Greener Royce & Suzanne Griffin Mikkel L. Griffin Harold Grimshaw Larry & Chrisey Grubb John Gurney Barry Gurski Lennis & Cindy Hall Gregory Hamilton Alan & Kathleen Hamlin John D. Haning Bud & Clara Hansen Debra A. Hanson Jeffrey W. Hanson Suzanna W. Hanson John Harris Kurt W. Harris Jim & Belinda Harrison Henry & Karen Harter Jesse W. Hartle Carl & Joann Hastings Oleen & Clara Hatch Doug & Amy Hawks Clara J. Headley Charles & Paula Heaton Kimber & LaRae Heaton Bruce Heywood Kenneth & Lori Hicks Bob & Virginia Higbee Jan Hoch Brent M. Holmes Julia N. Holt Bill & Nancy Honeck

Stuart & Gayle Horn Thomas & Susan Horne Lyle S. Hosoda Eugene H. Hotinger Eric & Diane Houle Karen M. Houser Bruce R. Howard John C. Howell David & Coleen Huff Devin & Anna Hughes Kent & Laurel Hulet Rex Hulet Mrs. F Dean Hunger Jennifer C. Hunter Paul Husselbee Karl & Joan Ingram Raymond P. Inkel Craig & Sylvia Isom Charles B. Jackson James A. Jackson Tyler James Marlo & Ginger Jensen Steven M. Jensen Theron & Christine Jensen Charles D. Johnson Dennis Johnson & Virginia Stitt Donald O. Johnson Ervin & Lois Johnson Harold & Cynthia Johnson Jacob and Andrea Johnson Lawrence G. Johnson Richard & Roxanna Johnson Sheila K. Johnson Steven Johnson John E. Johnstun George & Bernice Jolley Alan & Luwenn Jones Dallas R. Jones Edward Jones Gerry and Betty Jones Kenley O. Jones KC & Melanie Jones Bob & Candice Jordan LaMar Jordan LaMar & Yvonne Jordan Matthew R. Jorgensen Christine L. Kaempfer Patricia A. Keehley Micah Paul Keith Peter W. Kennedy Sharon L. Kenolio Francis & Marlene Kimoto Thomas C. King Tom & Ellen Kirk Claudia Kreipl Edward & Tracy Kristensen Doyle Kutch Tyson & Abbey Kyhl Denise La Salle

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


Rick & Kathleen Lambson Robert & Christy Land Jared S. Larrabee Frank & Kathy Larussa Connie L. Lathrop Jean Latin David & Florence Layton Selwyn D. & Kara Leigh Kershaw Layton Eric & Melissa Leavitt G Leavitt Jeric & Natalie Leavitt Mark & Jana Leavitt Sunny Lee Dale & Olene LeFevre Connie & Elva Lendt Bonnie M. Lewis David L. Lewis Timothy & Sheryl Lewis Barry & Cindy Line Sam Lindley Dan Lindsay Marie Liston Fred & Linda Lohrengel Glen R. Longhurst Malia D. Loo Frank A. Lopez Craig Lorscheider David & Kari Louthan James & Trecia Loveland Todd Lundahl Jim & Clarisse Lunt Glen & Celesta Lyman Mary MacDonald James & Carol Macfarlane John S. MacLean Kirtley & Anna Madsen Karen Maloney Alex E. Mansour Don & Jacque Marchant James C. Marchant Darren & Klea Marchant James L. Marlett Jory Mason Andrea C. Masterson Kim & Margo Matheson David & Marni Maxwell Leanne M. Maxwell Doug & Sandra Maxwell Van & Chris Mays Brent McClellan Mary K. McDowell Dan & Aleen McGuire David T. McGuire Kay & Renee McIff Bob & Louise McKnight Tracy E. Meehan Dana & Vicki Meier Camille V. Meifu J.M. & Beatrice Melvin Christopher & Lynette Mershon Becky Middleton L.C. & LaRae Miles Marion R. Miller Nikki A. Millett Donald & Renee Milne Anne D. Monsen Lee A. Montgomery Janice R. Morbeck Bradley & Lauri Mortensen Dennis & LeeAnn Moser Jon Murdock John & Annette Murray Robert & Sydney Nakken J Nash David Nelson Scott & Katherine Nelson Bradley Niederhauser Michael & Sheila Nielsen



Jacqueline C. Nielson Megan M. Nielson Dennis Norman Constance W. Nyman Andrew & Virginia Olds Cheryl Olinger George A. Olinger Jeffery F. Olsen Larry & Sharon Olsen Elaine F. Onaga Valerie Orlemann Jeanette Ormond Elmo & Glenis Orton David & Cherie Osborn Earl Mulderink & Rita Osborn John & Allyn Palmer Terry & Tamara Palmer Marlene Parkinson Kendall & Paula Parry Mauri K. Parsons Raymond & Susan Paterson Jason T. Paul Molly Payne Patricia Paystrup Conrad Pearson Frain & Laree Pearson Desmond & Sara Penny Bruce R. Peterson Colton & Emily Peterson Dale & Afton Peterson Jason & Kari Peterson Jesse F. Peterson Lee & Ellen Peterson Clayton Petty Valerie K. Petty Dave & Jeanne Pinamonti Larry L. Ping Michael Plyer Ted & Connie Porray Ramon & Barbara Prestwich Lowell & Sharon Prince Clark Prothero Roger & Kathleen Pugh Troy Putman Chris & Megen Ralphs Bill & Peggy Randall Deborah Rasmussen Ty Redd Boyd & Pam Redington Robert J. Reeve Neldon Reeves Greg & Suzette Reid Roger L. Reid Joann Ren Madison A. Resley Aaron B. Reynolds Esther M. Rhodes Lyndon L. Ricks Walter & Marley Riding Gretchen Rimmasch Don & Elizabeth Ritchie Debbie Robb Carl & Nancy Roberts Wade & Marilyn Roberts Hank M. Robins David & Katherine Robinson Kevin & Loren Robinson Phillip & Jean Robison Philip E. Roche Earl & Barbara Rodriguez Todd Ross Jeff & Judy Kempter Dorothy J. Roller Cal Rollins James M. Rood Rick & Jennie Roos Sheila Rose Mandi Rosenbeck Craig & Marsha Rowley

Mary Sanada Paul J. Savage Rod & Marlene Savage Phil Schmidt Eric & Brenda Schmutz Chris Schulte Mary Seaman Mary Jane Seaman David Seamons Richard & Rhoda Seegmiller Roger & Connine Seegmiller Amy Seng Stanley & Barbara Shakespeare Tim Shatzel Chris B. Shepherd Dorothy L. Shurtz Kevin D. Sidwar Debra Sillitoe Gerald Simmons Julie C. Simon Howard & Carol Skinner Virgil & Trudy Smith Valerie W. Smith Rohn C. Solomon Douglas C. Sonntag Gloria Sonntag Michael P. Sonntag Brent Sorensen Glade Sorensen Roxann Sorensen Benjamin R. Sowards Ralph & Jane Spence Shon & Trisha Spevak Michael & Shelli Stathis Emmett & Jana Steed Mackay & Mariam Steffensen Karl & Sue Stevens Becky M. Stirewalt Garrett L. Strosser Tina Stubbs Lyle & Becky Stucker Andrew R. Summers Xun Sun Nick & Angela Susnjar Mark & Julie Svoboda Asher Swan Bonnie Swenson Bryant D. Swenson Frederick & Tonya Syrett Nasser Tadayon Arthur & Roma Tait Ashlyn Tait Greg & Irene Tait Alan D. Taylor Jerry A. Taylor Tonya R. Taylor H.A. Theurer Jr Joel F. Thomas Chad M. Thompson Wesley & Michelle Thompson Anni Toews Margaret Toews Matthew S. Tomseth Troy Torgersen Drew L. Torgerson Jay C. Towsley Kendall & Donna Trout Steve Truesdale LuLu Tuan Blaine & Jean Marie Tueller John & Melody Tuft Dorothy M. Uherka Doug & Holly Urie Roy Urie George Van Gieson Lynn Vance Matthew H. Vandenberghe Jennifer VanWie Lynn M. Vartan

Dean & Sue Vernon Katharine Villard James A. Vlasich John & Patricia Walser Sam & Janice Ware Janet E. Warner James & Artis Watson John Watson Chris & Jennifer Weaver Kim H. Weaver Rob & Shelly Weber Robby D. Weber Timothy & Regina Weeks Anne Weiler - Brown Gary & Mary Ann Weston Charles & Carolyn White Jared S. Wilcken Arlene Williams Teshia A. Williams Ardice Williamson Mellor Willie Mike Winder Dean & Wendy Winward Joey Wolfe Brennan M. Wood Jennifer Wood Virginia Wood Charles & Joan Woodbury Terrance & Mary Woolf Greg Worthington Ross S. Wright Scott & Teresa Yardley Steve Yates Ryan M. Yonk John Young Bob Zeman AB Stoneworks Advantage Cartridge Co., Inc. Allgrunn Insurance Agency, Inc. American Express Foundation Barnett Orthodontics Bate's Electrical Service Bio-West, Inc. BNY Mellon Community Partnership Cache Valley Electric Co Carter Enterprises Cedar City Rotary Foundation, Inc. Cleanville, Inc. Community Presbyterian Church Copper Hills High School Coral Canyon Dental Coral Cliffs Ranch Cornerstone Financial Delaware Valley Urology Donavan Capitol Eastern Utah Community Credit Union El Mexicano Escalante Spring Ranch Ferrous Investment Company Findlay Auto Fishbrook Golf Course Garkane Power GLE Enterprises Grand County Credit Union Greenfield Logistics GroupLink Corporation Gurney Trucking Harvest Moon Health Hat Rack Well Service Homewood Suites by Hilton Hyatt Escalal Lodge Industrial Maintenance & Automation Ingram Construction Iron County School District

JEM Property Management Jolley's Ranch Wear KCINC Consultants Ken Bettridge Distributing Inc KTA Enterprises, Inc. Leavitt Land & Investment Inc Leland's Chevron Mackay Dental Care Matthew L Johnson & Associates McGladrey & Pullen LLP Medallion Manor Inc Milt's Stage Stop Mini Mill Moab Construction Moab Dental Health Center LC Moab Ford Moroni Feed Company Mosdell Sanitation Mountain Math/Language Nephi Custom Spraying Nielson Woodworking Inc Off The Cuff Comedy Improvisation LLC Painter Motor Co. Palmer Marketing Solutions Pioneer Floor Coverings Precision Automotive of Utah Provo Big O Tire Rafter L Cattle Co Red Cliffs Lodge Richens Eye Center Ririe Woodbury Dance Co Rosenbruch Foundation Inc Roy Ward Insurance Agency Inc Ruby's Inn Inc Saskatoon Zone 5 Fastball Association Scott A Parry M.D. Sevier School District Sevier Valley Communications Simply Right Inc South Sevier Civic League Southern Utah Business Forms, Inc Southern Utah Football Camp Southern Utah Physical Therapy Southern Utah Vision Care Sphere One Aviation, Inc Springville Big O Tire SunBrook Target Stores The Hershey Company The Little Brick House Thomas Management Corporation Thunderbird Soccer Timberline Cabinet Doors Inc Tony Caputos Food Market & Deli Triple J Construction TSW Auto Service Tuacahn Center for the Arts Utah State Parks Vantage Strategies Wasatch Peak Family Practice Wells Fargo Bank N A Wilkinson Electric Inc Zion Pharmacy


Cameron Abbaticchio R L. Ackerman Brenda Adams Gary V. Adams William L. Adams Stephen Ahlgreen Rex & Linda Ahlstrom Sharon Aitken Sherri L. Albrecht Ludean & Lawrence Aldrich Mark & JaLee Alger Troy & Carmen Alldredge Barbara Allen Stephen & Lisa Allen Cathlyn Allred Douglas & Elaine Allred Jeffery L. Allred Kholoud Al-Qubbaj Haken J. Anderson Joni Anderson Margie O. Anderson Eric & Mary Jo Anderson Joseph & Melanie Andrews Verlinda Angell Christian R. Aona Robin Archibald Marian Arns Laura Ashton Mark Asper Scott & Genevieve Atkin John T. Ault Bret & Ann Van Ausdal Marvin & Sherlyn Bagley Michelle Bagley Said Bahi Tori Bahoravitch Jordan Baird Curtis & Crystal Baker Patricia Bakes Marina Balabaeva Fern B. Baldwin Carl & Jerrilyn Banks Bruce & Angie Barclay Howard & Flora Bardwell Reed & Judy Barker Steve & Susie Barney Robert & Ann Barnson Bruce & Arlene Bartholomew Mark & Sandra Barton Matthew & Carlynn Barton Sue Bassett Richard & Linda Bauer Dale R. Beard Shad & Julia Beckstrand Michelle Beckwith Glen & Sonja Beere Brock R. Belnap Gary A. Bennett Dude & Janalee Benson Lloyd & Sandra Benson Blair E. Bentley Brenda K. Bentley Barbara Bergstrom Cindy Bettridge Larry Bigelow


Vince Rosdahl

Marla F. Bingham Tom & Sanna Bird Brooke A. Bischoff Mark R. Bischoff Irene G. Bishop Steven R. Bishop John & Sonja Black Troy & Nicole Black David & Helen Blackner Gary & Margaret Blahosky Kirk & Kelli Blake Dean & Tiffany Blakely Marsha J. Bloom Louise Bluhm Lorah Bodie Art & Sherry Bohman Kevin & Leigh Boles Larry B. Bolibol Harold & Phyllis Bollan Faye Bordbar Jason & Kara Borup Helen C. Boswell Bertha Botello Stuart Bowler Mac & Alta Boyter Lee & Charlene Bracken James P. Brandt Charles & Tauna Brandt Aimee Brian Connie Bridge Mitchell & Kelli Bringhurst Charles & Darlene Brinkherhoff Eddie Brinkerhoff Ferrell & Gwen Brinkerhoff Wesley & Kathleen Brinkerhoff Cameron G. Brown Carol Brown Erin Brown Greg Brown Nancy Brown Rick & Linda Brown Russell & Bonnie Brown William & Lorriann Browne Eileen P. Bryant Jerry & Lynn Bryant Susan Bryant Tammy L. Buehler Richard D. Bugg Todd S. Bulloch Russell K. Bunge Lola Bunker Natalie Burden Jeremiah L. Burraston Dennis M. Busch Wayne & Jeannine Butler Sheri L. Butler Frank & Vanez Butler Rick Bytendorp Edison & Christina Calamity Janet L. Calliham Lyndon & Susan Callister Thomas & Traci Callister Gerald E Calvasina Maxine Cameron Lawrence & Helen Cannon Alan & Christa Cardon Camille Carlson Kerry & Beverly Carpenter Calvin & Gaye Carter Curtis Carter Sharon Carter Joseph & Karen Caruso John & Julie Challis Ellen L. Chalmers Alene G. Chamberlain Cloyd & La Rue Chamberlain Curtis & Ava Chamberlain David & Vicki Chamberlain Scott & Kareen Chamberlain

Eric & Lee Chamberlain Paige E. Chamberlain Michael L. Chidester Dean & Kristina Child James R. Chisholm Amelia A. Chrisman Bryce Christensen Debra G. Christensen Donna Christensen Randall & Kathleen Christensen Terry & Penni Christensen Brooke Christiansen Ruth B. Christiansen John & Susan Christopher Craig & Valerie Church Cameron M. Clark Mike & Renae Clark Stephen D. Clark Patrick Clarke Jan Cline Mark R. Colberg Paul B. Coleman Bob & Geraldine Comeford David A. Cook Zane Cope Donna J. Corney Robert & Shaliece Corry Grant C. Corser Lawrence R. Cote Brian L. Cottam Virginia Cottrell Betty Jean Cowley Jeffery & Brook Cox Dennis & Debra Cox Donald & Cindy Cox Kenneth Cox Kevin & Colette Cox Kim & Heidi Craft Bob & Jaine Crane Bruce & Lisa Crankshaw Brenda Cranmer Alan Croft Carl Croft David Croft Douglas & Elaine Croft Andrew & Clarrisa Crosby Danielle Crouch Thomas H. Cunningham Charles T. Cuthbertson Allan & Marylynn Dalton Rex & Rosa Daly Tara B. Daniels David Dauber Sheryn Daugherty David & Jolynn Davies Clyde & Roanna Davis De Nean Davis Randy & Jeannine Davis Marjean Davis Mazel & LeiLani Davis Norman & Cherie Day Cheryl Dearing Mark A. DeBeliso Joey & Kristy DeGraaf Jeffery & Francyne DeGraw Steven & Teresa Deis Philip J. Derryman Samela Dingus Blake & Karen Donaldson Richard M. Dotson Joe Downard Annie Draper Leslie S. Drew Cheri A. Dryden Andrew & Lisa Dubrasky Cynthia Dunaway Elmer & Shirley Duncan Hayven & Kim Dunn Michelle Dunn

Fred & Betty Jo Dunnell Shirley R. Dunson Susan Durfee Douglas & Valerie Dyreng Briget T. Eastep Claudette Eastman Jay & Kathleen Eastman Justin Edgell Blaine & Jennifer Edwards Tim & Maureen Einfeldt Rev. Gaye Ekker Jennifer R. Ellsworth Noel L. Ellsworth Charles A. Empey Ray & Judy Endsley William C. Engle Rick & Pat Ensle Michael & Marilyn Erickson Mark & Diane Esplin Lynn & Juanita Esplin Adelle Evans Jay & Elizabeth Evans Stephen T. Evans Randy & Claudia Farmer Barbara S. Farnsworth Walter F. Faucette Davin G. Faulkner DMD Shauna J. Fay Mike & Michelle Federico George & Lori Feher Brent & Loralyn Felix Kelly Fink Rhonda M. Fisher Joan M. Fitton Kirk R. Fitzpatrick Renee B. Fitzpatrick Bryant H. Flake R. Shane Flanigan Angeline L. Fleck Darrell & Barbara Foote Diane M. Forch Randy & Tori Forsyth Dr. Charles & Alice Foster Debra J. Foster Marisa L. Foster Susan Frame Shauna R. Frandsen Eric M. Freden Robert B. Frei Jayne Frost Kristine E. Frost Brian & Lindsay Fullerton Laura Fullmer Andy & Nicole Funderburk Tiger H. Funk Barbara Gardner Larry & Henrietta Gardner Rheana M. Gardner Richard & Kimberly Gardner Derek Garn Susan Garner Pamela L. Garvin Deven & Stacie Gass Chad L. Gasser Brandon & Jennifer George Carl Gibbons Lyndell D. Gibson James & Natalie Gibson Lance & Laurie Gifford Sandy Gillies Ryan N. Glazier Rebecca Glidden Robert & Susan Goodman Fredric R. Govedich Lionel & Artis Grady Debra Grafelman George & Marlyn Graff Celeste Graham Monte A. Green

BS ’87, Accounting, MAcc ’88 Vince Rosdahl had humble beginnings in Soda Springs, Idaho, and has fashioned a rewarding career as a Certified Public Accountant for three of what was known as the Big Five accounting firms. He’s a partner in Deloitte Tax LLP, and has driven that company’s gifts to SUU along with his own. He has just moved to the firm’s Connecticut location. He and his wife Diana (’86) have nine children and four grandchildren, and two of their sons, Dillon and Declan, will study at SUU this fall. “The University changed our lives and those of our children,” he says. “I grew up poor and it was a struggle and now that I can, I give back.” Vince was a standout basketball player for the Thunderbirds while on campus. Mark R. Greene Sara E. Greener Blake R. Greenhalgh Steve & Charlene Greenhalgh Mark & Elizabeth Greenwood Dolores E. Griffin Brent & Kathie Griffin Terry J. Griffiths Parker & Jennie Grimes Benjamin & Stephanie Grimstead George Grohs Nicole M. Grothues Todd & Sharon Guenther Adrian J. Gunter Shobha H. Gurung Nancy A. Guthrie Robert & Eva Guyette Nicole M. Gwin Ned A. Hafen Edward Hahne Matthew & Leanne Hahne Lucinda Hailstone Ruth Hair Boyd & Lyona Hales Pamela M. Halgren Brent & Gina Hall Glen & Nancy Hallows Harold & Cynthia Hamblin Vyonne Hamilton Alyson Hammond Bailey R. Hampton Jianlong Han Christopher & Stacey Hansen Jamie Hanson Stephen Harnos Ann Harris Michael Harris Richard Harris & Lana Creer-Harris Keenan & Jeannine Hart Doug Harward Beth Hatch Kenneth & Nancy Head Al & Toni Heaton Daniel & Lise Heaton Ferril & Dorothy Heaton Aaron & Jennifer Hedrick Pete & Robin Heilgeist Derek W. Hein James & Hollie Hendricks Mac Lynn & Cheryl Hendrickson Patsi Hendrickson Sherril Henrie England Kathryn L. Herbold Michael & Ann Herder Wayne & Joan Herlin Philip & Lori Hermansen Max & Merrillyn Herzog Tonya V. Hess

Brian L. Heuett Erin M. Heuett Joe Heywood Robert & Dana Heywood Jennifer Hickman Baiba S. Hicks Kurt & Teresa Higbee Steve & Arleen Higgins Curtis L. Hill John & Mary Hill Harvard & Rose Marie Hinton Shawn W. Hinton Amber D. Holman Kelly & Joann Holman Lyman & Sandra Holyoak Don & Donna Homer Harvey & Sharlene Homer Chris & Jonell Hone Brian P. Hoover Dale Patten & Ruth Hoover Ralph Horne Alan M. Horrocks Candice P. Houston Kathy Hulet John & Tammy Hulet Michael & Katie Humes Kimball & Wendy Humphrey Randy & Amy Humphries Abraham C. Hunt Jeff D. Hunt Stanley & Joyce Hunt Fern Hunter Jeanette Huntsman Wendy M. Hutcheson Steve & McKenzie Hyde Nozomi Irei Ryan Jackman Fay E. Jackson Lance & Deborah Jackson Aja James Nathan Janes Reuel & Julia Janson Bobbie Jensen Steve & Paula Jenson Ben & Amy Johnson Floyd & Pearl Johnson Kevin L. Johnson Norman & Ruth Johnson Janine Jolley Richard & Kathy Jolley Carolyn Jones Jay Jones Jennifer Jones Heber & Laree Jones Kim & Louise Jones Leslie N. Jones Shirley Jones Darren & Sarah Judd Brent & Marcie Judd

Sabrina Judd Christopher & Courtnee Justice Gene A. Kalanick Jonathan E. Karpel Dana & Terilyn Karren Michael & Faelynn Kartchner Donovan & Vicky Kearns Robert Keck Robert & Venda Kemple Mark & Teresa Kenney Tom & Laura Kenworthy Shalini Kesar Steve Kiisel Paul P. Kikongi Kelly M. King Robert A. King Brian S. & Kim Kitteridge Jontelle R. Kloss Douglas & Roma Knight Michiko Kobayashi Kaki Koehler Kenneth & Corrine Koop David & Carole Kranjcevich Matthew & Michelle Kreitzer Matt & Danielle Labrum Paula D. Lambeth Ralph & Jean Lamoreaux Cathy Lampo Michael & Lori Landon Donna M. Lane Arland Langford Robert C. Langston Scott W. Lanning Martha A. Larkin Jared & Julie Larmore Gordon & Debra Larsen Kathryn A. Larsen Elise C. Leahy Crayton & Ellen Leavitt Gregory & Makayla Leavitt Mark & Cindy Leavitt Russell & Jennifer LeBaron Bruce Lee Amy Lefevre-Rice & Allen Rice W. Dean Lefevre George & Yvonne Leigh Kermit & Zina Lemke Darren & Amy Lewis Sharon Lewis Damian & Linda Liebhardt Richard & Sue Limb Lisa N. Livingston Frank & Laura Lojko David & Lee Ann Long Karen Lopez Sheri J. Lopez Robert & Valerie Louder Preston Lundgreen Jana R. Lunt

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2



Wells Fargo

Kevin & Elizabeth Lura September A. Lutterman Jeff Lynn Brian C. Lyons Britton & Megan Mace Thomas Madden Nicholas Madsen Wesley & Brenda Malmgren Craig & Nadine Mangus Gordon & Janine Manzione Melanee A. Mariner James & Irene Marlett Darren Marshall Thane H. Marshall Ronald M. Martin Ruth D. Martin Samuel C. Martinez Kim D. Martino Lane Martino Leon & Barbara Matheson Raymon & Evalee Matheson Dasil Mathews James & Tiffanie Matthews Jessie Matwyler Delwyn & Renee Maxwell Kevin & Jana Maxwell Benjamin M. May Deborah A. May Marie N. Mayes Marvin & Marjorie Mayes Sam & Anna McAllister Danny R. McClanahan Casey & Cori McClellan Susie S. McCunniff Lori Sessions-McCurdy Brett & Susan McFarlane Michael & Beverly McGarvey Karen D. McIntire Donna W. McIntyre Marc & SusAnn McLemore Jon & Liz McNaughtan Brian & Tessa McNeel Keri Mecham Scott & Jennifer Mecham Heber & Barbara Meeks Scott & Shari Meier Maria Meifu Mark H. Meilstrup Arnold & Anna Mellor Rick & Tami Melton Kevin & Robin Melvin Ronald & Phyllis Mendenhall Orson A. Merrell Charles & Patricia Metten Mark E. Miller Tom & Paula Mitchell Darryl T. Monahan Bernie Moncallo Amy Moore Bob & Jean Moore Joyce Moore Cordelle & Wendy Morris Richard & Bonnie Morris Eric & Ruth Morrow Donald L. Mower Cindy L. Moxley Hadiyah N. Muhammad Dion T. Munk Howard & LaNia Munson Shuichi Murakami Anne P. Murdock Hal & Gloria Murdock Ross Murdock John & Joy Murphy Jeramie & Heather Murray Loie Murray Radhika P. Nair Jonathan J. Neighbor Janet D. Neilson Joshua & SheriDawn Neilson



Roice & Andrea Nelson Bruce Nelson Cindy C. Nelson David & Julie Nelson Larraine Nelson Mark & Lorretta Nelson Steve & Gena Nelson Tami J. Newton Matthew F. Nickerson Clinton & Anna Nielsen Corry T. Nielsen Ken & Jeanine Neilson Marlene Norris Don & Valerie North Roger D. Nyman Judith Oakes Louie C. Ocampo Robert E. Ogie Josh Olenslager Rulon & Louise Oliekan Karl & DeEtta Oman Jeffrey & April Orton Gary & Jamie Orton Bonnie Ostler Nathan Ott Jason & Kara Page Ryan Palmer Terry Palmer Douglas & Noreen Parry Duane C. Parry Gene C. Parry Scott L. Parry Rhet L. & Kimberly Parsons Kami T. Paul Stuart Pederson Ronald E. Penning Carol & Lloyd Perkins Robert & Joye Petersen Pete Peterson Randall & Judith Peterson Troy & Ruthanne Peterson Walter P. Peterson Neil Petty Kayli Pfister Ronald Pisaturo Mark L. Planck Roy & Ann Plumb Michael D. Plumb Ashley H. Pollock Carl Brent Poulton Gregory & Ann Powell William & Janet Presley Lyn & Lila Prestwich Joe & Karen Price Lynn D. Price Dale & Brenda Prince Gerald & Marilyn Prince Arlyn & Elizabeth Proctor Christine R. Proctor Rick & Helen Pruitt Raymond Pugsley Dolores Pulsipher Alan & Dorothy Raddon Jeremy & Tami Rampton David & Dana Randall Brandon B. Rasmussen Byron & Myrna Rasmussen Larea Rasmussen Rebecca S. Rasmusson Bonny J. Rayburn Gordon & Susan Reeve Barbara Resley Bart & Jacquiline Reynolds Lisa Richardson Mark A. Richey Ryan & Jennifer Richey Bob & Kristine Rigby Nadine E. Riggar Theodore Rittel Deborah A. Robb

Amber Robbins Jeff & Cristal Robbins Wayne A. Roberts Robert Robertson Victoria K. Robertson Colby & Randi Robinson Jackie Robinson Scott & Lori Robinson Lyle H. Rodabough Jerry P. & Kim Roeder Travis R. Rosenberg Michelle R. Rossman Christa & Mike Rotz Kent & Hilary Roundy Russell H. Rowe Reed & Belinda Rowley Josephine Rowley Adam & Suzie Rowley Timothy A. Roy Jason R. Ruiz Brett & Virginia Rushton John & Sara Samuelson Chad D. Sanada Jeffrey & Laurie Sandall Lana R. Sanders Harry & Susan Sasser Bob & Leona Schexnayder Melanie Schiers Mary J. Schmitke Don & Penny Scholten Ira & Beverly Schoppmann Keith & Janet Seegmiller Robert Seegmiller Thomas O. Segars Mackenzie A. Seng Kent & Carol Sevy Brandi L. Shafer John R. Shafer Patrice S. Shaffer Carl & Kay Shakespear Janeen Sheldon Rex & Stacia Shipp Heather A. Shober Max Sidwell Lawrence & Sherrie Lynn Silcox Nanette Simkins Tom & Judy Simper Kevin & Mary Singleton Jeff Skaggs Howard Skinner Suzanne Skrocke & Ryan Timoney Gary Slabaugh Gage & Anita Slusser Kirk & Anne Marie Smith Debra J. Smith Jon M. Smith Leland & Marilyn Smith Mike & Pamela Smith Ralph Somers Keith D. Sonntag J M Spaeth Earl & Susanne Spencer Gareth Spencer Mary Anne Spencer Camaree G. Staheli David & Shelly Staheli Keith & Anne Marie Stanworth Justin & Jodi Starr Rose Steele Steve & Mary Steffensen Kevin & Stacie Stein David F. Stephens Nicole Sterling Fred & Phyllis Stewart Herb Stinson David & Beatrice Stirland Brian D. Stock Lindsay J. Stocking Jessica Stoneman

Wells Fargo has long been among the University’s greatest supporters, giving to a wide range of institutional needs, including scholarships. Denise Winslow, vice president of community affairs, said, “Wells Fargo recognizes the critical role that accredited schools and educational institutions such as Southern Utah University have in developing our leaders of tomorrow and supporting the economic prosperity of our communities. We believe that everyone deserves access to highquality and affordable education and it’s one of the most important ways Wells Fargo can help communities become economically self-sufficient. This is why Wells Fargo is proud to be a long-time supporter of SUU. Go T-Birds! Robert & Darlene Storie Catherine G. Strand Brandon & Sharlene Street Charla R. Strosser Donald & Dorothea Stucker Jill Stucki Sonny & Sherry Sudbury Sophitmanee Sukalakamala Brian M. Swanson Lisa M. Swanson Patrick & Jackie Swigart Sheryl D. Syndergaard Allen A. Syrett Mondell & Florence Syrett Jennifer Tait James & Sandra Talbot Ramona Talbot Sheldon & Karen Talbot David & Jill Tatton Toanui & Adrianne Tawa Brent D. Taylor Elton & Marella Taylor John & Wendy Taylor Julie E. Taylor Lucy Taylor Chuck & Michelle Taylor Mona S. Taylor Sam & Olena Taylor Susan Taylor Robert & Alycia Tebbs Bruce R. Tebbs Patrick Terrones Kami Terry Paul Michael & Marguerite Thacker Camille Thomas Stacia M. Thomas Brett & Marissa Thompson Michael D. Thompson Abigail Thorpe Michele Tincher William & Vivian Tobler Harry Toews Parthenia Tom Bill & Marcille Topham Greg & Michelle Topham Wesley & Carrie Torgersen Barbara Torke Miguel A. Torres Orlando Torres Paul Torres Ellen Treanor Scott & Jean Truman David Tufte Jim & Lanita Tullis Wynn & Shauna Turek Geri L. Turley Byron G. Turnbeaugh Clyde & Marion Turner Jessica L. Tvordi Joseph & Cindy Ulch Mac R. Urie Michael Valentine Katie L. Van Ness Thomas & Carol Walker

Jack A. Walker Debbie Wallis Nadine Walters Mark & Kaylene Walton Chien-Ying Wang Nichole Wangsgard Michael & Timette Wankier Clint & Joyce Warby Roger Wareham Heather Warner Demario O. Warren Robert J. Warren LynnDell Watson Nita Watson Kimball & Janet Weaver Mark J. Webster Richard Webster Matthew S. Weeg Andreas J. Weingartner Cecilia L. Weingartner Larurae Welch Joan Wendel Robert & Dianne Werber Gary West John E. Wheaton Barry & Beth Whitaker Kevin & Jill Whitaker Lynn H. White Trudy A. Widup Thomas & Elizabeth Wieland Mark & Vicki Wiesenberg Kristin D. Wiggins Chris & Sonya Wilcox Fred & Judy Wilkinson William & Becky Williams Rex & Ranae Williams David & Janet Williams Janet W. Williams Kendall U. Williams Marilyn J. Williams Michael M. Williams Scott & Shelly Williams Thomas & Corinne Williams Jay & Gloria Willis David S. Wilson Mike & Hayley Winslow Tom & Kimberly Winward Edward & Debra Withers Richard & Peggy Wittwer Lohra D. Wolden Oden & Mary Wolfe Mark & Diane Wonnacott Arlington & Dorothy Wood Gordon & Shirley Wood Julie Wood Lee & Linda Wood Erik E. Woodbury Ronald & Susan Woodland Valeena A. Woodland Paul & Christine Worthen Leo Wright Natalie L. Wright Dale & Anona Yardley Joe & Penny Yardley

Donald W. Yates James & Pamela Young Jeff & Terreye Zaleski Chet J. Zaremba Chunlei Zhang Matt & Laura Zufelt Carylee Zwang Avex Supply Barrett's Foodtown Beta Sigma Phi Brent's Auto Repair Brothers Gardiner Brown Family Trust Bullies Drive Inn C & S Tire Cedar City BPW Project Fund Christensens Department Store Circle D Motel Cozzens Cabinets Encore Dental Laboratory Era Realty Center Gandolfo's Glazier's Market Great Harvest Bread Company Griffin Mercantile Healing Mountain Massage School Hello Gorgeous Iggy's Sports Grill JJWD Hardware Jorgensen Ford Kamali'i Trucking & Rentals Inc Kamcor Kanab Food Corp. Kunzler Family Dentistry Lulu Press Inc Lupita's Mexican Food Maurices Moab Adventure Center Monroe Canyon Assisted Living Murdock & Searle Family Dentistry Pioneer Theatre Company Qualls Chem Dry Quint Star Management Respin Records Rolling Rubber Romney Chiropractic Orthopedist Shirt Stop Sonny Boy's Barbecue LLC South Central Communications South Valley Physical Therapy Spirit Fitness Taco Time Taste of Hawaii Temple Square Hospitality The Parts House Town of Koosharem UPS Store Valley Vision Clinic Valley Wide Property Services Video Outlet



ALUMNI Ruthell L. Haycock (’55), age 76, passed away January 9, 2012 Leo C. Cahoon (’40), age 92, passed away January 15, 2012 Jon Chesley Williams (’70), age 66, passed away January 18, 2012 Lois Urie Woodbury (’47), age 84, passed away February 9, 2012 MAJ Douglas E. Plummer (’68), age 66, passed away February 15, 2012 Pauline A. Rider (’73), age 90, passed away February 19, 2012 Lorin C. Jones (’59), age 76, passed away February 19, 2012 Carl V. Anderson (’00) age 54, passed away February 6, 2012 Bradford B. Garrison (’03), age 33, passed away March 2, 2012 Carma Lang (’64), age 81, passed away March 13, 2012 Antone P. Hunter (’50), age 82, passed away March 15, 2012 Shirley Fay Davis Jensen (’88), age 76, passed away March 16, 2012 John R. Wood (’55), age 81, passed away March 17, 2012 Phyllis Ann Rowland (’51), age 81, passed away March 19, 2012 Kendall Oliphant Gurr, age 86, passed away March 26, 2012 Joanne Erickson (’52), age 80, passed away March 27, 2012 Trina J. Taylor (’94), age 43, passed away March 31, 2012 Darren Garrick (’84), age 51, passed away April 3, 2012 Patrick Matthew Lindsay (’50), age 87, passed away April 4, 2012 Robert Nyle Adams (’52), age 79, passed away April 15, 2012 Richard Alma Jensen, age 63, passed away April 18, 2012 Antone Dalley Fife, age 93, passed away April 26, 2012 Conrad Valoi Hatch (’42), age 89, passed away April 29, 2012 Roderick Denzel Hunt (’10) age 31, passed away April 30, 2012 Helen Tuft Webster (’54), age 77, passed away May 6, 2012 Max R. Dalley, age 67, passed away May 1, 2012

Sherlene M. Osterud, (’62), age 72, passed away May 21, 2012 Homer S. Jones (’29), age 102, passed away May 28, 2012 Kent E. Carlson (’75), age 62, passed away May 29, 2012 Keith Clove Workman Jr. (’67), age 64, passed away June 2, 2012 George L. Frandsen (’87), age 55, passed away June 3, 2012 Leon D. Robinson (’42), age 89, passed away June 7, 2012 Marie Keele Lambeth (’47), age 87, passed away June 10, 2012 Erin Kathleen VanCamp Gerbrandt, age 31, passed away June 14, 2012 George Byron Hunt, age 84, passed away June 15, 2012 Shawn R. Keith (’06), age 46, passed away June 16, 2012 Clemont Bauer Adams (’49), age 90, passed away June 19, 2012 Joyce Hall Sherratt (’61), age 70, passed away June 23, 2012 Betty Foster Sorensen, age 85, passed away June 26, 2012 Dellas Elwin Imlay (’57), age 79, passed away June 27, 2012

FRIENDS &SUPPORTERS Ruth Marshall Knight, age 84, passed away January 4, 2012 Derek Shawn Heap, age 34, passed away January 5, 2012 Marjorie Seely Reeve, age 93, passed away January 12, 2012 Arta J. Brough, age 94, passed away January 24, 2012 Sylvan Wittwer, age 95, passed away January 20, 2012 Lois Olds Iverson, age 89, passed away January 22, 2012 Sue C. Harvey, age 70, passed away January 28, 2012 Barbara Mitchell, age 82, passed away January 31, 2012 Christine R. Mathews, age 85, passed away February 1, 2012 Boyd Glover, age 85, passed away February 13, 2012 Clifford S. LeFevre, age 89, passed away February 21, 2012

January 1, 2012 - June 30, 2012

Conroy K. Stevenson, age 70, passed away March 7, 2012 Lois L. Armstrong, age 79, passed away March 4, 2012 Mavis S. Seegmiller, age 73, passed away March 15, 2012 Larry Cummings, age 60, passed away March 15, 2012 Steven H. Cantonwine, age 62, passed away March 30, 2012 Ralph Lewis, age 87, passed away April 1, 2012 Chella Osbourne Jenks, age 72, passed away April 7, 2012 Vernon R. Spencer, age 86, passed away April 9, 2012 Frankie L. Bentley, age 83, passed away April 11, 2012 Hal Christensen, age 86, passed away April 18, 2012 Ross C. Hilton, age 90, passed away April 20, 2012 Wayne R. Messerly, age 80, passed away April 30, 2012 LaRue Gardner, age 81, passed away May 2, 2012 Opal B. Topham, age 75, passed away May 14, 2012 Ralph Ruesch Hafen, age 95, passed away May 29, 2012 Lloyd Allen Davis, age 73, passed away June 7, 2012 Kirk Sharp, age 56, passed away June 10, 2012 Naida Gillies Gardner, age 97, passed away June 15, 2012 Payton W. Bundy, age 59, passed away June 16, 2012 Barbara Jean Morgan, age 82, passed away June 23, 2012 When you learn of the passing of an SUU alumnus or friend, please contact Ron Cardon by phone (435-586-7776) or by email (

S U U A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E FA L L 2 0 1 2


Last Word

Cooking Up Home:

Pastry Pub brings alumnus back to Cedar A university is a melting pot containing the uniqueness of each of



students alumni. there

and Truly,



many stories as there are people attached to an institution. One such tale of SUU is that of Syrus Saifizadeh (’84) of Kermanshah, Iran. Syrus, along with his brother Saeid, came to America in 1978 and enrolled at SUSC. They’d heard from friends that the school was exceptional and inexpensive and that the community was appealing and hospitable. They found all that to be true, and Syrus earned a business

Opened in 1999 just two blocks

his workers (almost all of whom are

technology degree, subsequently

east of campus, it has become

SUU students) while he was closed.

joining the Marriott Corp. at the

one of the town’s most popular

“It was important that we take care

Salt Lake International Airport. That

restaurants, drawing rave reviews

of our employees,” he said, “because

led to a regional manager position

from customers and filled to capacity

it was fair and because we wanted

with Ambassador Pizza. In the early

most days from morning until late in

them back when we reopened.”

1990s, he gained U.S. citizenship.

the evening. With a menu of unique




All the while over 15 years, he

sandwiches, salads and desserts,

a wide range of service projects

was dreaming about returning to

The Pastry Pub also caters many

and earnestly hires the disabled

the town he enjoyed while in school.

events in Cedar City.






He and his wife Tina, whom he had

“I’d say 30 percent of our business

best fit. He is recognized as an

met in Salt Lake City, finally decided

comes from the University,” Syrus

important member of the Cedar City

to relocate to Cedar City and open a

said, “and a lot more from its



related events like the Shakespeare

“Cedar City was like home to me,


All in all, the bond between SUU and Syrus Saifizadeh has

Syrus is a thoughtful boss. In

paid off handsomely for each, as

December 2008 he was forced to close

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