SUU 2022 Commencement Program

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O n e H u n d r e d Tw e n t y -T h i r d A n n u a l

a p r i l 2 9 th 2022



PROCESSIONAL OF THE GRADUATES “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar (1857-1934) Performed by the SUU Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Dr. Xun Sun

MARSHAL Rea Gubler Department Chair/Associate Professor Family Life & Human Development


NATIONAL ANTHEM Nathan Myers Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, minor in Shakespeare Studies from St. George, Utah

GREETINGS Mindy Benson Interim President


MUSICAL SELECTION “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” by Rodgers and Hammerstein Performed by SUU Choirs Solos by Valerie Wadsworth, Matthew Henry, and Sadie Christiansen Conducted by Michael D’Orazio Directed by Dr. Krystal McCoy Pianist Tracey Bradshaw

STUDENT GRADUATION ADDRESS Laurel Elizabeth Buxton Interdisciplinary Studies major from Siloam Springs, Arkansas

CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES Eric O. Leavitt, Doctor of Public Service Condoleezza Rice, Doctor of Public Administration

COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Dr. Condoleezza Rice 66th U.S. Secretary of State

CONFERRING OF DEGREES CLASS OF 2022 Dr. Jon Anderson Provost

WELCOMING OF SUU’S NEWEST ALUMNI Myndee Kay Larsen Alumni Association President, Class of 1998

RECESSIONAL OF THE GRADUATES “Lord of the Dance” by Ronan Hardiman (b.1961) Performed by the SUU Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Dr. Xun Sun

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F R I D AY, A P R I L 29


11:00 a.m. COLLEGE





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Shauna Mendini, Dean


2:00 p.m. COLLEGE



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Camille Thomas, Interim Dean




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Frank Hall, Dean




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Mary Pearson, Dean

6:30 p.m. COLLEGE



8:00 p.m. COLLEGE





Jean Boreen, Dean


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he mace of Southern Utah University was sculpted by Carol Ann Lind, granddaughter of J. Howard Maughan, president of the University (then known as Branch Agricultural College) from 1922-29. Used as an instrument of pomp in the commencement ceremony, the mace signifies order and authority in the academic procession, and is carried at an angle of 45 degrees across the chest. Traditionally, the honor of carrying the mace is bestowed upon a distinguished senior faculty member. Rea Gubler, Department Chair/Associate Professor of Family Life & Human Development, is this year’s Marshal. Professor Gubler has served at SUU for the past 43 years.



oday’s graduates stand in gowns and accessories that signify the varied academic accomplishments as students of Southern Utah University:

Graduate degree recipients wear a black gown and cap with a black tassel. A hood, with a velvet border colored specific to the degree and lined in a red and white chevron pattern representing the official colors of Southern Utah University, is placed over the graduates’ shoulders conferring the degree: • • • • • • • •

Accountancy, Business Administration, and Business Analytics – drab Arts Administration – dark brown Athletic Training and Sports Conditioning & Performance – sage Cyber Security & Information Assurance – orange Education – light blue Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Communication – white Music Education and Music Technology – pink Public Administration – peacock

Bachelor degree recipients wear a black gown and cap with a discipline-specific tassel: • • • • • • •

Business – drab Education – light blue Engineering & Computational Sciences – orange Health Sciences – sage · Nursing – apricot Humanities & Social Sciences – white Performing & Visual Arts – dark brown · Music – Sciences – gold


Associate degree recipients wear a blue gown and cap with a silver tassel. The various cords and stoles around our graduates’ necks represent their membership in academic honor programs, societies and organizations (see pages 6–7). A PR IL 29, 2022 | 5

MEDALLIONS · HONOR CORDS · STOLES · UNIFORMS Many of today’s graduates are wearing official emblems in addition to the traditional cap & gown, or are in uniform. This is the key to what you see:

Medallions with Blue Ribbons

Red & Gold Honor Cords

SumMa Cum Laude


Students graduating with an overall GPA of 3.8-4.0.

PHI kappa phi

The nation’s most selective honor society for all academic disciplines.

Medallions with Red Ribbons

Members exemplify scholarship, leadership, and commitment to service.


National collegiate Hispanic honor society.

Magna Cum Laude

Black & Cardinal Honor Cords

University Honors Program

Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Eta Nu Chapter

Students graduating with an overall GPA of 3.6-3.799. Students have completed all Honors Program requirements including coursework, GPA, and capstones.

International honor society. High achievement in English language, literature, and writing.

Michael o. leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service

Black & Platinum Honor Cords

These students learn, practice and excel in leadership, citizenship, research and service.


Assistant coaches for excellence & success (ACES)

Black, White & Red Honor Cords

Upper-class students who serve as personal peer mentors for first-year students.

White Satin Yoke University Valedictorian

This student has the highest academic standing among their entire graduating class.

College Valedictorians

These students have the highest academic standing among the individual colleges.


Members demonstrate persistence, purpose, performance, leadership, and service.


Building leaders who make a better world.


The national political science honor society.

Black, White & Sky Blue Honor Cords Omicron Delta Kappa

Members are nominated based on their demonstrated leadership skills.

Blue, Gold & Silver Honor Cords SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON

A national honor society in earth sciences.

Burgundy & Cream Honor Cords KAPPA OMICRON NU

A national honor society for human sciences.

Academic excellence in criminal justice, maintaining a 3.2 or higher GPA.

Dark Blue & Platinum Honor Cords



An international honor society for business, personal development and career.


A national honor society for psychology.

Gold & Ivory Honor Cords

Black Satin Stole (continued)


Service Leaders

Green & Red Honor Cords

Tradition Keepers

High standard of leadership in interfraternity activities.

Beta Beta Beta Phi Alpha phi Chapter

A collegiate academic honor society for students of the biological sciences.

Light Blue & Yellow Honor Cords PI ALPHA ALPHA

A national honor society for masters of public administration.

Purple & White Honor Cords

Student leaders who through significant service have impacted SUU and the community locally and beyond. Students are designated as Tradition Keepers after completing 50 SUU traditions.

Green Satin Stole Utah Health Scholars

Students who excel in pre-health service and leadership.

Red Satin Stole Alumni Legacy

Designates graduates whose parents/grandparents graduated from SUU and are continuing the tradition.



Red Honor Cords

SUUSA - SUU Student Association, Student Programing Board, and STIL Marketing Team

The international honor society for philosophers.

SUU Honors Society of Nursing

Advancing world health and celebrating nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.

Red & Silver Cords graduating CLASS GIFT

These students have donated to help create scholarships for future T-Birds.

Red, White & Blue Honor Cords SUU Veterans

Recognizing veterans, active-duty personnel, reservists or family members of armed forces personnel.


International honor society of sociology.

Black Satin Stole Center for Diversity & Inclusion

The Presidential Ambassadors serve the University by assisting in all recruitment efforts.

Student leaders who have served in SUU’s student government organization.

White Satin Stole Academic Honors Program

Fully engaged students who have completed 21 hours of honors course work and completed an honors capstone project.

Stole of Gratitude

Students present this stole to an individual who has significantly impacted their education.


Students wearing SUU logo white satin stoles, highlight a graduating student-athlete.

Yellow Satin Stole Omicron Delta Epsilon

International honor society in the field of economics.

Students wearing these stoles celebrate and acknowledge their cultural and familial lineage.

Army Service Uniform


ROTC Cadets

Students graduating with the bachelor of science in nursing degree.

Students who serve our country. Future members of the United States Military.

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MESSAGE from the PR ESIDEN T Dear Graduate, On behalf of SUU’s faculty, staff, alumni and administration, I am delighted to extend our most sincere congratulations to you for completing your degree. We are excited to celebrate with you at the completion of this milestone in your life. During your time at SUU, you forged ahead through difficulties, learned that you are capable of more than you thought possible, and even lived through a global pandemic! It is through years of hard work, dedication, and determination that you have earned this honor. Moving forward, you will face new challenges and also be presented with exciting opportunities. We are confident you will be successful as you apply what you learned at SUU, abiding by our motto: “Learning Lives Forever.” Many of you will pursue professional careers and some will seek additional formal education. Whatever the next step in your journey, know that we support you wholeheartedly. Welcome to the wonderful family of T-Bird alumni who are continually making a positive impact in their communities and in the world. The bonds and friendships you have developed here will follow you and be valuable to you throughout your life. SUU will always be your home. Return to campus often, reminisce about your student days, and join with fellow alumni who have shared in this grand and transformative educational experience. On behalf of the faculty and staff, we commend you for a job well done and wish you the very best in the journey ahead. Warmest congratulations,

Mindy Benson Interim President


T HE FOUNDING of SOU THER N UTA H UNI V ERSI T Y 125 years ago, in the spring of 1897, Cedar City was selected as the site for a southern branch of the state’s teacher training school, and for the next three months, Cedar residents labored to complete the Ward Hall and make it ready to open its doors for the school year to begin in September. Classes had been in session for only two months, however, when the Attorney General ruled that Cedar City’s use of the Ward Hall did not comply with the provision of the law which required that the school have its own building on land deeded to the state for that purpose. Furthermore, the Attorney General stated that if a building was not erected by the following September, the school would be lost. The people of Cedar City set out to do the impossible. Nobody, they argued, was going to take their school away from them, not even if it meant braving the mountain snows to get the lumber to construct the new building, which, of course, it did. On January 5, 1898, the first of a long line of townspeople to face the bitter winter weather of the mountains left Cedar City. Their task was to cut logs necessary to supply the wood for the new building. They waded through snow that often was shoulder deep, pushing and trampling their way up the mountains, sleeping in holes scraped out of the snow and covered with mattresses of hay. It took them four days just to reach the sawmills, located near the present-day ski resort, Brian Head. However, once they arrived they realized they had to turn around and go back, because the wagons they brought with them could not carry logs through the heavy snows, and it was determined that sleighs were needed to do the task. The way back was just as arduous as the trip up. The snow, which was still falling, had obliterated the trail they had originally blazed. The wagons could not make it and were abandoned at a clearing. It was in this phase of their march that an old sorrel horse proved so valuable. Placed out at

the front of the party, the horse, strong and quiet, would walk steadily into the drifts, pushing and straining against the snow, throwing himself into the drifts again and again until they gave way. Then he would pause for a rest, sitting down on his haunches the way a dog does, heave a big sigh, then get up and start all over again. Those who toiled so heroically in the expedition credited “Old Sorrel” as a vital element in the effort. From January through July they kept up their labors and when September 1898 arrived, Old Main was almost completed. It had a large chapel for religious programs and assemblies, a library and reading room, a natural history museum, biological and physical laboratories, classrooms, and offices. It now bears the roman numerals for the year it was constructed: MDCCCXCVIII. There has probably never been a more inspiring founding of any school in America. The first building was literally torn from icy crags and molded by the hands of more than a hundred men and women. Cedar City had met its greatest test, and Southern Utah University was given a heritage that few educational institutions possess.

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CONDOLEEZZA RICE Condoleezza Rice is the Tad and Dianne Taube Director of the Hoover Institution and the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy. In addition, she is a founding partner of Rice, Hadley, Gates & Manuel LLC, an international strategic consulting firm. From 2005 to 2009, Rice served as the 66th U.S. Secretary of State, the second woman and first black woman to hold the post. Rice also served as President George W. Bush’s assistant to the president for national security affairs (National Security Advisor) from 2001 to 2005, the first woman to hold the position. Rice served as Stanford University’s provost from 1993 to 1999, during which time she was the institution’s chief budget and academic officer. As provost, she was responsible for a $1.5 billion annual budget and an academic program involving 1,400 faculty members and 14,000 students. From 1989 to 1991, Rice served on President George H.W. Bush’s National Security Council staff. In 1986, while an International Affairs Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, Rice also served as special assistant to the director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As professor of political science, Rice has been on the Stanford faculty since 1981 and has won two of the university’s highest teaching honors – the 1984 Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 1993 School of Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching. She has authored and co-authored numerous books, most recently “To Build a Better World: Choices to End the Cold War and Create a Global Commonwealth” (2019), co-authored with Philip Zelikow. Among her other volumes are three bestsellers, “Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom” (2017); “No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington” (2011); and “Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family” (2010). In 1991, Rice co-founded the Center for a New Generation (CNG), an innovative, after-school academic enrichment program for students in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park, California. In 1996, CNG merged with the Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula, an affiliate club of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). CNG has since expanded to local BGCA chapters in Birmingham, Atlanta, and Dallas. Rice remains an active proponent of an extended learning day through afterschool programs. Since 2009, Rice has served as a founding partner at RiceHadleyGates LLC, an international strategic consulting firm based in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.



ERIC O. LEAVITT Eric O. Leavitt has used a solid foundation in finance and a respected base of wisdom to serve on and lead a number of highly contributive boards, committees, and organizations in our state over the past three and-a-half decades. He made highly consequential contributions to the life and advancement of this institution as a member and also chair of the board of trustees for two terms from 2011 to 2019. That service came with uncommon knowledge, skills and compassion at a critical time in the life of the institution. In addition to his guidance of SUU, he has served on the board of directors of Southwest Technical College, Great Western Thrift and Georgia Mutual Insurance Company. He currently serves on the board of governors of the Utah Shakespeare Festival and has served Zions First National Bank on its board of directors, executive committee and advisory board since 2006. A Cedar City native, he began his higher education journey at Dixie College on a football scholarship, then took a turn at SUU before earning a bachelor of science degree in finance from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah in 1986. He then took a master’s degree in finance and public policy in 1988 from the University of Rochester’s William E. Simon Graduate School of Business in Rochester, New York, where he earned the prestigious John M. Olin Fellowship. Returning to Utah, he began his career in Salt Lake City with an energy development company where he developed cogeneration power projects in Vermont, Massachusetts, Utah and California. In 1992 he joined his family’s business, the Leavitt Group, the largest family-controlled insurance brokerage in the nation. In 2006, he and his wife Melissa moved their family to Cedar City to better assist in the company’s rapid growth. His duties over the past 30 years have included service as executive chairman and chief executive officer for the past half-decade. Previous positions with the company have included executive vice president and president. Today, he is in service as a member of SUU’s presidential search committee for a second time. He is one of six sons of SUU Presidential Medallion Award winners Dixie and Anne Leavitt, and he and Melissa are parents to six and grandparents to seven.

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1967 Esther Petersen

1983 Royden C. Braithwaite John William Gallivan Richard H. Headlee Russell G. Mawby

1995 James B. Hayes John Hughes Donald L. Staheli Owen Brian Toon

1968 N. Blaine Winters David L. Sargent

1984 Roy W. Simmons B. Z. Kastler

1969 Juanita Brooks Daryl Chase

1985 Emanuel A. Floor Evan Galbraith Elloyd T. Marchant Zoe R. Palmer

1996 David P. Gardner Clifford S. LeFevre Robert T. Parry

1952 Parley Dalley 1953 Edith Bowen

1971 Warren Bulloch Ellis Armstrong Corinne H. Swee

1986 Richard Bass Debbie Fields Fred Friendly Lorin Church Miles

1972 Lucybeth Cardon Rampton Morgan Rollo* Obert C. Tanner

1987 J. Clark Ballard J. Elliot Cameron David E. Birney Walter D. Talbot

1973 Kate Bearnson Carter Reuben G. Jones John Laurence Seymour

1988 Duane J. Gubler Alice Christopherson Harris Jay Dee Harris George C. Hatch Earl L. Jones, Jr.

1974 Maurice Abravanel Hazen Cooley Gustive O. Larson 1975 Wallace F. Bennett Grace Adams Tanner 1976 G. Homer Durham Walter Keil Granger* Calvin L. Rampton 1977 Frank E. Moss LeGrand Richards 1978 Dr. David A. Dolowitz Otto Fife Glade Peterson Frank A. Thorley* 1979 David L. Bigler Reed W. Farnsworth* 1980 Kumen Gardner Scott M. Matheson 1981 Lanell N. Lunt Peter MacDonald Sr. William Rees Palmer* 1982 R. Kenneth Benson Wesley P. Larsen Spencer Fox Eccles R. Gaurth Hansen

1989 Richard M. Marcks Lee Roderick Joan J. Woodbury 1990 Orrin G. Hatch Amos A. Jordan, Jr. Samuel J. Taylor Renn Zaphiropoulos 1991 Dr. Ernest Burgess Dr. Gwyn Clark Dallin H. Oaks Verl Topham 1992 Wendell J. Ashton Jon M. Huntsman Gary G. Michael Alva G. Snow Jay B. Taggart 1993 Norman H. Bangerter James W. Cleary Walter M. Gibson Hyrum W. Smith 1994 Gordon B. Hinckley Karen Haight Huntsman Helen Z. Papanikolas Joseph Verner Reed



1970 Roy L. Halversen* Terrell Howard Bell

1997 George H. W. Bush Michael Debakey Michael O. Leavitt C. Everett Koop David Scott Evgeny Sidorov 1997 R. Don Cash Kem C. Gardner Anne O. Leavitt Frank E. Scott 1998 G. Donald Gale James LeVoy Sorenson Beverley T. Sorenson 1999 Fred C. Adams Olene S. Walker Mark H. Willes 2000 Aileen Hales Clyde E. J. Jake Garn Dixie L. Leavitt 2001 Alice T. Braithwaite Austin Jones Francis Patrick Layden 2002 Jackie Clegg D. Eldon Lunt Nick Rose 2003 Pamela Atkinson Boyd Christensen Eugene Woolf* Renn Zaphiropoulos 2004 Saundra Buys Michael O. Leavitt Gerald Molen 2005 Kent Myers Khosrow Semnani Harold Shirley Renee West 2006 Steven D. Bennion Kathryn Berg Val Clark Stephen R. Covey Tom Hatch

2007 Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. Gerald R. Sherratt Marie “Ree” Zaphiropoulos 2008 Mario R. Capecchi Christine M. Durham 2009 Jimmie F. Jones Thomas S. Monson Edward Rondthaler IV* 2010 Robert F. Bennett Norma W. Matheson 2011 Clayton M. Christensen Anne A. Judd Edward C. Stokes 2012 Kent B. & Bessie P. Dover Alice Lind Gibson David J. Jordan 2013 Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Earl “Billy” Casper, Jr. 2014 A. Scott Anderson David Lee Ann Romney 2015 Harold H. Hiskey Aline W. Skaggs* Georgia Beth Thompson 2016 Kay L. McIff Wm. Mark Russell Kateryna Yushchenko Victor Yushchenko 2017 Richard Kendell Bill Marcroft Carole Mikita Bob Schieffer 2018 France Davis Steve Lunt* 2019 Lora E. Tom Rich Wilson Melissa Stockwell 2020 Not Awarded 2021 Carine Strom Clark Garth Frehner Gail Miller

*Awarded posthumously

UTAH BOARD of HIGHER EDUCATION Harris H. Simmons, Chair, Salt Lake City · Nina Barnes, Vice Chair, St. George Aaron V. Osmond, Vice Chair, South Jordan · Jesselie B. Anderson, Salt Lake City Mike Angus, Roosevelt · Jera L. Bailey, Erda · Stacey K. Bettridge, Washington Lisa Michele Church, South Jordan · Wilford Clyde, Springville · Sanchaita Datta, Salt Lake City Alan E. Hall, Roy · Patricia Jones, Salt Lake City · Crystal Maggelet, Salt Lake City Tanner Marcum, Logan · Arthur E. Newell, Highland · Shawn Newell, Cottonwood Heights Valirie Serawop, Ft. Duchesne · Scott L. Theurer, Logan

SUU BOARD of TRUSTEES Richard J. Christiansen, Chair, Spanish Fork · Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Riverton Beverly Burgess, Cedar City · Shannon Dulaney, Cedar City · Marilee Eyre, Beaver Nouman Kante, Cedar City · Myndee Kay Larsen, Sioux Falls, SD · Sydney Nakken, Cedar City Eric Schmutz, Cedar City · Michael Wankier, Draper

PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL Mindy Benson, Interim President · Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Dan Camp, Staff Association President · Debbie Corum, Director of Athletics Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Stuart Jones, Vice President, Advancement & Enrollment Management Nouman Kante, SUUSA President · Maureen Redeker, General Counsel Rheana M. Reeves, Faculty Senate President Daneka Souberbielle, Associate Provost & Chief Diversity Officer Jared Tippets, Vice President for Student Affairs

DEAN’S COUNCIL Jean Boreen, Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences James Brandt, Interim Dean, Engineering & Computational Sciences Shawn Christiansen, Dean, Education & Human Development · Frank Hall, Dean, Sciences Shauna Mendini, Dean, Performing & Visual Arts · Mary Pearson, Dean, Business Heather Ogden, Dean of Students · Camille Thomas, Interim Dean, Health Sciences

NATIONAL ALUMNI COUNCIL Kim Bateman (’97) Henderson, Nevada · SuEllen Esplin (’97) Cedar City Myndee Kay Larsen (’98) Sioux Falls, South Dakota · Jessica Leach (’04) Goodyear, Arizona Daniel Maldonado (’17) Chula Vista, California · Kristie McMullin (’92) Cedar City Ashlee Nelson (’05) Centerville · Arnold Nyatanga (’17) Chicago, Illinois Beverly Thomason (’02) Fort Collins, Colorado · Caytee Wankier (’08) Hurricane Jennifer Wilkey (’99) Draper · Nate Wilkey (’00) Draper Sami Wilson (Student Alumni Rep) Las Vegas, Nevada · Suzanne Young (’98) Las Vegas, Nevada

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 13

SUU L AND ACKNOW LEDGMENT STATEMENT SUU wishes to acknowledge and honor the Indigenous communities of this region as original possessors, stewards, and inhabitants of this Too’veep (land), and recognize that the University is situated on the traditional homelands of the Nung’wu (Southern Paiute People). We recognize that these lands have deeply rooted spiritual, cultural, and historical significance to the Southern Paiutes. We offer gratitude for the land itself, for the collaborative and resilient nature of the Southern Paiute people, and for the continuous opportunity to study, learn, work, and build community on their homelands here today. Consistent with the University’s ongoing commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, SUU works toward building meaningful relationships with Native Nations and Indigenous communities through academic pursuits, partnerships, historical recognitions, community service, and student success efforts.



The 10 most popular degrees among SUU’s 2022 graduates are: 1. Master of Business Administration 2. Psychology 3. Nursing 4. Accounting 5. Biology 6. Master of Education 7. General Studies 8. Communication 9. Exercise Science 10. Master of Accountancy

SUU’s Class of 2022 is 2,309 graduates strong and has earned 601 master’s and 1,504 bachelor’s degrees, as well as 204 associate degrees. Today’s graduates come from 39 different countries, 42 U.S. states, and 1 U.S. territory. 1,309 women and 940 men comprise this year’s graduating class, which includes 75 married couples. Today’s graduates range in age from 16 to 67 years old, with 27 years as the average age. The average GPA is 3.53.

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 15


RHEANA M. REEVES Associate Professor of Photography Rheana M. Reeves, who holds a bachelor of arts degree from San Francisco State University, and a master of fine arts degree from the Academy of Art University, employs a blended style of collaborative learning and flipped classroom teaching methods, an approach she says allows her to meld her personality and the interests/needs of her students with curriculum-appropriate strategies: “Collaborative learning encourages learners to pool their ideas, efforts, and understanding so that the whole class can benefit from the range and diversity of knowledge. A flipped classroom approach asks students to come prepared to discuss materials; this frees up in-class time for inquiry, application, and assessment.” It is ever her goal to make teaching real-world applicable. She maintains a strong presence on campus, including service as president of the Faculty Senate and as a board member of SUU Women’s Network. She strongly believes in serving the greater good, and says “Instilled in SUU’s mission is a strong foundation for civic responsibilities. Students need to see their faculty regularly engage with the community inside and outside the classroom.” Dedicated to mentoring, she also embraces a range of other service work on a variety of levels and to myriad publics, and supports scholarship and financial aid campaigns. Rheana enjoys opportunities native to SUU, as she has thrived in a number of roles outside the classroom, from basic administrative tasks to policy formulation. She leads the Faculty Senate in a number of current initiatives, and holds that her role is to ensure that SUU promotes quality education, honors scholarly pursuits in all forms, and protects academic freedom for all faculty members and students. Of her personal growth, she says, “I will continue developing new knowledge and pushing myself to remain deeply motivated and engaged. I am excited in the face of unexpected challenges and view these hurdles as an opportunity to learn and achieve an even more significant impact.”



STEPHEN LISONBEE As SUU’s assistant vice president of regional services since 2019, Stephen Lisonbee is charged with overseeing the institution’s departments and centers focusing on community, economic and workforce development programs and partnerships. In addition, in a one-of-its-kind dual role, he also acts as a senior advisor for rural affairs to Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox in what is the first-ever gubernatorial office outside of the Utah State Capitol. A 2001 graduate of SUU, from which he subsequently earned an MBA, he has long been involved in community, economic and workforce development throughout Utah. Prior to his work at SUU, he was director of Utah’s Workforce Development Division, tasked with administering federal and state programs to fuel Utah’s economic engine and sustainable workforce through a career and educational approach. Stephen was raised in Delta, Utah, where he learned the value of work, volunteerism and community involvement, and since his student days, he has remained in southern Utah. Among his heralded accomplishments here have been the tripling of the reach of SUU’s venerable Utah Rural Summit to include more rural stakeholders than governmental leaders alone, and his establishment of the One Utah Summit as the state’s premier such gathering, with more than 800 participants. Of his talents, he lists “Convening Power” as a highlight. “When multiple peoples’ dreams and goals come together the journey becomes more enjoyable and the outcomes become more meaningful,” he says. “My job is to help others be their best selves and to make my boss’s job easier. I can only do this by understanding people I work with as individuals first, and understanding what motivates them. After that I spend time with them to ensure I understand their world and how to help them achieve their goals.” He is proud to be a part of the SUU mission and how it can impact lives, and says he wakes up every day excited to work toward that goal.

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 17

CL ASS of 2022 VALEDICTORIAN Greyson Emerald Chamberlain, with a perfect 4.0 grade point average and a wealth of positive contributions to his fellow students, is the 2022 University Valedictorian. Originally from St. George, Utah, he transferred to SUU upon hearing about the success of the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business, which can now claim the past three valedictorians among its well-prepared graduates. Greyson’s move proved to be a great fit, and in short order he finished his finance degree as did his high school sweetheart and now wife, Lexie Lovell, in December 2021. He earned a spot in the leadership development program at Zions Bank in Salt Lake City, and upon completion eyes a career in corporate banking. Greyson credits outstanding faculty members Steve Engst, Bruce Haslem, and Nathan McNamee for his early career success because they ensured his education included preparation in networking, along with ample opportunities to meet potential employers. An avid Utah Jazz, Baltimore Ravens, and L.A. Dodgers fan, Greyson enjoys watching sports, hiking, and investing money.

SUMM A CUM L AUDE Students graduating summa cum laude have an overall GPA of 3.8-4.0 Braxton M. Adams Jessica A. Adams Andrea C. Aguayo Jill K. Alder Abigail J. Allen Jessie D. Alvarez Akhil B. Anand Emilia G. Anderson Bredeca E. Anthony Shanna R. Antle Elizabeth G. Armstrong Emily E. Arrasate Sydnee S. Atkinson Jonah S. Babbel Elliani R. Bailey Daniel S. Banks Emma J. Barnaby Brody T. Barney Braxton K. Batty Elise C. Bauer Alivia J. Baugh Ethan M. Baum Shaun Bauman Sydney M. Beal Wesley D. Beck Alexa R. Bergmann Sierra M. Biggs Abby N. Birchard Megan M. Black Hannah K. Bleak Kimberly M. Blood Luke S. Boardman Melissa R. Bolton Matthew I. Bowden Easton T. Bowring Joseph B. Bradshaw Riley C. Brady Maranda B. Branch Brock D. Brinkerhoff Mickell J. Brinkerhoff Benjamin P. Brooks Sondra Y. Brower Caleb P. Brown Dallin W. Bunting Miah R. Burningham Emily M. Burns Sidney E. Burrell Lydia L. Butler Laurel E. Buxton Brynlee J. Bybee Savannah B. Byers Noah C. Caldie Sariah J. Campbell Brynnli K. Carlson Corbin J. Carter Julie L. Castleman Greyson E. Chamberlain Lexie M. Chamberlain Tallie J. Chamberlain Jialu Chen Mallorie A. Christensen Sadie C. Christiansen

Tanner J. Church Ashlee L. Chynoweth Eliesia C. Clark Amanda Clarke Errin A. Clausen Naomi A. Clyde Abbey G. Colledge Reve L. Cook Bailey K. Coombs Christie L. Cooper Stefanee Cordova Christian M. Cottle Hadley Cowan Keegan T. Cox Clayton K. Cox Lauren M. Craft Zachary J. Cross Jake A. Crossley Caron L. Curfew Julia R. Dalton Justin R. Davis Jenica M. Davis Darby S. Dawson Layne M. Deeter Aaron S. Demille Alexandria Dietzold Cameron J. Dix Kayla L. Dominguez Darri F. Dotson Alexandra S. Doubleday Jamisyn F. Dunn Taylor R. DuPea Olivia M. Durbin Layla E. Dustin Christian F. Esparza Rachel A. Evans Lexie Evans Jordyn L. Farraway Candace Fehr Chance C. Feild Joseph L. Fellmeth Hannah J. Finch Jessie L. Fischer Karallyn E. Fitisone Desiree A. Fitzgerald Courtney L. Flanigan Tonya R. Fletcher Andrew J. Fly Annemarie Ford Natalie A. Fordham Sarah N. Forsberg Summer A. Frandsen Caleb N. Frandsen Shelli N. Frankowski Zoe R. Freeman Madison L. Fristrup Megan E. Frost Katie J. Fuentes Benjamin K. Funk Ryan D. Gage Sydney M. Gale Karl A. Gardner


Abby B. Garrett Danica E. Gary Hannah Gibbons Megan E. Gifford Sydnee Gillins Jonathan E. Ginouves Dillon M. Glendenning Zoe E. Gold Daniel G. Gonzalez Alyssa A. Goussak Sydni L. Greening Tabitha L. Greenwood Mia M. Greer Shayla Griffiths Kamryn A. Groce Amanda D. Grove Zaniken E. Gurule Matthew B. Hall Elizabeth S. Hall Kaylee L. Hall Alex M. Hall Tanner W. Hallam Hannah S. Hamblin Alexis N. Hamel Megan E. Hamilton Scott J. Hamilton Angela E. Hammon Rhoda L. Hammon Jacob T. Hanks Albert D. Hanks Adaleene M. Hansen Payden C. Harrah Nicholas T. Harvey Brandon M. Haskins Yingjie He Kylan T. Heaton Melanie L. Heckethorn Yrene Heinze Joy Henderson Haley Hendricks Kyley A. Hernandez Lia Herrod Alice A. Hill Kimberly K. Hodson Chelci M. Holste Addison J. Horsley Kayla M. Horton Spencer T. Howe Shayla M. Howe Maya L. Humphries Reagan G. Hunt Allison T. Hunt Alexandra R. Hutchinson Taylor Denise Huxley Danielle M. Jackson Tanner E. James Justin M. Jaramillo Rachel K. Jaynes Melinda Jeffs Elizabeth R. Jensen Kambry N. Jensen Zachary D. Jeppson

Brooklyn J. Johnson Rader W. Johnson Kennedy Johnston Kiesha M. Jones Skyler M. Jones Damaris A. Kaiser Jamie S. Keller Rhandi Y. Kellogg Callie C. King Marissa L. King Emily G. Klumpenhower Maya G. Kohler Olivia M. Kremer Kess E. Landon Trystan K. Langston Jessica F. Langston Sierra M. Law Brooklyn L. Leavitt Ashlynn J. Limb Lena K. Lincoln Cameo S. Lindgren Aaron W. Linkogle Lindsay A. Livingston Katie M. Lloyd Elaine M. Lonborg Aspen A. Longhurst Treven J. Lowry Holden M. Lyman Allie C. Mackay Lydia R. Madsen Mckenzie R. Madsen Makayla Marshall Madilyn C. Martindale Matthew K. Matheson Shayla R. Mathews Jessica L. Mathews McKenna F. Maynard Jackson M. McBride Brittany R. McDowell Tangie M. McElroy Ana M. McFadden Tiaree L. McGee Treven K. McKeachnie Morgan T. Meacham Emily J. Mears Colby S. Meline Holly K. Melling Adriana Mendoza Jessica Merkley Drew G. Merrill Pennie Mickelson Justin D. Miller Violet M. Miller Kelli L. Miller Alyssa G. Miller Brianna Milne Rebecca L. Moffat Isiah B. Montoya Dallen R. Moody McClane J. Morris Amanda R. Morris Kameron Mortezazadeh

Emeline Mortezazadeh Emily E. Moyle Shoma Mukai Shylen A. Murakami Jada R. Nagel Heather A. Neeley Emily Nelson Rebecca J. Nelson Madeleine R. Nelson Adelina A. Nielsen Maren K. Nielsen Kylie R. Nielsen Grace E. Nowatzke Jackson T. Nowatzke Corbin A. Oberg Brooklyn N. Oberhansly McKayla D. Olsen Jane E. Olson Shawn T. Ormsby Jantzen B. Orton Aryn E. Orton Lindsey C. Ostermiller Mallory C. Ott Landon D. Palmer David A. Parker Collin G. Parrish Gideon R. Parry Adam J. Passey Parth Patel Alexis G. Patience Cason C. Patterson Adam D. Pay Bailie T. Peacock Emily Pearson Madelyn D. Pendleton Hayley D. Pendleton Jakob C. Pendleton Taleigh H. Petersen Katelyn N. Peterson Elizabeth E. Peterson Mac D. Peterson Dallon T. Peterson Collin S. Peterson Melanie Pierce Emma E. Porter Cameron R. Putnam Chase T. Radmall Kiley D. Rawson Emma K. Ray Kayley S. Reed Kyle J. Reelfs Kamree Rees Shadrac B. Reyes Hope Richardson Jacob D. Richter Sydnee M. Riley Katie L. Robbins Gideon Roberts Leah S. Robertson Madison Robinson M’Kala J. Robinson Amber P. Robinson

Ashley L. Rodewald Garrett R. Rodgers Erin M. Rogers Erin M. Rogers Jayde M. Rose Abigail E. Rosengren Cassidy Ross Jace H. Roundy Kindra E. Ruckman Shawnee Runolfson Astrid L. Salveson Amanda Sanders Berkeley J. Savage Braydon D. Saxton Garron R. Schweighardt Jordan Seaburg Madison P. Seamons Loryn M. Seidl Rylan G. Shafer

Lucy E. Sharp Tianle Sheng Paulien W. G. Sillekens Samantha Z. Simard Tyler S. Skidmore Mariah V. Slick Bailey L. Smith Colton G. Smith Makayla J. Smith Ezra M. Smith Connor M. Smith Colter J. Smith Jessica Smith Teresa M. Snarr Jeanette N. Snyder Mylee A. Snyder Madisen J. SorensonPetersen Madison Speakman

Dalley Spendlove Bethany A. Sproul Rachel E. Stahle Hannah R. Steele MaKella J. Steffensen Celeste Stephenson Mindee Jo Stevens Sandon R. Stokes Lincoln E. Stone Kelsie V. Stonely Sandy Sumerix Jaxon D. Swalberg Kathryn Taggart Makade D. Talbot Brianna T. Taylor Esther A. Thayer Myrissa L. Thomas Ashley N. Thomas Adrienne M. Thomas

Aaron J. Thomas Joalene C. Thompson Mackenzie N. Thorpe Samantha B. Timothy Shaylee A. Tippets Harrison D. Torgerson Dao Tran Daven R. Triplett Jove R. TrippThompson Briana N. Uceda Camberlin P. Uhlig Veronnica Vakautakakala Christa E. Van Horne Dakota S. Venegas Bailey E. Walker Nicole E. Wall Brittany Warner Devin J. Warner

Tyler L. Wheeler Taibree M. White Makayla L. Whiting Jordan D. Whitlock Hannah S. Whitmer Emily L. Wiegman Zachary M. Wiener Rindy E. Wiggins Nathan A. Wiggins Bethany Wilde Lauren A. Wilkins Ashlin L. Willes Mette J. Williams Joshua B. Willits Kent R. Wood Kaitlyn G. Wright Yue Yin Leticia L. Uy Yutuc Mitchell L. Zufelt

M AGNA CUM L AUDE Magna cum laude graduates leave SUU with a 3.6-3.799 overall GPA Andrew V. Acosta Sidney C. Adams Jennifer K. Adams Bayli M. Alexander Jake R. Allen Jessica C. Alletto Thomas R. Allred Alexander B. Allred Kyler L. Alm Shalyn M. Anderson Dallin J. Anderson Bailey N. Anderson John D. Anderson Kristen N. Anderson Lauren Andrus Sarah K. Applegarth Alicyn S. Astle Jordan S. Averett Jared M. Badger Angelee F. Bailey Zachary D. Baker Debra L. Ballard Tegan B. Balls Skye A. Barberena Judith O. Barlow Heidi B. Barrett Matthew W. Barton Kelvin Bastian Kelvin Bastian Jaden K. Batty Trenton P. Baugh Sarah Baum Cody B. Beckstead Samantha J. Begay Rachel A. Belnap Mayson L. Bentley Staci D. Beuchert Marlee M. Bird Kylie J. Bishop Max C. Bloxham Carli J. Bolton Jaden S. Bowerman Joshua T. Boyer Alyssa A. Boyer Trayce G. Bradshaw Melanie E. Bray Emily E. Broadbent Clayton J. Brown Jonathan D. Bunting Ashley C. Burnham Emily M. Burningham Heather L. Burr Megan E. Bury Adam N. Bush Sumiya Byambasuren Maddyx F. Byrd Finley M. Caciola Symony Call Sydnee M. Call Patrick J. Calvo Braden J. Carlson Amy M. Carpenter Cody B. Chidester Ryan K. Chin Alexa B. Christensen Lea Christensen Katie D. Christofferson Brittanua M. Clark James E. Clark Nicole M. Clarke

Jillian S. Clement John E. Cloud Courtney A. Comstock Brianna K. Coon Brookelle L. Corbridge Amberley A. Culbertson Grace A. Culley Bridget A. Cunningham Elizabeth L. Curtis Taylor M. Damuni Bryce M. Davis Kylee N. Davis Nancy D. Dawes Brooklyn Day Rylie P. Devey Cameron S. Dougherty Joni S. Edgel Melissa G. Ehlers Hattie S. Ellis Brindi English Melody V. English Wynter A. Erickson Rebecca A. Esplin Eli E. Esplin Jaycie A. Esplin Whitney K. Evans Madeline A. Ewell Skyler L. Fesagaiga Sierra L. Fife Austin D. Flynn Tyler B. Francis Kodee Fullmer Ryan Gallagher Kaitlyn M. Gallegos Casey E. Gamble Autumn A. Gay Autumn A. Gillard Isabelle J. Glaittli Kassidy P. Gleason Ashley S. Gray Justin D. Gray Artese A. Gregory Deja D. Griffin Eva K. Griffin Kristen N. Gross Mingshu Gu Christiana A. Guerra Hunter M. Hagen Lindsey Hale Cole-Makena Hamblin Bethany A. Hammer Heather L. Hanks Thayne A. Hansen Sierra M. Harding Savannah J. Hargrave Alan J. Harker Janet M. Harkness Kayla Harley Hailey Harmon Megan V. Harrah Mallory L. Harris Shavonne Harris Wesly G. Harston Anja H. Hayes Susan Heine Susannah A. Heister Caitlin M. Henderson Jordan E. Henson Ashlyn Hill Tanah D. Hislop

Alexa K. Hnath Ethan T. Hoenig Dayna M. Hokanson Karlie Hollingshead Monique T. Hollister Stacey Hone Caitlin Hong Aubrey M. Houston Jordan T. Howe Isaak T. Hunt Justin D. Hunt Kennedy A. Hunt Da Huo Lacey A. Jackson Harley R. Jackson Joseph K. Jackson Andrus J. Jackson Hunter B. Jansson Tanner J. Jefferies Eliza D. Jeffery Hannah Jenkins Hailey J. Jensen Jaydan K. Jensen Wendy E. Jessen Kendra N. Johnson Megan L. Johnson Britney R. Johnson Autumn M. Johnson Cianna L. Johnson Isabelle S. Johnson Karina K. Jolley Kaleb W. Jolley Dallas W. Jolley Sara E. Jones Justice B. Jones Rhett M. Justesen Karston C. Keel Lyenna Kemp Jessika B. Kent Caitlin H. Kho Angela K. Kitchen Jacob C. Klem Megan K. Knight Vicki L. Kortright Derek G. Lacy Kyle S. Lambdin Natalia K. Lance Megan M. Larsen Nicole M. Lathrop Jessica J. Lee Bronson M. Lee Emma N. Leong Ana M. Lichfield Yuecheng Liu Sheridan K. Lloyd Johnathan M. Longhurst Shuotian Lu Yanlin Lu Sarah E. Ludlow Benjamin K. Ly Madison Lynn Charles B. Lyon Preston R. MacDonald Joseph E. Marrow Zipporah A. Martinson Keith C. Mason Brinley G. Maughan Paige McCluskey Danielle M. McDonald Jocelyn N. McKay

Palmer D. McKeague Khevar R. McLeod Elizabeth H. McReaken Brittany A. Michaelis Eric P. Mickelsen Jaden A. Milne Bailia B. Milne Callista A. Mincks Jacob M. Miner Dongqi Mo Sarah M. Monson Mirryn O. Morrill Skylar L. Morrison Megan P. Morriss Zackery B. Muhlestein Jeremy J. Myers Haydan M. Narmore Asia A. Negron Madison R. Neugart Jacob D. Norberg Haley K. Norman Carrie J. Nowers Jessica L. Nunnelly Stephanie K. Oblad Sarah K. Oliver Emmah C. Ort Camille D. Osborn Nathan W. Osterstock Brayden K. Oxborrow Charly Pace Jeffery S. Palmer Amanda N. Passey Mary E. Peek Kiely A. Penman Sarah J. Perry Jordan J. Petersen Kristina Petersen Corrin Peterson Kaitlyn S. Peterson Truong T. Pham Aubrey B. Pickett Bryce T. Pollock Samara Rangel Mark N. Rau Sienna E. Reed Adelaide Rich Chanelle F. Richards Klaudia K. Riddle Payton R. Riggs Sophie M. Robinette Richard C. Robinson Orlando F. Rodriguez Mitchell F. Rogers Cole W. Rosander Parker M. Rosenberg Kao T. Rymer Katherine S. Saldana Sydney O. Sanders Timothy J. Satterfield Rebecca Saunders Robert J. Saunders Cierra J. Sawyer Benjamin O. Schofield Bergen L. Schouten Amanda M. Sears Angelica Serna Abbigail Shakespeare Keonho Shin Jerika R. Skidmore Lauren E. Slack

Michael Slewa Ryker Smith Marshall R. Smith Jaxynn J. Smith Rachel E. Smith Sunny K. Smith Abby Speakman Noah D. Staheli Annie M. Stein Mary K. Stephenson Shantel L. Stirling Cody D. Stirling Lauren E. Stolt Parker J. Stone Jaclyn G. Strong McKayla Stucki Yiyao Sun Chase Swanson Seth A. Swapp Amy L. Swensen Curtis R. Talbot Aaron F. Tanaka Haley E. Tanne Jasmine Tapia Isaiah D. Tate Jake W. Taylor Leighanne Taylor Shelby M. Taylor Porter D. Taylor Daxtyn M. Tebbs Callee Thomas Matthew R. Thomas Kloe Y. Thomas Alyssa J. Thompson Pyper M. Thornberry Gracie C. Thorpe Heather A. Tilley Alexis K. Tobler Alina B. Tullis Courtney J. Valdez Molly K. Van Horn Hariana S. Veras Emma L. Waddell Rylan E. Wallace Shengyi Wang Mohan Wang Jaylee Watson Dream B. Weaver Kayden C. Welch Ava I. Whittington Benjamin W. Wilde Jace D. Wilkerson Shalei Wilkinson Grayson Willard Valerie K. Willener Sienna R. Williams Kylie B. Willingham Kirstin E. Wilson Lily T. Wimmer Emma M. Wissman Ryan A. Wixom Rebekah L. Wray Brianna Wright Lindsee Wright Qiqi Yu Yu Zhang Leora L. Zollinger

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 19


PROCESSIONAL Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901): Triumphal March from “Aida” Performed by Tyler Neilson and Jiaqui Zhang SENIOR ADMINISTRATION REPRESENTATIVES Mindy Benson, Interim President Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Stuart Jones, Vice President, Advancement & Enrollment Management Richard Christiansen, Chair, Trustee Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Trustee Nouman Kante, Trustee Myndee Kay Larsen, Trustee Sydney Nakken, Trustee WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2022



RECOGNITION OF COLLEGE VALEDICTORIAN Shauna T. Mendini, Dean RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING GRADUATES & PRESENTATION OF AWARDS Shauna T. Mendini, Dean CONFERRING OF BACCALAUREATE DEGREES Jeffrey Hanson, Art & Design Nick Blaylock, Dance Lawrence Johnson, Music Brian Swanson, Theatre Arts CONFERRING OF GRADUATE DEGREES Rachel Parker, Arts Administration Thomas Herb, Music Education Daniel Anderegg, Music Technology RECESSIONAL Robert Vandall (1944-2017): Get Up and Go Performed by Tyler Neilson and Jiaqi Zhang

Shauna T. Mendini, Dean

PERFORMING & VISUAL ARTS VALEDICTORIAN Christa Van Horne, Studio Arts, Ceramics

OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Emily Klumpenhower, Art & Design · Alyssa Goussak, Dance Justin Jaramillo, Music · Finley Caciola, Theatre Arts

OUTSTANDING GRADUATE STUDENTS Amanda Wood Harris, Arts Administration · John Carter, Music Technology Alex Byers, Music Education


M ASTER of ARTS · FINE ARTS · MUSIC · MUSIC EDUCATION MA Arts Administration Samantha J. M. Baird Kooper J. Campbell Samantha A. W. Correa Spencer R. Duncan Amanda W. Harris Hayden W. Havon Christina M. Howell Sally A. McDonald Kaitlin M. Mills Todd Oberndorfer Jennifer A. Plecki Amanda S. Porter Karli M. Rasmussen Laurette Reynosa Jeffrey C. Robinson Kathleen A. Shaw Brett C. Stanfield Sarah D. Young

MFA Arts Administration Emily M. Cacho James R. Culbertson, III

Beth Foley Maren E. Holmes Morgan M. Parker Jordan R. A. Simmons Julia F. Stark

MME Graduate Music Education Katherine N. Baldwin Alex J. Byers James D. Follett Jared N. Harding James B. Jensen Becca R. Rhodes Alysia F. Salais Diane D. Taylor Audrey K. Wood

MMU Music Technology River L. Adomeit Maresha E. Allen Matthew G. Armstrong Taylor J. V. Bibber Gianni Bolanos-Morelli Gabrielle N. Bowling

John E. Brigante Christopher M. Burns Paul G. Cabri Matthew R. Carruthers John D. Carter James C. Carter, II James V. Casas Christopher Chatham Austin T. Clark Nicole F. Collins Daniel J. Collins Tabitha M. Conliffe Carlton D. Cooper Jonathan R. Danner Johnathan A. Donovan David H. Ducharme David J. Ellis Marcelo I. Falconi Evan J. Fleming Gregory R. Fortier Michael T. Gelhard David Z. Gifford Hauk Graham Arturo Gutierrez, Jr. Randall E. Hall Jeffrey F. Handel David J. Heckman

Rama B. D. Hemphill Brittany Henry Samuel H. Hjort Michael T. Holt Shelby Hornback Lyndsi M. Houskeeper Lane C. Johnson Thomas W. Jones Ansley L. R. Katz KeAndre D. Keeling Adam R. Kozlewski Matthew T. Labar Sarah M. Lagasca Travis Lee Alfred T. Lemmo Jeffrey E. McPherson John M. Morin Connor M. Moritz Hakeem J. Nabi Frank L. Natter, Jr. Stephan Nosrat David K. Oehler Parker R. Olsen Zachary C. Paris Trieu T. Pham Robert M. Potter Christopher G. Raybould

Jacob E. Richter Christopher L. Rivelli Jose M. Rosa Chivas K. Ross Matthew M. Rowles Taylor Rowley Jordan E. Sanders Stephen C. Shapiro Rod Shepard Jared S. Shiver Steve G. Sigmund Andrew W. Skinner Christi L. Smith Shane Taylor Anthony J. Terrell Alex Tomlinson Christopher J. Vasquez Earl W. Vennum Sara A. Watson Donell Wilson Nathan B. Woodward Wendell Yuponce Karen R. Zabel Pablo D. F. Zapata


BA Art History Emily E. Moyle

BA Music Kendra N. Johnson Kelsie A. Mendez

BA Theatre Arts Bridget A. Cunningham Caroline A. R. Domniez Susannah A. J. Heister

BA Theatre Arts Education Mallory H. Blue

BFA Acting Jove R. TrippThompson

BFA Art Education Alexa B. Christensen Joy Henderson Ethan T. Hoenig MaKay C. Hooley

BFA Graphic Design Andrea C. Aguayo Emilia G. Anderson

Emily E. Arrasate Drury A. Cauby Eliesia C. Clark Destiny M. M. Cole Layne M. Deeter Manuel de Donato Lia Herrod Wynton Lamar Natalia K. Lance Emma N. Leong Yuliang Lin Dongqi Mo Jordan J. Petersen Leah S. Robertson Nicolas R. Sahagun Mylee A. Snyder Sandy Sumerix

BFA Musical Theatre Malory G. B. Myers Nathan B. Myers Samantha B. Timothy

BFA Studio Arts Sarah Baum Jessica A. Berri Sarah E. Davidson Emily M. Hadlock Elisabeth C. V. Horne Belk Emily G. Klumpenhower Jessica F. Langston Brooklyn L. Leavitt Aaron W. Linkogle Isabel M. Lytle Brent K. Palmer

Bailie T. Peacock Sage A. Perry Kiley D. Rawson Amber C. T. Rossi Alyse Roundy Kindra E. Ruckman

BFA Theatre Arts Matthew I. Bowden Finley M. Caciola Addam J. Gonzales Stratford S. Healey Stephanie HernandezVivas Jordan L. McWhorter Zachary J. Mittleman Ryan J. Munsey Emma E. Porter Rebecca Smith Lincoln E. Stone Brandon M. Zicker

BFA Theatre Design & Production Lillian L. Willis

BMU Music Hannah I. Bradshaw Laura A. Hayes Justin M. Jaramillo Tyler J. Neilson Stephanie K. Oblad Mark Rau Jiaqi Zhang

BMU Music Education Sadie C. Christiansen Michael V. D’Orazio Matthew J. Henry Christopher M. S. Kuhlemeier Jessica L. Mathews Chase T. Radmall Tristan R. Reeder Loryn M. Seidl Celeste Stephenson

BS Art Symony Call Chloe A. Carver Shelbie A. Colton Riley J. Dungan Michelle R. Rossman Cheyenne S. Uhler

BS Theatre Arts James E. Brady Angela D. Clyde Paige M. Demasi Susan D. Esquerra Tanah D. Hislop Isaac B. Johnson Maren B. Mascarelli Brittany R. McDowell Tiaree L. McGee Jennifer C. Michelsen Talise R. Mosley Graciela R. Strahan Adriana N. Villalobos

BS Theatre Arts Education Lydia L. Butler Melody V. English

BS Dance Olivia F. Beck Alyssa A. Goussak Amanda D. Grove Megan V. Harrah Anahi Jimenez Callista A. Mincks Rose A. Ramirez Michael Slewa

BS Dance Education Emilio J. A. Noriega Kalli L. Sanders Bailey E. Walker

DOUBLE M AJORS BA Music and Aerospace/Aviation Sciences

BFA Music and Psychology

BS Music Education and Spanish Education

Camrie K. Cutler

Valerie K. Wadsworth

Zachary D. Baker A PR IL 29, 2022 | 21





GREETING AND REMARKS Shawn Christiansen, Dean STUDENT ADDRESS Adelina Nielson, Education & Human Development Valedictorian

Mindy Benson, Interim President Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Debbie Corum, Director of Athletics Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Stuart Jones, Vice President, Advancement & Enrollment Management

VIDEO OF GRADUATES Class of 2022 share their memories from SUU CONFERRING OF BACCALAUREATE DEGREES Tony Pellegrini, Teacher Education Rea Gubler, Family Life & Human Development

Richard Christiansen, Chair, Trustee Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Trustee Marilee Eyre, Trustee Nouman Kante, Trustee Myndee Kay Larsen, Trustee Sydney Nakken, Trustee


EDUCATION & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT VALEDICTORIAN Adelina Nielsen, Family Life & Human Development

OUTSTANDING MASTER’S GRADUATES Tiffany Swindlehurst, Education · Olena Bradford, Educational Leadership

PESTALOZZI AWARD RECIPIENTS Nicholas Runolfson, Elementary Education · Tyler Skidmore, Secondary Education Astrid Salveson, Special Education

OUTSTANDING FAMILY LIFE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT STUDENTS Emily Wiegman, Family Services · Heather Tilley, Family Studies Qiqi Yu, Early Childhood


M ASTER of EDUCATION Jana Adamson Danee Alvey Adam J. Barlow Kelli L. Bartlett Savannah M. Berry Cammy M. Bertuzzi Elisa B. Bingham Lorin Binks Aironn Bishop Melanie Bliss Katharine J. Bolliger Justin M. Boswell Olena S. Bradford Xuexian Brailsford Lisa M. Bringhurst Nathan A. Brown Shaun M. Brunson Michele L. Burgoyne Tom W. Carlisle Briana A. Cauley Mindi G. Cella Cason K. Chappell Mandy Checketts Shauna S. Christensen Wendy L. Combs Melinda R. Comin Angela M. Cordova Camille Cottle Tara B. Daniels Meghan M. Dorenbosch Jordan M. Faucette Michael G. Florence

Marney Garrett Jennifer F. Gasser Adam E. Gerlach Elijah R. Graves Cheyenne J. Gregory Jonathon D. Grosdidier Dalton L. Groskreutz Rauni L. Guffey Keeley Hamilton Matthew C. Healey Carmela M. Healy Cassandra J. Heftel Carly Hernandez Krisnet Hernandez Dalen R. Howard Bingbing Huang Erin L. Huntsman Katelyn E. Jenson Susan G. Johanson Chelsea D. Johnson Xela L. Johnson Misty F. Jones Leslie T. Jones Melissa S. Jorgensen Julia M. Kaster Amber K. Kent Yazmin D. Knudson M. Catherine Kohl Sarah J. Lasater Natasha B. Lewis Tressa K. Lloyd Marianne Lowe

Jennifer M. Manning David D. Martini Heidi Mckissick Rowdy J. Miller Sheline K. Miller Nicole E. Nielsen Amelia Nielsen Ryan L. Nigbur Kelsey A. Norton Marlayne P. Nye Mariya Ogden Kaitlyn N. Oglesby Bailey N. Ondricek Sharalee Ostler Yun Ouyang Katie J. Page Angela Paskett Jeramia J. Pessetto Jennifer D. Prince Yanhong Qu Ashley A. Quick Kristy N. Rasmussen Jace G. Reber Julia E. Redman Kimberly A. Reynolds Lonny K. Richmond T. Edwin Robertson Lacey O. Robinson Joshua L. Sargent Lori D. Simonson Allyson W. Singer Amy L. Smithson

Barbara J. P. Soelberg Sharise N. Steggell Taylor S. Stewart Torie N. Styers Qingwen Su Michael L. Summers Tiffany Swindlehurst Brittany P. Tamowski Liangli Tao Stephanie M. Taylor Sally J. Terry John D. Teuscher Jessica R. Tobler Alexis N. Trowbridge Danielle J. Tuttle Brittany Uminski Kimberly Vance Sandra A. Wagstaff Tarah M. Waite Jing Wang Annette Ward Natalie Webb Jia Wei Jenica B. Whitworth Adriane Wilson Elizabeth Wittwer Sherilyn A. Woodhouse Deneille T. Wyatt Saili Yu

BACHELOR of ARTS/SCIENCE BA Elementary Education Mallorie A. Christensen Cierra E. McClure Madeleine R. F. Nelson

BA Family Life & Human Development Rong Jin

BS Elementary Education Sidney C. Adams Hannah S. Alder Shelbie J. Alm Judith O. Barlow Ashlynn J. Bartlett Kimberly M. Blood Katie L. Botello Brynlee J. Bybee Morgan N. Cheney Abbey G. Colledge Amberley A. Culbertson Brooklyn Day Breanna K. Derflinger Sydnee Gillins Shayla Griffiths Meghan A. Halligan

Samantha J. Herring Kysa L. Hill Alexa K. Hnath Madison N. Jensen Brooklyn Johnson Meadow M. Kay Maya G. Kohler Megan L. Lamunyon Madilyn C. Martindale Brittany C. Mayo Bailey L. Murdock Madison R. Neugart Kylie R. Nielsen Grace E. Nowatzke Sarah K. Oliver Shawn T. Ormsby Amanda R. Pease Melanie Pierce Emily J. Porray Klaudia K. Riddle Erin M. Rogers Nicholas B. Runolfson Shawnee Runolfson Astrid L. M. Salveson Abbigail I. Shakespeare Jordan E. Shober Jaxynn J. Smith Maddy Speakman Shantel L. Stirling Samantha C. Terry

ASSOCIATE of APPLIED SCIENCE AAS Child and Family Services Makayla Robinson

Charie A. Walker Rebekah L. Wray Lindsee D. Wright Yue Yin

BS Family Life & Human Development Bayli M. Alexander Carly M. Allen Bailey N. Anderson Trystan K. Barnes Brianne Barron Emily E. Broadbent Amanda M. Bull Ashley C. Burnham Miah R. Burningham Julie L. Castleman Tallie J. Chamberlain Cody B. Chidester Krista L. Cronin JoDee Crowl Nancy D. Dawes Rylie P. Devey Lauren S. Eide Marley M. A. Fakahua Skyler L. Fesagaiga Jana M. Flanary Madison L. Fristrup Makaisha D. Gillins

Mia M. Greer Kylee R. Hansen Janet M. Harkness Haley Hendricks Courtney N. Higgs-Crosdale Karlie Hollingshead Ginger L. Iverson Karina K. Jolley Nicole M. Lathrop Meagan A. Loomis Qianting Lu Brianna M. Morrison Adelina A. Nielsen Maren K. Nielsen Shane W. Ostrom Makayla Robinson Aspen M. Ruiz Amanda M. Schofield Mindee Jo Stevens Paige A. Stokes Jara L. Syrett Noaese T. Taeatafa Heather A. Tilley Dao T. N. Tran Veronnica Vakautakakala Angela L. Warby Dream B. Weaver Tisha L. White Qiqi Yu Liangying Zhao

DOUBLE M AJORS BS Family Life & Human Development and Spanish

BS Family Life & Human Development and Sociology

Emily L. Wiegman

Sienna R. Williams

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 23




PROCESSIONAL “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar SENIOR ADMINISTRATION REPRESENTATIVES Mindy Benson, Interim President Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Debbie Corum, Director of Athletics Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Stuart Jones, Vice President, Advancement & Enrollment Management Richard Christiansen, Chair, Trustee Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Trustee Marilee Eyre, Trustee Nouman Kante, Trustee Sydney Nakken, Trustee

WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2022 Camille Thomas, Interim Dean STUDENT ADDRESS Sariah Campbell, College of Health Sciences Valedictorian CONFERRING OF ASSOCIATE & BACCALAUREATE DEGREES Lee G. Wood, Agriculture & Nutrition Science Julie E. Taylor, Kinesiology & Outdoor Recreation Selwyn D. Layton, Nursing CONFERRING OF GRADUATE DEGREES Nathan Slaughter, MAT Mark DeBeliso, MSSCP CLOSING REMARKS Camille Thomas, Interim Dean


OUTSTANDING HEALTH SCIENCES STUDENTS Dalley Spendlove, Agriculture Science · Naomi Clyde, Nutrition Science Jeanette Snyder, Physical Education – Teaching/Coaching · Garron Schweighardt, Exercise Science Jessica Merkley, Outdoor Recreation in Parks & Tourism · Jessie Abbott, MAT Brad Gillingham, MSSCP · Lexi Evans, Nursing · Madelyn Pendleton, Health Professional to BSN Ashlee Cornell, RN to BSN



MacKenzie R. Blake

M ASTER of SCIENCE in SPORTS CONDITIONING & PERFORM ANCE Joshua L. Astle Adam M. Behrendt Alexandra D. Berking Cory L. Biggar Thomas A. Chabrecek Fanfan B. Charles Katie Crawley Kyle L. Crouch

Matthew L. Cutler Raymond Forrester Jeffrey T. Frisbie Kyle Gallas Brad H. Gillingham Elijah D. Hamm Lisa R. Hone Reagan R. Hulet

Donna Koerber Donovan W. Marshall Cody A. Munday Spencer S. Orton Ryan A. Palmer Destiny R. Rivera Mary K. Ross Jalen T. Russell

Brianna S. Sims Natalie A. Suazo Mitchell A. R. Swensen Randy P. Towner Alexa B. Willeford Emily E. Wilson Matthew W. Withrow

BACHELOR of INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES/SCIENCE/SCIENCE–NURSING BIS Agriculture Science & Industries Paola Chavez Wade R. Jenson Madison T. Nelson Kenlee M. Thompson Breana L. Trego Amanda L. Woolsey

BS Agriculture Baxter B. Bagley Dalace T. Beiswenger Cash S. Christensen Stephanie D. Dietz Melanie L. Heckethorn Kaylee Iverson Justin J. Jennings Rachel B. Johnson Patrick H. Mills Skylar L. Morrison Christopher J. Quick Christopher W. Reil Tanner P. Runolfson Sydney O. Sanders Samantha Z. Simard Austin J. Slauenwhite Dalley Spendlove Joseph S. Thompson

BS Exercise Science Jessica A. Adams Jaden M. S. Ah Quin Vitaleme Alphonse Rachel A. Anderson Haley E. Anderson Mayson L. Bentley Dalton A. Bingham Marlee M. Bird Levi L. Bishop Joshua T. Boyer Lexie M. Chamberlain Tia D. Christensen Jenica M. Davis Justin R. Davis Kayla L. Dowler Olivia M. Durbin Madeline A. Ewell Brayden M. Fawcett Sergio G. Fernandez Heidi G. Flamenco-Solano

Daniel G. Gonzalez Aaron R. Gubler Albert D. H. Hanks Adaleene M. Hansen Kayla Harley Angelica E. Hernandez Kayla M. Horton Aubrey M. Houston Rebecca S. Jackson Tanner J. Jefferies Colton R. Jensen Megan L. Johnson Tatyannia L. Johnson Autumn M. Johnson Haley Kalista Patricia C. King Nathan E. Kirk Jennifer L. Kovisto Jerin H. Lake Bronson M. Lee Sara D. Libonati Abigail I. Longson Brooklyn Lott McKenna F. Maynard Isabella R. Meacham Trapper O. Merrifield Eric P. Mickelsen Aanen J. Moody McClane J. Morris Shylen A. K. Murakami Brennen J. Nielsen Justin T. Ontiveros Summer G. Ostrom Bradley M. Paramo-Cordova Andrew G. Richardson Reese R. Rizo Alex G. Roberto Madison R. Robinson Kalley Rose Garron R. Schweighardt Rylan G. Shafer Ryker T. Smith Maxwell W. Spence Noah D. Staheli McKayla Stucki Amy L. Swensen B. Tenille Taylor Rachel D. Thomas Shaylee A. Tippets Isabelle K. Tooke Anna J. Walker

Korbin T. West Emma M. Wissman

BS Outdoor Recreation in Parks & Tourism

BS Human Nutrition

Marilyn J. C. Alba Elizabeth D. Anderson Elise C. Bauer Stefanee T. Cordova Jessica M. Eddington Drew S. Farrell Evelyn Z. Gomez William C. Heaton Spencer T. Howe Gage E. Hull Kess E. Landon Luke O. Marshall Cameron D. Morris Michelle D. Ranieri Collin J. Richards Austin T. Stockle Kelsie V. Stonely Dakin M. Sundeen Aaron J. Thomas Thomas L. Tiley

Jessie D. Alvarez Alexa R. Bergmann Sydnee M. Call Naomi A. Clyde Caleb T. Cottle Makelle T. Cox McKenzie Culler Ciera R. Dockins Ryan D. Gage Andrew J. Gagnon Ronni M. Gibbs Kassidy P. Gleason Zoe E. Gold Kelbie E. Harlan Zachary D. Jeppson Brayden D. Johnson Cianna L. Johnson Caitlin H. Kho Sheridan K. Lloyd Preston R. Macdonald Jacob M. Miner Brianna K. Noland Preston J. Olschewski Courtnee D. Olsen Brayden K. Oxborrow Paige M. Paxton Dallon T. Peterson Savannah V. Phillips Tyler D. Pincock Michael W. Poloncic Chanelle F. Richards Taryn J. Roundy Amylia A. Ruybal Samantha A. Slade Anja D. Sutton Porter D. Taylor Sarah A. Teare Shelbee M. Topham Kathlyn Wagner Morgan T. Wheeldon Cherlayne R. White Corrin P. Whitlock Bethany L. Wilde Benjamin W. Wilde Zhuoxin Xian

BS Physical Education Teaching/Coaching Marron K. Anderson Emilee S. Courtright Tappan A. Draper Chance C. Feild Dayna M. Hokanson Yi Huang Ajimicya L. Newsome Jeanette N. Snyder

BSN Nursing Kristen N. Anderson Lauren Andrus Shanna R. Antle Carly Ashworth Heidi B. Barrett Alivia J. Baugh Staci D. Beuchert Kylie J. Bishop Kristen D. Blair Melissa R. Bolton Matthew R. Bothell Ashley N. Bowden Maranda B. Branch Robert D. Bright

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 25

BSN Nursing (cont.) Sara Burton Sariah J. Campbell Amy M. Carpenter Kodee Chappell Sheena C. Christensen Kristen Christensen Katie D. Christofferson Brittanua M. Clark Bailey K. Coombs Christine V. Coombs Lauren M. Craft Kylee A. Crockett Julia R. Dalton ShayLynn Daniels Kylee N. Davis Jennifer R. Davis Halle J. Deavila Jared T. DeLaigle Aaron S. DeMille Taylor M. Deutschlander Alexandria Dietzold Kayla L. Dominguez Desiree A. Eggett Melissa G. Ehlers Brindi R. English Rebecca A. Esplin Whitney K. Evans Lexie Evans

Sierra L. Fife Megan E. Frost Katie J. Fuentes Hannah Gibbons Braxton S. Goff Sascha R. Gray Hunter M. Hagen Elizabeth S. Hall Hannah S. Hamblin Megan J. E. Hamilton Heather L. Hanks Zackery T. Hansen Shavonne A. Harris Brandon M. Haskins Aubrey B. Hills Andrea Hodson Danielle M. Jackson Harley R. Jackson Britney R. Johnson Allyson C. Jones Sara E. Jones Tatiana W. Kalm Rhandi Y. Kellogg Andrea J. Korff Vicki L. Kortright Victoria R. Lanier Megan M. Larsen Deserie B. LeBaron Makayla L. Lowe Mathew J. Madariaga


Mckenzie R. Madsen Kathryn J. Maxwell Jackson M. McBride Danielle M. McDonald Holly K. Melling Amanda R. Morris Megan P. Morriss Heather A. Neeley Zachary K. Northcutt Aryn E. Orton Landon D. W. Palmer David A. Parker Cason C. Patterson Don X. V. Pelicano Madelyn D. Pendleton Taleigh H. Petersen Madisen J. Petersen Katelyn N. Peterson Kaitlyn S. Peterson Jami H. Potter Kimberly M. Quintana Kamree Rees Jacob D. Richter Kelly E. Rodriguez Michele Rumsey Kylee M. Schiess Madison P. Seamons Angelica Serna Jerika R. Skidmore Mackenzie A. Smith

Laura J. Smith Abby Speakman Ashley Stancliffe Gabriela Stanifer Hannah R. Steele Mary K. Stephenson Kirsten B. Stratton Fernando S. Tapia Jasmine Tapia Esther A. Thayer Myrissa L. Thomas Alexis K. Tobler Deborah M. Turner Amanda M. Twitchell Ivan I. C. Valderrabano Dakota S. Venegas Christopher L. Wasley Amber D. Welch Megan E. Welch Brianna M. Wells Makall R. Whetten Lauren A. Wilkins Kylie B. Willingham Elise T. Willis Kristina C. Wolf Kodi S. Worthen Shayna M. Wyasket


AAS Equine Studies and Livestock Farm Management

Dalace T. Beiswenger Justin J. Jennings Skylar L. Morrison Erika R. Thigpen

AAS Livestock Farm Management Kaylee Iverson

Dalley Spendlove

DOUBLE M AJORS BS Exercise Science and Dance Rebecca Chidester

BS Exercise Science and French Jordyn Farraway

BS Human Nutrition and Elementary Education

BS Human Nutrition and French

BS Nursing and Biology

Heather L. Burr

Gregory R. Cox

Abby B. Garrett

BS Human Nutrition and Exercise Science

BS Outdoor Recreation in Parks & Tourism and Biology

LeighAnne Taylor

Abbigail J. Blackwell

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 27



PROCESSIONAL “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar SENIOR ADMINISTRATION REPRESENTATIVES Mindy Benson, Interim President Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Debbie Corum, Director of Athletics Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Stuart Jones, Vice President, Advancement & Enrollment Management Richard Christiansen, Chair, Trustee Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Trustee Marilee Eyre, Trustee Nouman Kante, Trustee Sydney Nakken, Trustee


WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2022 Frank R. Hall, Dean RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING SCHOLARS & FACULTY Frank R. Hall, Dean STUDENT ADDRESS Jackson Nowatzke, Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Sciences Valedictorian CONFERRING OF ASSOCIATE & BACCALAUREATE DEGREES Ben Kaufman, SUCCESS Academy Fredric R. Govedich, Biology Jason Kaiser, Geosciences Mackay B. Steffensen, Physical Science CLOSING REMARKS Frank R. Hall, Dean

Ben Kaufman, SUCCESS Academy John Tripp, SUCCESS Academy

COLLEGE of SCIENCES VALEDICTORIAN Jackson Nowatzke, Department of Biology

OUTSTANDING SCIENCES STUDENTS MaKella Steffensen, Department of Biology · Joseph Kade Jackson, Department of Geosciences Briana Uceda, Department of Physical Science

OUTSTANDING SCIENCES FACULTY Carrie Jo Bucklin, Department of Biology · Erich Mueller, Department of Geosciences Cameron Pace, Department of Physical Science


BACHELOR of ARTS/SCIENCE BA Biology Alex M. Hall Andrus J. E. Jackson

BS Biology Hannah E. Akins Jill K. Alder Paige L. Allred Leslie A. Alvarez McKayla N. Anderson Brody T. Barney Kyle G. Bartlett Austen B. Boucher Jaden S. Bowerman Riley C. Brady Melanie E. Bray Brock D. Brinkerhoff Emily M. Burns Kamryn G. Burnside Ryan K. Chin Ashlee L. C. Chynoweth Anna G. Colclasure Jacob A. Conder Chase J. Cook Hailey J. Darger Bryce M. Davis Rebekah A. Delaney Jacquelyn Dyer Eli E. Esplin Jaycie Esplin Rachel A. Evans McKell Ferry Tonya R. Fletcher Sarah N. Forsberg Emily J. Hall Savannah J. Hargrave

Payden C. A. Harrah Kylan T. Heaton Yrene Heinze Caitlin M. Henderson Alice A. Hill Ashlyn Hill Bronco R. Hollowell Connor M. Holyoak Caitlin Hong Molly K. V. Horn Zhao Huang Allison T. Hunt Isaak T. Hunt Tanner E. James Hunter B. Jansson Brynlee A. Jones Rhett M. Justesen Jaden G. Kennedy Jacob C. Klem Ashley R. Knight Carson G. Mathews Rebecca L. Moffat Mikelle T. Monson Isiah B. Montoya Jacob L. Moody Shoma Mukai Sabra C. Murray Sipho Ncube Asia A. Negron Leelabari Nenbee Connor C. Noland Jackson T. Nowatzke Jantzen B. Orton Ashlee J. Patacsil-Hardin Adam D. Pay Walter L. Payne Jakob C. Pendleton

Sienna E. Reed Jordan N. Richins Payton R. Riggs Jessica Roberts Ashley L. Rodewald Cole W. Rosander Cassidy Ross Kao T. Rymer Robert J. Saunders Cierra J. Sawyer Glade C. Shakespeare Brooke E. Shoop Lauren E. C. Slack Ezra M. Smith Paige N. Spoelder MaKella J. Steffensen James W. Stucki Josh T. Swafford Jake W. Taylor Matthew R. Thomas Kloe Y. Thomas Dillon M. Torgerson Amy D. Wamhoff Tyler L. Wheeler Jace D. Wilkerson Joshua B. Willits Kirstin Wilson Kent R. Wood Alissa Wood Paola E. S. Ye Leticia L. U. Yutuc

BS Biology Education M’Kala J. Lancaster Samantha Mercado Clairissa S. Smith Kambry J. Timmons

BS Chemistry Spencer J. Bjorling Emily M. Burningham Hope E. Chapman Taime R. Clark Dallin R. Dodge Austin D. Flynn Cameron R. Jackson Taylor E. Jensen Allie C. Mackay Jamison T. Murray Corbin K. Myers Hailey H. Soto Jessie L. Stenlund Harrison D. Torgerson Briana N. Uceda Emma L. Waddell

BS Chemistry Education Wyatt C. Whitman

BS Geology Kyler D. Byrd Melissa M. Chen Jonathan E. Ginouves Joseph K. Jackson Yocoly E. F. Konan Cooper W. Maitoza Courtney N. Miller Micah C. Olson Adelaide Rich Garrett P. Sudweeks

ASSOCIATE of SCIENCE success academy AS General Studies Benjamin A. Anderson Janae Ashworth Brianna E. Christensen Jael Clark McCage L. D. Cox Tobler J. Dotson

Nicole A. Eberhard Adelyn A. Fisher Douglas R. Grimm Damen A. Gurr Samuel B. Hatch Lillian C. Heaton McCoy C. Hoopes

Hannah M. Hughes Eric Loescher Bradyn B. Lund Diego R. Miani Jessica L. Munro Sophia M. Nelson Katelyn E. Riddle

Mark K. Sandoval Ezra M. Stein Breeanen Wagner Elise L. Walker Amber D. Wills Jesse K. Wilson Levi W. Wood

MULTIPLE M AJORS BA Geosciences and Construction Management

BS Biology and History

Jessica M. Robinson

BS Biology and Human Nutrition

BS Biology and Chemistry

Cameron J. Wahlquist

BS Chemistry and Criminal Justice and Biology Natasha M. Hudson

Connor M. Smith

Tyler K. Holmes Sandon R. Stokes Mohan Wang

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 29




PROCESSIONAL “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar SENIOR ADMINISTRATION REPRESENTATIVES Mindy Benson, Interim President Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Debbie Corum, Director of Athletics Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Stuart Jones, Vice President, Advancement & Enrollment Management

WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2022 Mary Pearson, Dean MUSICAL PERFORMANCE Band: Dead Economists “School of Business Blues” by Joe Baker Performed by Professors Joe Baker, R. Kim Craft, Sean Heiner and Nathan McNamee STUDENT ADDRESS Matthew Matheson School of Business, Outstanding Senior in Marketing CONFERRING OF BACCALAUREATE DEGREES

Richard Christiansen, Chair, Trustee

Greg Powell, Management & Hospitality

Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Trustee

R. Kim Craft, Economics & Marketing

Beverly Burgess, Trustee

Robin Boneck, Accounting & Finance

Marilee Eyre, Trustee Nouman Kante, Trustee Eric Schmutz, Trustee POSTING OF COLORS SUU ROTC

CONFERRING OF GRADUATE DEGREES Robin Boneck, Accounting Nathan McNamee, Business Administration Courtney Paulson, Business Analytics

SCHOOL of BUSINESS VALEDICTORIAN Kameron G. Mortezazadeh, Accounting

OUTSTANDING MASTER’S GRADUATES Clayton Gillins, MAcc · Kherissa Morris, MBA · Hailey Checketts, MSBA

OUTSTANDING BUSINESS STUDENTS Caleb Brown, Accounting · Mitchell Zufelt, Economics Keegan Cox, Finance · Justin Miller, Management · Matthew Matheson, Marketing Makade Talbot, Hotel, Resort, & Hospitality Management · Zachary Jacobsen, Military Science Rhoda Hammon, Entrepreneurship


M ASTER of ACCOUNTANCY Ahmed Alshammari Macy C. Anderson Ryan J. Andrus Jasmine Baker Brady J. Barney Kaitlynn Barney Katrina A. Berg Kimra D. Berrelez David J. Bierman Colton J. Bland Amanda S. Bonholzer Nicole L. Bush Josie H. Bushar Anastasia A. Cadmus Berenice Carmona Madeline E. Carter Cameron J. Casperson Parker T. Christiansen Brennan M. Clark Lena Didier Christina R. Ellsworth Treyson R. Esplin Shawn M. Evans James A. Frehner

Omkar A. Gandhi Hayden E. Gibby Clayton C. Gillins Michael A. Goodrich Cassidie C. Goold Karl R. Greathouse Dylan R. Heaps Charles B. Hermansen Madison Hess Jesse E. Higbee Jordan R. Holman Kristen Y. Houston Courtney A. Hunsaker Jessy Huynh Shelby K. Johansen Robert N. Jones Mianu Kanazawa Ian D. Keyes Dayton T. Komarek Jackson B. Lancaster Jenna L. Larson Robert C. Lau Courtney L. LeFevre Yutong Li

Kayden C. Lunt Daniel G. Luthi Brent M. Maloy Alisha I. Manion Mikela C. Marvin Lindey E. Matheson Tyce R. Matheson Elizabeth C. McCroskey Benjamin J. Metzger Kirsten K. Meyer Vincent R. Miller Travis M. Moore Melina G. Mota Riley B. Neal Alex W. Niederhauser Devin B. Orgill Kareena K. Orgill Spencer W. Osburn Jeffrey R. Page Madelyn W. Parrish Kassidy M. Patterson Francesca Ravanelli Kevin T. Reese Dallin J. Rice

Tanner D. Rohrer Kambrie L. Sampson Erica D. Schilling Dillon B. Shepherd Ian K. Sivertsen Kyley E. A. Skaggs Lindsey M. Slappy Keilan M. Smith Brant R. Smith Toni L. Stech Alexi Q. Strong Kiera S. Sutcliffe Jeffrey R. Taylor Merrill S. Terry Misty A. Tobin Derek A. Ward Jill E. Whiting Mallory M. Workman Weinan Yang Angela T. Young Jacob Young Zishan Zhang

M ASTER of BUSINESS ADMINISTR ATION Yawar Abbas Olivia O. Allsop Paula D. G. Almanza Emmanuel M. Amirikau Dakoda A. Anderson Macy C. Anderson Elizabeth M. Anderson Riley A. Archibald David L. Artica Haley M. Backus Brad A. Baker Jonathan D. Baker Adam S. Bangerter Cody J. Banks Charles D. Barnett Taysom E. G. Bassett Andrew J. Bayles Adam T. Bayles Brandon C. Benson Katrina A. Berg Yakshinee Boodoo Nicole K. Bott Blake D. Brailsford Trevor J. Brown Justin S. Busath Blake J. Buxbaum Jordan C. Bylund Keslee M. Carson Alison E. Castro Dhira D. Choudhury Jonathan N. H. Cox Corliss Ashlee C. Crabtree Nathan T. Cromar Corey Davidson Tanner W. Day Mikaela M. DeFilippo Claire K. F. Dela Cruz Margaret Dorofeyev Amanda J. Douglas Rachel H. M. Draut Shannon M. Eide Clinton D. English Kimberly I. Espana Heather A. Flowers Jordan Freestone Brandon D. Garn Dylan T. Gavin Hayden E. Gibby

Bradley L. Godfrey Cassidie C. Goold Jed D. Graves Kevin J. Green Michael L. Greer Randi L. Guerisoli-Romberger Brenden A. Guthrie Markell M. Haslem Everett C. Hatch Timothy D. Hawes Alexandria M. Hawks Teri D. Haws Danavin L. Helgesen Nicholas W. Hendershot Amanda K. Hooper Kristen Y. Houston Jeffrey A. Hranek Eric M. Hull Wayne R. Humphries Sarah T. Hunt Kameron R. Jackson Bryan H. Jansen Tyler J. Jaros Brody D. Jensen Cody J. Jensen Amanda Jensen Stan Jewkes Natalie Y. Jimenez Brandon G. Juber Megan R. Judd Holly M. Kammeyer Nouman Kante Joseph C. Keller Ian D. Keyes Matthew T. Kihara Jonah A. Koken Amanda J. Koval Joseph D. Lake Dawson P. Lake Ethan W. Larkin Holly N. Larson Robert C. Lau Spencer S. Lawson Nathan J. Leishman Qianying Liu Tyson G. Lowder Alisha I. Manion Reginald W. Maonedzo

Todd C. Markham Lindey E. Matheson Alejandra C. Matheu-Rios Kevin McCuistion Maire M. McDonough Beaudy S. Mcfarland Lauren N. McGahie Daniel T. Mitchell Travis M. Moore Kherissa M. Morris Melina G. Mota Sean W. Neilson Jacob C. Nelson Alexis D. Nelson Mark R. Neville Deborah A. Newell Karon G. Nielsen Jennifer J. Nielson Martin A. Noll Erin M. O’Shea Zerina Ocanovic Christopher J. Oyler John D. Palmer Toby M. Parker Brandon J. Payne Delaney Peery Gabriela M. Perez-Tamayo Cristiano S. Pinna David J. Pretzer Tracy H. Quarella Alabama J. Rallis Jason J. Ralph Heather A. Rapoza Brittany R. Reeves MaryJo Rember Jesse B. Reynolds Travis L. Ridd Colten J. Roney Maddisen F. Rowley Kambrie L. Sampson Scott D. Sanderson Jorge Santibanez Brooke Savage Art W. Sawyer Brandon J. Schank Nicholas P. Schenk Erica D. Schilling Creed L. Sermersheim

Will R. Sherman Michelle R. Shoemaker Kyley E. A. Skaggs Dallan C. Smith Barton J. Smith Scott M. Smith Brant R. Smith Emily Smurthwaite Tyler R. Snow Garrett W. Southwick Madison A. Spencer Charles W. Spittle Connor W. Squire Ernest L. Stanley Jackson K. Stewart Chris Stucker Paxton S. Sutton Sean T. Sweeney Jeffrey R. Taylor Daniel R. Tervort Howard E. Tikka, Jr. Yueh-Ting Tsai Richard A. Vallejo Jennifer Varela Quentin Vavasseur Kenneth A. Wade Luke S. Walker Madisen S. Wallace Derek A. Ward David M. Warner Angela N. Waters Joshua M. V. Weezep Jeremy R. Wells John E. Whetten Taylor E. Whitson Omar J. Widdup Tanner G. Wilkey Aubree J. Williams Joshua M. Winslow Joshua B. Wolfe Cher Yang Chloe E. Young Angela T. Young Matin Zahir Weston J. Zentner

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 31

M ASTER of SCIENCE in BUSINESS ANALY TICS Allen M. Butt Hailey S. Checketts

Yuyang Chen Tianyun Liu

Chance T. Merritt Daniel C. Sivertsen

Diyue Wang

BACHELOR of ARTS/SCIENCE BA Accounting Caleb P. Brown James R. Case Treven K. McKeachnie Zhihang Zhong

BA Finance Dallen R. Moody Yu Zhang

BS Management Oscar D. Jeppson

BS Marketing Matthew K. Matheson Madelyn M. Tebbs

BS Accounting Elizabeth Allred Dallin J. Anderson Karissa Anderson Ryan J. Andrus Brenden B. Angus Daniel S. Banks Emma J. Barnaby Kelvin P. Bastian Braxton K. Batty Jaden K. Batty David A. Bennett Steven A. Birch Jeybeed J. Botello Joseph B. Bradshaw Shelby L. Brindley Holly L. Brogdon Jessica R. Brown Noah C. Caldie Caitlin Canfield Jaci L. Carlson Corbin J. Carter Jialu Chen Lea Christensen Shandon D. Clark Errin A. Clausen Emma M. Condon Taylor M. Damuni Justin T. Davidson Austin W. Davies Elijah P. Day Elias J. Early Arianna N. Faulkner Joseph L. Fellmeth Shelby L. Fitzpatrick Linda S. E. Font Mitchell D. Fredette Christina Frick Ryan Gallagher Mingshu Gu Jacob T. Hanks Angela K. Henry Leonidas Y. Jacobsen Melinda Jeffs Kaleb W. Jolley Vanessa A. Jones Michael B. Kelley Zackary A. C. Kohlieber MinSeok Kwon Kyle S. Lambdin

Haley K. Lewis Jared J. Lopez Makayla R. Marshall Steven J. McNaughtan Morgan T. Meacham Brett B. Miller Kelli L. Miller David M. Morgan Kameron G. Mortezazadeh Cameron R. Myers Collin G. Parrish Alyssa Paul Emily Pearson Mac D. Peterson Kaitlin M. Randleas Amber P. Robinson Chad A. Rogers Ella S. Savage Hyerim S. Schnell Uday Sharma Jamie L. Shaw Jacob F. Slagowski Duane K. Stahl Yiyao Sun Daxtyn M. Tebbs Camberlin P. Uhlig Jeremy D. Warhurst Jenna N. Williams Ryan A. Wixom Monica W. Yates

BS Economics Thomas R. Allred Warren F. Brandow, V James E. Clark Candace Fehr Courtney L. Flanigan Benjamin K. Funk Tabitha L. Greenwood Bryce Z. Habel Ibrahim A. K. Kone Alyson M. Lamoreaux Cheyenne M. Lawrence Shanshan Li Ashlee B. Lyman Diego D. Mendoza Chance T. Merritt Gideon R. Parry Aaron F. Tanaka Isaiah D. Tate Ava I. R. Whittington Chanikan Yongyuan Mitchell L. Zufelt

BS Finance Jared M. Badger Kyle H. Brown Sumiya Byambasuren Greyson E. Chamberlain Tianle Chen Taylor W. Hansen Ciarra E. Havon Shihui Hu Blake H. Jessen Jieyu Jiang Dallas W. Jolley Richard T. Long


Johnathan M. Longhurst Amanda N. Ott Boren Peng Carter M. Reed Kayley S. Reed Tianle Sheng Michael N. C. Stevens Ezequiel Torres Auriane F. A. Traore Colton C. Wright Yuqi Xia Ake N. D. Yabo

BS Hotel, Resort & Hospitality Management Samah H. A. Al Hussain Rachel Belnap Courtney A. Comstock Brookelle L. Corbridge Aaron Z. G. Hibler Nawa Krengchai Haydan M. Narmore Akissi S. S. Nguessan Zachary T. O’Brien Emma K. Ray Makade D. Talbot Ashley N. Thomas Dylan T. Tippetts Shalei A. Wilkinson

BS Management Rshadad M. Alharbi Jessica C. Alletto Alexander B. Allred Fayez R. M. Alruwaili Shalyn Anderson David Atencio, III Abby L. Averett Jordan S. Averett Kyle A. Barker Sydney N. Barker Brittney J. Barney Richard L. Boswell, II Nathan R. L. Bradley Mickell J. Brinkerhoff Lydia A. Brown Mollie A. Brown Matthew B. Burgoyne Morgan P. Calafati Giuliano R. Canepa Lauren E. Cecchini Adingra Y. J. Cedric Adjoumani William A. Coale Jaden S. Cox Amy G. Crawford Reilly T. Devine Cameron S. Dougherty Camryn N. Grant Bailey Griffin Zewei Guo Janey N. Gurr Henriette R. G. Gutierrez

Rhoda L. Hammon William J. Haslam Kaitlyn G. Hermansen Jordan T. Howe Briggs R. Huxford Mackenzie N. Jenkins Natalie R. Jeppson Kacie L. Jones Youngwook Kim Breanna L. Lake Kaelan K. Lamppert Lingwei L. Li Lena K. Lincoln Tevita A. Loamanu Yanlin Lu Jaycee E. Ludlow Megan L. Maccines Lydia R. Madsen Maxwell C. Masad Justin D. Miller Dylan T. Munk Amy P. Nguyen Jacob S. Nielson Nathan C. Randall Jace H. Roundy Randy B. Steadman Mynie M. P. Stephanie Anoman Alyssa J. Thompson Courtney J. Valdez Shengyi Wang Julie A. Whitmore Feiyang Wu

BS Marketing Scott T. Allen Awad S. S. Alsharari MaKenna M. Baker Shaun Bauman Makayla E. Blair Alexandria Bown Taylor M. Bradley Andrew J. Fly Caleb N. Frandsen Amber N. Gines Quinten P. Gish Andrew B. Hansen Justin D. Hunt Abdulaziz A. A. Khalifa Kourtney M. Lamb Sofia Luna Benjamin K. Ly Megan R. McClellan Mallory C. Ott Emilee R. Sims Makayla J. Smith Parker J. Stone Jaylee Watson Kylee Wharton Marynda L. White Ashlin L. Willes Aubrey Williams

ASSOCIATE of APPLIED SCIENCE AAS General Technology-Culinary Arts Management Karl A. Gardner

MULTIPLE M AJORS BA Management and Marketing

BS Accounting and Spanish

BS Finance and Accounting

BS Management and Marketing

Brinley G. Maughan

Joshua M. Evans

Georgia N. Gardner

BS Accounting and Finance

BS Economics and Finance

BS Finance and Economics

Sondra Y. Brower Kamille O’Hara Truong T. N. Pham Benjamin O. Schofield Jaxon D. Swalberg

Lance J. C. Hull Tomas R. Langholtz Rachel E. Smith

Keegan T. Cox Collin S. Peterson

Megan E. Bury S. Justin Hamilton Hannah Jenkins Cameron J. Morgan Isabelle K. Morris Joseph I. Perez Alina B. Tullis Ethan G. Young

BS Accounting and Management Macey L. Broeder Genesis S. Lagai Kristina Petersen

BS Accounting and Marketing

BS Economics and Political Science Colton G. Smith

BS Economics and Psychology Layla E. Dustin

BS Finance and Marketing Weston W. Adams

BS Marketing and Economics

BS Management and Finance and Accounting

Tanner D. Franklin

Keith C. Mason

Stephanie G. Tervort

BS Marketing and Management

Jonathan D. Bunting

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 33



FRIDAY, APRIL 29 · 6:30


PROCESSIONAL “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar SENIOR ADMINISTRATION REPRESENTATIVES Mindy Benson, Interim President Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Debbie Corum, Director of Athletics Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Stuart Jones, Vice President, Advancement & Enrollment Management Richard Christiansen, Chair, Trustee Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Trustee Nouman Kante, Trustee


WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2022 Jim Brandt, Interim Dean STUDENT ADDRESS Nathan Wiggins, College of Engineering & Computational Sciences Valedictorian CONFERRING OF ASSOCIATE & BACCALAUREATE DEGREES Patrick Clarke, Aviation Sciences Matthew Roberts, Engineering & Technology Seth Armstrong, Mathematics Derek Hein, Computer Science & Information Systems CLOSING REMARKS Jim Brandt, Interim Dean


OUTSTANDING ENGINEERING & COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES STUDENTS Hayden Mabbutt, Aviation Sciences · Cameron Dix, Department of Engineering & Technology Rindy Wiggins, Department of Mathematics · Bredeca Anthony, Computer Science & Information Security


M ASTER of SCIENCE in CYBER SECURIT Y & INFORM ATION ASSUR ANCE Jaron J. Blake Randy G. Bostic Michael J. Burger Joshua C. Collins Tyler C. Cox

Julissa R. Garfias Parker L. Hannifin Curtis D. Hartley Joshua A. Hesch Derek B. Hoffman

Bret R. Jordan Austin S. Knowles Clint Long Amram Musungu Zachary R. Nelson

Trevor P. Newey Ellen A. Parker Geoffrey R. Prothero Brandon B. Rasmussen Hugh K. Urey, IV

BACHELOR of SCIENCE BS Aerospace/ Aviation Sciences Mario A. Adame Jake R. Allen Mark D. Beach, Jr. Reynaldo A. J. Biolley Nathan R. Bolton Clayton J. Brown Ashley K. Cahoon Matthew D. Clemens Ethan V. Coombs Christopher M. Cox Daylen E. Crumpler Jordan R. Diaz Noah A. Elison Brandon A. England Austin K. Exner Michael L. Field Kaitlyn M. Gallegos Kira S. L. Giu Hayamoto Kevin G. Guerrero Thomas G. Gunderson Blake R. Hansen Thomas J. Hennington Edward C. Huerta, Jr. Hayden P. Iverson Logan Jenkins Rader W. Johnson Dzmitryi Kavaliou Todd J. Kingsolver Derek G. Lacy Sarah E. Ludlow Hayden J. Mabbutt Palmer D. McKeague Aldan McNeil Wesley C. Miller Garrett W. Miller Benjamin C. MitauxMaurouard Jacob D. Norberg Anthony A. Obendorf Amanda N. Passey

Parth A. Patel Savanna R. Paulsen Taylor Porter Timothy J. Satterfield Cameron J. Schrader Jordan N. Seaburg Evan J. Sheehan Joseph W. Shepard Robert J. Strong Curtis R. Talbot Ian G. Thompson David Varnado, Jr. Taylor S. Wade Tyler J. Warner John G. Whitney Grayson D. Willard Taber L. Young

BS Computer Science

BS Construction Management Jaden J. Black Sean A. Carr Nicholas T. Harvey Cade W. Hinson Lisa Munoz Tony J. Olsen Tyson R. Prince Wade L. Schmid Mycrae T. Tebbs Bryant T. Ward

BS Cybersecurity Adam N. Bush Drew G. Merrill Gideon Roberts

BS Engineering

Hailey Carter Trevor E. Cheney Joshua M. Edgel Zaniken E. Gurule Matthew B. Hall Kaylee L. Hall Steven M. Melville Kevin D. Moguel Christopher M. Newton Anthony H. Nguyen Kelton L. Palmer Shadrac B. Reyes R. C. Robinson Parker M. Rosenberg Berkeley J. Savage Ethan J. Smith Bo R. Stevens Daven R. Triplett

Monique A. Hollister Kolby K. Lloyd Trayson J. Maxwell Khevar R. McLeod Cleve J. Weaver

BS Engineering Technology Trenton P. Baugh Patrick J. Calvo Tanner J. Church Zachary J. Cross Miranda C. Czarnecki Dustin M. Fuller Casey C. E. Gamble Dillon R. Hall Paige D. Hansen Sydni L. Hansen Alan J. Harker Yingjie He Alexandra R. Hutchinson Olivia M. Kremer

Charles B. Lyon Ana M. McFadden Zackery B. Muhlestein Lisa C. Musimbi Taylor M. Perry Kyle J. Reelfs Conner R. Rosander Kenneth P. Simmons Lauren E. Stolt Matthew J. Tate Qiucheng Yu

BS Information Systems Bredeca E. Anthony Kara L. Bayn Dallin W. Bunting John W. Germing Thomas A. Gubler Nathaniel J. Hansen Michael W. Kavoukas Zhenghui Lu Austin J. Marshall Prince Nash Seth D. Stephenson Rylan E. Wallace Jinxin Yang Jiale Yu Kaiwen Zhang

BS Mathematical Science Akhil B. Anand Sherie A. M. Ayag McKinley K. Barlow Carli J. Bolton Braden J. Carlson Darri F. Dotson Nathan C. Franco Da Huo Jaxton Maez

Kiri M. Strack Devin J. Warner Nathan A. Wiggins Rindy E. Wiggins

BS Mathematics Education Linda J. Abeyta Brynnli K. Carlson Stacey Hone Adam J. Passey

BS Mechanical Engineering Antonio G. Aguilar Alicyn S. Astle Jathen S. Chaffin Ronnie Cling Cameron J. Dix Ryan N. Dungan Mitchell T. Halverson Thayne A. Hansen Tanya L. Jones Floyd K. Kimber Camden Lawrence James L. Lorimer, V Eldon J. May Elizabeth H. McReaken Antoine Pautrat Cameron Pepi Kobe E. Potter Cierra M. Salcido Alessandro Sanchioni Brendan W. Sievers Noah M. Swenson Emory A. Ward Jordan D. Whitlock

BS Physical Science Education Abraham S. Daye

ASSOCIATE of APPLIED SCIENCE AAS Aviation Maintenance Brin L. Barnett Tse-Hung Chang Christopher M. Christiansen Shane K. Davis Jacob A. Harris Lillianna L. Sorensen Lawrence D. Whitney

AAS Aviation Technology – Professional Pilot Mark D. Beach, Jr. Corbin M. Black Sage T. Boman Ty K. Bradley Clayton J. Brown John S. Burnett Carter T. Cannon Matthew D. Clemens William H. Crowe

Daylen E. Crumpler Henry C. Danielson Vernon J. Davenport Jordan R. Diaz Alexander C. Fairbanks Joshua A. Fleig Lukas T. Frankel Kaitlyn M. Gallegos Sean A. Harris Luke A. Horan Kane P. Johnson Ethan F. Johnston Dzmitryi Kavaliou Joseph E. Kondratko

Derek G. Lacy Timothy M. Lintz Shane M. Martin Jesse J. McKenzie Garrett W. Miller Nathaniel S. Nevins Branden S. Osborn Parth A. Patel TrayV’on M. Rahmaan Preston R. Rivera John D. Sandberg Angelia C. Sanders Ricardo X. B. Santos Justin D. Scheffel

Coleton J. Schroeder Jeffrey M. Selan Andrew J. Smith Robert J. Strong Ian G. Thompson Sidney J. Vent

AAS Information Technology Jesse D. Harris Mikael D. Koffi Ethan E. Larsen

DOUBLE M AJORS BS Aerospace/ Aviation Sciences and Communication

BS Computer Science and Psychology

BS Mathematical Science and Economics

BS Mathematical Science and Music

BS Mathematical Science and Spanish

Abigail J. Allen

Braydon D. Saxton

Joseph E. Marrow

Rebecca J. N. Fowler

Trayce G. Bradshaw A PR IL 29, 2022 | 35



PROCESSIONAL “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar







Mindy Benson, Interim President

Matt Barton, Communication

Jon Anderson, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs Debbie Corum, Director of Athletics Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services Richard Christiansen, Chair, Trustee Jodi Hart Wilson, Vice Chair, Trustee Nouman Kante, Trustee WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2022 Jean Boreen, Dean RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING SCHOLARS

Kyle Bishop, English Emily Dean, History, Sociology & Anthropology Grant Corser, Interdisciplinary Studies Kristopher Phillips, Languages & Philosophy Kevan F. Jacobson, Political Science & Criminal Justice Garrett Strosser, Psychology CONFERRING OF GRADUATE DEGREES Crystal Koenig, Interdisciplinary Studies Kevin Stein, Professional Communication Donna Handley, Public Administration

Jean Boreen, Dean


OUTSTANDING MASTER’S GRADUATES Jennifer Franz, Interdisciplinary Studies · Esther Chang, Professional Communication Lacy Richards, Public Administration

OUTSTANDING HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES STUDENTS Summer Frandsen, Communication · Elliani Bailey, English · Luke Boardman, History, Sociology & Anthropology Emeline Mortezazadeh, Interdisciplinary Studies · Colby Meline, Languages & Philosophy Lacey Jackson, Political Science & Criminal Justice · Jamie Keller, Psychology


M ASTER of ARTS in PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION John K. Atwood Morgan R. Bailey Victoria A. Barnett Stephanie B. Bentley Esther T. Y. Chang Worley Haleigh Clemens Lisette M. Conway Karen Crawford Kristen C. Daniel

Renee L. Delcambre Andrew S. Denos Samantha A. Engel Peter W. Erikson Sean P. Farrell Joseph T. Gage Marisa L. Grover Jamie E. Hanzo Christa Hinton

Benjamin R. Jones Nicole K. Kerr Daniel L. Lauper Brett G. Lunceford Shannon M. Ma Michelle M. Maraffio Ciera J. Martin Tom Miller Michelle R. Millhollon

Kassandra L. Neiwert Erica I. Pena-Vest Kristal L. Sabaitis Desaree A. Sandoval Hayden J. Strader Amy A. Strong Rebecca A. Sylvester Tammy J. VanDeusen Sheri B. Watkins

M ASTER of INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Adjoua J. A. Diby Paige M. A. Donathan Michael A. DuBon Teresa Edwards Maureen C. Einfeldt Mario N. Felix Christy Florence Erin M. Flores Jennifer Franz Mindy F. Gibson Sheramy D. Green Erica P. Greenberg Chris W. Hall Blanca J. Howell Dawn M. Isenhart Douglas N. O. Jackson Jan Jenson Gerald S. Johnson Carine A. Kessie Amoin A. Koffi Morgan D. Lee

Kojo Ampiah-Davis Heather T. Baker Julie I. Bank Allison A. Barnes Diana F. Bell Erika A. Bennett Shannon D. Bentham Lorri M. Bird David L. Bishop Tamia A. Braggs Ronnie B. Burkey Cesar S. Caballero Lyndsay Callahan Julia A. Cammarata Richard D. Cannon Caitlin A. Carter Rebecca L. Coates Leona C. Cooper Kayla N. Curtan Ryan A. DeJong Cory M. Dew

Emily M. Lewis Johana G. Linford Lixuan Lu Kyle B. Luekenga Shelby J. Lyman Katherine L. J. Lyons Maureen A. Mehr Cierra N. Melling Jessica J. Moon Tyler J. Moore Nadia I. Moreno Maureen D. Morris Shay C. Morrison Julie A. Mower Scott C. Murray Meagan R. Myers Laura D. Nankervis Kathryn J. B. Newman Elizabeth Pearce Cori L. Perkins Jody P. Perkins

Ksenya E. Plumb Jeffrey G. Richards Jamie R. Robinson Judith Sakubu Stacy A. Schmidt James L. Shakespear Nicholas D. Sill Janae R. C. Smith Brenda L. Snider Jahna K. Tacson Kamal Tamna Keith R. Thomas Roma M. Tullis Morgan L. Vanikiotis Tiffani R. VanMeter Candace L. Villarta Jessica M. Wilson Christopher J. Wolf Christopher K. Wright Jamie E. Wysong Nicholas K. Yamashita

M ASTER of PUBLIC ADMINISTR ATION Lindsay M. Aleman Lisa B. Allen Sydnee Alton Kylee M. Andersen Devon R. Arellano Michael R. Austin Allyson M. Baney Sharon A. Bolos Mary A. Brubaker Talia R. Butler Becky Clawson Samuel J. Crittenden Aspen S. Dalton

Forrest B. Ebbs Karina N. Eckern Abdikadir A. Eftin Amy S. Fletcher Gina Grandpre Katelyn E. Gross Dallyn Hallows Aspen Hawks Eric L. Humphrey Vicel M. Kanonga Jeremy J. Lance Allison D. Leonard Bryn L. MacDonald

Thomas G. Maples Junestevie D. N. Matala Eugenne Moisa Afton Moore Esli S. Morales Alphonce U. Mungunda Daniel A. Partida Katherine A. Peacock Nicolas A. Pietrantonio Payton S. Raddon Lacy J. B. Richards Donielle V. Savoie Brianna M. Schneider

Tyler Shepherd Josie R. Showalter Brian A. Sloan Tara E. Spaugy Maryssa G. Spencer Alicia L. J. Springmeyer Alexander E. Street Jessica N. Summit Haley M. Swenson Seini N. Taulogo Mykeal N. White Spencer W. Willie Don J. Wood

BACHELOR of ARTS/INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES/SCIENCE BA Communication Marrisa B. Hanley Elizabeth R. Jensen Adriana Mendoza Sydnee M. Riley Ryan A. Sunderman

BA Criminal Justice Teresa M. Snarr Sarah O. Swasey

BA English Kyler L. Alm Elizabeth G. Armstrong Sydney M. Beal Max C. Bloxham

Elliani R. B. Decker Ashlyn L. Draney Lindsey Hale Tanner W. Hallam Bethany A. Hammer Angela E. Hammon Taylor Denise Huxley Dylan J. Johnston Janzen Jorgensen KileyAnne Larson Katie M. Lloyd Brittany A. Michaelis Abigail E. Rosengren Cierra N. Shelton Collin C. Shurtleff Madison E. Tarbell

BA English Education

BA General Studies

Sydnee Atkinson Hannah K. Bleak Savannah B. Byers Reve L. Cook Olivia B. Crowl Kimberly K. Hodson Yuecheng Liu Hayley D. Pendleton Garrett R. Rodgers Sara N. Sterling Sydney M. Watts

Kellie E. Braun Jaci D. Hulse

BA French

Amanda M. Clarke Kimberly C. Knowlton Cameo S. Petersen

Abby N. Birchard Angelica V. Medina

BA History Luke Boardman Rachel E. Stahle

BA History Education Jake A. Crossley

BA Philosophy

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 37

BA Political Science Wesly G. Harston

BA Psychology Wesley D. Beck Elyssa M. Fleischman Maddelann G. Johnson Samantha N. Sodenkamp

BA Social Science Teaching Landon J. Yates

BA Spanish Jonah S. Babbel John E. Cloud Alyna M. DeLaigle Treven J. Lowry

BA Spanish Education Darby S. Dawson Kiesha M. Jones

BGS General Studies Angelee F. Bailey Pennie Billing Mikayla D. Brown Paula M. Cafarelli Alex T. Dowler, Jr. Margo Hammond David L. Henrie Chelci M. Holste LaToya M. Hood Holden M. Lyman Rodolfo J. Manansala Trinity W. Martinez Pennie L. Mickelson Joseph A. Miller Alex K. Olson Carla I. P. Ponce David W. Post, Jr. Jennifer A. Quinn Amy C. Rudd Dustin B. V. Sickle MaKayla Smith Ashley Tanner

BIS Interdisciplinary Studies Taelor E. R. Beeson Kaitlyn L. Bianco Steven M. Bodine Katie L. Bradshaw Cydney L. Brereton Jared C. Britt Laurel E. Buxton Sara Cram Megan M. S. Davis Madison E. Durrant Karl A. Gardner Leora L. Ginocchio Tina R. Graves Garrett P. Griebenow, II Riley Henriod Madison L. Hicks Terry T. J. Horton Zachary E. Jacobsen Hunter L. Jacobson Kimberly R. Jenkins Callie C. King-Stevens MacKenzie R. Maness Brandon McFarlane Greyson L. Miller Bailey S. Morgan Joshua D. Morgan* Emeline B. Mortezazadeh Makayla J. Munford

John Q. Murray Lyndsey K. Nelson Jessica W. Nunnelly Christian D. Olson Brianna M. Parkin Mary E. Peek Alicia R. Peterson Marci Peterson Erik J. Rekve Jiraa R. Riding Jose L. Rodriguez, Jr. Kennedy A. H. Rosaschi Jayde M. Rose Hannah Russon Phillip G. Scovill Marshall R. Smith Bethany A. Sproul Macray A. Stevens Wyatt B. Thompson Tyler A. Vaimaona Brittany Warner Matthew S. Whitchurch McKay K. White Lily T. Wimmer Seabree S. Wright

BS Anthropology Autumn A. Gillard Ian T. Huffman Sheryse M. Linton Zipporah A. Martinson Violet M. Miller Maegan A. Widdison

BS Communication Andrew V. Acosta J. Davis Anderson Nathan J. Baker Tegan B. Balls Caitlyn M. W. Battenfield Ethan M. Baum Katie L. Bethel Sidney E. Burrell Bradley J. Burt Harrison D. Butler Kortney M. Carlisle Nicole M. Clarke Jillian S. Clement Kellie K. C. Cozzens Hariana S. D. da Silva Veras Karris L. Davis Ryanna G. Doyle Jamisyn F. Dunn Joni S. Edgel Hattie S. Ellis Wynter A. Erickson Christian F. Esparza Tyler B. Francis Summer A. Frandsen Zoe R. Freeman Sheena D. Greer-Brewer Artese A. Gregory Lainie T. Hallows Chandler P. Harmon Frank D. Harris, III James R. Harrison Kelsey J. Haslam Anja H. Hayes Shayla R. Inskeep Aleksandr M. Johnson Kennedy A. Johnston Skyler M. C. Jones Hannah-Lita D. Juarez Jaydan K. Kemp Lyenna Kemp Karen W. Klc Megan K. Knight Trevan Lewis Ana M. Lichfield


Elaine M. Lonborg Shuotian Lu Karley M. McClain Kaitlyn N. Moulding McKayla D. Olsen Christopher K. Phillips Tarryn L. Pickering Isabelle S. Randall Camryn A. Ray Jireegna R. Riding Martina Rizzotti Sophie M. Robinette Cooper K. Rosenlund Amanda Rymer Morgan D. Scott Kejian Shi Keonho Shin Anthony J. Stanley Cayce A. Stephenson Zachary L. Stover Shelby M. Taylor Josie S. Thompson Xu Wang Ziyuan Wang Bo M. Wilkinson Reilly R. Williams Alana D. Winslow Jordan E. Woodward Kimberly Young Alexander A. Zermeno Weiyi Zhang

BS Criminal Justice Daniel Aguilar Nathan W. Beckrich Francis E. Bemiy, Jr. Raymond O. Bernardo Brooklynn N. Best Sierra M. Biggs Joshua M. Blotter Easton T. Bowring Maddyx F. Byrd Mevina A. Davis Jordan C. Day Christina L. Day Lukas T. Elmore Joshua R. Faust Mua Fiatoa Jaycee D. Fragoso Mika S. Garrett Adam K. Gillespie Dillon M. Glendenning Katherine M. Goodwin Christiana A. Guerra Yulissa Q. Guerrero Allison M. Hanks Maya L. Humphries Lacey A. Jackson Wendy E. Jessen Annie E. Jones Matthew M. Joseph Megan R. Kral Madisen R. Kropf Jason L. Linnell Nicholas J. Majher Sonny P. Mann Rylee L. Martin Madison M. Mowry Corbin A. Oberg Nanan A. D. Omou Jaron C. Palmer Kiely A. Penman Mitchell A. Quartz Stephanie L. Rohweder Aaron I. Romero Keri M. Romine Bergen L. Schouten Carmel M. Slater Ana M. Soares

Anne M. Stephenson Avery P. Stillman Jaeton M. Straetker Jaclyn G. Strong Gracie C. Thorpe Sydney M. Thurman Curtis A. Weber Louisa E. Wenig Christian D. Williams

BS Exploratory Studies Pyper M. Thornberry

BS General Studies Mindy L. Adams Jennifer Adams Kevin V. Adamson Monalisa S. Afoa Sha’uri Z. Alonso Yaredy Angel Laren L. Bateman Brandon L. Beesley Suzanne C. Benitez Abby J. Bettfreund Kathryn J. Bjorling Jennifer M. Blackburn Elizabeth K. T. Bradshaw Kila Bradshaw Troy T. Braun Tyler G. Brimhall Chantell Brindley Bridgett R. Burgess Heather M. Butler Gianna M. Carosone LaMeyah R. Charlton Casey P. Christensen Amanda D. Christiansen Thomas A. Clift Eowyn J. Colbert Chaz A. Collard Cameron C. Cox Leo J. Crowe, III Ethan J. Dixon Tiffany A. Drury Amber V. DuBois Nicholas H. Fleming Angelina M. Force Penny R. Ganci Emily A. Garrett Miles M. Graff Justin D. Gray Aaron B. Gubler Frederick T. Harvey Patrice W. Henderson Adrian J. Hernandez Sonia Holt Ruthann C. Hook Jessica M. Housley Bobbie E. B. Hugh Sierra N. Johns Jarrod Justice Damaris A. Kaiser Aleigha K. R. Kau Ryeley S. Kelly Jeffrey Keyes CandyAnn M. Klaybourne Dalan J. Knight John C. Knight, III Siri L. Komarek Ashley M. Landon Darnell E. Latham, Jr. Kylie M. Leavitt Shaylee Leavitt Krista L. Levine Max E. Lewis Su J. Lim Caiyi Liu Natalie L. Ma’ake Juno B. G. Marroquin *Awarded posthumously

Zane M. McDevitt Christopher McFarland Kenneth J. McNulty Brooklyn M. Merchant Sarah M. Monson Brandon B. Morrill Mirryn O. Morrill Shalee H. Mortensen Preslee J. Murch Drake A. K. Nerveza Cassie A. Newman Jordan M. M. Ondoa Hannah P. Parastino Alexis G. Patience Payton M. Pectol Loraina Porter Ethan J. Poulton Miranda R. Price Kole E. Ramsay Brandon D. Ray Brittnie J. Ray Mandy L. Rees Makenna A. Reid Chasen M. Richardson Aubrey J. Rushing Michael N. Saunders Trudy J. Schmidt Lucy E. Sharp Ian-Thomas P. Shelton Savannah Simpson Andrew J. Smith Stetson J. Southwick Seth Swapp Joalene R. C. Thompson Kenisha E. Thompson C. Ladd Wadsworth Noel H. Walters Elgena M. Weaver Kayden C. Welch Russell Wilde Terry K. Worthen

BS History Ana V. Alvarado Nicholas D. Barnson Christian B. Belnap Mikaela J. Bollschweiler Tralei C. Casaus Samuel M. Corry Amanda M. N. Daniels Katlyn C. Duncan Eric V. Edmunds Peyton M. Edwards Amber J. England Braden S. Flory Matthew D. Foreman Quentin M. Frascone Rebecca L. Gaylord

Kristen N. Gross Matthew A. Heintz Kayla A. Kerr Sierra M. Law Sage E. Melchior Carrie J. Nowers Bryce T. Pollock Hallie L. Pursel Cameron R. Putnam Zoe G. Rierson Blake P. Roszelle Alexander L. Sellers Erica E. Simm Colter J. Smith Chase A. Swanson Whitney F. Teuscher Lindsay N. Veatch

BS History Education Skye A. Barberena Caron L. Curfew Sasha M. Dittmann Karston C. Keel Karson G. Nelson

BS Political Science Trinity M. Bjornberg Ethan V. Busse Logan A. Carroll Megan A. Clark Christian M. Cottle Esther E. Draper Logan M. Florence Deja D. Griffin Alexandra N. Hanson Brian S. Hogie Justice B. Jones Paul B. F. Kessie Athipath Lainok Carley D. Milne John P. O’Donnell Ashlee A. Olson Annie Rawlinson Spencer J. Seal Tristan W. Udomporn Trevor W. Whitman

BS Psychology Braxton M. Adams Morgan L. Alfaro Sarah K. Applegarth Evan J. Arner Adam D. Barker Rachel E. Barker Cadin C. Bearnson Lauren E. Beatty Cody B. Beckstead

Samantha J. Begay James A. Bennett Megan M. Black Jadyn Bohn Alyssa A. Boyer Charly Bradley Brianna Brown Blair C. Bryner Lauren S. Carter Sarah C. Cline Christie L. Cooper Clayton K. Cox Grace A. Culley Elizabeth L. Curtis Larisa L. Daniels Christopher W. Dimond Alexandra S. Doubleday Taylor R. DuPea Victoria R. E. Eagleheart Trane India W. Eldredge Andrew D. Ellermeier Hannah J. Finch Connor J. Finlinson Karallyn E. Fitisone Annemarie Ford Laura A. Forner James A. Frolli Danica E. Gary Isabelle J. Glaittli Melanie Gomez Kamryn A. Groce Mia K. Hadden Elizabeth E. P. Hall Sierra M. Harding Mallory L. Harris Shayla M. Howe Zizhen Huang Lauren E. Jergensen Kennedy E. Jex Heather M. Johnson Jamie S. Keller Marissa L. King Caroline J. Labrum Jessica W. Lee Madison Lynn Kimberly Martinez Emily J. McAlister Tangie McElroy Jocelyn N. McKay Alyssa G. Miller Brittany A. Millwee Jaden A. Milne Bailia B. Milne Rebecca E. Morehouse Jada R. Nagel Emily Nelson Marchaun C. Norris Eva K. Northcutt

Jane E. Olson Emmah C. Ort Lindsey Ostermiller Camille J. Palmer Travis L. Peterson Aubrey B. Pickett Paula C. Plunkett Mitchell F. Rogers Suria Savusa Jessika B. Schmid Melissa M. Schuhmann Jeremy R. Scott Hadley C. Shipp Brynlee A. G. Shults Andrea L. Sivertsen Sunny K. Smith Jessica Smith Kodi S. Steele Angela Stephenson Cody D. Stirling Kathryn Taggart Adrienne M. Thomas Callee Thomas Eliza D. Torgerson Allie Weaver Taibree M. White Christian S. White Hannah S. Whitmer Mette J. Williams Rylee A. Wood Antonio D. Zitting

BS Social Science Teaching Jemma M. Gallio-Carter Dane R. Myers Joseph M. Ochoa Abigail Orton Connor H. Phelps Tyler S. Skidmore Nicole E. Wall

BS Sociology Debra L. Ballard Jhonai D. Debow Kaile Elder Paula K. Fish Shelli N. Frankowski Katelyn J. LaPray Dawn M. Lee Trenity L. Levi Grace M. Lewsader Jose C. Medina Molly T. Miller Zacharias J. Ragsdale Drew C. West Janessa B. White

ASSOCIATE of ARTS/SCIENCE AA General Studies Nathan T. Bracken McKenzie A. Griffin Samuel Hodgson Madeline M. Merrick Jarom R. Schill Alexa Smith Dallin M. Snyder Kaden M. Wadsworth

AS General Studies Sinead M. Abbott Brooke N. Adams Lendl M. Ah-Fook Naif M. S. Albaqami

Claire C. Allen Lucie M. Allen Avery M. Allred Caleb S. Almeida Joshua K. K. Alverio Nicholle E. Ambler Justin J. Ambler Rae Anderson Edgar M. Arana Samantha R. Atkin Lillianna B. Bach Anna Baker Anna D. Banks Spencer W. Banks Jennifer L. Barnett McCall Barney

Macie S. Bartholomew Jacob D. Barton Mark D. Beach, Jr. Kimberly R. Beagley Joshua E. Bell Alyssa N. Belt Twila N. Bennett Joseph N. Benson Blair E. Bentley Erik K. Berthoty Jaclyn G. Bethers Ethan A. Bird Taylor A. Black Mark A. Bleak Kaylie E. Bone Elizabeth J. Bonham

James W. Bonnemort Ashtyn Bowles Kayla S. Boynton Isabelle M. Bray JayLee A. Brinkerhoff Kiku A. Brown Clayton J. Brown Ryan T. Brown Bowden T. Brown Cynthia M. Brynda Leone S. Bryson Amy Dianne Buker Elizabeth E. Burgess Matthew B. Burgoyne Gwen H. Burnham Michelle J. Campeau A PR IL 29, 2022 | 39

AS General Studies (cont.) Haaheo K. Carpenter Emily C. Carrillo Emily H. Carter Kenzlee R. Carter Heaven Casaus Makenna S. Chappell Parley J. Chatwin Boyu Chen Haishun Chen Qiujia Chen Alex C. Christensen Denise Christensen Colin M. Christiansen Kendrick W. Clark Jayden W. Clements Alexis M. Cook Maysen P. Cook Joirja Cooke Tayson S. Copeland Jaycee V. Cornia EmmaLee Costello Allison N. Cowart Rebecca D. Cox Kacie R. Cox Daryn A. Crow Breanna R. Crowther Conner R. Crum Payden D. Dalton Daniel B. Dastrup Ruben Davila, IV Kylee A. Davis Serenity A. Davis Tyson B. Davis Sean M. Davis Erica Davis Katelyn R. Daybell Skylee Doman Porter A. Dombrowski Yanjing Dong Yanting Dong Shelby C. Dotson Kimberlee M. Dotson Thomas D. V. Dyke Tysen B. Edwards Emma K. Elison Seth B. Elliott Gavin R. Ellsworth Shaylee K. Etchart Hallie M. Ewart Alexander C. Fairbanks Marley M. F. Fakahua Jacey Finch Cathryn S. Fitzpatrick Joshua A. Fleig Jaden P. Fritzsche Rylee Gale Lesly G. C. Garcia Gabrielle A. Garcia Kolten A. Garrett Yahaira M. Gaytan Jiayi Ge Loren K. Georgeson Maddie L. Gillett Kennedy R. Gillins Elli M. Gladwell Nakelle M. Goldie Casen J. Green Miranda M. Greene Alexis G. Grow Sophia L. Grzywacz Candice J. Gubler Ally W. Gunderson Heather E. Gunnerson

Kaylee R. Hafen Kelsey A. Hagman Aubrey E. Hales Riane J. Hall Sarah Halverson Emilia D. Harris Megan W. Haws Brode C. Haynie Tess M. Heaton Hannah Hickenlooper Aspen L. Holyoak Jessa Holyoak Esther M. Hopkins Ashly R. Hopkins Brett H. Howard Zhichen Hu Shayne Hudson Morgan R. Hugh Zoe M. Huizar Larsen G. Hulet Kati M. Hulick Lydia R. Huppi Richard W. Ireland Martina Istrefi Barry W. Ives Brandan D. Ivie AshLee J. Ivie Elizabeth A. Jackson Kailey R. James Ashley L. Jenkins Katelyn A. Jenks Macey B. Jensen Allie L. Jensen McKenzie T. Jensen Bransen Jensen Suzanne E. Jensen-Soto Morgan K. Jenson Shelby L. Kartchner Sean D. Kay Justin S. Kenison JaCee R. Kent Porter S. Killpack Dallen L. Kimball Katie M. Kingston-Sandoval Britney Knudsen Joseph E. Kondratko Hayley N. Kramer Monica K. Krueger-Clifford Caroline J. Labrum Jenna E. Lacy Casey N. Lambert Madison Larsen Brian C. Lawrence Yiwen Le Ryan J. LeBaron Dorothy B. LeBlanc Lilei Leifson Jessica G. Leon Marion B. Leonard McKenna Leonard Pengyang Li Katlynn A. Limb Jennifer A. Linford Chyann Littlefield Austin R. Livingston Sophie G. Lunt Cache L. Lynn Seryn T. Macleod Bentley M. Madsen Tristin R. Magness Bethany G. Malone Erika L. Manesse Jacob A. Marin Hadlee J. Marshall Alyssa Marshall Justie S. Martinez


Cecilia L. Martinez-Chavez Kailee Maxwell Alexie I. Maylett Kavon G. McArthur Austin H. McIlnay Paige E. McKenzie Jesse J. McKenzie Annie D. McNeill Lauryn M. Meacham Carlee D. K. Mellen Brielle C. Merkley Trevor D. Messenger Megan C. Mitchell James S. Mitchell Hana I. Miyasaki Quamell J. Mobley Star A. Moon Savannah N. Moore Cody S. Murdock Zaisha K. Naegle Kennedy L. Nielsen Ty L. Nielson Jordan M. Nielson Jake R. Norman Grace A. Norton AubriAnna J. Obering Ellyn G. Ohms Kenneth J. Okeson Rebekah J. Orme Chelton E. Pancheri Alison H. Pangan Lisa A. Park Chandler J. Paskett Jonathan R. Payne Jordyn H. Peacock Mary J. Pedersen Annette S. M. Pena Jesus Perez Kate C. Petersen Hayden T. Petersen Kristina Petersen Mac D. Peterson Carli Peterson Samantha Peterson Jesse R. Pfister Raychel G. Pinkston Cinder Player Blake M. Polson Mikayla M. Potter Cameron W. Poulson Rachel E. Powell David S. Preston Katelyn B. Prince Kayzlee J. Quarnberg Hayley M. Radle Ellen A. Ramsdell Tyler D. Randall Cody L. Ray Wyatt S. Read Cheyanne M. Rember Joseph T. Reynolds Nickolas D. Richins Jordan N. Richins Jeffrey W. Rives David P. Roberts Megan M. Robinson Tania J. C. Rodriguez Stephanie L. Rohweder Alexis R. Rollins Nelliya K. Romero Kaleb A. Rowell Amber V. Sabin Ricardo X. B. Santos Sarah R. Sargent Dallin R. Savage Alyx A. Scheetz

Kristyn A. Selden Keri C. Simmons Santianna Singer Katherine E. Skinner Halle M. Skinner Tiana M. M. Slack Krista F. Smith Adam G. Smith Brenda L. Smith Kylee M. Smith Abigail S. Smith Alyssa Smith Brooke Smith Paula E. Sowards Kyson W. Spencer Kenley Spencer Averie M. Staheli Rachel M. Staker Shantelle M. Steele Ade C. M. Stephanie Yabo Kaleigh Stevens Daphne A. Storie Mark K. Stoughton Rockwell B. Strunk Catherine N. Summit Emily Tait Annie M. Taylor Carl T. Templin Rebekah J. Terry Lauren F. Theurer Emma K. Tischner Burgan D. Torgerson Hailey M. Tremelling Kylie D. Truman Miles E. B. Turner-McCool Ethan Valenzuela Kaley M. VanHorn Kassandra M. Vega Julian Vega-Rangel Kennedee M. Vest Leisel K. Wallace Makenna R. Wallace Necia N. Warby Malia L. Washburn Elise R. Waters Oliver Watson Taylinn Webber Quinn M. Western Jacob A. J. Wettstein Callista J. Whatcott Carlee D. White Maklayne L. Wilks Katelyn B. Willard Jordyn E. Wolfe Brandi M. Wolfe Jesse J. Wood Ashlyn Wood Aidan R. Woodard Savannah A. Wooden Callie Woolstenhulme Kourtney P. Wright Danle Yao Brock B. Young Jixuan Yu Peng Zhong

AS Legal Studies Haylie L. Bradley Nickolas C. Brown Cory N. Green

MULTIPLE M AJORS BA Criminal Justice and Psychology

BA Psychology and Spanish

Paulien W. G. Sillekens

J. Stockton Palmer Zachary M. Wiener

BA Criminal Justice and Spanish Ian C. Baker Kyley A. Tobler

BA English Education and Spanish Education Lindsay A. Livingston

BA English and Philosophy Christien K. Coombs

BA English and Spanish Rachel K. Jaynes

BA Philosophy and Economics Colby S. Meline

BA Psychology and Family Life & Human Development and Anthropology Samara Rangel

BA Spanish and Human Nutrition Spencer D. Benson

BS Communication Composite and Political Science

BS Criminal Justice and Aerospace/ Aviation Sciences

BS Psychology and Exercise Science

Ricardo X. Bastidas

BS Psychology and Family Life & Human Development

BS Criminal Justice and Political Science Ayanna D. Brown

BS Criminal Justice and Psychology

Ashton F. Weagle

Cole-Makena Hamblin Carly Johnson

BS Communication and Criminal Justice

BS Political Science and Criminal Justice

Autumn A. Gay

Mariah V. Slick

BS Communication and Marketing

BS Psychology and Accounting

Nathan W. Osterstock

Aspen A. Longhurst

BS Communication and Political Science

BS Psychology and Biology

Alexis N. Hamel

Jeremy J. Myers Orlando F. Rodriguez

BS Communication and Psychology Kathryn E. Roark

Benjamin P. Brooks

Brooklyn N. S. Oberhansly Katherine S. Saldana

BS Psychology and Sociology Shaelynn E. Heaton Michaelangelo S. P. Sawada

BS Sociology and Communication Reagan G. Hunt

BS Sociology and Criminal Justice Kaylyn J. Ratzlaff

BS Psychology and Communication Addison J. Horsley

A PR IL 29, 2022 | 41


PEGGY W ITT W ER Originally from Kanab, Utah, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Peggy Wittwer has been a Thunderbird since 1974, and graduated in 1978 with her first bachelor’s degree in business. Nearly a decade later, she returned to SUU to pursue a new career path in education, and with a second degree, worked as a special education and fourth grade teacher for a few years until earning a master’s degree in education here in 1997. She started her career at the University as an adjunct professor and then was hired as a full-time faculty member in 2002. She now has 21 years at the institution under her belt, and has made an indelible mark on teacher education here. Peggy also serves as SUU’s director of Cedar Mountain Science Camp, a residential environmental program for youth primarily in the fourth through sixth grades. Every June, she and her team engage with more than 400 youth campers at the SUU Mountain Center, giving them a hands-on approach to environmental science. She and her colleagues foster an appreciation for the natural world by using the surrounding national parks, state parks, and mountains as their classroom. When not in the field, Peggy is preparing pre-service student teachers to become caring in-service educators through experiential education. “Learning by doing” is her most prominent teaching philosophy, and her students have a variety of opportunities to learn through hands-on activities. She models different types of teaching approaches to give her students a full arsenal of techniques they can use to succeed, both in student-teaching and upon taking the helm of their own classrooms after graduation. Peggy forges strong connections with her students and goes the extra mile in and out of the classroom. Once her students become colleagues in education, she maintains contact with them and ensures that Learning Lives Forever through her various chat groups that allow her to continue mentoring students long after they leave SUU.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD JOSHUA A. PRICE A product of Hillsboro, Oregon, Dr. Josh Price came to SUU eight years ago and has made an indelible impression on the campus community. With a bachelor’s degree in economics from BYU and two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in economics, policy analysis, and management from New York’s Cornell University, he uses his extensive knowledge to inspire students by tailoring his courses to their interests. Aside from his work as an associate professor of economics and director of the Health Education Action Lab (HEAL), he volunteers his time to provide color commentary for radio coverage of SUU women’s basketball games and to mentor new football recruits. Josh supports all of his students both inside and outside of the classroom with his knowledge, kindness, and humor.



JOHN “JEB” BR A NIN Jeb Branin is an assistant professor in the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Arts Administration who has taught and nurtured SUU students for 24 years. He has earned degrees from Snow College, Utah State University, and Brigham Young University. He teaches many general education courses for his department, and in the past, taught “English Through the Internet” courses through the MOFET Institute and Talpiot Teacher College in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Additionally, he designed the “SUU in London” program, taking students and community members to London, England, to study theatre. Jeb carefully constructs his courses using the principles of intentionality, interconnection, and reflection and believes that failure is essential to learning. He provides his students opportunities to fail safely and learn by correcting their mistakes.

BRYA N L. KOENIG Dr. Bryan Koenig is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and chair of SUU’s Institutional Review Board. He holds degrees from St. John’s University, College of William and Mary and New Mexico State University and has taught at SUU for the past five years. Dr. Koenig’s teaching philosophy is centered on the belief that every student is unique, and structures his courses to provide students opportunities to tailor their work to their interests. He actively engages his students by using a flipped teaching approach, including having class members replicate classic experiments. He continually looks to improve and excels at fostering solid relationships with his students. His wife, Crystal Koenig, is also an SUU faculty member, and their two children are their “tiny T-Birds.”

ILI A NA PORTA RO A proud, first-generation college graduate born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Santa Ana, California, Associate Professor of Spanish Iliana Portaro is committed to reducing barriers to undergraduate completion by incorporating high impact practices such as writing, group work, research, and experiential education into her courses. With degrees in her field from UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis, Dr. Portaro helps students to experience the Spanish language within her classroom and in other contexts that foster their growth as language learners and students of Latin culture. Iliana approaches teaching languages as an ongoing process and aims to provide her students with the tools to be lifelong learners. Admirably, Dr. Portaro continually adapts her teaching strategies to keep her classes relevant and engaging.

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BRI A NNE KR A MER In her five years at SUU, Brianne Kramer, assistant professor of teacher education, has worked diligently to make her courses and the community an inclusive place for all. Originally from Napoleon, Ohio, she earned her Ph.D. from the University of Toledo. Dr. Kramer helped to institute a Diversity Professional Learning Community (PLC) here, leading book studies with more than 70 faculty, staff, students, and community members. Brianne served on the SUU Attainment Gaps Committee, participated in AACU Institute for Equitable High Impact Practices, and co-chairs the College of Education EDI Committee. She has recently begun serving on the new University Equity and Inclusion Committee to coordinate, inform, advocate and account for campus-wide initiatives that support the expansion of equity, diversity, and inclusion at SUU.

DISTINGUISHED FACULT Y - INCLUSION & DIVERSITY L AUR A JUNE DAV IS Laura June Davis’ teaching and research focus largely on American history through the 19th century, with an emphasis on the topics of gender, identity, community, and the military. She holds graduate and professional level certificates in women’s studies, university teaching, and academic advising, all of which make her an excellent practitioner of her work as an assistant professor of history and co-director of the Women and Gender Studies program. Her teaching philosophy centers on student engagement, promoting critical thinking, connecting the dots across time, and building connections with her students. She seeks to dissolve the thinking that “history is boring.” Dr. Davis hails from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and has earned degrees from Cornell, Texas A&M, George Mason University, and the University of Georgia.

DISTINGUISHED FACULT Y - GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT SHOBH A H A M A L GURUNG Dr. Gurung has been an exceptional contributor to the University’s global engagement and education for nearly 15 years, creating programs and opportunities for students to travel abroad and to learn from and serve the people of her home country of Nepal. As an associate professor of sociology and women & gender studies, Shobha integrates innovative pedagogies that span multiculturalism and global engagement and aims to help her students develop empathy with people from a wide range of life experiences and conditions while becoming conscientious and responsible global citizens. She mentors and advises student clubs with multicultural and international relevance and strives to help international students find their place at the University. Dr. Gurung holds degrees from Tribhuvan University of Nepal and Boston’s Northeastern University. 44 | 123 R D A NNUA L COMMENCEMENT


M A RK DeBELISO A Detroit, Michigan, native, Dr. DeBeliso has been teaching in the Department of Kinesiology and Outdoor Recreation since 2010. When COVID-19 took control of many aspects of day-to-day living, Mark decided to use the control he maintained over his mind, and focus on scholarship. Within the last academic year, he has produced no fewer than 12 peerreviewed publications, two in press, and seven under review covering several topics from motivators for sports participation to physical and combat performance among female United States Marines. Fully embracing SUU’s student-centered focus, Dr. DeBeliso has involved students in 83 percent of journal publications and 100 percent of his conference presentations. Mark holds degrees in mechanical engineering and biomechanics from Utah State University and Oregon State University, respectively.

DA NIELLE LY DI A SHEATHER Professor Sheather is a scholar in creative expression through dance, wherein boundaries between scholarly and creative work are murky, and she loves that it allows her to color outside the lines. In her three years at the University, Danielle developed and wrote the first progressive dance track at SUU, which is also the first program of its kind in the state of Utah. This year, she was invited to present at the world-class community and cultural center 92 Street Y in New York City, was commissioned to create a piece for Flatlands Dance Theatre, and organized SUU’s first student screendance concert, combining film and dance. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Danielle holds degrees in dance performance, choreography, and psychology from University at Buffalo and University of Arizona.

TR AV IS JODY SIMKINS As a 2019 addition to SUU’s management, marketing, and hospitality department, Dr. Travis Simkins has had a remarkable and successful academic year, publishing two socially and culturally relevant articles in “A” level peer-reviewed journals, with yet a third article under review. In line with his expertise, one paper focused on the role of social acceptability in new product adoption. The other delved into the impact conflicting laws have on the decision to export stigmatized products. In light of these achievements, Dr. Simkins, who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming, received a nearly $115,000 grant from the Learn and Work in Utah program to develop, teach, and provide resources for an online Project Management Certification course. He hopes to facilitate innovation with his research. A PR IL 29, 2022 | 45


SCOTT CA RLILE “Be it big or be it small, do it right or not at all” is Scott Carlile’s motto, and his colleagues and students can attest that he lives by it. Scott is certainly multi-talented, with a background as an electrical engineer and 22 years of firefighting under his belt, but he made the switch to accounting in 2013 and has worked full-time for the University for seven years. As a financial analyst, he is helpful, friendly, efficient, and always goes above and beyond to solve problems and coordinate with various campus entities. As a trusted mentor, he’s received several Influencer Awards from the students he has overseen and guided. Though Scott is reserved and quiet, his actions speak volumes about his dedication to SUU.

HEATHER GA RCI A Everyone who knows former Miss SUU Heather Garcia knows that she deeply cares about students and their success. In her five years employed by the University, she has made SUU a place where everyone wants to be, and her attitude and excitement are contagious. As the assistant director for student involvement and leadership, Heather has her students’ best interests at heart, and there is no better cheerleader for the good times and coach for the bad times they go through. With both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from SUU, Heather knows exactly what it is like to be an SUU student, and she uses her experience and knowledge to create a supportive environment for students, faculty, and staff alike to find their place and be their best.



SHERI BUTLER Sheri, business manager for the Gerald R. Sherratt Library, has worked tirelessly to advance the needs of all on campus over her 23 and-a-half years at the University. She has served for several years on the Staff Association Board at both the school and state levels and played a major role in SUU’s strategic planning efforts. Able to successfully put current administrative decisions into historical context, her institutional memory is indispensable. In the community, Sheri shares her talents and serves as the president of the In Jubilo and Orchestra of Southern Utah’s chorales. Above all her on-campus achievements, Sheri says she is most proud of her husband of 42 years, Jeff, their four children and their spouses, and her eight grandchildren.

ROBB MCCOLLUM Dr. McCollum translates his ancestral family motto, In ardua tendit, as “We aim to do hard things,” and he applies this as an educator and director of SUU’s American Language and Culture Center. Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Robb has spent his four years here as a bridge builder and innovator in the education of students learning English as a second language. When many of the nation’s Intensive English Programs were forced to close their doors in the height of the COVID pandemic, Dr. McCollum chose to “do hard things” and his tenacity made SUU’s program stronger than ever. Robb, who holds a Ph.D. from Brigham Young University, is grateful for SUU’s supportive and energetic environment that allows him to encourage innovation and creativity.

DISTINGUISHED STAFF - INCLUSION & DIVERSITY ASHLEIGH ZIMMERM A N Ashleigh Zimmerman is SUU’s coordinator for financial literacy & completion, and greatly contributes to the retention of hundreds of students—a majority from first-generation and low-income backgrounds— by connecting them to financial resources. Over the last year, Ashleigh has counseled students facing barriers to school due to COVID, served on the Attainment Gaps Committee, helped design the SUU Equity Lens, created an interactive equitable decision-making tool, served as the Latinx Student Association’s advisor, co-designed curriculum for equity leadership at SUU, and began serving on the University Equity & Inclusion Committee. Ashleigh’s colleagues comment on her remarkable ability to connect with students and her tireless advocacy for underrepresented voices and institutional cultural competency. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ashleigh holds degrees from American University and Kean University. A PR IL 29, 2022 | 47

WELCOME TO THE SUU ALUMNI FAMILY! We welcome SUU’s 2,309 graduates into Southern Utah University’s Alumni Association. As members of the Class of 2022, you have accomplished much in your time at SUU, and we hope you will keep in touch. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will always be a Thunderbird. Stay up to date on SUU happenings in your area through social media and the alumni website.

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