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Additional Trusted Support for Pupils in Your School

Esteem Sutton

Introduction Are your pupils experiencing: • • • • • • • • •

Behaviour problems Emotional difficulties Anxiety and worry Friendship and relationship difficulties Family and parenting issues Poor attendance Risky behaviour Concentration issues Self harm

Are you looking for additional support for some of your pupils? Do you want to make use of some of the following? • Pupil Premium • Pupil Premium plus • Education, Health and Care Budgets • SEN budgets devolved to schools In some cases we may even be able to raise funds from other sources to help with the costs of providing services in your school.

Esteem Sutton is a partnership of experienced local community based providers of mental health and wellbeing services for children, young people and their families. We can help your school to provide additional support for some of your pupils. • Partners listed in this booklet are experienced in working in schools • We can provide flexible services and work with the child, the family and the school for improved outcomes. • We are a trusted part of your local community; not for profit and are value driven. • All of the services listed in this brochure can provide references about the quality of their work. • We are committed to recognised quality standards, as demonstrated through each partners’ ACE-V registration. • Each of the organisations listed in this brochure would be happy to hear from you to discuss what you need in your school and how they can help.

.. .. . .. . . . .. . . . .. .. .. .. ... Esteem Sutton



Group Work


Jigsaw4u Jump Start Sutton MAPS Roundabout Sutton School Pastors Sutton Young Carers Service

Jigsaw4u MAPS Roundabout Sutton School Pastors Sutton Young Carers Service The TalkEasy Trust


Mental Health Awareness Promotion



Staff Training

Jigsaw4u Jump Start Sutton Roundabout



Jigsaw4u Jump Start Sutton MAPS Sutton Young Carers Service The TalkEasy Trust

Jigsaw4u Jump Start Sutton MAPS Roundabout Sutton Young Carers Service

Jigsaw4u MAPS

.. .. ............. .. ..Jigsaw4u .............. .. ..... Esteem Sutton

Jigsaw4u works with children and young people experiencing a range of complex social and emotional problems. Our multi disciplinary team offers individually tailored programmes and specialises in one-to-one work, small group work, peer group support, family work, group work, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, family therapy, social skills training and drama workshops, drop-ins and consultation opportunities for young people. Projects include: •

Pre-bereavement and bereavement support

School based services for children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties, poor mental health, trauma, abuse, neglect, domestic abuse or any other social problem

Support for young people experiencing sexual exploitation

Accredited parenting programmes for groups of parents or individual families who require a ‘supernanny’ style worker

020 8687 1384



Jigsaw4u has a multi disciplinary team which includes social workers, drama therapists, mentors, youth counsellors, nursery nurses, parenting therapists and play therapists.

1:1 direct work with children and young people, small group work, peer group support, family groupwork, accredited parenting programmes, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, family therapy, social skills training and drama workshops, drop-ins and consultation opportunities for young people. Costing is £27-£30 per hour


.. ........ .. ..Jump ........ Start . . . . .. Sutton Esteem Sutton

Jump Start Sutton offers free, confidential, individual counselling for young people aged between 11 and 21 in Sutton through a team of professionally trained and supervised youth counsellors. Jump Start is part of Off the Record Croydon, a local charity with over 20 years’ experience offering therapeutic support to young people. •


Jump Start offers individual counselling on 3 evenings p.w. working from community venues in Sutton

Half a day per week of qualified counsellor time offering individual counselling would cost £5000 per academic year.

We accept referrals from CAMHS, schools, GPs and other professionals

We usually offer between 6 and 12 individual sessions

We support young people around a range of issues including self-harm; bullying; relationships; family breakdown; depression and anxiety; abuse; self-esteem; bereavement

020 8251 0251

Jump Start can provide an experienced, qualified youth counsellor to offer individual counselling or a lunchtime drop in for students on-site in a school/college. Jump Start take responsibility for the employment, line management and clinical supervision of the counsellor.

1.5 hours per week providing a lunchtime drop in session would cost £2500 per academic year. •


Jump Start can also offer training for school staff and awareness raising sessions for student around mental health issues. Costs for these workshops to be individually agreed with schools


. . . . ........... .. ....MAPS .... .. .. Esteem Sutton

(Mentoring, Advocacy & Peer Support) MAPS is an early intervention programme supporting young people with complex life circumstances to achieve their full potential through the support of a volunteer mentor and/or specific project work. •

MAPS provides 121 mentoring each week for one year

All volunteers are holders of enhanced DBS’ and fully trained

MAPS has two decades experience supporting young people in Sutton

MAPS is part of the Volunteer Centre Sutton

020 8661 5900


ENHANCED OFFER FOR SCHOOLS 121 Mentoring, minimum 4 spaces per school. Cost £1,200 per student for 12 months of mentoring support Peer Mentoring, young people trained as mentors to support students in need. Cost range £800-£1,600 for 20 young people Range of project work including minimizing risk taking behaviours, promoting confidence & wellbeing, NEET prevention. Cost range £1,000 - £1,400 Some services and support can be accessed for free, funding dependant. Contact MAPS to find out more.


.. .......... .. ..Roundabout ...... .. .. Esteem Sutton

Roundabout is dramatherapy charity specialising in working with children and young people in schools. Roundabout dramatherapists provide weekly short and long-term interventions with groups and individuals, working closely with parents, carers and teachers. •

Dramatherapy sessions use art forms including role-play and acting, improvisation, story making, puppets and props, and art and music work.

Evaluation has shown positive outcomes for social and emotional wellbeing.

ENHANCED OFFER FOR SCHOOLS Dramatherapy sessions with groups or individuals. Charges: 1 therapist £140 half day, £270 full day 2 therapists £270 half day, £520 full day (charges include planning and supervision costs for each session and administration costs for the project.) Each half day will include short feed-in and feed-back meetings with school staff before and after each session. Roundabout is willing to discuss fundraising possibilities.

020 8665 0038 roundabout@cornerstonehouse.org.uk


.. .. ..Sutton .... School ..Pastors .. Esteem Sutton

School Pastors can offer a visible uniformed presence in Schools usually during lunch times and after school as students disperse. We also offer small group sessions with Yr 7 as part of their transition into secondary school. Our main service is a one to two listening service with trained volunteers who are usually parents or grandparents and students are referred by teachers.



Short term working on agreed action point from listening session

Sutton Street Pastors are part of Sutton Community Works registered charity no: 1140363

Sessions usually range from 1-4 as an average and deal with issues such as friendship, homework, family issues, anxiety i.e. mostly low level emotional issues

Confidential [subject to safeguarding protocols]

07525 838640

To provide a School with a School Pastor Service would require us to train 4-8 school pastors depending on the level of service required. Where we have not secured funding to provide a School with a service then the cost of providing this is £1300 -2600 as a one off cost and then £800pa thereafter.



........ ..Sutton ....... Young ..Carers .... Service Esteem Sutton

Sutton’s Young Carers Service is part of Sutton Carers Centre, a charity that supports unpaid Carers of all ages. The Young Carers Service supports children and young people ages 8 – 18 who are helping to care (practically and/or emotionally) for a member of their family, and provides: •

Social and learning activities and a chance to meet other Young Carers

School and homework support, including advocacy within schools

One-to-one and family support plus peer support groups

Information, advice and a regular newsletter


To facilitate monthly peerto-peer support groups for Young Carers within individual schools, improving access to support for vulnerable children

The groups support Young Carers in balancing their caring roles alongside their education, giving children a safe place to discuss issues

Sutton Young Carers Service also provides staff to run presentations to schools to raise awareness of Young Carers’ issues and to encourage Young Carers to seek support

Sutton Young Carers Service could also support your school to develop your own Young Carers School Policy or to raise awareness amongst staff, governors or pupils

The cost of monthly, facilitated peer-to-peer support groups for schools is: £160 for 10 Young Carers. This would be provided during term time. 020 8296 5611



...... .....TalkEasy .The . . Trust Esteem Sutton

The TalkEasy Trust is a youth-led mental health awareness organisation campaigning to improve awareness of mental health issues and encourage young people to be more mindful and aware of their illnesses. We also have an in-school mentoring and counselling service within our school, the John Fisher School, Purley, which offers an outlet for those feeling vulnerable or in need of advice. It is run by students and was set-up as a key way of making assistance more practical. It has had a presence in multiple schools around the Sutton area. The TalkEasy Trust is also committed to having a strong online presence which we are also available to listen and offer advice through.




Assembly delivered to chosen year groups/whole school on the subject of mental health, mental health awareness and stigma. Includes useful information on where to get help and a powerful message about why mental health matters today - No set cost although a donation is a greatly appreciated.


Possibility of mentors coming into schools to deliver two-to-one mentoring to students - No set cost although a donation is greatly appreciated.


Esteem Sutton

At a glance -

Contact Details Jigsaw4u

Tel: 020 8687 1384 Email: info@jigsaw4u.org.uk Web: jigsaw4u.org.uk

Jump Start Sutton

Tel: 020 8251 0251 Email: info@jumpstartsutton.org Web: offtherecordcroydon.org


Tel: 020 8661 5900 Email: MAPS@vcsutton.org.uk Web: mapsmentoring.co.uk


Tel: 020 8665 0038 Email: roundabout@cornerstonehouse.org.uk Web: roundaboutdramatherapy.org.uk

Sutton School Pastors

Tel: 07525 838640 Email: sutton@streetpastors.org.uk Web: suttonstreetpastors.org

Sutton Young Carers Service

Tel: 020 8296 5611 Email: youngcarersenquiries@suttoncarerscentre.org Web: carers.org/sutton

The TalkEasy Trust

Email: hello@talkeasy.org.uk Web: talkeasy.org.uk Twitter: @TalkEasyTrust

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Esteem Sutton  

Esteem Sutton is a partnership of experienced local community based providers of mental health and wellbeing services for children, young pe...

Esteem Sutton  

Esteem Sutton is a partnership of experienced local community based providers of mental health and wellbeing services for children, young pe...

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