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SAC Sponsors Egg Hunt in Sutton Place Park

A return to chilly weather did not dampen the spirits of the many children who participated in SAC's Annual Egg Hunt. With the help of the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation, a co- sponsor, which provided games and activities, the children romped and searched high and low for the hidden eggs. Sutton Court Hotel and Residences provided the candies tucked into each egg. The 17th Precinct Youth Explorers helped staff the event, and we truly appreciate their support. This was another example of SAC's efforts to bring our community together. After the event, Assistant Parks Commissioner, Annika Holder, sent a letter of thanks to SAC for partnering with the Recreation Center in a joint effort to provide recreational, cultural and educational programs to the community.

Samantha & Callie


Benjamin & Amanda Isabel

Glen with Lee & Tyler

Andre & Mary

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EXECUTIVE LETTER Dear Members: To see so many old and new friends in attendance at our Annual Membership Meeting was wonderful. We had the pleasure of welcoming eight honored guests, who addressed us on issues that directly impact our community. Highlights: The Route of the second watermain line to 3rd Avenue will not be across 56th Street. The Select Bus Service (SBS) received a B- rating for inaccessibility and broken ticket machines. Legislation is being proposed to interchange local and select tickets and to permit the purchase of weekly and monthly tickets. “Idling” buses that block traffic are being monitored. Restoration of the M50 Crosstown Bus Service takes effect July 1st. Bikes: The 17th Precinct issued 1500 summonses to bikers in

2010. However, linking bike and bus lanes forces bikers to use the sidewalks. Our elected officials are working with the DOT etc. to compile bike-incident statistics, require registration of commercial and electric bikes, enforce pedicab laws, issue fines and confiscate bikes when bikers are not in compliance. It is illegal to operate electric bikes in NYC. Traffic and Pedestrian Safety: Eight full-time policemen have been assigned to enforce traffic laws in the Sutton area. A new “traffic stat” system identifies the top 20 “hot spots” for traffic accidents. 2nd Avenue Subway: The 2nd Avenue Subway is on schedule to be completed in 2017. Meanwhile, the residents and business owners along the 2nd Avenue subway route have “dug in” and formed a “war room” to deal with the MTA and having to live for years in a construction site.

ferings at Street Fairs, termed “socks and sausages” are being questioned. Our special thanks go to Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, Borough President Scott Stringer, Councilman Dan Garodnick, CB6 Chair Mark Thompson, Commanding Officer of the 17th Precinct Captain John Hart, Dara Adams for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Jake Dilemani for Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, and Zachary Gamza for State Senator Liz Krueger for their remarks. All our committees are in place for the coming year to tend to our ongoing responsibilities and fulfill our mission of maintaining/ improving the quality of life in our area, keeping the community informed and sponsoring events of fun and interest to our neighborhood. Please contact us with any issues of concern. That's what SAC is all about. -Flo Kelly, President

Identity Theft and Theft of Unattended Property are the main causes of property crimes in our area. Legislation to regulate Debtsettlement credit-card companies has been proposed. The of-

2011 SAC MEMBERSHIP FORM Name (please print) Address


Phone #





Senior Couple


General Fund




Clean & Green


Senior Individual






Coop/Condo Bldg.


Mail tax-deductable check to: SAC, 60 Sutton Place South, New York, NY 10022 *Does not include individual residents in the building.

Daffodils bloomed up and down 1st Ave. , thanks to the efforts of SAC’s Beautification Committee and The Daffodil Project, an annual effort by New Yorkers for Parks, in partnership with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Founded in 2001, the Daffodil Project commemorates the lives of those lost on September 11th and is a symbol of remembrance and an act of rebirth.

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The Sutton Area Community Inc. with over 1000 members held its 36th annual meeting On February 28th at the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Building. In addition to the election of Officers and Directors there were several local, elected political officials who spoke and told the audience about conditions in our neighborhood and SAC’s accomplishments in the past year:

On February 22nd, Jay Litwin, a long-time resident of our area, called to order the 17th Precinct Community Council Meeting. Mr. Litwin has been presiding over these meetings for over thirty years. With him on the dais were 17th Precinct Captain John Hart and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.




 

Due to a generous grant from Assemblyman Jonathan Bing SAC was able to install 48 new trash receptacles along First Avenue from 52nd Street to 59th Street; these receptacles really enhance the neighborhood and ensure that it's kept clean! SAC continued to maintain the 60 tree pits and fences which line First Avenue from 52ndStreet to 59th Street; SAC continued its beautification program by installing several plantings throughout the year in the tree beds in the Sutton area; SAC held a very successful Gala for its friends and members at The River Club in October, 2010; SAC continued its generous donation to The Doe Fund. The Doe Fund helps maintain the tree beds in summer and picks up the trash placed in the new trash receptacles.

After the speakers, the election of the 2014 class of Directors to the Board was held. The incumbent Directors reelected were Faith Grossman, Irene Halligan, Anita Horowitz, and Sondra Lipton Sahlman. In addition, new members joining the board were Liora Michelle Green, Josselyne HermanSaccio, Dieter Seelig, Patricia Veneziano and Elizabeth Anne Weston. In total, SAC now has 32 members representing all facets of the Sutton area community on its board. After the Annual Meeting was completed, SAC’s Directors Meeting was held. The following individuals were then elected as officers of SAC: Florence Kelly, President, Patricia Veneziano, Executive Vice President, Alan Rosenbloom, Secretary and Donald Warner as Treasurer. Pastries were provided by Andre’s Hungarian Strudels and Pastries. SAC strives hard to bring everyone into our work. We represent diverse interests in the community and welcome those who wish to volunteer their expertise and time. If you are so inclined, please call 212-838-9770 or email . There are several levels of membership at different fees depending upon age and family association. Our organization’s main source of income is membership, so if we are to continue to enhance the Sutton area community neighborhood, it’s important that we all pitch in and join SAC. -Lenore Barton

Raised in Manhattan, our current District Attorney is the son of the late Cyrus Vance, former Secretary of State and wellknown American diplomat. In his own right, Cyrus Vance Junior has an impressive record in criminal justice and is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Addressing the audience, the District Attorney praised Captain Hart for his leadership of a most successful law enforcement unit. With its focus on repeat offenders, some with as many as thirty or forty arrests, the unit operates twenty-four hours a day in preventing crime in this community by alerting police officers and judges to those with long offense records. The Council meets on the last Tuesday of each month except in July, August and December at 6pm at the Sutton Place Synagogue, 225 East 51st Street. Your attendance is welcome. -Estelle Ballinger, Co-Chair, 17th Precinct Committee

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One Saturday, my husband found himself with a finger infection that would not respond to first aid. Not wanting to wait until Monday when his doctor would have been available, I discovered MedRite Urgent Care at 919 Second Avenue (49th St). They had opened their doors on February 9, 2011, to provide walk-in medical care seven days per week.

Dear Neighbors,

Off we went. After a momentary wait at an attractive modern office, he was seen by an emergency room physician, Dr. Kimberly Henderson, with a full arsenal of equipment and referrals at the ready; then efficiently treated and medicated, he was referred to a very competent local specialist.

Last year, along with Letty Simon, Vice Chair of Community Board Six (and a Sutton resident), I attended a SAC meeting that marked the beginning of what we all hope will be an enjoyable and productive relationship for the betterment of the Sutton Place community. Dr. Douglas Kaiden and Roberta Russell

Emergency rooms often have long waits and a very high a cost. When your doctor is not accessible, Urgent Care can save you time and make you feel better. MedRite Urgent Care is a single facility, privately owned by Mr. Samuel Fisch and Dr. Dick. At least one licensed professional medical doctor is in attendance at all times. No appointments are necessary. You just walk in from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday through Thursday, 8 AM to 10 PM on Friday and 9 AM to 9 PM on weekends. Medicare and all major credit cards are accepted. Even those without insurance can make an appointment for a flat rate of $140, which includes the use of the on site lab with its advanced x-ray machines, CAT scans and MRIs. The Medical Director at Urgent Care, Douglas Kaiden, MD, a seasoned emergency room doctor whose NJ hospital was taken over, said that this is the lowest urgent care rate in the City. Considering the usual cost of some exams, including expensive lab tests, this can be a bargain. Same day, complete physical exams are available for that rate, as insurance only covers urgent care. Additionally, this might be useful for an out-oftown guest who suddenly needs the services of a physician. MedRite’s methods are streamlined for convenience: You can register on line at before you arrive. If you have a prescription when you leave, it is electronically sent to your pharmacy. You may even find it conveniently delivered by the time you get home. If you have an x-ray taken, you can leave with it on a disk or have it electronically sent to a consulting physician. A host of local specialists are on board for referrals, even a 24-hour dentist.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to the Sutton Area Community through your newsletter.

Soon after the meeting, I appointed SAC Board Members Josselyne HermanSaccio and Alan Rosenbloom as Public Members of Community Board Six. It's an important step in adding SAC's voice to focus attention and to articulate quality of life issues on behalf of the membership and the neighborhood. Together, I know we will all do our best to keep the area vibrant and attractive. SAC has a long tradition as an organization of dedicated and active residents. I look forward to getting to know more of the members, and working closely with all of you in the months ahead.

Just across the street from our Sutton area boundary, MedRite Urgent Care, reachable at (212 935-3333), is a boon to our community. -Roberta Russell


The 17th Precinct Youth Explorers lending a hand at the Spring Egg Hunt: Tiana Bush, Janai Coleman, Clarista Hinestroza, Rhishanty Klaber, Kimberly Lopez, Mabel Mendez, Kimberly Roman, Brenda Roque, Carol Sanchez, Ani Solano, and Yamiletts Villa. Our thanks to them!

Chair, Manhattan Community Board Six

Mark Thompson

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OUR UNCOMMON NEIGHBORHOOD After exploring the shops of the Faubourg St. Honoré and the grand jewelry stores of La Place Vendome, Pascal and Virginie Petiteau searched for a café to rest and have a drink. It was nearing the end of their week on holiday in Paris, and it had been an enchanting interlude as only Paris can provide. After settling in and celebrating with a glass of champagne, they turned to gaze at the towering column that Napoleon commissioned to commemorate his victory at Austerlitz. Pascal, seemingly out of nowhere, presented Virginie with a small jewelry box, and caught by surprise, Virginie hesitated, but soon reached for the small case. She opened it carefully and gasped with delight at the lovely ring inside. Pascal spoke softly, “Will you marry me?” Pascal Petiteau grew up in Nantes, the capital of the Pays de la Loire region in Brittany, and located on the Loire River. Here Pascal did his apprenticeship and learned the rigors of cooking. Due to his training as a chef, when it was time for his year of French National Service, he was assigned to the cruise liner, Jeanne d’Arc, where he further developed his culinary skills. After completing his service, he worked for the famed chef, Jacques Chibois, at his renowned restaurant in Cannes, perfecting la grande cuisine. Before long, he was off to Paris, continuing to fine-tune his craft in the demanding kitchens of Le Crillon and Tour d’Argent. However, as the stress and demands of those establishments mounted, Pascal felt a need for a change and decided to come to New York City. It was 1992, and he quickly found himself cooking at one of New York’s most fabled French restaurants, La Caravelle. Virginie Perret grew up in St. Malo, the port city on the English Channel in Brittany, famous for its ramparts and privateer past. Virginie, the daughter of parents who love being in the kitchen, and a father who owns a gourmet food store, developed an appreciation for delicious food early in life, and she often found herself helping in the store where her enthusiasm for fine food flourished. After finishing her A levels in school, Virginie came

to the New York to study and to work as a nanny for one year. Of course, after completing that year, Virginie liked New York so much that she had to stay. Virginie and Pascal met in 1994, by which time, Pascal was the chef at Jubilee, a Sutton Area favorite. It wasn’t long before he arranged a job there for Virginie. Pascal later became a partner, and Virginie became the general manager. Fifteen years later the couple decided to take the adventurous step of launching their own restaurant. A space became available on East 58th Street, renovations began and ten months later, Bistro Vendôme opened its doors to the neighborhood and community, as an “elegant neighborhood bistro serving classic French food, with, on a occasion, a modern twist.” Pascal is responsible for provisioning the kitchen and uses the freshest of ingredients, many organic. His chickens and ducks are from a farm in upstate New York, his fish are from our local Pisacane market and his snails are imported from France. Virginie selects the wines, and an exclusive to the house is Domaine de la Pinardière, a Muscadet, from a vineyard owned by Pascal’s family that is in Vallet, a town near Nantes.

The Petiteaus on vacation in France

When Virginie and Pascal are not hosting guests at the restaurant, they devote most of their time and attention to their beautiful daughters Julia, 10 and Zoé, 6. To ensure that they maintain a link to their French heritage, Julia and Zoé attend the Lycèe Français and the family speaks French at their home in the neighborhood. Oh, and about that afternoon years ago in Paris? Virginie, of course said yes, and they promised themselves if they ever had a restaurant of their own, Vendôme would be part of its name. —Edward Lehman Bisto Vendôme * 405 East 58th Street * 212-935-9100

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SAC WINE TASTING On February 16, two days after Valentine’s Day, SAC extended the warmth and spirit of the season by hosting a Wine Tasting event. Fortunately, we were between snow storms. The venue was the common room at Sutton Court Residences. The Sutton Wine Shop contributed samples of red and white wines. The proprietor of Dardanel, our local Turkish restaurant on First Avenue, delivered a tray of humus with pita bread, and Dieter and Helen Seelig provided trays of snacks. In attendance were over seventy friends and neighbors, who expressed their delight at meeting one another in such convivial surroundings. Raffle tickets were on sale throughout the evening, and a drawing led to two winners: Dr. and Mrs. Warren Shapiro and Ms. Liora Greene. The prize was a half case of wine for each. We congratulate the lucky people and hope they enjoy their wine. Actually, we were all winners in having been treated to the gracious ambience of Sutton Court Residences, the generous participation of Sutton Wine Shop and the company of our neighbors. -Jacqueline Paprin

Kate Oliver-McGrath Cathy Stafford East 55th Street Synagogue Installs New Rabbi The East 55th Street Conservative Synagogue announces its installation of Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits on April 3, 2011. Rabbi Pelcovits graduated with distinction from Brandeis University and The Jewish Theological Seminary, where he was ordained in May 2010. Rabbi Pelcovits is married to Rachel Weber, an artist, and they have a two-year-old son, Alexander.

Liliane Montevecchi Famed Actress, Dancer, Singer

Mike Stafford

Phyllis Klein & June Nislick

Warren Shapiro

Jane Shapiro

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All Wine Tasting Photos by Kevin Orellana, photography student, High School of Art & Design, Ira Merrit, Professor.

The Lon Ostrows

Corinne Capolino Jacqueline Paprin

Diane Levine & Friend

Beth Carpenter Faith Grossman

Florence Kelly Conrad Skala

Alan Rosenbloom Josselyne HermanSaccio

Daniel Tallman & Claire Coveney from Sutton Wine Shop Dieter Seelig

Helen Seelig Elizabeth Alvarez

Jonathan Stephens

Liora Michelle Green Donald Warner

Edward Lehman

Gail Haft Muriel Briand

Alix Kahn

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Observations of a New Member


“The Social Network” nabbed more than a few Oscars, it captured the zeitgeist of the evolving culture of “friends.” As Facebook profiles and walls can often substitute for the experience of actual faces and places, I found myself wondering about my “virtual” life. Not wanting cyberspace to replace real place and belonging, I decided that perhaps it was time to get involved in the actual, and little-known, world of my neighborhood. As a long-time resident—and more recently professional—in the Sutton Place area, I decided to brave the first frontier. I went to the SAC Annual Meeting—promptly joined a committee—and got up to speed on everything from floral beautification to crosstown buses to the (thankfully benign) crime scene. As I was leaving this rather upbeat meeting, I ran into a lady who looked both familiar and unfamiliar. After peering at each other closely, we realized that we were indeed neighbors. We have lived in the same building for over 20 years without introducing ourselves until that very moment! So, all this is to say that I don’t want to continue the trend toward being the “virtual” neighbor and look forward to getting to know the community and contributing to the newsletter. As I work as a psychoanalyst, I hope to be a resource on mental health and health-related issues of interest to SAC members. If anyone has a suggested topic that he or she would like to share, please feel free to e-mail the SAC Office:, -Juliet Heeg

President, Florence Kelly Exec. Vice President, Patricia Veneziano Secretary, Alan Rosenbloom Treasurer, Donald Warner

Estelle Ballinger Heather Barlow Lenore Barton Mary Clare Bergin Muriel La Croix Briand Corinne C. Capolino Liora Michelle Green Peter Gross Faith Grossman Gail Haft Irene Halligan Josselyne Herman-Saccio Anita Horowitz Jane Kalmus

Gracia Kelly Arlette Laurent Edward Lehman Christopher Malfa Mark Mascheroni Jacqueline Paprin Sondra Lipton Sahlman Dieter Seelig Arthur Sellner Abby Sorman Frederick Specht Marilyn Stoddard Elizabeth Weston

FREE OR LOW-COST THEATER TICKETS AND MORE! SENIOR DISCOUNTS CULTURAL FAIR Tuesday, July 19, 2011, 2:00 to 4:00PM AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Western Pavillon, located on Columbus Avenue at 79th Street. Sponsored by Council Members Jessica Lappin and Gale Brewar. Light refreshments will be served. All SAC members are welcome to attend.

Sutton Area Real Estate 2011 Sales Figures At the end of First Quarter 2011, Manhattan market wide sales increased slightly by 2% in average price ($1,393,000) but showed a small 2% decrease in average price per square foot (to $1,028) compared to First Quarter 2010. Specifically, in the Manhattan co-op market, First Quarter sales showed a 4% increase in average price ($1,126,000) due to a number of $10+ million transactions on Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue and Central Park West. Still, co-ops decreased 3% in average price per square foot ($824). Over the past year, a clear trend has emerged in the Manhattan co-op market where a much higher percentage of smaller residences with fewer bedrooms have traded. 38% of First Quarter 2011 co-op sales were one-bedrooms compared to 28% a year ago. A comparison of co-op sales in Sutton vs Midtown East (including Sutton) from First Quarter 2011 vs First Quarter 2010 shows the following: 2011 Average Sales Price Average Square Feet Price per Square Foot

Midtown East $901,931 1,032 $874

Sutton $1,210,007 1,212 $998

2011 vs. 2010 Midtown East Sutton -3% 9% -10% -3% 8% 12%

Sutton's co-op average sales price of $1.2 million was approximately 34% higher than the Midtown East average, which in part is due to the average size of a Sutton Apartment sale being 18% larger. Compared to a year ago, average sales price in Sutton was up 9% due to a few sales over $4 million, most notably one sale for $11.65 million. The highest priced sale at this time last year was $7.1 million. In addition average price per square foot increased 12%, to $998, which proves that the Sutton submarket continually outperforms Midtown East and the Manhattan market overall. -Data prepared by the Corcoran Group and reported by Fred Specht, Corcoran VP.

EGG HUNT continued

Jack Face Painting Joy

Christy & Eli

All Egg Hunt Photos by Tatiana Borda and Kevin Orellana, photography students, High School of Art & Design, Ira Merrit, Professor.

Fun and Games

Michael, Pierce & Matthew Bunny Hugs!

Satisfied Hunters


Connor Ella & Lilly

17th Precinct Youth Explorers (See names on page 4)

I’ve got this many! Look How Many!

DIRECTORY OF SAC MERCHANTS AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Please support these merchants who have chosen to become part of our organization. *Asterisks denote where discounts or extras are extended to SAC members. You must present your current membership card to exercise these discounts. ANTIQUES/CARPETS

M&T BANK 401 East 55th Street, 212-888-9660 “Understanding what’s important”

NEWELL ART GALLERIES 425 E. 53rd Street, 212-758-1970 CAPITAL ONE BANK Six enormous floors of decorative antiques. Frequented by individuals, 1034 Second Avenue, 212-486-4159 “Right Where You Need Us” designers, and the entertainment industry. PHILIP COLLECK, LTD. 311 East 58th Street, 212-486-7600 Specializing in fine 18th and early 19th century English Furniture and works of art, we are located in a pre-Civil War landmark house, just east of 2nd Ave. Visit our collection of William & Mary, Queen Anne, Georgian, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton and Regency furniture, with an emphasis on lighting, chinoiserie, mirrors and screens


FITNESS COMPLETE BODY & SPA 301 East 57th St 5th Fl. 212-777-7703 This upscale fitness center offers a one of a kind health and wellness experience all in an open, light filled environment. (roof deck, pool, fitness center, group classes, spa treatments and locker rooms).

MYRA DESIGNS 952 First Avenue, 212-207-4346 FOREIGN CONSULATES Beautiful clothing, reasonable prices. Copies of designers, sample sales and CONSUL OF LUXEMBOURG custom made. 17 Beekman Place 212-888-6664 The permanent mission of Luxembourg NY VINTAGE CLUB to the United Nations & tourist infor1073 First Avenue (bet. 58th & 59th) mation office. 212-207-9007 With our passion for style and fashion, FRAMING & ART you will find in our collection both ROYALE GALLERIES, INC. classic, timeless clothes from Haute 318 East 59th Street, 212-308-0200 *KEW GALLERY We buy and sell fine antiques and ob- Couture designers, and unique pieces 336 East 56th Street, 212-688-5035 jects d’art. Estate and 19th Century that fit your best. Owner, Janetta Kar- Gallery specializing in fine art and dashian, doesn’t just sell her clients, she masterpieces and painting. Picture framing. Special preview dresses them. Email: Exhibitions & shows. 10% discount. Website: TORKAN U.S.A., INC. 296 5th Avenue - 3rd Floor 212-779-9247 Magical selection of imported, functional and decorative carpets to fit every lifestyle, area and taste. Email: Website:

ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS BERGIN INTERIORS, INC. 404 E. 55th Street, Suite 1A, 212-838-9112 Designer of interiors/exteriors residential, corporate and institutional clients and home staging services. Creativity with personal attention. Member ASID. PETER MARINO, ARCHITECT 150 East 58th Street, 212-753-5526 An award winning, international architecture firm well known for its prestigious residential and retail design projects.

BANKS CITIBANK 1044 First Avenue, 212-753-1223 “Servicing our community” JP MORGAN CHASE 994 First Avenue, 212-888-7250 “The right relationship is everything”

DRY CLEANING EDDY’S LAUNDRY & CLEANERS 1067 First Avenue, 212-755-1430 Full service cleaners, done on premises. Same day service and free pick-up & delivery. MME. ELEANOR’S CLEANERS 944 First Avenue, 212-752-1300 French dry-cleaning and shirt laundering with attention to detail. Same day Service with plant on premises and offering expert tailoring. SPLENDID CLEANERS 409 East 55th Street, 212-838-3536 ROYAL SUTTON CLEANERS 1060 First Av. (Bet.57th & 58th St.), 212-755-1617 NYS-DEC certified. We are environmentally safe. Dry/ organic cleaning. Fine garment care for downs, blankets, drapes, couches, leather and suede. Alterations available. TOP DRY CLEANERS 1051 First Avenue, 212-486-9434 Full service cleaners and high quality tailoring.

GIFT SHOPS EXTRAORDINARY, INC. 247 East 57th Street, 212-223-9151 For the person who has everything and wants that affordable treasure or special gift other stores won’t have. Owner-designer. UNIQUE UNUSUALS 328 East 59th Street, 646-524-5811 From newborn to Golden Anniversary and Everyday in Between. Your one stop shop for everything from Gifts to greeting Cards. Also specializing in Invitations, personalized Stationery, Favors and Custom Printing.


TINA’S HAIR SALON 995 First Avenue, 212-753-3012 Full service salon for women and men.

HEALTH RELATED SERVICES CLAIRMONT NICHOLS 1016 First Avenue, 212-758-2346 Opticians since 1885. Zeiss Certified Vision Experts. DR. JOHN S. RODMAN 435 East 57th Street, 212-752-3043 INTERNAL MEDCINE DR. MICHAEL M. WOLFF Sutton Place Chiropractic 300 East 57th Street, 212-688-3704 Specializing in: Applied kinesiology, Sports injuries and family care. Helping people reach their optimum health potential since 1982. EAST RIVER WOMEN’S IMAGING 430 East 59th Street, 212-288-1575 Comprehensive women’s imaging center, providing digital mammography, MRI, ultrasound, and multimodality breast biopsy HAND THERAPY 300 East 57th Street, (212) 371-2996 Anita Simons— OTR.CHT.PLLC Orthopaedic Rehabilitaion and Splintering Orthopaedic Center. NEW WELLNESS CENTER 141 East 55th Street-Suite 2C 212-355-5136 Dr. Edmund Shockey Are you looking for a more natural approach-not more drugs and surgeryfor joint pain, weight increase, sleeping problems, digestive issues or hormonal changes? Call for free consultation and complimentary massage. All major insurance accepted.

PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPIST EAGLE COSMETICS, INC. In a fog, a funk, or a stormy spell? 971 First Avenue, 212-838-1700, voice The forecast calls for change. 212-838-0061, fax Juliet Heeg, LCSW-R “Best prices for all your household 410 East 57th Street., Suite 1A needs.” Free Delivery Call 212-688-9295 for a consultation. SKIN MAGIC LTD. 333 East 56th Street-Suite 10N 212-751-SKIN (7546) These serious skin care treatments for the demanding and privacy seeking patients have been in our neighborhood since 1992. Marita Hanson is known for her Post Facial Surgery Recovery care (NYT 10/05). She also offers unique Anti-Aging treatments.

SUTTON PLACE DENTAL ASSOCIATES 433 East 56th Street-Suite 1D M-F 9am-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm Tel. 212-688-6163, Fax 212-583-1150 Dr. Shahpari Nazeri, Prosthetic & implants. Dr. Michael Reshad Periodontics & implant surgery. SPDA offers full dental services for adults and children.

DIRECTORY OF SAC MERCHANTS AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SUTTON PLACE DERMATOLOGY, P.C. 445 East 58th Street, 212-838-0270 SUTTON PLACE PHYSICAL THERAPY 333 East 56th Street, 212-317-1600 Provides excellence in care to help patients achieve their highest level of function as quickly as possible HOTELS SUTTON COURT HOTEL RESIDENCES 417 East 57th Street 212 935-3300 Luxuriously furnished suites available for short term rentals. Superior views. Fully outfitted kitchens, king size beds, internet, wireless telephone and 42” TV’s in all apartments. Fitness center on premises. Maid and laundry service available. 24 hour doorman. Dieter Seelig, General Manager


ETHOS 905 First Avenue, 212-888-4066 *CORBY CHEMISTS “A new addition to the neighborhood.” 988 First Avenue, 212-755-6632 Authentic Greek cuisine and a great Full service pharmacy, 10% discount on ambiance. See for yourself! prescriptions, cosmetics and surgical supplies (except sale items). FIORINI 209 East 56th Street, 212-308-0830 POLLACK BAILEY PHARMACY Elegant Italian Trattoria is back in the 405 East 57th Street, 212-355-6094, neighborhood. Lello Arpaia (formerly 212-755-4244 M-F 8:30-8:30, Bellini) presents a traditional Sat. 9:30-7:00. An old fashioned drug Neopolitan menu, moderately priced Store with a 100 years of experience. and a wonderful dining experience. Full attention given to all needs and requests. Free delivery. JIMBO’S HAMBURGER PLACE 991 First Avenue, 212-355-6120 REAL ESTATE THE best hidden jewel in the city! Great, juicy burgers and APARTMENT RESOURCES INC. NYC’s best egg cream (vanilla). 340 East 57th Street, Ste. 1A phone 212-421-5614 fax 212-644-0809 Expertise equals excellence. With more than two decades of experience in providing furnished accommodations, be it long or short term, we are able to say you will not find a better furnished housing source than Apartment Resources.

JUBILEE 347 East 54th Street, 212-888-3569 A Sutton Place favorite for the past 16 years. Jubilee brings elegance to casual dining in a quaint and vibrant atmosphere. Famous for serving a large variety of mussels; specialties include bronzini, sea scallops, steak frites and INSURANCE/INVESTMENTS THE CORCORAN GROUP French cuisine essentials such as steak Exceptional Real Estate tartare, escargots and profiteroles. GRIMALDI & ASSOCIATES660 Madison Avenue, 212-848-0487 BARBARA GRIMALDI Fred Specht, Vice President and SAC Available for private parties. 227 East 56th Street-Suite 401 member since 1980. LE PERIGORD 212-759-3920,voice 212-759-3923,fax 405 East 52nd Street., 212-755-6244 We don’t just do Auto’s and Home’s! Classic fine French cuisine. Open 7 We are a full financial firm. Give us a WARBURG REALTY days for lunch & dinner. Private room call for “all” of your needs. Protecting PARTNERSHIP LTD. for parties. An elegant, romantic setthe present, future and beyond. Luxury Real Estate 212-439-4574 Lenore Barton, SAC Director since ting.

PETS EAST SIDE ANIMAL HOSPITAL Dr. Keith Manning 321 East 52nd Street, 212-751-5176 Eastside Animal Hospital is a fullservice, state-of-the-art, small animal facility that encompasses examinations, vaccinations, major and minor medical conditions, surgery, dental health, ultrasounds, in-house lab tests for immediate evaluations, boarding and grooming. Call for an appointment. REME’S OGGI PETS 999 First Avenue, 212-838-2250 Pet grooming and accessories. PRECIOUS PETS 1195 First Avenue, 212-486-5100 Offering the finest quality daycare for small to medium dogs and the highest quality grooming in a safe and clean environment for over five years. We invite you to our Summer’s End Sale

ROSA MEXICANA RESTAURANT 1063 First Avenue, 212-753-7407 Serving authentic regional and traditional Mexican cuisine. Dinner nightly. Catering available. SOFRITO 400 East 57th Street, 212-754-5999 Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, the Caribbean atmosphere and fantastic service. Hot! Sophisticated! Sabroso! Catering and special events. Mi casa, tu casa. SUTTON CAFÉ RESTAURANT 1026-28 First Avenue, 212-421-9184/9861/9862 A nice little diner hidden away on First Avenue. Tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner “It’s great to eat in this place!” Delivery available. UNCORKED WINE BAR 322 East 59th Street (bet. 1st & 2nd Ave.), 212-646-8365 The coziest wine bar in NYC! Phenomenal cheeses and seasonal bites. 32 varieties of wines by the glass and 40 by the bottle. Inquire about doing a private party or corporate event.


GARDEN HOUSE SCHOOL OF NY 40 Sutton Place, 212-421-3282 A preschool for children ages 2-6 years old located in a professionally refurbished site. The school is associated 1991 and neighbor since 1984. I prowith Garden House School in London MADISON RESTAURANT vide an insider’s perspective to our England, and incorporates the philoso965 First Avenue, 212-421-0948 special neighborhood. phy of both the British and American Breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails. Contact me for your real estate needs. educational systems. We deliver.

KUMON-MIDTOWN EAST SCHOOL 962 First Avenue, 212-702-8769 Pre-School to High School! KumonBISTRO VENDÔME Midtown East offers math and reading 405 East 58th Street, 212-935-9100 programs for students of all ages and Classic French cuisine in an elegant triALL ABILITIES. Whether for remelevel townhouse. Open for lunch, *PANDA RESTAURANT dial or enrichment, this individualized brunch and dinner. Come and enjoy 987 First Avenue, 212-752-8822 Dim sum, moo shoo pork, Peking duck program is the secret to unlocking your our outdoor terrace. and more! 10% discount for dinners of child’s hidden potential. Stop in today! Director - Tamra Newlin. CAFÉ JOUL $50 or more. 1070 First Avenue (bet 58th & 59th St.) NEIGHBORHOOD PLAYHOUSE 212-759-3131 PARNELL’S RESTAURANT 340 East 54th Street, 350 East 53rd Street, 212-753-1761 DEUX AMIS Wholesome food in a cozy relaxed 212-688-3779, fax 212-906-9051 356 East 51st Street (bet. 1st & 2nd setting. Generous portions and wel- Training institution for professional Theatre Acts (Acting). Offers a twoAve.) 212-230-1117—French Cuisine coming ambience. year, full-time day program for young adults (18 years and up; avg. age 23). DUNKIN’ DONUTS RAFFAELE RISTORANTE Also offers six-week summer session 1024 First Avenue, 212-223-1177 1055 First Ave, @ 57th Street, full-time day program in June & July. Serving coffee, bagels, espresso, lattes, 212-750-3232 cappuccino, breakfast sandwiches, and An intimate ristorante for Southern other baked goods including 52 varie- Italian favorites. The clean, sunSPECIAL SERVICES ties of donuts. inspired cuisine of Naples has become their trademark taste. Serving lunch ELITE SHOE REPAIR and dinner. Banquet room also avail971 First Avenue, 212-759-9266 able. WE ARE THE BEST!


NEARY’S RESTAURANT 358 East 57th Street, 212-751-1434 Irish pub offering its famous lamb chops, steaks, seafood and a hearty welcome to all.


SAC NEWS BULLETIN SAC (Sutton Area Community) Inc. 60 Sutton Place South New York, NY 10022 (212) 838-9770 Email:


IDEAL CHEESE SHOP 942 First Avenue, 212-688-7579

NICOLA’S BU-IK HONG DELITERIA 1061 Second Avenue, 212-371-9944 997 First Avenue, 212-753-9275 Deli sandwiches, flowers, fruit, Serving specialty foods with attitude salads and groceries. Open 24 since 1976. Out of town toll free: hours. Delivery anywhere in the 888-5NICOLA (888-564-2652) neighborhood. BUTTERFIELD CATERING 1114 Lexington Avenue, 212-772-8782 X205 (Elizabeth Alvarez) Full Service Catering for all your personal & business needs. Drop Off breakfast/lunch (min 6 people), cocktail party, kid’s party, bar/bat mitzvah, bridal shower, formal wedding, all-day seminar/corporate meeting. Butterfield’s superb food selections, customized service and dedication to quality & professionalism will ensure your event’s success.

PISACANE FISH & SEAFOOD 940 First Avenue, 212-752-7560 Full line of fresh fish and seafood daily. Homemade soups, salads, sauces and fishcakes. Free delivery. SIMCHICK MEATS, INC. 944 First Avenue, 212-888-2299 Fresh, custom cuts and hard to find meats. Providing the community with top quality meat and poultry. Free delivery

SUPERMARKETS D’AGOSTINO SUPERMARKETS 966 First Avenue, 212-319-4870 1031 First Avenue, 212-486-0340 Family - owned, full service grocery/ household products. Choice fresh meats, poultry, seafood and produce. Delivery available.


*SUTTON WINE SHOP 403 East 57th Street, 212-755-6626 An international selection of over 1,200 wines and spirits. Free weekly wine tasting and monthly sales. Personalized service and party planning. Gift wrapping, gift baskets and gift delivery. Open 7 Free delivery. Special THE FOOD EMPORIUM FINE days a week. discounts to SAC members. Join and FOODS 401 East 59th Street at Bridge Mar- save. ket Tel. 212-752-5836, Fax. 212-752-5897 WORSHIP Taste the World. Free delivery for online orders only ($50 minimum). THE EAST 55TH STREET CONSERVATIVE SYNAGOGUE 308 East 55th Street Tel. 212-752-1200, Fax. 212-355-0893 Email: Website:

Sutton Area Community Newsletter - Spring 2011  

Community Newsletter

Sutton Area Community Newsletter - Spring 2011  

Community Newsletter