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India e-Tail Assessment May 2013

India e-Tail Assessment The advent of e-Tailing market in India started in late 1990’s and early 2000’s with the launch of online portals like, Sify and (now eBay. in). But the real revolution took place with the launch of in 2007, which totally changed idea and landscape of the e-Tailing business in the country. This blog gives a brief overview of the Indian e-Tailing market along with the potential drivers and key challenges faced by the Indian e-Tailing industry.

Evolution of e-Tailing in India

In 2012, the e-Tailing market in India was estimated to be USD1.3 Bn, which has grown at a CAGR of 51% since 2008, when it was valued at USD250 Mn. At an overall level, Indian e-Tailing market constitutes a very small part (0.25%) of the overall retail market in 2012, but is expected to grow to 8.2% by 2020.

e-Tailing Market Size (USD Mn)

India e-Tail assessment

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Key Challenges

Key Players: A Snapshot

Consumers Feedback

India e-Tail assessment

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Key Business Drivers High penetration of computers, phones and internet

India is the third-largest internet market in the world with 110 Mn active users as on 2012, which is expected to grow to 300 Mn by 2017 and 800 Mn by 2020

In 2012, India had a mobile subscriber base of 864 Mn out of which 40 Mn were Smartphone users

In 2012, India registered a total of 11 Mn PC shipments, up from 9 Mn in 2008

Multiple payment channels to address disparate needs of different consumer segments

Increasing online ‘social’ connections

India has the third largest active user-base of Facebook in the world, after the US and Brazil. Most of the users are in an age group of 18-24 years

India e-Tail assessment

India ranks second across the globe in the number of active users on Twitter, out of which 80% are male

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India e tail assessment  
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