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Evolution of Promotional Coupons 1887 A S A Candler, Partner, Coca-Cola used hand written tickets for free glasses of Cola

1901 C.W. Post used one-cent-off coupons to promote Grape Nuts breakfast cereals


One in nine American had received a coupon and tried a free Coca-Cola


The use of coupons grew rapidly during the Great Depression, to buy items such as milk and eggs


Large chain grocery stores used coupons for the first time to attract shoppers. Women supported the economy through the use of coupons


Nielsen Clearing House was established in the U.S., for streamlining couponing for manufacturers and retailers

1960s Coupons


Coupons officially became associated with periodicals

Sunday morning couponclipping became more popular than baseball or war protests. Gifting of coupons became a popular trend


2010 Coupons moved to mobile phones. iPhone apps gathered different coupons from across the internet

Coupons went digital and retailers started using online coupons as a form of advertisement. (E-Coupon)


Sources: mediabistro,, socialmedia today


Organizations use social network sites such as Facebook to help their offers and coupons go viral

Evolution of promotional coupons  
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