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About MSIG

Modus Operandi


MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (henceforth referred to as MSIG) is a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group and is one of Singapore’s leading general insurance organizations. It is wholly owned by MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte Ltd


MSIG Singapore offers a range of insurance solutions for commercial and personal risk protection


Flight delays and / or cancellations caused by external factors such as adverse weather conditions and political unrest can have a profound and unforeseen impact on anyone’s travel plans


In order to help its customers take better precautions, in October 2013, MSIG launched a new Travel Alert service for its travel policyholders. Customers who purchase TravellerShield Single Trip (Premier) Plan or Annual (Classic and Premier) Plan of the company have started receiving the alerts


The service of Travel Alerts is free and optional however – and only after the customers register their mobile number (against their eligible policy), do they start receiving the alerts


The service is provided by MSIG’s appointed independent service provider AidCom, which is based out of Norway


The Alerts are dispatched by AidCom AS through SMS / text message and consist of news alerts about countries to be visited by a particular policy-holder during his / her travel. AidCom sources information from more than 600 news media, and governmental Agencies such as NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. It runs a 24/7 news monitoring operation


The alerts cover situations like Extreme weather, earthquakes and natural disasters Public transportation delays, riots, strikes Political unrest, war and terrorism Health related information like outbreaks and contamination


Since the source of the Alerts for AidCom is news alerts that it sources itself, the text message that it sends further to MSIG’s customers includes reference to the original news source. The dissemination of news is also in the original format

Benefits to customers

Get early warning in order to take necessary action and / or make alternative plans

MSIG’s view

This innovation will enable us to provide even better service and is part of our continuous efforts to stay responsive to our customers’ needs – Paul Faulkner, CEO, MSIG Singapore

Companies following similar practice

ACE provides free email alerts notifying customers of high-risk events in or near the travel destination Allianz issues travel alerts on its website through its portal (Allianz Global Assistance)

Customer service innovation in travel insurance market  
Customer service innovation in travel insurance market