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By SusyHernandez

Office Manager Inc., 1704 North, Broadway Richmond, Virginia 23251

March 21, 2012 Mr. Gus Andrea Assistant Buyer Quality Industries 1856 Mongolia Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48233 Dear Mr. Andrea We have received your contract on March 15, in response, service of quality's office machines. We know that the contract for the next three years, will give you the best service in town. |If you require further additional information feel free to contact me and I hope that we still have a good business relationship. sincerely yours, Azucena Hernandez Sales Representative


Office Manager Inc., 1704 North, Broadway Richmond, Virginia 23251

April 13, 2012 Mr. Gus Andrea Assistant Buyer Quality Industries 1856 Mongolia Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48233 Dear Mr. Andrea Two weeks ago I sent a contract to service all of Quality's Office machines. We would like to know when the service starts and how much time will the service take. We are looking forward to hearing from you. sincerely yours, Azucena Hernandez Sales Representative

Social Security System 413 Lafayette Ave River Edge, NJ 07661

March 27, 2012 Justin Michael 622 Garth Street Boulevard, Colorado 8032 Dear Mr. Michaels: I would like to confirm our meeting on Monday, May 3, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. in your office in Unit 201 on the 3rd floor of Company Building regarding my application as Sales Executive for your company. Your secretary, Miles Green called me yesterday regarding your request for an interview, and asked me to confirm my attendance by sending you this letter. I was also informed to send in a copy of my transcript and my resume for your reference, and I have attached these files in this letter. I look forward to meeting you. You may contact me at (201) 262-5477 if there are changes on our meeting. Cordially yours, Azucena Hernandez Secretary

Quality Industries Mongolia Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48233 April 10, 2012 Justin Michaels 622 Garth Street Boulder, Colorado 80301 Dear Michaels We have enclosed a check No. 7871 for $516,.00 is the first payment of the contract. Please credit to my account No. 446-10. Very truly yours, Gus Andrea

PHRASES… Thank the customer for the order We would like to take this opportunity… We are pleased to have received…

WALMART 2019 Logan Street Paramus, New Jersey 70622 April 12, 2012 Mr. Albert Perez BDRM Bedding Store Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18115 Dear Mr. Perez We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent order places on March 31, and would like to welcome you as a new customer of Walmart. Your order No. 66-723 for 50 beautyreat Euro Square Pillocus, 75 Classic Reversible 3-piece bedding Comforter, 30 Timberland Quit Sets, 20 Twin Microfiber Sheet Sets, 25 Queen Microfiber Sheet Sets. Will be shipped in two consignments, on April 15, and the second one will be shipped when twin and the Queen microfiber Sheets sets are in Stick, approximately on April 30. you may contract at 2222-3366 We are sure you will appreciate being a customer of our company. Cordially, Azucena Hernandez Sales Representative

Is the letter we sent when we delay any meeting interview or when part of our company there will be a delay in the delivery of our products either for reasons of depleted material, procedural changes in our company or credit applications or with insurance agencies.

Lawsen Linen Company P.O. BOX 762 Banfield, New jersey 070063 April 20, 2012 Mr. Marianne Rollins 444 Ross Avenue Caldwell, Ney Jersey 07006 Dear Mrs. Rollins: I regret to inform your that be cause of a factory strike we are not able To ship to ship you the floral Miss queen size sheets and pillowcases ser you ordered. We are negotiating the orders with the company and even we do not have an specific date we are expecting a settlement very soon. We will tell you when we are shipping the order we offer our apologies for this in convenient.

NOVELTY SAFETY EQUIPMENT LTD 14th Floor Shun Koo Building Aberdeen Hong Kong April 19, 2012 Mr. Tim Lee, Manager Sun Lee Consultancy Ltd 198 Fa Yuen Street Mongkok Dear Mr. Lee: Thank you for your enquiry regarding our newly released range of fire extinguishers. You will see from the enclosed catalogue that the range has been extended to include some highly efficient portable extinguishers for use on construction sites. We are offering to our existing customers a 15% discount on orders of extinguishers from this new range. We look forward to your increased order at this discount rate. Yours sincerely, Azucena Hernandez Merchandising Manager

Maxine Sportswear Manufacturing Co., Inc. (842 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10018) April 30, 2012 Mr. Arthur Edwards 4069 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10077). Dear Mrs. Edwards: In reply to your last letter asking me for opinion about Mr. Cindy Smith, she was in our employ for two years, during which time we found her work and character most satisfactory. However, she was not under my supervision. I am referring your letter to Mr. James Wong, who was his immediate supervisor. He will get in touch with you soon. Yours truly, Azucena Hernandez

JHONSON COMPANY INC., 14th Floor Shun Koo Building Aberdeen Hong Kong

April 27, 2012 Ms. Karl James 1856 Mongolia Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48233 Dear James , Thank you for taking the time to come into Johnson Company to interview with our employee selection team. We enjoyed meeting you and our conversations. You have not been selected for the position, at this time. We encourage you to apply for positions, for which you qualify, with the Johnson Company in the future. While we anticipate that an individual with your qualifications will soon find employment, we want to emphasize that we would encourage your application in the future. Sincerely, Azucena Hernandez

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