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Summer’s Coming 2013/14! Financial Information for continuing students.... 

Student Funding: ensure that you have applied for funding for next academic year. The th deadline for applying for student funding as a continuing student is 28 June 2014 You may still apply after this date, but your funding may then not be ready for September. Please log on to your online account to re-apply.

Access to Learning Fund (summer award): students with dependent children or a registered disability or long term health problem (evidence required) or students re-sitting at least 30 credits over the summer period on the grounds of upheld extenuating circumstances or students who lose a job through no fault of their own or have had to give up work due to ill health (evidence required) will be eligible to apply to the Summer Access to Learning Fund (ALF). However, please be aware that ALF is a discretionary fund which means there is no automatic entitlement to an award. Application forms are normally available early in term 3 and there are different deadlines dates depending upon the reason you are applying. You will need to attend an appointment at the Student Advice Centre before you are able to submit your application. Please make enquiries early in term 3 if you think you may be eligible to apply for summer ALF.

Housing: Please ensure that your possessions and property are secured over the summer period. Contact the CopShop on 01782 294311, or contact PC Keith Emery directly on 07818 296050 if you need further advice about this.

Finding a job: Please speak to the Careers service/Unitemps: who can provide advice/ assistance on finding employment over the summer period. Please note that you will need to pay tax and National Insurance on any income earned over the weekly thresholds. However, if you earn less than the personal tax allowance of £10,000 per annum, you may be able to claim tax back.

Social Security Benefit entitlement: if you are a student with dependent children or have a disability you may be entitled to benefits over the summer period. As this requires more complex advice, we suggest that you speak to an adviser. An appointment can be made through the Student Advice Centre.

Contact us if you have any further financial questions

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