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What? Morning exercise for the


whole school

Exercise is important for our well-being and cognitive performance. 5 This is as true for children as it is for adults. Apryl Krakovsky, a former teacher and a mother of three, found a way to make exercise a part of the school curriculum at Overland Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA, US. Apryl contacted the school in 2009, and told them that all she needed in order to get the school moving was a wireless headset and speakers — and that was the start of a 15-minute exercise ritual performed every morning before classes start. While the children and employees are moving their bodies, they also get mental exercise by counting in Spanish, talking geography, or learning facts about health and healthy food. The results are telling. Teachers say that the students are more awake and alert when class begins and the reading and math skills of the students have improved since the morning workout became a part of their routine. The program is so popular that some of the students’ parents and siblings join in. Based on the Overland example, Apryl founded the organization My School In Motion, Inc., a California non-profit public benefit corporation. The initiative has been copied by five other schools and the organization is looking to spread the good results even further.

Why? To energize the children and build more physical activity into the school day Who? Apryl Krakovsky, mother


of three children attending the school Where? Overland, Los Angeles, CA, US How? With help from the school and through media attention

“You know what I call this in the morning? I call it the kids’ coffee.  It gets them up and ready to go .”



— Ryan Carter, Coach at Overland Elementary


My School In Motion. Online:


Photo: My School in Motion

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The Sustainia Guide to Co-Creating Health