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Solution by: Falu Energi & Vatten and EcoDataCenter

Climate-Positive Data Center  The EcoDataCenter is powered by renewable energy and, with excess heat utilized by a nearby heating and power plant, the centre’s total climate impact is positive.


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The EcoDataCenter, currently under construction in the Swedish city of Falun, is integrated into an energy ecosystem, where excess heat from the data center is reused for district heating and 100% of the electricity in the data center comes from renewable sources, mainly hydropower.

ENVIRONMENTAL The EcoDataCenter buildings are certified according to LEED Platinum standards. THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE

SOCIAL As the data center replaces existing heat production, potentially from fossil fuels, it also helps to create cleaner air and less local pollution.

ECONOMIC Integration with the local district heating system means a lower heating bill for the inhabitants of Falum as well as for the data center customers.

The data center is located next to a combined heating and power plant, which allows for the excess heat from the data center to replace existing heat production. This reduces more CO2 than the data center produces, making EcoDataCenter the first climate positive data center in the world, according to the company. The data center will begin operating in 2016 with plans to build more data centers using the same fundamental solution. WHY A SUSTAINIA100 SOLUTION? A single data center can consume more power than a medium-size town, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) alone is responsible for almost 10 % of global electricity use.1 CO2 emissions from ICT and data centers are rapidly increasing as most data centers do not utilize the excess heat generated and are powered by fossil fuel based energy production. 2 The EcoDataCenter is a showcase for more climate friendly data centers.

The EcoDataCenter uses electricity from renewable sources, while excess heat from the data center is reused for the local district heating system.

“Our ambition is to make wise investments to create a sustainable world for our children and grand children.” BENGT GUSTAFSSON, CEO FALU ENERGI & VATTEN AB





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